General Information
Species Root Shark
Home World Arachnachismia
DNA source The Root Shark that ate Mizarru
Body Serpentine
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Hearing Adhesive Immunity

First Appearance Dawn of A New Era Part 1
Rocktooth is a Root Shark from the planet Archnachismia in Ben 10: Omnitrix Wielder. It is Spidermonkey's natural predator.


Rocktooth is one of the largest predators in the Nemetrix, easily dwarfing Humungousaur. It has a purple, serpentine body with plates of grey armor covering much of its back and all of its face. A fin-shaped crest of armor crown's its head, and it has large, compound eyes that are red and black. It has two rows of gigantic, razor sharp teeth. The outer row grows directly from its facial armor, while the inner row grows from inside its mouth.

Powers and Abilities

Rocktooth's giant body grants it enhanced strength and durability. It has shrugged off fire, explosions, acid, and severe blunt force trauma. Rocktooth's strength extends to its jaws, which can easily crunch through steel and concrete. It can use its serpentine body to coil around large prey and constrict them to death if necessary. Its body is completely immune to adhesives such as Spidermonkey's webs. It has enhanced reflexes, allowing it to deflect attacks from opponents much faster than itself. It also has enhanced hearing that can pinpoint the location of a given prey item from miles away.


Rocktooth's enhanced hearing makes it vulnerable to sound attacks such as Echo Echo's sonic screams.


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