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Rock and Roll All Night
General Information
Original broadcast August 28, 2020
Season 3
Episode number 4
Overall episode number 44
Written by Ebomnitrix, ZZ & SpookyLaundry
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Rock and Roll All Night is the forty-fourth episode of E-10: Horizons.


When Terence's favorite band comes to town, the E-10 team invites themselves along to go see the concert, but not only is Fistrick there, so is Lord Decibel, who plans to blow everybody's ears out if they don't give him money.


[The setting took place inside at the busy Merri-Mall during the daytime. We pan over toward Alice, Danny, Cassie, Alexia and May as they were walking around inside.]

Cassie: Honestly, everyone thought they were going to get together forever ago, but no, they had to “figure things out” and “make sure they still liked each other”.

Alexia: You’d think they’d get a hint because they literally kissed, but I guess a year of misunderstandings works too.

Alice: Hey! At least we’re dating now!

May: And that is how our second favorite couple got together, Danny.

Alice: And who is our favorite couple, May?

May: Terence and I, of course.

[Alice and May glared daggers at each other, having quite a ‘friendly’ challenge of who is the better couple.]

Danny: Wow, this… shopping mall you guys call it? It’s amazing! The scenery really decorates the place quite nicely, and that one clothing store smelled nice.... While I don’t like the dragged out walking, I do like how much fun everyone is having.

Alexia, Cassie: Aw, thanks Danny!

[Alice and May continue having their silent battle.]

Danny: Oh! And I can’t wait to get a taste of that… What do you call it? A cinnabon?

Alexia: Yeah.

Cassie: I love-love-love cinnabons!

Alexia: Cassie, you know you could always just grab one from my family’s pastry shop.

Cassie: I don’t care. There’s a cinnabon place up ahead!

Cassie, Danny: To the cinnabons!!!

May: Thanks for coming with us today guys, you really helped us out.

[We pan over to Ethan and Terence who were struggling to hold many of their bags.]

Terence: Yeah, no problem…

Ethan: [To himself] Yeah, sure… I really helped you guys out, huh.

Alice: Do you want me to help carry some of that for you?

Ethan: [Struggling] No… I got it… don’t… worry. Although, it would be a lot easier if I still had Four Arms.

[Alice walked up to him and grabbed one of the bags off him.]

Ethan: Thanks, babe.

Alice: No problem.

Cassie: Come on! Stop making out, the food court is this way!

Ethan: Alright.

Alice: We’re coming.

[Ethan and Alice caught up with the group and as they made their way to the food court, Terence looked over to his left to notice something familiar to him. We cut to the group approaching the cinnabon place as Terence shouted to his delight.]

Terence: No way!

[The group turned to him.]

Danny: Yes way! Wait, what is he talking about?

[Terence had approached a shack containing flyers and merchandise for a band covered in gothic clothing.]

Terence: Is it already that time?

May: Wait is it?!

Cassie: Time for what?

Terence: 2 months ago, I heard K.R.U.S.H. was coming to town to perform live, and while I would’ve asked my other friends to come along, they weren’t going to be here for the Summer. Lucky for me, May and I got back together and I knew May was going to be around during the Summer so I asked May to come with me. So now we both got tickets to see them.

May: Ah! I can’t wait!!!

Cassie: You like this stuff?

May: I didn’t before, but Terence introduced me to their music, they’re so good!

Alexia: Just let her have this one, Cassie.

Danny: Why do they look like that?

Terence: That’s because they based themselves on Queen and K.I.S.S. They were popular idols back in the 80s and their music may not be as popular now, but this band is all about trying to bring their sound back, and I can’t wait to see them!

Ethan: You do that. I’m going to grab myself a Cinnabon from the Cinnabon place.

Danny: Ah! I wanna go!

Terence: Of course you can, just as long as I’m not babysitting you the whole time.

Danny: I think I’ve been on Earth long enough to know where I’m going. Besides, you did teach me how to use Uber.

Alice, Ethan: YOU DID WHAT?!

Danny: It only took me a few rides to figure out where I was going, but I managed to make it there eventually. Anyway, I think this is going to be a lot of fun!

Ethan: Well, as long as you can manage by yourself. I guess it shouldn’t be too-

[Alice grabbed Ethan by the ear.]

Alice: We are going… for Danny’s sake.

[Alice let go and Ethan sighed exasperatedly.]

Ethan: And just like that… there goes my wallet…


[A week later, we cut to a parking lot at nightfall that was near a stadium where a large crowd had gathered around it. Ethan, Danny and Alice stepped out of Ethan’s car and walked over to notice the crowd.]

Ethan: Whoa

Alice: Didn’t think that this many people cared about this band.

Danny: How exciting!

[Terence and May approached the group. May was also wearing a similar T-shirt Terence was wearing.]

Terence: Sure they do. After all it is one of the best bands in the world, at least currently.

Danny: Um, what are you doing wearing Terence’s shirt?

May: What do you mean? It’s the logo of their band.

Ethan: Wait, you mean you’ve been wearing a band shirt all this time and you never told us, nor even once brought them up?!

Terence: You didn’t ask.

[Hannibal, Drew and Nikki walked up to the group.]

Hannibal: What’s up, everyone!

Alice: Hey guys! Hey Drew. I haven’t seen you for a long time.

Drew: Yeah! I’m so excited for tonight.

Terence: You guys ready for K.R.U.S.H to crush down the stadium?

Hannibal: Oh you know it!

Drew: And when the rash happens…

Hannibal: Then the music hits just right to start making you headbang.

Terence: Right when the fireworks go off with a bang!

Drew: It’s going to explode!

Hannibal, Terence, Drew: YEAH!!!!

[The three stuck their tongues out and bobbled their heads while raising their fingers in the air. Nikki facepalmed and sighed.]

Ethan: Aren’t you glad you have a perfectly normal boyfriend?

Alice: I wouldn’t say normal.

Ethan: Why you gotta be like that…?

Alice: Come on, be nice. This is something they’ve been looking forward to, let’s just let them have their thing.

Ethan: I guess…

Drew: Hey, where's Naomi?

Hannibal: Naomi decided to stay with her friends tonight.

Ethan (Thoughts): You lucky little shit…

Nikki: But yeah, I had to go. It was either this or be stuck watching Netflix all night. Plus I heard you all were going and Hannibal didn’t mind buying me a ticket.

Hannibal: [To himself] “Of course Hannibal didn’t. Why wouldn’t Hannibal…”

Nikki: Excuse me?!

May: Well we better get going. People are starting to enter the stadium.

Terence: Tonight’s going to be hype!

Hannibal: Not just hype...

Terence, Drew, Hannibal: K.R.U.S.H. HYPE!!!

Danny: K.R.U.S.H. Hype!

Ethan: Oh, Danny, don’t encourage them.

[The song shifted.]

[The scene shifted to them entering inside the stadium. They had entered outside to where the concert was going to be held. Seats were filling up fast before their eyes as Ethan looked around to see the crowd. They eventually found their seats and arrived to sit down.]

Danny: Wow, I can’t believe how crowded this place is.

Ethan: Same.

Nikki: You two act like you’ve never been to a concert before. Well, of course, Danny hasn’t, but you Ethan?

Ethan: Well, I went to Imagine Dragons and Post Malone, but that was like… years ago.

Alice: I’ve never been to one.

Ethan: Well… you’re definitely going to enjoy this one!

[Alice smiled.]

Terence: WOOOO! Come on K.R.U.S.H!

May: Let’s go!!!

Hannibal: Yeah, KRUSH the Kompetition!

Drew: Alright everyone let’s do the cheer! Ready?!

Terence, May, Hannibal: Yeah!

Drew, Terence, May, Hannibal: EHY-YA-YA-YA-YA-YA!!!

Fistrick: Alright! That’s how you do it, bros! Live up to the spirit!

Ethan, Alice: Fistrick?!

[They looked up to see Fistrick and his crew were sitting in the row above them.]

Fistrick: Oh hey E-bro and E-bra! How’ve you been?!

Alice: Uh… fine. Thanks.

Ethan: What are you doing here?!

Corvo: We’re here to see K.R.U.S.H. bro!

Fistrick: Yeah! Haven’t you noticed I wear their band logo all the time?! Hell, I even put them on my crew’s gear!

Ethan: Of course you did…

Hoodlum: It really connects deep into my soul…

Terence: See, even the ex-cons get it!

Fistrick: Now, let’s really rile up the crowd! Everyone shout it with me! EHY-YA-YA-YA-YA!

Drew, Terence, May, Hannibal, Hoodlum, Corvo, Thugg: EHY-YA-YA-YA-YA-YA!!!

[Suddenly other members of the crowd followed along. Then Danny followed along as Nikki and Alice scooted their heads down while Ethan cringed.]

Ethan: So am I the normal one now?

Alice: Yes sweetie, yes you are...

Nikki: God, save us.


[Most of the crowd cheered.]

Ethan: This’ll be good.


[Suddenly, a cloud of smoke had fogged up part of the stadium as lights began to flash before the crowd. Then a few bright flashes of white glowed from the stage as the four members of the band appeared in different poses. The crowd screamed even louder for the band.]

May: AH!!! IT’S K.R.U.S.H!

Terence, Fistrick (simultaneously): We love you!!!

Lead Singer: Are you ready to rock?!

[The crowd screamed even louder for them. The song ended.]

Lead Singer: Alright… let’s do this.

[We zoomed out from the performer as he raised his chord above his guitar. But just before he was about to perform, a pair of metal wires were thrown at the singer and it threw him into the ground.]

Drum Player: Hey, what?!

[The same happened to the drum player, and the other band mates. The four of them were thrown into the ground as each of them were strapped with the metal wires. This confused the crowd as they turned to each other with confusion.]

Terence: HEY! WHAT GIVES?!

May: What’s going on?!

Fistrick: What is this?!

Announcer: It appears we have a- Hey, wait, what are you doing?!

[Suddenly, the announcer screamed and the spotlights had shut off for a moment. The spotlights turned back on stage as another cloud of smoke surrounded the entire stage.]

New Announcer: We interrupt this concert for a special announcement!

[Two figures stepped on stage, revealing to be Bass and Treble.]


[Bass danced and struck a pose.]

New Announcer: TREBLE!

[Tremble did a dance from behind, then turned to the front and striked a pose.]

Bass: That’s right, party people!

Treble: Put your hands together for the sultan of sound…

Bass: The boss of beats!

Bass and Treble: Sorcerer of Syncopation… Give it up for...

[The cloud of smoke disappeared as Lord Decibel walked on stage with his DJ equipment appearing before them. Lord Decibel’s visor formed two pink eyes as they gave off a menacing look.]

Bass and Treble: LORD DECIBEL!!!

[This created an uproar from the crowd as people began to boo them.]

Drew: Get off the stage!

Hannibal: Yeah, What’d you do to K.R.U.S.H.?

Lord Decibel: It really pains me to say this, but K.R.U.S.H. has decided to step off the stage for tonight. But fear not guests! Instead, I am about to enlighten you with an even more grand performance than your hearts desire.

[The booing increased.]

Lord Decibel: Alright, fine if that’s how you want to be!

[Lord Decibel blasted a wave of sound and everybody suddenly began to scream as they covered their ears from the noise.]

By-Stander: We’ve gotta get out of here!

By-Stander: Let’s hurry! The exit’s this way!

[The two by-standers ran towards the exit.]

Lord Decibel: Oh, I wouldn’t do that!

[Lord Decibel pressed a button, and just as the two by-standers were about to escape, the exits became closed off by steel gates.]

Lord Decibel: You have exactly about an hour to pay me one billion dollars or else I’ll destroy this entire stadium with all of you in it!

[We cut to an enraged Fistrick as he raised his fist.]

Fistrick: Like hell you will! Come on bros, let’s show this Lord Deci-bell guy what happens when you mess with a bro’s concert!

[Fistrick and his gang let out a battle cry and ran down the stairs toward the stadium. We pan down toward May comforting Terence. The song shifted.]

Terence: Agh! I can’t believe Lord Decibel trashed my show!

May: It’ll be okay, we’ll think of something.

[We pan over to Alice, who turned to Ethan, whose face was covered by a shadow.]

Alice: Ethan, you got to do something; with Fistrick and Lord Decibel in the same location, nothing good can come out of this.

Danny: I’m sure there might be a way to shut off Lord Decibel’s equipment if we can just get close enough to his equipment. Perhaps a distraction of some kind?

Alice: That could work. What do you say, Ethan? ….Ethan?

[Ethan’s face was no longer shadowed as he looked up at the screen with a big smile on his face. Ethan’s eyes were sparkling with joy.]

Ethan: Oh-ho-ho yes! ! I was hoping something like this would happen!

Alice, Danny, Nikki, Drew, Hannibal, Terence: What?!

May: Should I be concerned?

[Ethan stood up with his foot up against the ledge as he laughed maniacally. Ethan raised his hand over the Omnitrix as the core popped up.]

Ethan: It’s Action Time!!!

[Ethan slammed down as the screen was blinded with a green light. Ethan raised his arms and struck a pose, revealing he had transformed into Spidermonkey.]

Spidermonkey: SPIDERMONKEY!!! AH-AH-AH!

[Spidermonkey stuck a piece of web onto Danny.]

Spidermonkey: And you’re coming with me! Aha-oh!

Danny: Hey, what are you doing?!

[Spidermonkey jumped off the ledge and it pulled Danny with him. Danny screamed for his life as Spidermonkey swung his way towards the stadium.]


[We cut to Fistrick and his gang as they approached the stairs that lead to the stage.]

Fistrick: Alright, bros! Let’s get ‘em!

[Fistrick and the others grabbed their weapons and charged up the stairs. Bass and Treble approached them and blasted Hoodlum and Thugg back with a group of sound waves. Fistrick and Corvo made it up the stairs as they managed to pass Bass and Treble. Bass turned around and fired a laser, sending Corvo into the concrete. Corvo turned around and grabbed his blaster as he fired lasers back at Bass, while Bass was also firing back. As Fistrick reached toward Lord Decibel, he pressed a button on his sound system and created a sound barrier. This threw Fistrick backwards into the concrete as he groaned.]

Lord Decibel: Hah! You think you can stop my sounds? My sounds are the noises that pierce the heavens. Clearly you’re no match for me.

[Spidermonkey crawled down from the pipes behind Lord Decibel. Danny approached him from the side.]

Spidermonkey: No, but I am.

Danny: Step away from the sound-making-device!

Lord Decibel: It’s a turntable, you idiot! Does ANYONE in this stadium know the proper terminology for this stuff?!?

Danny: I said to step away.

Lord Decibel: You think you can tell me what to do?

[Lord Decibel pressed a button and his sound system blasted a soundwave back at Danny.]

Spidermonkey: Danny!

[Spidermonkey shot a web from his tail and managed to grab Danny in time before falling to the ground. Spidermonkey jumped over and grabbed him to make sure he was okay. Spidermonkey sat him down as Lord Decibel began to laugh at him.]

Lord Decibel: Well, if it isn’t E-10! And in a new form, no doubt. I like it, but... I think it needs a little more noise. Let me help you with that!

[Spidermonkey screeched and turned over to Lord Decibel. Spidermonkey attempted to pounce at him until Lord Decibel created another sound barrier, sending him back into the concrete. Spidermonkey fell unconscious and powered down back into Ethan. We cut back to Fistrick who managed to sit back up. Fistrick noticed Ethan was lying unconscious from the other end of the stage.]

Fistrick: E-bro!

Lord Decibel: Dispose of these party-poopers and send them outside, and make sure they can’t find their way back in here!

Bass, Treble: Right away, boss!

[Bass and Treble whistled for the other henchman. The other henchman appeared on the stage as they grabbed Ethan, Danny and Fistrick’s gang. Fistrick ran back up and charged back towards Lord Decibel.]

Fistrick: Not if I have anything to say about it!

[Fistrick was shot from behind and collapsed back into the concrete. From Fistrick’s point of view, he began to shut his eyes as Treble approached him.]

Treble: Say good night, bro…

[The scene shifted to Ethan’s point of view as he began to open his eyes. In the background all he heard were loud banging noises coming from nearby. Ethan woke up to notice Fistrick and his crew were trying to punch and kick down the door while Danny was folding his arms, watching the situation escalate.]

Hoodlum: Let us back in there!

Corvo: You cowards!

[Fistrick kicked the door again, and nothing happened. Fistrick turned away to catch his breath.]

Fistrick: Just you wait Lord Decibel, when I find my way back in there, I’m going to tear your sound system apart and turn it to scraps!

Danny: That’s one way to look at it.

Fistrick: And who are you?

Danny: Uh…

[Ethan walked over to block Fistrick from hitting Danny.]

Ethan: That’s Danny, he’s with me.

Fistrick: [Relaxed] Ah. I bet you’re mad you were kicked out of the concert too.

Danny: Sort of… You see Lord Decibel…

Fistrick: I already know enough about Lord Decibel. I swear when I get back in there, I’ll rip that mask off of his and smack his fingers with it until he can’t play that sound system of his anymore!

Ethan: Somebody’s violent tonight.

Corvo: We don’t have time for your jokes, E-10.

Hoodlum: Yeah, we’ve got to stop these party crashers from destroying our bro’s favorite rock band’s concert.

Thugg: And we’re not letting anyone get in our way.

Ethan: And I’m also not about to let Lord Decibel hurt hundreds and thousands of people. So it looks like we’re both in agreement.

Fistrick: So you wanna be partners?

[Ethan nodded.]

Fistrick: Aw yeah, Fistrick and E-bro together again!

Danny: Uh, Ethan, a moment…

[Danny pulled Ethan to the side to talk in private.]

Danny: I’m not sure if working with an ex-con is such a good idea.

Ethan: Relax, I’ll keep an eye on them.

Danny: But, they tried to hurt Alice last month...

Ethan: And I know, and I’m still holding a grudge against him for that. But It’s better than being divided and getting in each other’s way.

Danny: But Ethan…

Ethan: Look, Fistrick, I’ll team up with you. But only if you follow my terms.

Corvo: We’re not about to follow...

Fistrick: Now hold on, Corvo. I'm a legitimate business man. If we're going to team up we must agree to each others terms. Go ahead, E-bro.

Ethan: Our first priority is to save the people inside, and that includes the bandmates.

Fistrick: Alright, but only if you let me have first crack at him.

Ethan: Deal.

[Ethan and Fistrick shook hands as the song ended.]

Ethan: With my powers and your weapons, plus both our skills combined we can sneak back inside, and save the people from Lord Decibel before anybody else gets hurt.

Fistrick: Agreed. So, how do we get back in there?

Thugg: I’ve got an idea…

[The Omnitrix symbol transitioned to the next scene as they found an entrance where the guards were blocking the entrance. The group was hiding behind the cars in the parking lot as Corvo and Hoodlum began to approach the guards.]

Danny: I’m not sure if this is going to work…

Fistrick: Trust in my bros, new kid. You’ll see.

[We cut to Corvo and Thugg who appeared before the guards.]

Thugg: Gentleman, would you kindly do this bro a solid and let me back inside.

[The guards prepared their blasters.]

Thugg: No?

Corvo: Have it your way then!

[Thugg and Corvo grabbed their guns and the guards blasted taser nets, electrocuting Thugg and Corvo. While the guards were distracted, we cut back to the group hiding back in the parking lot.]

Fistrick: Go! Go!

[The group charged towards the other way as they rushed toward a hidden passage. Fistrick opened the vent and crawled inside as Hoodlum, Ethan and Danny followed. Danny grabbed the vent doors and shut them. Corvo and Thugg fell unconscious while the guards went back on duty. We cut to the four crawling their way through the vents.]

Danny: Ugh, this feels tight...

Ethan: Yep, that’s what happens when you crawl into a vent… Tight closed spaces and all...

Hoodlum: If you’re going to get claustrophobic on us, you’re welcome to step back outside with Thugg and Corvo.

Danny: I’m not claustrophobic. I’m just not used to this is all.

Hoodlum: Well shut up and quit complaining. We’re on a mission here, we don’t have time to be diddling around.

Fistrick: Although, he does have a point, bro. It is a bit compacted.

Danny: While we’re talking, we should use this as time to come up with a strategy to take down Lord Decibel’s sonic blowing devices.

Hoodlum: We could take out the power.

Ethan: No, that would only lead to another disaster. And you know how large crowds can rile up and act.

Danny: But with the sonic devices, wouldn’t it be more adequate to take them out so that it doesn’t blow people’s eardrums? Aren’t they electronic?

Ethan: They are, but we should only resort to that if the situation becomes necessary.

Fistrick: You could always use Lodestar, their equipment is made of metal and that should be enough to bust right through Lord Decibel’s sonic force fields.

Ethan: Can’t. I don’t have Lodestar anymore.

Hoodlum: Aw, did your aliens go out and dump you?

Ethan: No… that’s… not how it works.

[They suddenly found a ventilation shaft as they heard people talking.]

Danny: We can’t really do anything unless we take out the main source of their powers.

Hoodlum: That’s a no brainer! We just take out the power, and boom! Problem solved.

Ethan: Nah...I can tell that’s just gonna lead to another problem. For right now, let’s just focus on getting everyone out of there.

Danny: Shhh...it’s the guards.

[Danny peered down below to see a triad of guards walking down the hallways. One of the guards was talking to Lord Decibel through his ear piece.]

Guard 1: Stadiums are all clear, Lord Decibel. Nobody’s getting in or out.

Guard 2: Hey, did you grab the plugin like I asked you to?

Guard 3: I got it right in my pocket.

Guard 2: Good. With that USB, every stereo system will blast Lord Decibel’s music down into everyone’s ears.

Guard 3: Aw, yeah. I can’t wait to see everybody’s ears bleed!

[The three of them continued forward.]

Danny: Did you hear that? They’re going to plug that gadget in somewhere to blast his music even louder.

Ethan: Probably into Lord Decibel’s sound system. If they plug that in a lot of people will wind up in the hospital, and that’s the best outcome if that happens.

Danny: Wait, you mean…

Ethan: They could die…

[Danny’s eyes widen.]

Danny: Any ideas?

Fistrick: Yeah, obviously...me and Hoodlum are gonna bash some skulls!

Ethan: ...I can already tell you that is not gonna wor-

[Without a moment’s hesitation, Fistrick literally punched his hand through the metal and tore his way through the vent. The song shifted.]

[The guards look up, to see a smirking Fistrick who smacked his elbow.]


[Fistrick and his crew led out a battle cry as they dropped from the vent. Hoodlum was blasted into the wall by one of the guard’s sonic weapons.]

Danny: ...That was not part of the plan!

Ethan: Well, he acted as a scout. He did SOMETHING useful.

[Fistrick smacked one of the guards back into the other. One of the guards backed away to press his earpiece again.]

Guard: Backup, I need backup asap.

[Fistrick threw the other guard back and cracked his knuckles.]

Fistrick: Now it’s just you and me, bro.

Corvo: Fistrick!

[Fistrick turned away to see Corvo and Thugg running toward him with nearly a dozen guards chasing after them.]

Corvo: We made it!

Thugg: And we’ve got company.

Fistrick: This is the best concert ever!

[We cut back to Ethan and Danny.]

Danny: Looks like they could use some help down there.

Ethan: Yeah, so let’s wrap this up quick.

[Danny and Ethan drop down from the ceiling as he activated the Omnitrix and slammed down. A green light blinded the screen as he began to transform.]

[LAVAGLOBB TRANSFORMATION: In a green spinning background, Ethan was floating in mid-air. Black armor suddenly formed around his legs until they performed armored legs. The same happened with his arms as he raised his hand out, now in a more metallic-colored coating. Ethan’s entire torso and his head morphed around as we zoomed out from his body. He turned orange and we zoomed to see Ethan’s face change, only forming two green eyes with no other facial details. We zoom out as Ethan raised both his arms and legs out as he went flying down and out of the transformation sequence. ]

[Both Danny and Lavaglobb flopped to the ground as Lavaglobb landed with his hand pressing downward. Lavaglobb stood back up as he took a look at his body.]

Lavaglobb: Whoa! Who’s this one?!

[Lavaglobb and Danny turned over to see Corvo and Thugg running for their lives. Fistrick prepared his blaster until Lavaglobb pushed him back.]

Lavaglobb: I’ll handle this!

Corvo, Thugg: Ahhhh!

Lavaglobb: Duck!

[Lavaglobb blasted a large orange liquid from his palms in the form of a hydro pump. Corvo and Thugg slid under the blast and the orange goop threw the grunts back into the wall. This trapped them in an orange harden-like structure, and they were unable to move.]

Grunt: Agh, what is this?!

Grunt 2: It’s hot!

[The other grunts got up and blasted Lavaglobb alongside the other grunt. Lavaglobb blocked for cover until he realized the lasers were phasing right past him.]

Lavaglobb: Hey! I’m just like Goop!

[Lavaglobb also blasted another shot of lava, but below the grunts. The grunts slipped on the goo and fell to the ground. This began to burn through their clothes as they each screamed from the top of their lungs.]

Lavaglobb: But I’m also like Heatblast! [Rolls eyes to the side] And a little bit of Diamondhead.

Danny: System Call, Generate Cryogenic Element.

[Danny raised his hand out as a squared hologram appeared before him. He created a code, and then unleashed a blue wave. This cooled off Lavagloob’s liquid and the grunts took a sigh of relief as their bodies were covered in smoke. Danny squinted his eyes as he took a closer look at the goons.]

Danny: Wait a minute… that one human with the flash drive is gone!

[Danny walked over angrily toward Fistrick as Lavaglobb turned to them and changed back to normal.]

Danny: What were you thinking, Fistrick? You could have given us away!

Fistrick: I did what I had to do to protect the band, and my concert. If you don’t like the way I work then step out of the way.

[Fistrick walked forward and bumped Danny to the side as his crew followed him down the hall. Ethan called out to them as Fistrick and his crew stopped moving.]

Ethan: Guys! We can’t keep arguing with each other, let’s just save this “krush” band, and get this night over with.

Fistrick: Fine.

[The song shifted.]

[The scene shifted back inside the concert where Lord Decibel continued to play his music. Parts of the stadium had also begun to shake.]

Nikki: Ugh, I can’t take all this noise!

May: Me neither, this isn’t fun for me Terence!

Terence: Hey, don’t look at me. Not like I knew Lord Decibel was going to be here!

[The turned over to notice a scream. We pan over to a crowd standing over by the gated doors.]

Girl: Help! Let us out!

Guy: Please!

[The group turned over to another voice as someone else screamed from the seat below them.]

Guy 2: I can’t… I can’t do this anymore… Please someone help me.

[Alice made a serious look and walked down the stairs. May and the others noticed this.]

May: Alice, what are you doing?!

[Alice arrived down to the audience and turned to them.]

Alice: HEY! Everyone! Down here!

[The screaming continued as Alice failed to catch their attention. Hannibal walked over and screamed at the audience.]


[The audience turned to Alice.]

Alice: Thank you, Hannibal. [Turns to the audience] Everybody stay calm! Help is on the way.

Audience Member: And what do you know?

Alice: Because E-10 is somewhere here in this building. And so are many other people I know, and the authorities I’m sure will be here soon. But please, stay calm! Our eardrums are already hurt enough as it is, freaking out and terrorizing other people isn’t going to do you any good.

Hannibal: Yeah, she’s right. I’m sure at any moment someone will arrive to save us!

Bass: Oh is that so?

[Alice and Hannibal turned over to notice Bass and Treble jumped off the stage.]

Treble: Young lady, Didn’t anybody teach you not to interrupt the talent?!

[Treble blasted a sonic boom at Alice and she fell over into the ground. We cut over to Terence and Drew gasping as Nikki and May screamed.]

Nikki, May: Alice!

[Hannibal walked over and helped Alice up.]

Hannibal: Are you okay?

Alice: Yeah, I’m fine...

Hannibal: Ugh, if only I had my armor.

[Nikki appeared beside Hannibal and Alice.]

Nikki: Luckily I have mine!

[Nikki raised her arm and tapped the Firefly symbol on her watch as the dial opened up. The song shifted.]

[FIREFLY TRANSFORMATION: In a purple spinning background, purple and golden armor swiftly formed around her body. Wings grew out from her back while a mask formed around her face. A white light blinded the scene as Nikki had become Firefly.]

[Nikki jolted an electrical shock at Bass and Treble as they fell over to the ground. She flew over toward Lord Decibel and unleashed a shot of electricity. Lord Decibel pressed a button and put up the force field again.]

Lord Decibel: Well, if it isn’t Firefly herself! I didn’t know you were here too.

Nikki (Firefly): Enough with the chatter, Lord Decibel! I’m putting an end to your show, tonight!

Lord Decibel: Oh really?! Well let’s see if you can handle my new trick up my sleeve!

[Lord Decibel pressed a button and a cannon grew out from the back of his DJ facing the crowd. It aimed up at Nikki and unleashed a pink blast of soundwaves. It fired like an energy cannon as Nikki soared through the skies to dodge the blast. Eventually, Nikki was hit from the blast and went flying towards the ground. Hannibal jumped over and caught Nikki in his arms.]

Hannibal: Nikki!

[Nikki groaned and fell unconscious.]

Lord Decibel: You know what? I’m done trying my patience! Because you’ve interrupted my show I’m going to speed up the clock.

[Lord Decibel pressed a button and unleashed a louder sound from his speakers. The crowd screamed harder as everybody covered their ears. Some audience members noticed blood was dripping from their ears until they eventually shut their eyes and collapsed.]

Lord Decibel: Ah! Music to my ears! You now have ten minutes to give me your money, or I will take all your lives…

[The screaming intensified as Lord Decibel chuckled to it.]

Lord Decibel: Ah, music to my ears. And look at the time, you all have nine minutes left.

Drew: Let’s just give him the money.

May: And what, lose our savings?! Think of how long it’ll take to make our money back.

Terence: Ethan better get here soon.

[The song ended. We pan over to the backstage doorway where it was guarded by two goons. The door opened quietly as a hand pulled one of them inside. The noise of blasts came from the other side as the other goon took notice.]

Goon 2: Hey! What’s going on down-

[The other goon was also pulled and blasted a couple times. Ethan, Danny, Fistrick and his crew walked out as they snuck over and hid behind a set of drums. The guard from before ran up the stairs and entered over to the stage.]

Fistrick: Look, there’s that goon you let get away.

Ethan: I didn’t let him get away. He was just… out of my viewing… position.

Danny: The guard is probably giving the flashdrive to Lord Decibel.

Hoodlum: Then let’s stop him before he blows our ears out.

[Danny grabbed Hoodlum and stopped him.]

Danny: Not yet. We don’t want to give away our location.

Ethan: Besides, I’m pretty sure it'll be very easy to remove it from his machine. We’ve just got to get close enough.

[Fistrick heard muttering.]

Fistrick: Hey, did you bros hear that?

Ethan: Hear what?

[Ethan turned to the other direction and gasped. The others turned to where Ethan’s direction was focused.]

Ethan: Hey…

Danny: it’s…

Fistrick, Hoodlum, Corvo, Thugg: K.R.U.S.H!!!

[It was revealed the K.R.U.S.H. band was each individually wrapped in metal wires while laying down.]

Fistrick: Stand back. I got this.

[Fistrick grabbed an orange energy saber out of his sock then sliced the ropes open one by one. Fistrick helped the singer stand back up.]

Singer: Thank you, luv. I was starting to feel pretty cramped.

Fistrick: Johnny Neptune, I’m your biggest fan.

Singer: Oh, I do appreciate it.

[Fistrick’s crew were helping the other band members up as Danny noticed Fistrick’s device.]

Danny: Do you always carry that with you?

Fistrick: Of course I do. You never know when you’re going to need it.

Ethan: How did security manage to let you bring that in here?

Corvo: Look, do you wanna sit here asking questions all night or you want to do something?

Drummer: Yes, please. Lord Decibel is trashing the stadium with his… [shivers] revolting display of music.

[Ethan backed away from the bandmates as he pulled Danny over to talk in private.]

Ethan: Danny, Can you do one of your System Call things to shut down the machine?

Danny: I can try. But wouldn’t removing the flash drive be more efficient?

Ethan: Not entirely. The flash drive only contains access to the other stereos in the stadium. But if we can stop the whole machine all together.

Danny: Then Lord Decibel’s USB would be completely pointless! Of course!

Ethan: Fistrick, you and your crew stay here and protect the band while Danny and I demolish Decibel’s final act of the night.

Fistrick: Got it, and if those disk jockeys so much as try to slip away, I’ll bash their skulls in like they’ve bashed everyone else’s eardrums.

[The song shifted.]

[We cut to the front of the stage where Lord Decibel inserted the flash drive into the turntable.]

Lord Decibel: [Turns to Grunt 1] Excellent work.

[We zoomed out from Lord Decibel’s turntable from the side as he began to adjust his sound system.]

Lord Decibel: And in about 5 minutes, unless I get my money’s worth, I am to blow everyone’s ears away with my last and outstanding performance of the night!

Ethan: ...I wouldn’t call it outstanding.

[Lord Decibel and his grunt turned over to see Ethan and Danny standing at the far right side of the stage. We cut down toward the audience as Alice noticed they made it back safely. She laid a sigh of relief and smiled. Then we cut back to the stage where the grunt turned to Lord Decibel.]

Grunt 1: Oh yeah, I was just about to inform you of him...

Lord Decibel: Agh, what am I paying you for?!

[Grunt 1 screamed and ran backstage.]

Lord Decibel: How did you get in here?!

[Ethan smirked as he raised his arm and began turning his dial.]

Lord Decibel: Of course, you used your stupid Omnitrix…

Danny: It doesn’t matter how we got back in, we’re ending your concert!

Lord Decibel: I don’t think you’re in any position to make threats, child. In one press of a button, I can wipe out the whole stadium, including you two with my new state of the art Wunderbar. And with each stereo attached at every corner of this place, you’ll all be wiped sky high!

Danny: Ethan, a bunch of human lives are on the line. If you’re going to do something, do it fast.

[Ethan raised his arm toward the Omnitrix but stopped as soon as Lord Decibel called out to him.]

Lord Decibel: Touch that watch and I blow this place to kingdom come.

[Ethan turned to Danny.]

Ethan: Danny, use your System Call trick.

Danny: What?! But I need enough concentration.

Ethan: Do it, now!

[Danny nodded as the song shifted.]

[Danny shut his eyes and from his point of view, the background cleared behind him. Danny took a deep breath as he reopened them. Danny raised his arm as the device on his arm glowed a bright blue light.]

Danny: System Call…

[A blue holographic screen appeared before him. Danny touched the hologram and created a code.]

Lord Decibel: What is that boy up to?!

Danny: Generate Burst Element.

[Danny’s hands became surrounded in a blue and yellow aura.]

Danny: Umbral Element!

[Danny unleashed the energy from his palms and blasted Lord Decibel’s sound system. Suddenly, Lord Decibel’s sound system began to malfunction as electricity was scattered around it. A cloud of fog surrounded the stage as Ethan and Danny took notice of it.]

Lord Decibel: What did you do to my Wunderbar?! Do you know how much of a fortune that’s going to cost me?! Intern!

[Lord Decibel’s intern ran over to him.]

Lord Decibel: Help me fix my device! Henchman!

[Bass, Treble and a group of henchmen ran over to Lord Decibel’s aid.]

Bass, Treble: Yes, sir!

[The song ended.]

Lord Decibel: Beat them until their ears are ringing or better yet dispose of them!

Bass, Treble: With pleasure!

[The henchman ran over towards Ethan and Danny. Ethan turned the Omnitrix’s dial, and selected a silhouette with spikes covered all over his body. Ethan raised the Omnitrix’s core, then slammed down.]

[SWAMPFIRE TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arm out as vines began sprouting all over his arms. Ethan’s forearms and shoulders grew red spikes. The vines sprouted from all over his body as his torso and went down to his legs as feet changed shape. We pan upward toward Ethan raising his hands over his face. Ethan’s face was covered in completely black soil, and two by two, three red spikes appeared from the sides of his face until a yellow spike appeared from the middle. Green eyes opened and we zoomed out from Ethan’s body as he raised his arms out until he struck a pose. A green light blinded the scene as he finished transforming.]

Swampfire: SWWW-WAMP… FIRE!!!

[Danny gasped as he gazed at Swampfire’s appearance. We cut to the cloud of fog fading from the stage as the audience took notice of Ethan on the stage as a new alien. While Hannibal was holding Nikki, he gasped at Ethan’s appearance. We then cut to Alice who gasped as well. We cut to Terence, Hugh and May’s reaction as they each gasped, and we lastly cut to the henchman who were left standing frozen from Ethan’s new appearance. The song ended.]

Lord Decibel: What did I just say? Get him!!!

[The henchman paused for a moment to cover themselves from the smell.]

Swampfire: [Sniffs] Ugh, What is that smell?

[Swampfire smelled his pits, then paused for a moment.]

Swampfire: Oh wait, it’s me.

Danny: Ethan!

Swampfire: Sorry!

[Swampfire turned to the henchman who ran toward him.]

Swampfire: Luckily, I've had some practice with this guy!

[Swampfire raised his arms as flames came from the holes in his palms. Swampfire unleashed a flamethrower which threw some of the henchmen backwards. Some of the henchmen charged through anyway as they dogpiled onto Swampfire, preventing him from going anywhere. The henchmen began to beat Swampfire until he released an explosive blast. The blast threw the henchmen off him as they went flying back into the concrete of the stage. Swampfire stood up with parts of his body wounded, including his right forearm, chest and upper left leg. Swampfire regenerated them and raised his arms to prepare to strike.]

Swampfire: Is that the best you can do?!

[Some of the henchmen began to stand up as they went ahead and charged towards Swampfire. In a spinning sequence, Swampfire dodged from the right to left, then smacked the henchmen into the screen. We cut to Danny stepping backwards from the henchmen surrounding him. One of them went charging towards Danny until he screamed and moved out of the way, while ducking himself for protection. The one henchman went flying into one of them and they fell down to the ground.]

Danny: That was close…

[One of the four remaining henchmen approached Danny until he pulled back and kicked the man in the groin. The man collapsed on the floor, wincing in pain. Danny blankly stared at the other henchmen before him.]

Danny: Sorry!

[The other henchmen charged at him as Danny attempted to fight back. Danny threw a few swings. The swings missed.]

Danny: Okay, just fight like Ethan does!

[Danny smacked one of the henchmen in the face until he fell flat into the concrete. One henchman charged toward Danny until unknowingly he tripped over one of their bodies and fell into a set of lights. Danny positioned himself in front of the last remaining henchman. She signaled him to come over and Danny charged at her.]

Danny (Thoughts): I’ll engage her with a surprise attack! Just like how Naomi taught me that one time!

[The henchman swung their fist at Danny until he dodged from the right. He raised his leg and smacked the henchman in the nuts only to realize his attack didn’t even flinch. Danny looked up confused as the henchman smirked.]

Danny: Noted.

[Danny then proceeded to kick up one of the knocked off helmets of the guards and used it to bash the woman’s own helmet. She fell to the ground and fell unconscious. Danny charged over to Ethan’s fight and the scene shifted to Lord Decibel and his intern trying to fix the sound system.]

Lord Decibel: Get that thing back online!

Intern: I’m trying, whatever that kid did has completely messed with our systems!

Lord Decibel: Blast it!

[Fistrick approached Lord Decibel with a modified orange rifle.]

Fistrick: Okay! If you say so, bro.

[Fistrick charged the rifle as it was circulating with yellow energy from its tip.]

Lord Decibel: Like hell I’d let you!

[Lord Decibel charged over toward Fistrick until Bass and Treble were thrown toward his direction. Lord Decibel stopped moving as he took notice of this. Fistrick’s energy rifle had finished charging and began to prepare his blast.]

Lord Decibel: Aw damn it.

[Fistrick fired the energy blast as the intern jumped out of the way. The blast made contact with Lord Decibel’s sound system and completely exploded. The sound coming from it stopped as people cheered. Lord Decibel was thrown back from the blast into the side of the stage.]

Fistrick: That was for ruining my concert.

[The band stood above Lord Decibel.]

Singer: You’re not looking too good, love.

Lord Decibel: Ergh! [Stands up] I’m not letting you stop my show that easily!

[Lord Decibel began to run down the stage until seeds were thrown in his direction. The seeds sprouted and formed into vines as Lord Decibel was trapped by the vine’s appendages.]

Swampfire: You've had enough fun for tonight.

[Lord Decibel groaned as the song ended. The scene shifted to later that night as the concert had finished preparing the stage. Lights surrounded the entire stadium as the band had approached the stage.]


[The crowd created an uproar as the singer set foot on the stage and walked up to the microphone. The singer grabbed the mic and took a deep breath.]

Johnny: Thank you all for coming, and for those who decided to stick around, you are very brave soldiers. Actually you might be crazier than we are! But unfortunately after tonight’s events, the band and I have decided to call this night short. I’m sure your ears must be ringing after Lord Decibel’s disgusting performance. But for our final act of the night, I’d like to invite someone to the stage to sing one song with me. He’s the one who saved our show tonight from that treacherous DJ, I bring you a bro among our bandmates and our longtime fan, Fistrick!

[Fistrick walked up to the stage in a calm, and cool collected matter to the stage. Fistrick waved to the audience as we panned over to backstage where Hoodlum, Thugg and Corvo stood back with their arms folded.]

Corvo: Fistrick gets to have all the luck.

Johnny: Are you ready, Fistrick?

Fistrick: I wouldn’t have it any other way, bro.

Johnny: HIT IT!

[The drum player tapped his drumsticks together, the band began to play the song. We cut to shots of both guitar players, the bass player and the drummer performing on their instruments until we cut to Johnny and Fistrick as they began to sing the song. We pan upward from the audience and cut to Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice, Nikki, Danny, May and Drew reacting to the performance.]

Nikki: I can’t believe this… No really, I’m like… speechless.

Danny: [Turns to Ethan] So you’re just going to let him take that win from you?

Ethan: Eh, I’ll let Fistrick have this one. Besides, I would have humiliated myself on stage not knowing any of the lyrics.

Terence: Of course you would have…

Alice: I think you did the right thing.

[Alice snuggled up to Ethan and we cut over to Terence and May.]

Terence: He barely even did anything! Ugh, I can’t believe Fistrick gets to sing with K.R.U.S.H.

May: It’ll be okay, Terence. Maybe if Lord Decibel decides to attack the next one, then we’ll be the ones to save them.

Terence: Unlikely…

Johnny, Fistrick: Open up the trap door, I'm the lie you've been looking for! Open up the trap door! I'm thinking it's going to be under! See the future is getting to me! And everybody thinks I'm crazy! See the future is getting to me!

Johnny: There's just one more!

Fistrick: And it's going to be over!!!

Johnny: Trevor Chill!

[The drummer began to give his drum solo until the guitar player put on his guitar solo. The crowd went wild as Hannibal, Drew, Terence jumped from their seats as they screamed.]

Hannibal, Drew, Terence: AYE-YA-YA-YA-YA!!!

May, Danny: AAAAAAH!!!

Ethan: AYE-YA-YA-YA-YA!!!

[The group turned to Ethan with complete shock.]

Nikki: Ethan Brandon Wellington..

Drew: Hello?!

Hannibal: I never expected to hear that from you.

Ethan: Eh, what can I say, their music sounds pretty good.

Terence: See, I told you their music was good.

Ethan: Yeah… but I think the band is still completely crap.

[Ethan sat back down and noticed the drowsy Alice.]

Ethan: How are you feeling?

Alice: I’m fine. But I think when I get home, I’m just going to lay down and fall asleep.

Ethan: That’s fine. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you from Lord Decibel.

Alice: It’s okay, I had the others there to help me. But I should be apologizing to you though, I’m supposed to be your bodyguard. I should’ve been there to help you.

Ethan: It’s okay, I had Danny there. And believe it or not, Danny and I make a pretty good team.

Alice: That’s good.

[We cut to a shot of Fistrick grabbing a spare guitar as he plays the solo with him as the band works with the solo they’re creating. The crowd grew wild as Danny screamed.]

Danny: THIS IS THE MOST FUN I’VE EVER HAD!!! Thanks, you guys!

Alice: No problem.

[The band wrapped up their performance as we zoomed out from the stadium. The song finished and the screen faded to black.]



E-10 Horizons - ED 5 - Sweet Friendship (Medium) AMV


[We shifted through scenes of Ernesto being transported from his a room by a metahuman. The next scene showed a bunch of jail cells opening as we cut to Ernesto making a speech. The next scene shifted to the Remedial Force running down the hallway. The next scene showed Spidermonkey grabbing a device as a green light blinded the scene.]


Major Events

  • Lavaglobb and Swampfire make their Omnitrix debuts.
  • Danny officially masters his System Call abilities and fights his first villain.


  • Cassie, Alexia and May bring up Ethan and Alice's relationship and how it took so long for them to get together.
  • Terence brings up his favorite band which was first mentioned in Knight in Shining Armor.
  • Danny mentions the last time Ethan dealt with Fistrick, he kidnapped Alices mother from back in Double Trouble.
  • Ethan tells Fistrick that his Omnitrix reset thanks to the events of Catch the Moment.
  • Ethan compares Lavaglobb to his previous transformations, Heatblast, Goop and Diamondhead.
  • Alice brings up she is still Ethan's bodyguard.



Aliens Used


  • K.R.U.S.H. is based on the bands Queen & K.I.S.S. which Terence also mentions in this episode.
  • The bands cry is a reference to when the K.I.S.S. member would stick out their tongue.
  • The bandmates names are based on Freddy Mercury and other bandmates.
  • Trevor Chill is a reference to Tre Cool from Green Day and Travis Barker from Blink-182.
  • "God's Favorite Band" is a reference to Green Day.
  • The Rash is a reference to Dickrash from Metallica.
  • Swampfire's quote "Is that the best you can do?" comes from when he said this in Ben 10: Alien Force: The Rise of Hex.
  • The title for this episode is based on K.I.S.S. song, Rock and Roll All Nite.
  • Red Sharks - Fang is an insert song in this episode.
    • This song was also an insert song as the opening theme to Ben 10: Alien Swarm.
  • Various Pokemon Themes were used in this episode.
    • Ideals and Truth
    • That Which is a Life


  • This episode acknowledges where the symbol on Terence and Fistrick's shirt comes from.
  • It's revealed Ethan went Swampfire prior to this episode.
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