Rukus is a Alien on the Onineckitrix.

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Rukus can make one pack of a screech and use its power to shrink into the size of a dog, it has been revealed during Aging this Animal grows spikes along it's head to the spine and grows a long dragon-like tail.

It's yellow and black armor gradually turn into dragon wings while it's feet remaing the same. It stills lives up to the name given by Gastro since this creature's claws can retract like a mechanical part and screw something out of a object, or use it's mouth to make the sound of a electronic screwdriver.

The left Rukus was made by Fatdoo on Ben 10

The Species name so happens to be:Ruckus.


Rukus feeds on Hay, Dog food/dog treats/and sometimes meat if in extreme cases of being stranded without a grocery store.It is quite rare to find them grazing on a pasture where cows may be roaming the land or horses just lazying around as Keeshonds could possibly be near them because of lazyness in their routine.

In some cases, this creature may eat Banana's.


Hey is this even real?

Series Rukus is in

Cassie 12: Original Series

Shun 10 (To appear in season 2)


-Rukus was unlocked offscreen by Gastro.

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