Zak Michaels
General Information
Species Mutant Human
Home World Earth
Alias Romatron
Friends Cornellius (formerly)
Relatives Mrs. Michaels (spouse)
Trinity Michaels (daughter; deceased)
Age 38
Status Deceased
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Electrokinesis
Enhanced Condition
First Appearance Jailbreak
Romatron, real name Zak Michaels, is a villain in the series Mig X


Romatron is a middle-aged man with short length black hair. He has dark hazel eyes, and light skin color. He wears a trenchcoat with a ripped up shirt underneath.

Powers & Abilities



Romatron and Cornellius had a history together in the past. They both worked together to secure that Mutants had a safe refuge in the world, however Cornellius become too obsessive and passionate about this idea, wanting to kill off the humans and to take over Earth with the Mutant armada. Romatron dropped out of Cornellius's gang, starting a full-scale assault. A few Mutants joined Romatron and believed in his much more safer and calmer ideals, however Cornellius got him jailed for quite some time.

Romatron got out of jail for a little bit, only to find that his mistress had had his child, Trinity Michaels. Romatron tried raising her and getting along with his now wife, but it did not seem to work out, as more and more business with Cornellius began to arise and infect his new life. Romatron started another brawl with Cornellius, but he was put into jail for the rest of his life, where his powers grew tremendously. 


Mig X


  • He had appeared in Gamaverse under different circumstances.
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