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The Rooters are intergalactic law enforcers with jurisdiction in most sectors of the Milky Way Galaxy and several sectors of the Andromeda Galaxy. They exist in the timeline of Ben 10: Restart.


The Rooters were founded by the Galvans around 4000 years ago. Initially, it was a law enforcement agency to help maintain peace on Galvan Prime and Galvan B. However, as relations grew among the intergalactic community, several planets requested the help of the Rooters to maintain peace on their planets, too. The organisation trained people from these planets to become Rooter agents, and slowly extended its reach as its methods proved effective. Over time, it adapted the technologies of various species in order to advance its own resources, becoming an incredibly powerful intergalactic force for justice.

They were the founders of the Incarcecon Prison Network, a series of prisons across the galaxy built specifically for intergalactic criminals that weren't able to be imprisoned on their home worlds. It was also through the Rooters' attempts to find better ways to contain prisoners that they discovered the Null Void, which had been accessed by very few people throughout history before it became a prison dimension.

Ben 10: Restart

Six years prior to the events of the series, with the population of Earth now aware of the presence of aliens thanks to increased activity brought about by the presence of the Omnitrix, the Rooters reached out to Max Tennyson, who was well-known throughout the galaxy due to his daring exploits, and offered to extend their reach to Earth to help keep it safe from alien threats. Max had spent the last two years rebuilding the Plumber organisation, and wasn't eager to lose his hard work. The Rooters instead offered to help upgrade the Plumbers, who maintained their name following the union.


  • Magistrata Myaxx
  • Max Tennyson - Magister for Earth
  • Ben Tennyson - Agent
  • Stryker - Agent
  • Gwen Tennyson - Honorary member
  • Kai Green - Wildlife Conservation Ranger
  • Azmuth (formerly Magistratus, stepped down 200 years ago)


  • I didn't like the retcon in Alien Force that the Plumbers was an alien organisation that extended to Earth, so in my Ben 10: Restart series, the Rooters are the alien organisation, and allied themselves with the Plumbers, who were founded on Earth as in the original continuity.
  • The insignia of the Rooters is an amalgam of the 'universal symbol for peace' (which is also present on the Omnitrix) and a shield, thereby making it the 'shield for peace', maintaining order throughout the galaxy.
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