Rumin is the main protagonist of the series The Tale of Rumin.



Rumin is a Ferran with blue-colored fur and sky-blue (almost white) markings on his face, chest, and back of his head. He also has a scar on his right eye.

He initially wears a red tunic with a white collar and has white strips of cloth tightly wrapped on his forearms.

He wears the Morph Drive at the base of his neck. The tubes, used for his transformations, are slotted into white, bandolier-like pockets strapped to his chest.


Rumin possesses the same capabilities as any Ferran, namely quick catlike reflexes and retractable claws.

Besides wielding the Morph Drive, no abilities unique to his character have yet been displayed.


Rumin, wielding the Morph Drive and wearing his bandolier

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