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General Information
Leader Magistrata Latdu
Creator Unknown Magistrata
Other Info
Notable Members Braylon Servantis
Magister Coronach
Magister Maverick Leander
Phil Billings
Allies Amalgam Kids (disbanded)
Relative Groups Plumbers
Objectives Black operations
Status Active
First Appearance Never Forget You

The Rooters are the secret Black Ops wing of the Plumbers and a splinter faction of the organization as a whole. They are the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Rooters.


Prior to Bonds

A long time ago, the leader of the intergalactic version of the Plumbers, Liberation, known as the Magistrata, realized that crime was too rampant to completely stop, so she created the Rooters, a black-ops group purely dedicated to off-the-books missions, the idea being that crime could never be stopped, only reduced. The Rooters were meant to deal with crime by getting into crime. As time passed, they came to have control over the galactic underworld, with nobody knowing about them secretly being Plumbers, partially because they hid their identities using technology such as ID masks. Over time, however, the Rooters' goals shifted from stopping crime discreetly to simply taking advantage of their power for personal gain.

When the Earth and intergalactic versions of the Plumbers became partners, a few human members were recruited.

When Servantis became a Plumber, the Magister of Earth, Magister Chang, took note of his skills in experimenting on aliens. The Rooters became interested in using him for their own gain, especially during his failed attempt to give himself Cerebrocrustacean DNA. The Rooters became interested in using him for their own gain. Around this time, Magister Chang also decided that he wanted to put more focus on his duty as a Rooter instead of continuing to be the Magister of Earth.

When a fresh Plumber Academy graduate named Lal'Ek was informed in advance about her first mission to capture Dr. Psychobos, she was contacted by the Rooters, who tasked her with ensuring Dr. Psychobos would crash on Earth so that he could be experimented on by Servantis, as part of their plan to have Servantis sent to the Null Void so he could work for them. She set up a deal with Servantis to bring him Dr. Psychobos, with Servantis thinking it was his plan all along.


In Big Plans, after Lal'Ek and her squad made Dr. Psychobos crash on Earth, Servantis was told to treat his injuries. He took the opportunity to extract Dr. Psychobos' DNA and merge it with his own to stabilize himself. He was caught by Magister Chang, who intended to send him to the Null Void. Magister Gilhil then contacted one of the members of Lal'Ek's squad, Wysaq, and was brought up to speed on the situation. He argued with Magister Chang about what to do with Servantis. Magister Chang wanted to send him to Null Void (to fulfil the Rooters' plan), while Magister Gilhil wanted him detained for questioning. Magister Chang disobeyed Magister Gilhil's orders and sent him to the Null Void. Magister Gilhil then fired Magister Chang and had him imprisoned in the Null Void, just as Magister Chang had hoped.

Thinking that everything went according to plan, Servantis intended to start a new life in the Null Void. His hopes were crushed mere days later when he was approached by three Rooters; Magister Coronach, Magister Gorvan and Magister Chang. They explained that they hired Lal'Ek to get in contact with him so that he would experiment on Dr. Psychobos and subsequently get sent to the Null Void. They revealed that they had been watching him for some time and that they wanted to exploit his skills in alien experimentation by putting him in-charge of the Null Void's branch of Incarcecon. He refused, but was swayed to obey them when they threatened to kill his friend, Adriel Albright. Deeming Adriel's life more important than his own freedom, Servantis relented.

In 1989, Magister Wheels, a member of the Rooters, came up with the idea to use children to do their bidding. The Rooters kidnapped many children from across the galaxy and brought them to Servantis. They ordered him to fuse them with DNA from other species. Dozens of them did not survive the hybridization process, but the majority of them did. Interestingly, many of the survivors were originally human, indicating that there is something in human DNA that makes them genetically compatible with other species. The survivors were forced to work for the Rooters as a group known as the Amalgam Kids. They eventually died on missions, forcing the Rooters to retire the project.

In 1994, the Rooters planned to restart the initiative, but this time, they wanted to take their time raising and training the Amalgam Kids instead of rushing things. Magister Wheels in particular wanted to have a child with her husband and fellow Rooter Trystan to train personally. Fearing for his potential child's future if they were to be used as a child soldier, he decided not to have one. It was around this time that Magister Wheels and Trystan's teammates, the Valdes family, had a child named Pierce. They were thinking of giving him up for adoption as they did not think they had enough money to raise him, which led Magister Wheels to convince them to give him to her. Ultimately, they decided to keep him. Dead set on having Pierce to herself, she brought the Valdeses and their other teammates, the Waynes, on a mission without Trystan's knowledge and set them up to die. She gained custody of Pierce and the Waynes' daughter, Helen. Horrified by Magister Wheels' actions, Trystan went into hiding, prompting the Rooters to issue a galaxy-wide manhunt. Magister Wheels began to raise and train Helen and Pierce.

In Thnks fr th Mmrs, Adriel came to Incarcecon with his 5-year-old son, Alan, whose body temperature had dropped dramatically after coming into contact with a plant from Lepidopterra, which Adriel brought home after his most recent mission. After examining Alan, Servantis fused him with Pyronite DNA to increase his temperature and save his life. He gave Adriel some private time with Alan and went to his office, where he was contacted by Magister Gorvan, who instructed him to keep Alan as the Rooters planned to restart the Amalgam Kids. He reluctantly obeyed, suggesting to Adriel that he should leave Alan with him in Incarcecon to help him master his powers. Adriel returned home with Alan, bringing Servantis with him to help explain the situation to his wife, Adalia. She was very distraught by what had happened to Alan, but insisted that he should stay with them, whereas Adriel felt it was safer for him to be with Servantis.

Distressed by the sight of his parents arguing, Alan concentrated and was able to revert to human. This gave Adriel hope that Alan could live with him and Adalia after all. Servantis had hoped to take Alan non-confrontationally, but was forced to change his plans. He electrocuted Alan and Adalia and apologized to Adriel before electrocuting him too. He erased two hours' worth of memories from Adriel and Adalia's mind and went back to the Null Void with Alan, the plant that Adriel brought back from Lepidopterra and the Null Void Projector he gave Adriel 19 years prior. There, he was greeted by Magister Wheels, along with Helen and Pierce. She informed him that he was being assigned a new job at their headquarters; to oversee the new Amalgam Kids, consisting of Alan, Helen and Pierce.

On the same day, Servantis altered Alan's memories to make him believe his parents were dead and fused Helen and Pierce with the DNA of a Kineceleran and an unknown species, respectively. He discovered that Helen and Pierce's bodies were filled with microscopic probes, which were all connected. He extracted a probe from Helen's body for further study. He was replaced as warden of Incarcecon and subsequently moved into Rooter Headquarters and started training the Amalgam Kids. In his free time, he researched the Lepidopterran plant and discovered that it induces hypothermia if handled too carelessly, explaining why Alan's temperature dropped when he touched it.

Almost three months later, in Cool Kids, he pitted Helen and Pierce against each other in a training session. After Pierce won, Servantis revealed that the Rooters were sending the Amalgam Kids on their first mission. He later joined Magister Coronach in debriefing the kids about the mission, stating that their objective was to retrieve the Conquest Ray from the leader of the Incurseans, Emperor Milleous. On the way to the space cafe Fllrton where Milleous was having a drink, Pierce confided in Helen, doubting that they would succeed. Servantis interrupted him through comms and assured him that he had the necessary skills to lead the Amalgam Kids to success. He also stated that he would guide them on the mission. However, as soon as the kids arrived at Fllrton, Servantis muted himself at the request of the Rooters, as they wanted the Amalgam Kids to fail the mission. Despite this, he was still able to monitor them and intervened when Helen was injured and rendered unconscious in an explosion by bringing the kids back to Rooter Headquarters with Magister Wheels and Magister Coronach. Magister Wheels berated Pierce for failing the mission, a conversation that ended in Pierce walking away in anger.

Servantis conducted a medical check-up on Helen and gave her a sedative, after which he was approached by the two aforementioned Magisters. Magister Wheels asked him when Helen would be able to resume training. Servantis explained that, while her physical body would heal within two or three days, she would be emotionally distraught for considerably longer. He advised Magister Wheels to show Helen love and care, to which she reluctantly agreed. She promptly left the scene, giving Servantis the chance to berate Magister Coronach for purposely setting the Amalgam Kids up for failure. He left him with his thoughts, then went to visit Alan to console him.

Over a year later, in Verge, a bounty hunter named Disease found Trystan on Revonnah and brought him to an undisclosed location. The Rooters retrieved him and brought him back to Rooter Headquarters. Not wanting to split their attention between Trystan and the Amalgam Kids, they canceled the kids' next mission and ordered Servantis to break the news. Dissatisfied with the explanation given, the kids decided to snoop around to get answers by disabling the camera in the elevator to access the restricted levels. Alan and Pierce went to sub-level 2, only to be greeted by Servantis, who told them to return to their rooms. Magister Gorvan and Magister Leander arrived at the scene. Magister Gorvan reprimanded the boys for disobeying orders, and soon realized that Helen wasn't with them. He checked the cameras and saw Helen taking Trystan out of the interrogation room in which he was held. He made an announcement to notify the rest of the Rooters and told Servantis to take the boys back to their rooms. They tried to stand their ground, but Servantis electrocuted them to knock them out. The two Magisters then left to find Helen.

Contrary to what he was told to do, Servantis left Alan and Pierce on the ground and went to find Helen as well. He found her with Trystan in her room, with Magister Wheels in the doorway, about to kill her using a Techadon Dissipator. Thinking on his feet, he electrocuted Magister Wheels to death. Seconds passed before Helen suddenly began writhing on the ground in pain. He theorized that the probes had activated because Magister Wheels had died, and wanted Trystan to follow him to the operating room to see if his theory was true. Trystan wished to stay behind as he had broken his leg and couldn't walk. Servantis took off, promising to come back to help him escape. This unfortunately did not come to pass as he was discovered and subsequently killed by Magister Gorvan.

Meanwhile, Alan was woken up by the sound of Pierce screaming in pain. Magister Coronach then arrived at the scene and scolded Alan for being in a restricted area. He soon took notice of Pierce's condition and, after examining him, brought him to the operating room for further study, with Alan tagging along.

When Servantis reached the operating room, he found Pierce in the same state as Helen, with Magister Coronach and Alan accompanying him. He performed a scan on Helen and Pierce's bodies, confirming his theory. He sedated them and confessed to killing Magister Wheels to Magister Coronach, who grew furious. Servantis ultimately managed to convince him to help him save Helen and Pierce. Magister Chang and Phil soon found them and demanded to know the truth, but Servantis and Magister Coronach lied.

Magister Gorvan came shortly after that and revealed that he found Magister Wheels' body, and that he killed Trystan. To balance the scales, he intended to kill Servantis and the Amalgam Kids, as he claimed they were of no use because Magister Wheels, who came up with the idea in the first place, was dead. Magister Chang agreed, but Magister Coronach and Phil did not. Phil transformed into his Terroranchula form and trapped Magister Chang in a web before engaging in a battle with Magister Gorvan with Alan's help. This gave Servantis a chance to focus on saving Helen and Pierce. He explained to Magister Coronach that the probes were overloading their pain receptors, killing them slowly. He began writing a program to make the probes attack each other, which proved successful. He persuaded Magister Coronach to set the Amalgam Kids free, admitting that he cared about them and that he did not want them to suffer the same fate as the original Amalgam Kids. Magister Coronach agreed, so Servantis erased a year's worth of memories from Alan's mind and almost all of Helen and Pierce's memories. He personally brought Alan home and restored Adriel and Adalia's memories.

He returned to Rooter Headquarters and participated in a meeting with the Rooters as an official member, acting as a replacement for Magister Wheels, per the request of Magister Coronach. Magister Leander arrived late, bringing with him Magistrata Latdu. She explained that she used to be a Rooter herself, but she left to focus on the Plumbers as a whole. Displeased with the direction the Rooters had gone in her absence, she officially declared herself the leader and intended to make major changes. Intrigued by Servantis' role in the organization, she urged him to tell her everything that had transpired since he was forced to work for them.

Sometime later, the Rooters promoted Morgg to the warden of the Null Void Incarcecon.

Notable Members

Former Members



All episodes except Never Forget You.


  • Before Magistrata Latdu assumed leadership of the Rooters in Verge, they operated by consensus. Every major decision was voted on by all members and only executed if the majority agreed on it.
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