Ryan McCrimmon is the main character in the series Ry-10.

Ryan is a teenager who has the mindset of a child, which is due to being on the Autism spectrum. But despite this setback, he can get serious if he wants to. This becomes especially apparent if he sees someone getting hurt, With the training he's had from defense classes, Ryan could easily defense classes even before he found the Omnitrix.

Finding The Omnitrix and First Transforming

Ryan found the Omnitrix during a barbecue when it crashed down in his grandpa Charles' backyard at the start of his summer vacation. When the device attached itself to his wrist, Ryan freaked out. But the fear disappeared as he tried to figure out the Omnitrix's workings. Ryan's first transformation was a Pyronite. But due to Azmuth accidentally overlooking the Fail-Safe in the watch, the Pyronite's mind overpowered Ryan's. But luckily, Azmuth's assistant Alpha came, and he managed to turn the Fail-Safe on before they Pyronite destroyed the town.

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