Rocket Science
General Information
Species Mutant Spaciosapien
Home World Perplexahedron
Body Robot
Alternate Counterparts Mr. Roboto
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spaciokinesis
Voice Actor Greg Cipes

Rocket Science is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant Spaciosapien from the Perplexahedron of Earth-521.


Rocket Science breaks from a few of the Spaciosapien design conventions. His eyes are lopsided, and he has a red 11 on his chest. His gloves are replaced with claws. His chest is a pentagonal prism, instead of a cube. His mouth is a rectangle, instead of a cartoony smile. His sprite is glitching, and shadows of his alternate selves follow behind him.

Powers and Abilities

He has spaciokinetic powers. This means he can transmute any sort of matter, including that of living things. This means he can transform their own bodies. This can be used for weapon generation, stretchy arms, size shifting, tool arms, costumes, and general random implement creation.

He can teleport between dimensions and timelines, but only in the present. He can move out of his multiverse and is not tied to his timeline.

He can create holograms of what is happening in another dimension by making his antenna spin, but only in the present.

He is easily rebuilt.

Hypothetically, he could make black holes to sheild from direct chronokinesis, and white holes to defend from indirect chronokinesis.


He is an overconfident showbot.

Interestingly, matterless environments is not actually a weakness. There is still his own matter, and anyone else’s matter, so there is nothing stopping him from teleporting one’s buttocks to Hoag’s Object, which actually happened.

Antimatter will explode if manipulated.

As his species is from Earth-521, he can burst into song, which may be off-putting to Kevin.






He controls space, so Rocket Science.


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