Robotic Past is the 4th episode of Brandon 10.
Brandon 10 - Robot Ro-Warasaur

Robot Ro-Warasaur


In a dark dirty lab, a scientist creates robots and debates on what the design should be and looks at the tv and sees Ro-Warasaur from the droid battles and decides to create historic themed robots and to challenge Brandon.

Testing with his device, Brandon 10 is deciding on which alien to transform to when there is a robbery at a computer store. Brandon then goes Freezefire to stop the crooks from stealing when he finds out that they are robots and the Creator appears to greet him stating that he must be another alien and that he should feel welcome at his park. After knocking Freezefire out, Brandon wakes up at a feild and the Creator Voice warning(sacaseticlly) Brandon of the other comaniey which are robotic Velociraptors. Brandon as XLR8 outruns them and arrives at a blocked exit. Now as Fourarms, Brandon lifts up the eletronic door and heads for the Creator. Unforantly the Creator has created a giant replica of Ro-Warasaur and escapes throught the back of the warehouse. Brandon then transforms into Ro-Warasaur and throws the robot clone back into the "Park" and they have a fight. Brandon then wins and by defeating the Creator he shuts down all of the robots in the park and sents the creator to jail. But the creator assident droid sents him peices to the creator so he can escape later.

Aliens Used

  • Freezefire
  • Fourarms
  • XLR8
  • Diamondhead
  • Ro-Warasaur


  • The Creator
  • Dinobots
  • Robot Ro-Warasaur


  • The Park is similar to Jarassic Park which is a amusment park full of dinosaurs.
  • This is also similar to the Transformers An'imated episode Blast from the Past, which was adapted into a picture book called Attack of the Dinobots.
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