Risk Factor is the seventeenth comic of Young Plumbers and seventh issue of Set 2.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 2, Issue 7
Production Code: B07
Release Date: January 13, 2013
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Set 2 List
"Roots of Gaea"
"Dragon Wars"


Plumbers' Academy
January 30, 2013, 4:19 AM EST

[The Ringmaster is running down a hallway in the Academy.]

[Ringmaster]: It's got to be around here somewhere...

[He checks a few rooms but doesn't find what he's looking for.]

[Ringmaster]: Ugh, running out of time...

[He checks another room and finds the barracks with Zon in them.]

[Ringmaster]: Finally...

[The Ringmaster walks up to Zon's bed. The Fire Ring is next to Zon and his body is facing it. The Ringmaster reaches his ringed hand for the ring, but it begins to glow. He quickly moves his hand away from the ring.]

[Ringmaster]: Okay, let me try something else...

[He reaches the hand without the rings for the Fire Ring, but it still begins to glow. Zon starts to wake up as the Ringmaster teleports out of the barracks. On the next page, the Ringmaster is in the hallway far on the other side of the Academy.]


[Ringmaster]: Why was it glowing?

[He holds up his hand with the rings on them.]

[Ringmaster]: Perhaps it is because of you, but... I'll have to take the risk.

[He takes off the rings and places them on the shelf of a janitorial closet and then grabs an ID mask and places it on.]

[Ringmaster]: Time to blend in...

[On the next page, the Ringmaster is walking down the hallway a few hours later. The Academy is now bustling with students.]

[Ringmaster]: Is this really what the Academy is like?

[He sees Zon and Brian walking next to each other. He approaches them.]

[Zon]: And then I was like--

[Ringmaster]: Excuse me, I'm Anthony. The Magisters directed me to any member of their special team if they had any questions, and you're members of the special team, and I have a question.

[Brian]: Ask away?

[Anthony]: Do you know where I would be able to find the spaceship simulators?

[Zon, shocked]: We have spaceship simulators?

[Anthony]: I would assume so...

[Brian]: Yeah, we do. Follow me....

[Anthony follows Brian and Zon. On the next page, Zon and Brian are walking along just a few hours before the end of the day.]

[Brian]: Well, that was fun, but that kid was so weird...

[Zon]: Something's up. Keep an eye on him...

[Brian]: Will do...


[An hour later, Anthony is walking alone in the hallway. He makes it to Zon's barracks again and enters the door. Zon is sleeping, with the ring once again in front of him.]

[Anthony]: Hopefully...

[He approaches the bed, slowly reaches his hand for the ring and grabs it. He slowly backs away out of the barracks and then closes the door behind him. He then turns and runs as far as he can away from the barracks. He makes it to the janitorial closet where he left the other rings and enters it. He places the ring on his hand and then creates a small flare.]

[Anthony]: One of two, check... But before I get two, let's have some fun...

[He exits the closet and runs off. On the next page, Zon is seen in his barracks. He suddenly wakes up.]

[Zon]: What?

[He jumps to his feet.]

[Zon]: Where's the ring!?


[He dashes out of the room and runs all the way to the cafeteria. He notices that it has been put on fire.]

[Zon]: Well I wonder who did this?

[He turns into Wildmutt and Heatblast and absorbs the flames before turning back.]

[Zon]: Now which way did he go?

[He looks around for footprints on the ground, but he doesn't find any.]

[Zon]: Well, I better start looking...

[He walks out of the cafeteria and walks down the hallway. He eventually finds Brian running toward him.]


[Brian]: Zon!

[Zon]: Brian!

[Brian]: Zon!

[Zon]: Brian!

[Brian]: Zon!

[Zon]: Brian!

[They are quiet for a full page.]

[Zon]: Uh, why were you running?

[Brian]: I thought I smelled smoke...

[Zon]: Don't worry, I put out the fire, now we have to find the guy who stole my ring...

[Brian]: I have mine with me, he'll probably just come get it...

[Zon]: Then we have a plan...


[On the next page, Anthony enters Brian's barrack. He is sleeping in the room with the Water Ring in front of him. The Ringmaster slowly begins to approach the bed, but the door opens up behind him and Zon enters.]

[Zon]: I knew it...

[Anthony]: This isn't what it looks like!

[Zon]: Talk about a cliche!

[Zon punches Anthony but he avoids and jumps over. Zon turns around and punches Anthony into the hallway. He helps Brian up and then begins to chase after Anthony.]

[Brian]: Why'd you let him get away?

[Zon]: You didn't exactly help trap him!

[Zon and Brian eventually turn the corner only to be ambushed by Anthony, now with the three rings. He blasts fire at the recruits while Brian uses his ring and blasts water at the Ringmaster. He jumps over and then punches Brian into the wall. Zon blasts the Ringmaster with green energy. They go back and forth with punches and eventually Brian gets in on the fight, too. The Ringmaster jumps over the recruits and begins to run away.]


[Zon]: Hey!

[Brian]: Get back here!

[Ringmaster]: I'll settle for just the one ring... But you can be sure that I'll be back...

[He teleports away. Zon and Brian slow to a walk.]

[Brian]: So, should we just head back to the barracks?

[Zon]: I guess so... Wait, before we go, I've been wondering something... Why does the Ringmaster want the rings?

[Brian]: Maybe to get power, I don't even care. We have to stop him...

[Zon]: Yeah, you're right, it's just... nevermind... Let's go...

[Brian]: Zon...

[Zon]: Really, it's nothing

[Brian]: Alright...


[Back at the barracks, Zon and Brian are meeting with Sci, Rob, and Paper.]

[Paper]: He took Zon's ring?

[Zon]: Yeah...

[Sci]: As with most things, he probably can't do anything until he has all 5...

[Rob]: Speaking of the fifth, did he find it?

[Brian]: No, he didn't...

[Paper]: Then we'll keep looking...

[Sci]: And I assure you we will find it before the Ringmaster does...

[Brian]: Call him Anthony, that's his real name...

[Paper]: That gives us a lead as to who he his, great job...

[Paper brings up a screen and searches the Plumber database for "Anthony Ringmaster." There is no Anthony in the database, but there is a David Stavo entry having to do with rings.]

[Paper]: David Stavo? 30 years ago he found the 5 rings and used them to try and free a beast from an ancient realm, but the Plumbers stopped him... He's currently locked up at Incarcecon.

[Rob]: Then that's our next move...

[Brian]: And it is a move that will get us a step closer to solving another mystery.

[The End]

Roots of Gaea

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