RyRy Morris is a hybrid of a Methanosian and Polymorph. RyRy possesses both the abilities of a Methanosian and Polymorph and has learned how to manipulate mana over time. He wears a Plumber suit and has baggy yellow pants.


RyRy has an optimistic sarcastic personality which can lighten up the team sometimes.


A Methanosian named Recoru Coru was in the same Plumber team as a Polymorph named Seli Morris. They worked together for a while and fell in love with each other. After being with each other for many years They had a child named RyRy Morris. During RyRy's birth her mother was in the middle of a mission so They were sent to the nearest sun in an escape pod. RyRy was only 5 years old when he was sent to earth. Eating trash to survive, RyRy lived a relaxing life but wanted to become a Plumber. He started studying Mana and its history at a young age. After he was old enough, RyRy trained to become a Plumber and is now in the Pollux Plumbers. He keeps a cheerful attitude and tries to keep the atmosphere happy.


  • Chlorokinesis - RyRy can release chemicals called "volatile organic compounds" that allow him to communicate and control nearby plants. Since the plants are not sentient, they cannot resist, allowing RyRy to do with them as he pleases.
  • Methane Projection/Ignition- RyRy can release methane gas and then light it, allowing him to shoot fire at will, similar to a flamethrower.
  • Seed Generation - RyRy can generate sharp seeds from his body and throw them at opponents.
  • Regeneration - RyRy can regenerate at an extremely fast rate, and can even recover from his head being destroyed.
  • Rapid Limb Growth - RyRy is able to accelerate the growth of certain parts of his body, allowing him to stretch far distances.
  • Root Control - RyRy is able to dig his limbs into the ground and turn them into giant roots, allowing him to attack with sheer strength from a distance.
  • Mud Generation - RyRy can create mud to blind his opponents.
  • Sleeping Spores - RyRy can release spores that can put people to sleep.
  • Shapeshifting- Since RyRy is made of a liquid substance, he is able to change his shape to whatever he needs it to be.
  • Flight- Since RyRy has an Anti-Gravity Projector, he has a limited flight capability due to his anti-gravity projector being able to lift him off the ground.
  • PH Control- RyRy is able to release hydrogen ions into his body, causing it to be more acidic. When he wants to reverse the effects, he releases an equal amount of hydroxide ions.
  • Regeneration- Due to his liquid body, RyRy can reform and does not react to most physical attacks.


  • His art was done by Xavier Pokedex which we have the permission of using.
  • This alien was created by Jesus


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