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General Information
Species Breccian
Home World Tephra
Body Rocky
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis, Terrakinesis
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance Fireflies
Evolved Form/Devolved Form Ultimate Rupture

Rupture is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Breccian from the molten planet of Tephra. He also has an evolved form.

Series Variants

In BTUP, Rupture is a magma-based life form, channeling its energy through the lava flowing inside his body. He can create an explosion that is capable of causing serious damage.

In Cassie 12: The Original Series, Rupture is an aquatic-based life form, being able to create torrents and whirlpools. Also, the lining on her body is ice, powering her cyrokinetic powers. She channels her energy through the ice, eventually melting and giving her a better chance to survive. She can also create a massive tsunami, and can flood any room instantly, with little chance for any organic being to be intact.

In Flame 10, Rupture is a magma/boulder life form, it can create volcanos and can summon flying rocks, similar to AncientPower (from Pokemon). He has the power to selfdustruct. The alien is a dangerous fire alien. It can cause a magma tsunami and it can summon fire, rain, and storm. (similar to Acid Rain) This alien has earth and fire based attacks. It can make earthquakes to shake the opponent. When its a master alien it can burn everything it touches. (Like Flame Princess from )

In Noah 10, he can shoot and control lava and magma. He has terrakinesis and he can fly. He has super strength. He can survive in heat and cold. He can channel magma through the ground and make a mini volcano to attack the opponent. He can also make a lava tornado.


Because he is a magma-based life-form, water has a dangerous effect on him, and can almost kill him. Luckily, the rocky parts of his skin can become indestructible while in danger. However, if enough pressure is applied to these areas, they will break, leaving Rupture unable to prevent further harm to himself.


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  • The original image was created, and given permission to be used, by Tommity back in 2012.