Rough Diamond
Rough Diamond
General Information
Species Qui Petram
Home World Saxa Multis
Body Humanoid Energy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Rock Absorption
Aspect Copying
Alien Number 18
Namesake Diamond In The Rough by Shawn Colvin
Shawn Colvin - Diamond In The Rough

Shawn Colvin - Diamond In The Rough

First Appearance Nikopol

Rough Diamond is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.



Rough Diamond's default abilities include:

  • Rock Absorption
  • Mineral Absorption
  • Flight
  • Physical Attack Immunity

Whenever he absorbs a rock or mineral, he will gain a physical body of varying shape, size, and color, along with abilities related to the specific stone in question.


When Rough Diamond absorbs a salt crystal, he will shrink to about the size of Echo Echo and make an account on this wiki. His abilities in this form include:

  • Salt Manipulation
  • Dehydration

His dehydration ability works through a small knife that he can form with either hand, which he stabs into the target. The target will then begin to lose all water in their bodies, and will eventually become a dry, lifeless husk. This ability will not work on pure bodies of water.


When Rough Diamond absorbs a pearl, he gains a nacreous form with large spheres on his arms and legs. His abilities in this form include:

  • Pearl Generation
  • Pearl Manipulation

This form also has technique dubbed Pearl Jam, in which Rough Diamond shoots hundreds of pearls from his body like small bullets.



Rough Diamond's Salt Form

Rough Diamond's default appearance is that of a blue-tinted, glowing, humanoid energy being with two large eyes and a pointed head. The StarTrix Requiem symbol is on his stomach.

His Salt form is a short, white humanoid with a cubist body structure.


Rough Diamond cannot physically interact with anything but stone and minerals in his default form.

His Salt form is generally too short and weak for hand-to-hand combat.



  • Rough Diamond's default form is the only art in the series to have final lineart done using a pencil brush as opposed to the usual inking brushes.
  • Rough Diamond's head bears a resemblance to the Freakazoid! villain Candlejack, who is infamous on the internet for abducting people in the middle of their sente

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