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OVZ RobinBird
General Information
Species Mutant Robin
DNA source Robins
Body Bird-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Skills in Hand-to-Hand combat
Enhanced Speed
Pointed Beak
First Appearance Surprises

Robin Bird is a slightly Mutant Robin in Ren X and Omniversal Z

Original Naming[]

His name was originally RenRobin until Omniversal Z aired.


Despite being a Mutant Robin, he does not appear as such. Robin Bird appears as such, a red bird with a long beak basically.

In Omniversal Z, Robin Bird doesn't change too much. His wings are the only feature that nearly completely changes. His eyes on the mask now appear green, and the Omnitrix on his chest is different, customed to OVZ.


Other than flight, Robin Bird has the ability of any bird. This includes their flight speed, feather match, wingspan, and even the ability to adapt to their beak in tonsil shape. He is a master in Hand-to-Hand combat shaping his wings into fists


He's easily distracted by bird food, and whatever bird he adapts to, he takes their weaknesses.


  • None


  • He has the same Omnitrix belt as all other aliens in Omniversal Z

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