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Rust Bucket 2
General Information
User Max Tennyson
Ben Tennyson (formerly)
Gwen Tennyson (formerly)
Kevin Levin (formerly)
Type Motor Home

The Rust Bucket 2 is Max Tennyson's replacement RV, obtained after its predecessor was destroyed. It is outfitted with much of the same Plumbers' technology as the original, including jet propulsion and advanced laser weaponry. It is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Rust Bucket 2.


The Rust Bucket 2 has its Omniverse appearance, but its colors match the color palette of Heroes United.


Prior to Missing Pieces

Sometime after Destroy All Aliens, the original Rust Bucket was destroyed in battle, and Max took the Rust Bucket 2 out of Plumber storage to use as his new motor home.

Missing Pieces

In Crossroads, Gwen visited Max in the Rust Bucket 2 to tell him that she received a letter of admission to Friedkin University via their Early Entrance Program.


  • Plumber Map: A map that shows all Plumber base locations.
  • Grappling Cable: A high-tensile strength cable with a spike at the end to attach onto things.
  • Electric Pulse: The wheels of the RV can discharge electrical currents.
  • Flamethrowers: The exhaust pipes of the Rust Bucket 2 can expel a superheated plume of flames.
  • Gyro Blades: Reconfigures the paneling along the sides of the RV to emit a powerful energy beam.
  • Laser Turrets: Turrets deploy from the back of the Rust Bucket that can fire laser blasts.
  • Plasma Cannon: A narrow, cylindrical apparatus that deploys out of the side of the Rust Bucket 2 and can produce a powerful plasma discharge.
  • Ejector Seats: Both of the cab seats can be ejected and have built-in parachutes to slow descent.
  • Intergalactic Monitoring System: An advanced threat detection interface.
  • Ram: The grill of the RV extends out and to the sides. It glows with energy and can be used to ram objects with great force.
  • Rocket: A rocket launcher positioned on top of the RV.
  • Caltrops: Small spiked balls are deployed behind the RV to pop a pursuers tires.



The Rust Bucket 2 has a small bathroom located toward the rear of the vehicle.


The bedroom is located at the rear of the vehicle. When Gwen and Ben were on their road trips, Ben slept on the upper bed while Gwen slept on the lower bed. When not used for sleeping, the beds stow away and the bedroom converts to a lounge area with a U-shaped couch and coffee table.


The Rust Bucket 2 has a kitchenette on the left side of the vehicle, opposite of the entry door. Next to the door on the right side is a small, two-seat dinette table. Max prepares meals, most of which Ben and Gwen don't like.


Missing Pieces


  • Like its predecessor, its license plate number is "S81Z1M".
  • Its design is heavily based on the GMC motorhome.
  • The interiors of the Rust Bucket 2 are worth a fortune.