The Rocket Squad is a criminal organization based upon weaponry and exploration, and will also become the main antagonizing threat to Ben Tennyson in Season Two of Ben 10: Negative Rising.


The Rocket Squad was originally an undercover organization, hiding in the shadows so people would not suspect of their crimes. However, about 6 years prior to the events of BTNR, they heard of mass reports of alien sightings throughout the country. Well, the leader of the Rocket Squad, Netrio, noticed something familiar about them all. The symbols they bore were the same. So, from that point on, for 2 years, the entire organization's main priority was to find more information about the symbol and its bearer.

Eventually, about 7 months prior to when the events of Alien Force began, a couple of the Squad's scientists discovered an abandoned base, once belonging to the Plumbers. Unfortunately for the Plumbers, they had accidentally left a note at the base, which included the location of the new base, in case any Plumbers who had not been briefed on the move could find them. When Netrio arrived at the new base, the Plumbers were all forced to surrender, and tell him all they new about the mysterious Omnitrix.

When the events of Ultimate Alien began, the Rocket Squad had many sources of information on the Omnitrix, which, was now destroyed. So, in an attempt to learn more about the functions about its replacement, the Ultimatrix, Netrio contacted one of Ben's most negative critics, Will Harangue. After a press conference will Harangue, the two decided that the Rocket Squad would give Harangue the funds for the technology he needed to analyze the Ultimatrix without Ben being fully aware of it being analyzed. However, when the Stalker was destroyed, the group completely abandoned the project.

A few months later, furious at defeat, Netrio received a call from a scientist among the ranks of the Rocket Squad, Alphen, who said that she had recently came in contact with a Techadon Weapons Master, who went by the name "Inspector 13". Alphen, with approval from Netrio, then hired the Weapons Master to kidnap Ben. Unfortunately, he was defeated by Tennyson and two of his friends.

Notable Members


Netrio is the leader of the Rocket Squad.


Alphen is a high-ranking scientist of the Rocket Squad.


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