Romano Sorgi is a protagonist in Clem 10. He first appeared in Start at the count of 10. He is a Human from the planet Earth.


Romano Sorgi is average height for his age. He has two different colored eyes like the rest of his family. He wears a baby blue button-up with a fishing vest over it and a white undershirt, green jeans and a belt, and tan loafers. He sports an amazing beard that is his pride and joy.


Romano is very funny and likes to joke around with his kids. He loves fishing and his beard, he is also very tactical, and his signature line is "I just get better with age"

Powers and Abilities

Tactical Knowledge

Romano is very Tactical from his time in the army, he makes most of the plans in the group

Physically capable

Despite his age, Romano has the athletic ability of an athlete, able to pole vault and swing from a rope, he can get around quick and only break a small sweat


Romano is over-protective of his family, he "doesn't want to lose more men"

Romano can also be paranoid at times, thinking that a biker gang member was spying on them, he threw a trash can at him


Early Life

Not much is known about Romano's life, except that he was in the U.S. army for 22 years




  • Terzo di Mattia

Love Interests

  • Unnamed wife


  • Nero
    • Drill
    • Conquerors
    • Legionnaires


  • Start at the count of 10



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