Rituals is the pilot issue comic of Young Plumbers.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 1, Issue 0
Production Code: A00
Release Date: TBA
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Set 1 List
"Partners in Crime"


Center City, California
July 17, 2012, 12:19 PM MST

[The first panel shows several streets of houses. Another panel shows a house one one street specifically. The next panel zooms to a window of a blue house and shows Zon's face. He has his hands up to his face and looks bored.]

[Zon]: I am so bored...

[He backs away from the window and walks through the house. He goes into a room with a TV and turns it on. He changes the channel to cartoons.]

[Zon]: Oh cool! Young Justice is going to be on!

[The end credits of the 12:00 show finish and the 12:30 show begins. Instead of Young Justice, it shows Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk. Zon makes a blank stare into the TV. After a few moments, the show is interrupted by a news feed.]


[Reporter]: Attention families of Center City! This just in! A spaceship of seemingly alien origin has been found in the desert just outside of town. Police say they don't know where it came from, but that they hope it leaves soon. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

[Zon turns the TV off.]

[Zon]: But it's not regularly scheduled...

[He exits the house.]

[Zon]: I wonder...

[He runs to the sidewalks and then into the main section of town. He runs through the main section of town, but stops to rest for a moment just in front of a cafe. Just as he starts to run again, there is an explosion in the cafe and Zon is knocked onto his back. Charmcaster walks out of the cafe. Zon gets up just as she begins to run away.]

[Zon]: Robbing cafes I see?

[Charmcaster]: And who would you be?

[Zon]: I'm the person who's going to put you in jail...

[Charmcaster]: Yeah, you do that...

[She throws two of the rocks that turn into stone creatures. After a moment, they turn into the stone creatures and begin to attack Zon. Zon avoids one as it charges at him but the other knocks him back. Zon dives into a back alley and morphs into his full Vulpimancer form. He charges at the stone creature and wrestles it to the ground. He rips off its head with one of its claws. Zon begins to chase Charmcaster, but the the stone creature jumps on him from behind. He eventually throws it off of him as it crashes into the ground and breaks. Charmcaster takes out a wooden scepter and fires energy orbs back at Zon. He begins to chase her and jumps every so often to avoid the orbs.]

[Charmcaster]: You won't catch me...


[Zon morphs into half Vulpimancer-half Kineceleran. He runs up to Charmcaster but she swings the scepter and knocks him onto the ground. She continues to run off towards the desert.]

[Zon]: Ow...

[He dives down an alley and turns back into full human.]

[Zon]: She must have been heading for that ship...

[He begins to walk in the same direction as her. Eventually, he makes it to the edge of town where he finds Charmcaster, Hex, and two other people standing across from a ship. Several police cars are surrounding them.]

[Policeman]: Back away from the unidentified spacecraft.

[Instead of backing away from the spaceship, the four villains board the ship, which takes off a moment later. Zon gets to just behind the police cars as some policemen get out of the car.]

[Policeman]: Woah! Where do you think you're going?

[Zon]: Into that desert.

[He forward but the policeman grabs him and picks him up.]

[Policeman]: No you're not!

[Zon]: You leave me no choice!

[He bites the policeman's hand and then jumps the other two policemen. He shifts back into his half Vulpimancer half Kineceleran form and then runs off into the desert.]


[As he is running across the desert be begins to see two figures off in the distance. They aren't as far away as the plane.]

[Zon]: What the...?

[He continues to run forward until the two figures become visible.]

[Zon]: Aha!

[He runs forward until the figures are just in front of him.]

[???]: Zon, is that you?

[The panel after this shows Jack and Ben standing across from Zon.]


[On the next page, a panel shows the spaceship landing on a mountain at the edge of the desert. After they get out, the four magicians stand in a circle.]

[Charmcaster]: Hex, Lutallo, Marion, Thank you all for coming.

[Hex]: As you know, hidden within the cave behind me is a ring. An ancient ring said to give the one who wears it great powers. However, we must first summon the guardian and defeat it, or the ring's power will not work.

[Lutallo]: So can we get started already?

[Charmcaster]: There is one final preparation we must make.

[She takes out her scepter and plants it into the ground in the center of the circle. Hex places his down at his feet. Lutallo and Marion walk and place their scepters on the border of the circle so that they make an equilateral triangle with Hex's scepter being the third point.]

[Marion]: And now are we ready?

[Hex]: Yes, let the fun begin...


[Zon]: Woah guys, fancy meeting you here...

[Jack]: Same to you? Why are you here?

[Zon]: I live in Center City...

[Jack]: Really? I live in Northwater, Montana, so I guess we're close.

[Ben]: I live in Oceanside, BC, Canada. I'm sort of farther away.

[The three old friends share a laugh and then begin to walk towards the mountains.]

[Zon]: And you're here why?

[Jack]: Ben follow Hex to Northwater where I was fighting some other dude. They teamed up and ran off, so we followed them...

[Zon]: You ran on foot?

[Ben]: No, we took bicycles, but you can't exactly ride a bike in the desert.

[Zon]: Oh right?

[They make it to the edge of the desert and find a mountain trail.]

[Jack]: Well, up we go...

[The former recruits begin to run up the trail.]


[On the next page all the magicians have begun a ritual.]

[Charmcaster]: Hah ras phorey ma'at bakal fio tri tam ti ut.

[Hex]: Et al bakai phorey ras ma'at sey ora uma lu.

[Marion]: Sey ma'at phorey ras ora tri tram ut ti hah et ma'at fi al.

[Lutallo]: Ma'at phorey et al ras hah tri tam ora sey su.

[All]: Oh great guardian of the ring. Here our cry to you and open the door to your trial...

[Yellow light shoots out of the scepters and hits the third one. Red beams of energy begin to come out of the middle scepter. Eventually, purple energy begins to come out of the scepter, too. The whole circle begins to glow purple and a giant golem comes out of the rift.]

[Hex]: It worked...

[Marion]: But now we have to defeat it.

[The magicians grab their scepters and begin to attack the golem when the recruits make it up the mountain.]


[Jack]: What the...?

[The golem smashes its fist down on Hex. Charmcaster fires magic blasts at golem as she avoids its punches.]

[Zon]: Well, do something?

[Ben flies up and shoots shoots a sonic scream out of his mouth at the golem.]

[Lutallo]: Great, followers...

[Zon fires green energy at the golem. It then smashes down and crushes him. Jack fires electricity at the golem.]

[Hex, while firing magic blasts]: Truce...?

[Ben]: Truce...

[He lands and fire more sonic screams. Lutallo fires energy blasts at the golem. Eventually, it falls to one knee.]

[Jack]: Yeah...

[He fires more electricity at it. Zon turns into a Vulpimancer and jumps on the golem, crushing its legs. The golem falls to the ground and Hex blasts it head off. It stops moving and then turns to dust and blows away. A patch of dark rock crumbles, revealing a dark cave behind it.]

[Charmcaster]: Let's go...


[She rushes to the cave and pushes Ben to the ground. The rest of the Magicians follow her. Zon and Jack run to follow them but notice that Ben is on the ground.]

[Jack]: We should wait...

[Ben jumps up and heads over to the other recruits.]

[Ben]: No, I'm fine...

[Zon]: But what was that thing?

[Jack]: Maybe we'll find out...

[They begins to walk into the cave. There is a dark brownish red rock on the ground and a silver rock on the walls. The path is mostly forward with a few very short bends.]

[Ben]: We should try to catch up to them...

[The recruits run forward and eventually make it to a brighter portion of the cave where they find the four magicians.]

[Jack]: Go!

[Jack fires electricity at the magicians. They all turn around and grab their scepters to fire magic blasts at the recruits.]


[Marion]: Finally, a real fight.

[Jack jumps at him and kicks him in the face before turning around and firing electricity at Charmcaster. Zon fires green energy at Charmcaster. Meanwhile, Ben flies at Hex, who barely avoids. Ben turns around and fires sonic screams at both Hex and Charmcaster. Zon stops his attack to turn into a Vulpimancer. He jumps past Charmcaster and tackles Luttalo to the ground. Hex kicks Zon and fires magic blasts at him.]

[Jack]: Not today...

[Jack fires electricity at Hex which sends him flying. He then roundhouse kicks Charmcaster in the face. Ben shoots a sonic scream at Marion which knocks him to the ground. Jack then helps Zon up.]

[Zon]: Thanks pal...

[Ben]: That felt great.... It felt like old times...

[Jack]: Yeah...


[They begin to walk deeper into the cave.]

[Zon]: So what exactly is back here...?

[They walk forward for a few panels and eventually make it to some pedestal. On the next page, the recruits approach the pedestal find a golden ring with a red fire symbol on top of it.]

[Jack]: A ring?

[Ben]: What could this be for?

[Zon grabs the ring and is about to put it on.]

[Jack]: DUDE! Don't just put it on!

[Zon]: Why not?

[Jack]: It could be dangerous or something...

[Ben]: Yeah right...

[Zon]: Well, okay... Let's go...

[They begin to walk out of the cave, taking the unconscious magicians with them.]


[On the next page, the local police are taking the magicians away.]

[Policeman]: Thanks for all your help...

[Jack]: Don't mention it...

[Ben]: Yeah, no problem...

[Another police officer is seen forcing Marion into the backseat. All the policemen get into the three police cars and drive off. The recruits begin to walk down the mountain.]

[Zon]: Let's head back to town... This mountain side is a little bit awkward for me to be on right now...

[Jack]: Why?

[Zon]: I don't know... it just is...

[Ben]: Alright then...


[The recruits are walking back across the desert. Zon is in front when the ring goes flying out of his pocket and turns the sand around it black.]

[Zon]: What the...?

[Jack]: I TOLD YOU! I told you it was dangerous...

[Zon]: Well can I put it on now? I mean, we have to figure out what it does...

[Ben]: I guess so...

[Zon picks up the ring and puts it on. He punches his hand forward but nothing happens.]

[Zon]: Huh...

[Jack]: Maybe it's broken?

[Ben]: Broken? It was working just seconds ago...

[Zon]: Ah, maybe we just didn't notice the black sand...

[Jack]: Yeah, let's go with that...

[The last panel shows the recruits walking in a straight line. Zon is on the far left talking to the recruits. His left hand, the one with the ring on it, shows the fire symbol glowing orange on it.]


[The End]

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Partners in Crime

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