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Starting shows the scene where Carl,Clover,Sam and Alex fighting haired wild mutt

Clover:Get the Xtratrix working,will'ya?(talking to Carl)!(cycles the Xtratrix)YES!(transforms)WTH???I am a red chicken?(country music starts)

Alex,Clover and Sam:0_0'

AranoHawk:What is mah powah?(mutt drools on him)AAAH!Heat!!HOT!HOT!HOT!Ewwww....(shoots hair gel to a mutt)Liked that?Oh,i remember this one...ARANOHAWK!(jumps on mutt;re-makes his hairstyle)A puddle!HAHAHAHA!(falls off the mutt)Uh oh.(falls)

Sam:Are you...(sees nothing in the mini-crater)..OKAY?

Clover:Where is he?

Alex:Idk,where he could...(sees AranoHawk in the air;falling on land)

AranoHawk(falls on leg):Here we go!(shoots sleep spikes to mutt's butt;mutt starts sleeping)Xtratrix,transform me back!(Xtratrix stops working)Oh noes.


AranoHawk:I can switch to another aliens,but i cannot switch to normal!



Scene shows AranoHawk,Alex,Clover and Sam eating pizza,while AranoHawk drinks Coca-Cola

AranoHawk(while drinking and eating):I am sleepy,how about going to beds?

Clover:Hey,wait a minute...You are a hairstyling alien,right?


Clover:Well,since i need a new hairstyle,i was wondering...can you perform me a newest hairstyle?

AranoHawk:O.o Well(smiles),okay, i guess.(shoots gel to Clover's hair)

Clover:Yuck!This is SO slimey!

AranoHawk:Oh yeah?(fixes hairstyle)There,better.

Clover(looks herself to mirror):Wow!Cowboy style!

Xtratrix times out

Carl:(retransforms)YES!I am back!

Clover,Sam and Alex:Oh,right!