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Rising from Horizons
General Information
Original broadcast December 13, 2019
Season 2
Episode number 10
Overall episode number 30
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & TranswiththePlans
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Rising from Horizon is the thirtieth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Team G.L.E.E. must call upon help if they are going to stop the Flame Keeper's Circle from awakening the Teotls!


The Flame Keeper's Circle - Episode 30

[We pan from the ground up into inside a cavern. An army of Esotericans were in the audience as Ken Kishu stepped onto the stage with a few other soldiers beside him.]

Ken Kishu: Greetings, all of you! As you know, our leader, Nicholas Schaff, is dead. But that doesn’t mean we have let ourselves grown vulnerable, for I, Ken Kishu, will be our leader for the rest of this journey, and it’s thanks to that, unlike our previous leader’s attempt, with no disrespect, we have succeeded to locate and have claimed all the artifacts we need to awaken our gods. Now all that remains is the whereabouts of our location.

[A few cult members ran inside the room.]

Cult Members: Ken Kishu! Ken Kishu!

[A few guards raised their weapons at the cult members.]

Ken Kishu: At ease.

[They raised their weapons down.]

Ken Kishu: What is it?

Cult Members: We have located the seal to the Teotls.

Ken Kishu: Where?

Cult Members: It’s under the Pacific Ocean, under the Adiapérastos Wall. It’s impossible to reach without a deep-submergence defense vehicle, and of course a defense mechanism. They say there’s a creature guarding the area that dwells between the ocean to the living.

Ken Kishu: Then I guess we better go steal one won’t we. No matter, this… SACT has been a thorn in our side for some time. We’ll teach them to mind their own business. But first…

[Ken reached the energy saber from his back and aimed at one’s throat.]

Ken Kishu: You have better be very fucking sure.

[The frightened cult member nodded. Ken Kishu put his saber down and turned to the crowd.]

Ken Kishu: Today marks a day that will go down in history.

[The crowd cheers.]

Ken Kishu: Today marks a day that will change the course of humanity forever.

[The crowd cheers.]

Ken Kishu: Today marks a day that we celebrate our victory and open this world to our new founding fathers, forever.

[The crowd cheers.]

Ken Kishu (Narration): And I’ll make sure that nothing will stand in our way.

[As Ken spoke, we cut to nightfall where Ethan and Maria were facing off against Vulkanus. Ethan slid back as the Omnitrix activated. Ethan raised his arm up in the air as we zoom into the Omnitrix symbol.]

Ken Kishu (Narration): Especially not E-10.

[A green light blinded the screen as everything faded to black.]

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
Jingle Through Horizon - Ep 30 Christmas Theme

[The scene shifted to the next day, as we zoom up from the completely frozen fountain to the Horizon campus, where the grass and rooftops were covered in snow. Heat conditioners were surrounding parts of the outside areas as students were walking around in their coats and beanies. People were still sitting around the Horizon tables as Nikki, Terence and Alice approached Hannibal and was sitting at the groups’ usual spot. Hannibal was using his toolbox to draw a piece.]

Nikki: Hey, Hanny. Whatcha doing?

Hannibal: Oh, hey guys. I’m just using my toolbox to work on an artistic piece for my final. It’s coming together really nicely.

Alice: Nice!

Nikki: You’re doing this out here in the cold?!

Hannibal: It’s only 40 degrees, and I’m wearing a coat.

[We zoom out to see conditioners surrounding different parts of the area.]

Hannibal: Plus there’s literally heat conditioners literally all over campus.

Terence: That’s going to be one expensive air bill.

[We cut back to the table as the group sat down with Hannibal.]

Alice: That’s for sure.

[Ethan and Maria approached the group.]

Ethan: Hey, guys.

Maria: Wazzup ‘fellas!

[The group cringed.]

Maria: [Turns to Ethan] Was I trying too hard?

Ethan: [Sigh] So, how did all your exams go?

Alice, Nikki: Great.

Terence: Eh, it went okay.

Hannibal: I’m currently working on mine.

Ethan: Haha, I actually did okay on mine. Except for my one class.

[Maria punched Ethan on the back with an aggressive look on her face.]

Maria: What did I tell you about studying harder?!

Ethan: Hey! I’ve actually been studying this past season!

Maria: Then you need to try harder!

Ethan: At least I passed the class, come on!

Maria: That’s no excuse.

[A light bulb appeared beside Ethan’s head.]

Ethan: Oh, that does give me an idea though. Since we’re all off for the holidays, why don’t we have some kind of Christmas party?

Alice, Terence, Nikki: Christmas party?

Ethan: You know, a little holiday get together.

Hannibal: That actually sounds like a great idea. Hey! We should host it at my house, my granny makes the best Christmas cookies.

Nikki: She still makes those?! [Hannibal nodded] Oh man, they’re so good! You guys have got to try them, they’re like warm little elves dancing in your mouth, all covered with chocolate and frosting.

Terence: [Aggressive voice] You’re making me hungry.

Alice: Oooh! We should host Secret Santa!

Maria, Hannibal: Yeah!

Nikki: That sounds great.

Terence, Ethan: [Adamantly] Presents!

[Alice and Maria both smacked them from the back of their forehead.]

Maria: That’s enough you two.

Hannibal: We can host it all at my house, what do you guys say for Saturday?

Alice: Perfect!

Maria: [Whispers to Ethan] Maybe I’ll bring a little mistletoe and holly.

Ethan: Oh, I like that.

Hannibal: Hey, what’s up with you two?

Nikki: Don’t tell me, are you-?

[Ethan and Maria held hands.]

Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: DATING?!

[They turned to Alice as Alice’s eyes stood in shock and grabbed onto the table.]

Hannibal: Alice, are you okay?

[Alice took a deep breath and then clapped her hands together as she put on a fake smile.]

Alice: That’s wonderful, congratulations.

Terence: Wow, I did not see that coming.

Ethan: Yeah, we just started dating about what? A couple days ago?

Maria: A week actually.

Ethan: I don’t know, we just clicked.

Maria: Sometimes it just happens, ya’know?

Ethan: Well, look who started saying ya know.

Maria: Shut up. [Punches his shoulder, laughs.]

Nikki: Well, I think you look cute together.

[For a moment, Alice stared at Nikki as a shadowy background appeared behind her. Her hair moved up like Medusa as a snake tongue stuck out of her mouth.]

Alice (Thoughts): [Rough voice] TRAITOR!!!

[The song ended. Maria’s phone went off in her pocket. It was from the SACT, and she answered.]

Maria: Hello? [Brief silence] Okay.

[Maria put the phone on speaker.]

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, is everyone there?

Ethan: Yeah, everyone’s here.

Hannibal: What’s up, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: We were attacked by that cult again.

Alice: And?!

Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaires

Lieutenant Steel: We know the location of the seal.

[The group looked up and stared at each other in concern. We cut to Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki and Maria standing aligned inside a dark green moving elevator with light green circular lights surrounding the room. As different colored suits swiftly surrounded their entire bodies, solid metallic armor began forming around the suits. Chest armor surrounded through Nikki's torso. Shoulder plates appeared on Hannibal’s shoulder, and forearm plates formed after that. Hannibal flexed his arm. Metallic armor formed onto Alice’s shoe and she tapped her foot a couple times. Maria pushed her hair back as gloves surrounded her hand. Maria made a fist. We zoom out from Ethan as the armor finished forming, to zoom further out to reveal everyone was completely armored. Ethan raised his arms up and struck a pose.]

[We cut to the group’s footsteps as they each left the elevator one by one. The scene shifted to Lieutenant Steel’s office as they all sat down at a table. Colonel Rozum arrived into the room.]

To Adventure - Episode 30

Ethan: Colonel Rozum?

Maria: [Whispers to the group] Oh that definitely means something serious is up if he’s in the room.

Colonel Rozum: As Lieutenant Steel stated, we have tracked the location of where the Esoterica is going.

Ethan: Esoterica?

Terence: That must be the name of the group we’re facing.

Colonel Rozum: Correct. In the last few months they have gathered the Obsidian Mirror, the Torrential Rattles and the Inferno Viper. We don’t know why they’re after them, but Lieutenant Steel has informed me that you two found something in the ruins when you went there a few weeks ago.

Hannibal: Correct. We found out these are the artifacts these ancient alien gods used to hold over thousands of years ago.

Maria: They called themselves the Teotls. To cut to the chase, they’re a group of alien warriors who began dying out since their planet was taken over by dozens of alien races. Once they found these artifacts they became mad with power and started conquering other worlds until they eventually came to our world. They were locked inside a tomb and ever since then, no one’s tried to awaken them.

Alice: Until now.

Lieutenant Steel: [Looks down, eyes shut] I believe I’m the reason why this happened.

Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice, Nikki, Maria: Huh?!

Ethan and Alice: What do you mean?!

[Lieutenant Steel held up a flashdrive.]

Lieutenant Steel: Just watch this and everything will make sense.

[The song shifted.]

This Information

[Lieutenant Steel put the flash drive in a laptop and pressed a button. A projector activated and began to play a video. The cult leader, in his full armor, appeared.]

Cult Leader: Well, here we go. If you’re watching this, I’m dead, and you also presumably found my body. If that’s the case, I don’t need to hide behind this mask.

[The cult leader took off his helmet, which revealed a bald dark skinned man with a jet black beard. His eyes were bright blue.]

Cult Leader: Hello, Steel. At least, I hope it’s you. If anyone from SACT found this, stop right now and give it to Steel. He needs to see this.

[The cult leader cleared his throat.]

Cult Leader: Yes, now let’s get to the point. If you can’t recognize me, I understand. We’ve both been through a lot. It’s me, Nicholas.

[Nicholas clutched his head and his eyes turned bright red.]

Nicholas: AND ALSO ME!... Well, I was never given a name. But you also know who I am.

[His eyes turned blue]

Nicholas: [Blue eyes] Yes… I see. I’m loosening my grip of my… other half, so expect a lot. Anyways, I should probably explain to you why you found me as the leader of the Esoterica.

Nicholas: [Red eyes] Of course, I don’t have to tell you anything. You made it clear to me that you don’t want anything to do with me! UGH! I HATE STEEL! WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?!

Nicholas: [Blue eyes] Because I feel like SACT needs to know why I'm here. And that… event is exactly why I left. You see, I found some documents in the SACT headquarters describing an ancient alien tomb. However, it stopped there. So I investigated, and-

Nicholas: [Red eyes] I WAS INSTANTLY ENLIGHTENED! So, I just had to start a cult to assist those aliens. Their way of ruling over the people in ancient times was very unique, and I thought our society needed some authoritarianism to whip it into shape! Rumor has it that they have tombs dedicated to their story all over Central and South America, too! Perhaps you can find the information yourself!

Nicholas: [Blue eyes] Yes, both I and my other half agreed to start this cult, for separate reasons. But there’s something you must know. If I’m dead, then that means someone else is in charge.

Nicholas: [Red eyes] So, Steel. Can you take down whoever the new leader is? All three of us can agree that anyone besides us would want power from these gods rather than sanctification. Releasing them at this point will do more harm than good. And to even give you a helping hand, we’ll give you the coordinates of the tomb. Hopefully you’ve retrieved the artifacts as well.

[Nicholas’s left eye turned blue, while his right one stayed red.]

Nicholas: Steel, I’m trusting you here. You better not let me, or the world down.

[The video cut, and the team looked at Lieutenant Steel in shock. Lieutenant Steel turned to the side covering his face. The song ended.]

Colonel Rozum: Lieutenant?

[Lieutenant Steel turned to the group.]

Lieutenant Steel: It’s okay. I can do this…

[He took a deep breath and put on a serious, straight face.]

My First Friend at Horizon - Episode 30

Lieutenant Steel: Nicholas was a kid I took in from the foster care when he lost his parents when he was just 13. Eventually, when he was old enough, I allowed him to join the S.A.C.T. as an investigator under the Research and Alien Foundings department. He was assigned to look into these artifacts you’ve been hunting and about 6 months in he became mad with power, and it was later we found out he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, which would explain why he was acting the way he did. Although I assumed it was the energy radiating from the artifacts that led him to become this. It eventually lead to a point where I told him to stop the investigation. But eventually he lost it and left with all the information we had.

Alice: I almost feel sorry for him. Having to lose somebody you care about and allowing something as stupid as that corrupt him. I wish we could help him.

Lieutenant Steel: That’s why I assigned you guys this mission. I found out that he finally found where the artifacts were. That’s why I’ve been so harsh with you, he’s the closest thing I’ve had to a son and if he managed to awaken the Teotls, or worse, be consumed entirely by their power.

Nikki: Don’t worry, Lieutenant. We’ll save him.

Lieutenant Steel: Actually, you can’t. After you left the ruins I sent a squad to investigate the area. We found Nicholas’ body covered in blood under the rubble.

[Lieutenant Steel pulled footage from the monitor. The footage revealed the Esoterica members attacking the base. It appeared that Ken Kishu stood over and was giving orders. Eventually a huge energy blast was thrown back from afar and the camera cut off.]

Lieutenant Steel: According to the footage they are under a new leader now. Ken Kishu, otherwise known as…

Ethan: The Forever Knight…

[The group looked at him in confusion. Lieutenant Steel and Colonel Rozum glared.]

Ethan: I was fighting a group like this back before I went to Horizons. They’re known for stealing ancient alien artifacts and selling them to the highest bidder. They also really didn’t like the aliens themselves, so they killed them.

Alice: So the original leader wanted to awaken the gods to be ruled by them, but this one probably wants to eliminate them. What if that’s the reason they’re still going after them.

Colonel Rozum: All the more reason we need to stop them before they awaken the Teotls.

[Colonel Rozum put the GPS location on the monitor.]

Colonel Rozum: They’re headed for the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

Lieutenant Steel: We had a ship prepared for you to take aboard, but when the Esoterica attacked, they took the deep-submergence defense vehicle before we could use it. Not to mention our so called friend, the Tideslayer, escaped.

Ethan: I got an idea! Maybe we could ask Helminthes to help us.

[The group looked at Ethan surprised.]

Alice: That’s right! We’re friends with him, aren’t we? Since we don’t have a ship maybe he can help us.

Colonel Rozum: Can you even call people under the ocean?

Lieutenant Steel: We’ve arranged a way to contact him in case we ever needed his assistance. And looks like now’s the time. You six head for the beach, I’ll see if I can bring him in.

[Lieutenant Steel began to leave the room. As soon he exited, he clenched a fist.]

Lieutenant Steel: They’ll pay for this… I swear...

[The song shifted.]

Hello, Old Friend (Episode 30)

[The scene shifted to the six of them were waiting on their motorcycles, while Hypnotick slept on the sand. at the San Diego beach at nightfall. Terence grew impatient.]

Terence: How long is this going to take?!

[Everything shook around them. Hypnotick reacted by flying in the air.]

Ethan: I’m guessing in about three seconds.

[A ship pulled out from the ocean and parked into the beach.]

Maria: Is that?

Ethan: Yep. Meet our fish friends from that fishy place down below!

Nikki: You mean Pacificus?

Ethan: Yeah. Whatever.

[A chamber opened at the top as Helminthes stood up top, he jumped down. Ethan and Helminthes walked to each other and shook hands.]

Ethan: Ayye! Helmy!

Helminthes: Hello Ethan, It is nice to meet you all again. Although, I do wish it wasn’t under such unfortunate circumstances.

[Maria walked over to the two.]

Ethan: It happens. Also, I’d like you to meet my new bodyguard, Maria.

[Maria elbows him.]

Ethan: Ow! And girlfriend…

Helminthes: [Smirks] Hello.

Maria: Greetings. Um, your highness.

[Maria tried to courtesy, failing miserably and the group laughed.]

Alice: Can we get going?

[Alice walked past the three.]

Helminthes: Why of course.

[The group followed along.]

Ethan: Oh, yeah! There’s one thing I need to mention. Uh, your brother escaped. You might want to watch out for that!

Helminthes: Of course he did…

[They went inside the submarine and it left beach, moving down into the ocean. As the submarine was swimming through the ocean. The group looked at all the fish swimming around below.]

Hannibal: Wow, this is amazing!

Terence: [Pouts] I wish I brought my camera…

[A blowfish stuck to the front of Terence’s window, then swam away.]

Terence: And now I regret everything.

Nikki: I don’t do so well in tight closed spaces…

Helminthes: Not to worry, it’ll only take about 40 minutes to reach your destination. You’ll have enough room to roam around soon enough.

[The song shifted.]

The Struggle is Real

Maria: [Whispers] You know, I’ve never heard of a couple who has done it underwater.

[Ethan’s entire face turned red. Ethan’s voice turned high pitch.]

Ethan: Do we even have anywhere we can do it?

Maria: We have 40 minutes. C’mon!

[Maria grabbed Ethan’s hand and they went down in the hallways to search. Alice looked back, holding onto her own elbow, as she turned away upset. Suddenly everything shook around them.]

Scoping with the Crew and a Moment to Behold

Helminthes: We’ve made it.

Alice: Already?!

Helminthes: Not precisely. But we’ve made it what you land-dwellers call the ocean floor.

[The submarine swam into a hole going toward the ocean. Everything shook around them as each of them tried to hang onto something.]

Terence: I knew I should’ve grabbed a barfbag!

Helminthes: Hold on!

[The ship, appearing to have struggled, eventually made it past the hole, and began swimming down a dark side of the ocean.]

Nikki: It’s… dark…

Heliminthes: Wait for it.

[Everything was glowing in front of them. The group looked out the windows as they saw many aquatic creatures covered in glowing patterns around them. Some fish scales were even glowing in different colors. A mantaray swam past them.]

Alice: Whoa.

Nikki: This is beautiful!

[A monstrous grumble was heard from nearby. Maria and Ethan ran back into the room.]

Maria: What was that?

Helminthes: It’s him…

Nikki: Who’s him?

[Helminthes turned the spotlights on, and it revealed an immensely large creature with a massive jaw swimming towards the group.]

Helminthes: The Bloop. It’s a creature that guards between both sides of the ocean.

[Terence laughed, holding onto his stomach.]

Terence: What is that supposed to mean?

Helminthes: Laugh all you want. That thing is very dangerous. It’s the largest known creature in the world. It rarely needs to eat, but when it does, it can devour acres of land at a time, and everything in it. Although, I’ve never seen one this active before…

[The Bloop waved its fin, which knocked back the ship, sending ship flying backwards. A Pacificus Soldier tried to take control of the ship and managed to regain control of it.]

Ethan: Looks like I’m having a different kind of action tonight...

Hero's Counter Attack! & Struggle is Real (Ep 30)

[The Bloop turned around and slowly began making its way toward them.]

Helminthes: Do note that if that thing opens its mouth even once, we’re all fish food. The suction will pull everybody in.

Ethan: Don’t worry, Helminthes! I got this! Although, I might need some backup.

Helminthes: With pleasure. Just make sure my men aren’t killed.

Ethan: [Turns to Alice] Hey, Alice. Mind if I borrow Hypnotick?

Alice: If you so much as hurt my baby, I will slice your head off with a machete!

[The group looked at her with frightened looks. We cut back to Ethan, who had his hand raised over the Omnitrix as the core activated.]

Ethan: Okay then. [Slams down]

[AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: White and blue clothing grew up from Ethan’s Omnitrix to surrounding his arm. Then it surrounded his entire body as he spun around in a circle. Three blankets went flying on his body as his arms split into pairs. We zoom to his face as eyes opened out. Then we zoom out as Ethan striked a pose, with electricity surrounding his hands.]

[OMNI-SPLICER AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: Yellow electricity glowed from the Omnitrix symbol as a white light surrounded his body. In a yellow spinning background, a gold bracelet swiftly surrounded AmpFibian’s entire chest, connecting to the Omnitrix symbol. AmpFibian’s arms changed, then AmpFibian’s head bloated up and changed shape. A white light blinded the screen.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: OMNI-SPLICER AMP-FIB-I-AN!!! [Wiggling arms.]

[The song ended.]

Alice: NEW ALI- [Coughs, turns away] I mean whatever. [Crosses arms]

[The group looked at her with confusion, as the group sweat dropped.]

Omni-Splicing Battle! (Episode 30)

[The scene shifted to outside as AmpFibian and Hypnotick swam outside with the other soldiers. AmpFibian tried using his psychic powers to hold the Bloop. The Bloop struggled as the water shook everything around them.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Agh! He’s too huge! I can’t hold this thing forever! Hypnotick, use your sleep thing!

[Hypnotick screeched and floated towards its face. Hypnotick released a red sleeping powder, which then swirled into hypnotic circles. The Bloop shook its head and snapped out of it, it tried to smack Hypnotick. Alice, watching from the ship, gasped.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: HYPNOTICK!

[AmpFibian freed the creature and grabbed Hypnotick with his psychic powers and pulled Hypnotick back. Hypnotick shook in fear.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: That’s okay, girl. You did your best. [Turns to the Pacificus army.] NOW LET’S STOP THIS FOOL!

[The Pacificus Soldiers unleashed a battlecry and tried shooting energy webs from their staffs. It did nothing.]

Pacificus Soldier: Its scales are impenetrable!

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Well, the only thing left to do is lead it away! Everyone, clear a path!

[The Pacificus soldiers got out of the way, staying near the ocean floor and hiding behind rocks.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Let’s amp it up, psyche-style!

[AmpFibian closed his eyes and concentrated all of his power. Soon, three large psychedelic orbs formed above his head. AmpFibian moved the orbs away, creating a moving trail. The Bloop, mesmerized, slowly followed it. The soldiers shut their eyes as the large shadow passed over them, and they opened them to see that the beast disappeared. The Pacificus soldiers cheered.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: AW YEAH, Now go on, get! Go swim with the fishes, because AmpFibian’s gotta go swim and save the other fishes! [Turns to the others.] Let’s move!

Pacificus Soldiers: YEAH!!!

[They swim towards the ship and the scene shifted to inside the ship as they continued their way to the seal. The song ended. Maria was canoodling with Ethan.]

Maria: You were great, Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah, although now I have a headache from using that power.

[Maria snickered. Alice watching, she placed her hand on her heart as she took a deep breath.]

Helminthes: We’re here.

[Ethan and Maria stood up.]

Ethan: Where are we?

Helminthes: According to the map, this is the place. We are getting a lot of strange energy inside so I am assuming this is the place.

Hannibal: I’m seeing a lot of those hieroglyphs from before, so it’s definitely it.

Helminthes: There appears to be an underground entrance, If we swim under, it should lead us to the entrance.

Ethan: Okay, gear up, team.

Discovery (Ep 30)

[The submarine went under the temple and into the cavern. The group looked around to see a lot of glyphs and portraits on the walls, showcasing pictures of death, the artifacts and reawakening. Ethan glared and turned back to the front window. The submarine pulled up from the water, and arrived inside a cavern. The chamber doors open, and the group climbed out one by one until they reached the ground.]

Terence: It’s about time! My back was killing me!

[Terence jumped and fell flat on his face to the ground. Hannibal pulled him up. Helminthes, up front, pulled out a tracking device.]

Helminthes: According to your scanners, it should be 10 minutes up that way.

Maria: Be on guard. We could be dealing with anything here.

Hannibal: You don’t have to tell me twice.

[They see a tunnel that leads to a dark hole.]

Ethan: We’re going to need a light. [Turns to Nikki] Nikki?

Nikki: With pleasure.

[The song shifted.]

Firefly Transformation (Ep 30)

[Nikki tapped her watch as purple and golden armor swiftly formed around her body Wings grew out from her back while her mask formed around her face. A white light blinded the scene as Nikki had become Firefly. Nikki used her palms to generate an orange electrical orb. She threw it in the air and it surrounded the entire room. To their surprise, Esoterica guards were surrounding the entire room.]

Not This Time! & Transformation 6 (Ep 30)

Nikki (Firefly): They’re here!

Maria: They must have been here to keep guard of the entrance.

Ethan: Of course.

[Ethan pressed up the core, then slammed down, transforming in a green light. The light faded in a yellow color as an Omni-Splicer Goop has his arms raised out. Goop morphed over towards the Esoterica minions and threw some back one by one. Hannibal increased the size of his fists and smacked them backwards. Alice created some energy darts and threw them at the Esoterica minions. They disappeared before the darts could touch them.]

Alice: Just great! [Turns to Nikki] For once, I’d like my aims to actually hit them!

[The Esotericans jumped above, surprising Alice, Nikki and Terence. Maria flying in the air, created energy bursts, throwing them back into the ground. Maria continued one by one, and we cut back to the three.]

Alice: Oh, because she has to be Ms. Perfect!

Nikki (Firefly): Alice, are you-

Alice: I’m fine!

[Goop morphed back up as his UFO flew higher as it used its gravity powers to spin the remaining Esotericans into his orbit. Goop grunted as he unleashed his goopy tendrils, sending them all into the ground. Goop tapped the Omnitrix symbol and changed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: We don’t have time for any dragged out fights. [The Omnitrix core pops up] So c’mon! [Slams down]

[HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s feet changed, we cut to coal spreading from the bottom of his body to the top. Ethan’s head caught on fire and he spun in a circle. Ethan’s arms were raised up as he stood in a stance.]

Heatblast: Terence! Help me with a light, would ya?!

[A green light blinded the screen, ending the transformation. We cut to Terence raising his hand up as together the two created enough light to surround the room. The song ended. The group walked into the tunnel with Terence and Heatblast leading the way. Nikki and Alice spoke to themselves.]

Nikki (Firefly): Alice, are you sure you’re doing okay?

Alice: I said I’m fine! [Turns around] Why do you have to keep questioning me?!

Nikki (Firefly): Fine, be that way…

[Nikki walked past Alice. Alice looked down and caught up to Nikki.]

Alice: I’m sorry…

Nikki (Firefly): It’s okay. I know you’re going through a rough time right now. I mean Ethan and Maria are dating now, that’s a lot to take in considering you two were so close.

[As Nikki spoke, Heatblast and Maria were laughing in the background.]

Nikki (Firefly): What happened to you two anyway? I thought you were finally about to hit it off.

Alice: Can we talk about it later? I don’t want my feelings getting in the way of the mission.

Nikki (Firefly): That’s okay. Just don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

[Hypnotick snuggled up to Alice, giving a screech.]

Alice: Thanks you guys.

[We cut to Heatblast and Helminthes’ conversation.]

Helminthes: My energy radar is going off the scales.

Heatblast: I guess that means we’re close.

Helminthes: I hope you’re not dragging my men to their deaths, Mr. 10.

Heatblast: That’s what I’m hoping. Their armor is energy resistant, right?

Helminthes: Correct.

Heatblast: Then they should be fine. As long as they don’t awaken the Teotls, I promise nobody will get killed.

[The Omnitrix began beeping.]

Helminthes: And if they do?

[Heatblast powered down back into Ethan, in a red flash of light.]

Ethan: Then I’ll do my best to get your men out of there.

Helminthes: Thank you.

Terence: Uh, guys? I can use an extra light here?!

[Nikki flew up to Terence, with her body glowing in a bright light.]

Nikki: I got ya, Terence.

[She flew past him.]

Terence: Show off.

Against the Gods (Commerical)

[We cut to the group exiting the tunnel, a bright white blinded the screen. The light faded to reveal a giant tomb, with three statues appearing before them. They were covered in jewelry and ancient clothing. Ancient glyphs surrounded the entire cavern. Below them, was an army of Esotericans, as the Forever Knight stood before them. The Forever Knight turned around.]

Forever Knight: Hello, there. Mr. Wellington.

[The Esotericans turned around with their hands covered with energy.]

Let's Talk Things Through

Forever Knight: Mr. Wellington. I’m glad to see you have arrived, and I see you brought your friends. Good. You can all witness as I shall awaken the gods to our new world order.

Ethan: That’s a load of bull and you know it.

Forever Knight: Come again?

Hannibal: We know what you’re really after.

Nikki (Firefly): You’re just going to awaken them so you can try to kill them.

Maria: But it’s going to fail.

Alice: You can’t do this.

[The Esotericans blabbered to themselves. The Forever Knight raised his hand to commence the mumbling to stop.]

Forever Knight: That’s preposterous. Why would I awaken the Teotls if I wanted to kill them? I would rather leave them trapped in their seals forever if that were the case.

Ethan: Because you don’t want anybody to awaken them, because then that’ll allow them to roam free. That’s why you killed Nicholas, isn’t it?

Forever Knight: I-

Ethan: You may have everybody else fooled, but you can’t fool me. You’re one of the Forever Knights I used to fight back a few years ago.

Alice: You can’t do this, Ken. If you do, they’ll slaughter you before you’d know it. They’re alien gods who are out to conquer and kill. Awakening them would only lead to devastation.

Helminthes: They’ll destroy both worlds between the land and the ocean! Countless people will die!

Terence: C’mon dude, use some common sense here. You can take back everything now and lead these people back to normal lives.

Ethan: Do it for your Knights, do it for your friends, Ken. Do it for-

Forever Knight: That’s enough! I don’t have time to deal with your tomfoolery, I have gods to awaken. Esoterica, in honor of Nicholas, I demand you to destroy them!

Esotericans: FOR NICHOLAS!!!

[The Esotericans charged towards the group.]

Helminthes: Fend them off!

[The Pacificus Soldiers screamed and charged down the hill, reaching towards the Esotericans. An Esoterica minion disappeared, then reappeared throwing an energy blast. It threw a Pacificus soldier back, while another one appeared stabbing the Esoterica minion. The fighting grew to an uproar down as the others watched.]

Maria: We’ve got to stop this.

Hannibal: And the Forever Knight.

Ethan: Which means It’s Action Time!

[Ethan ran over toward the ledge, and jumped off. Ethan slammed down in a green light.]

[FOUR ARMS TRANSFORMATION: A swirling ball zoomed into the screen, then Ethan transformed at quick speed in a spinning background. Ethan opened his eyes, as it glowed green. We zoom out to Ethan raising his right arm, forming a muscle. The same happened to his left, as his upper body appeared larger. Then he grew an extra right arm, pointing to his left. Then he grew a final left arm, as he struck a pose. Four Arms then raised his arm and smacked the ground.]

[The background faded as it created a massive shockwave, throwing the Esotericans and Pacificus Soldiers back.]

Four Fists No Waiting (Ep 30)

[Four Arms ran through the empty space. The Esotericans appeared before Four Arms and unleashed energy blasts. Four Arms began punching through the multiple energy blasts with all four of his fists.]

Four Arms: We’ll have to fight our way through if we want to stop this Medieval Freak!

Maria: No problem!

[Maria flew past Four Arms and created energy bursts to fly around and attacked the numerous Esotericans. Hannibal jumped down with giant legs, holding Terence and sat him down, then sprung into action. Alice and Hypnotick also flew past them.]

Terence: Great, now what am I going to use to fight?

[Alice jumped down and handed Terence an energy gatling gun.]

Alice: Take this!

Terence: Oh, yeah…

[Terence ran off with the gatling gun and began to shoot multiple energy blasts at the Esoterican soldiers. One of them disappeared before Terence.]

Terence: Hey!

[Terence raised his palm, flashing a bright white light. The Esoterican appeared and was blinded by the light, then accidentally hit another one and collapsing to the ground.]

Terence: I should’ve brought shades to this fight.

[Alice created an energy sword and slashed a wave of Esotericans with one slash. The Esoterican soldier smacked her back, dropping Alice’s sword, then fading from existence. The Esoterican prepared another dropkick, but Alice created a riot shield in time. Another group of Esotericans ran towards Alice, then she expanded her shield and threw it out like a boomerang, sending multiple of them back, including the ones in the air. Alice caught her boomerang and smirked. Four Arms continued smacking the Esotericans back.]

Four Arms: Quad Punch! [punch] Another Quad Punch! [punches] Tornado Hook!

[Four Arms grabbed a group of Esotericans and swung them around in a circle until they eventually fell dizzy, then fell to the ground. More Esotericans had appeared from all sides. Four Arms took notice of this and raised his arms in the air.]

Four Arms: Boomburst!

[Four Arms clapped his hands and created a shockwave. A tiresome Four Arms took deep breaths. Alice appeared beside him as she helped Four Arms take down the ones around them.]

Four Arms: This is too much! But it’s nothing my Four Arms can’t handle!

[Four Arms was upper kicked from behind and fell down.]

Four Arms: Alright, I take it back.

[Four Arms sat up, then threw the Esoterican into the ground, and punched him again to knock him out.]

Four Arms: How am I supposed to take them down with only Four Arms?

Alice: I might have an idea. Do you remember that trick you used in Battle of the Bands?

Four Arms: Oh, yeah! But wait! I’ll need some cover if I’m going to use that trick!

Alice: No problem.

[Alice created an energy dome, surrounding Four Arms.]

Alice: You can thank me later.

[Four Arms smiled at her, then transformed back into Ethan through green orbs. Ethan turned the Omnitrix from Heatblast to Wildmutt to Zerox.]

Every Alien Arrives! Transformation - Episode 30

Ethan: Okay! Let’s see if you can handle all 10 of my powers! [Slams down]

[ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: We cut from the Omnitrix symbol to Zerox's face. We zoom out to Zerox's full body, revealing he had became him. The tubes began separating itself from Zerox's face as he grabbed it. We turn in a 360 angle to have Zerox shoot a laser, blinding the screen in a white light.]

[The light faded as we cut back to inside the cave. Each of Ethan's transformations had appeared as they stand up to create their dynamic poses. From the left side appeared:]

Four Arms: FOUR ARMS!!!

Heatblast: HEATBLAST!!!

Wildmutt: RAAHH-GRO-RUUFF!!!

Lodestar: LODESTAR!!!

[From the right side appeared:]

Diamondhead: DIAMONDHEAD!!!

AmpFibian: AMPFIBIAN!!!

XLR8: XLR8!!!

Ghoulseye: GHOULSEYE!!!

[From above Zerox's body.]

Goop: GOOP!!!

[We panned down to Zerox's face, now reattached.]

Zerox: and... ZEROX!!!

[We zoom out, revealing the full slot of aliens standing together.]

Zerox: Alright, everybody! LET’S MOVE!

Last Dinosaur (E-10 Cut, Ep 30)

[The aliens chanted as they ran towards the Esotericans.]


[Four Arms grabbed a few of the Esotericans, spun them around, then slammed them to the ground. A group of Esotericans surrounded Heatblast.]

Heatblast: Didn’t your mama ever tell you not to play with fire?

[Heatblast was playing with a fireball. The Esotericans waited a moment, then jumped toward Heatblast. Heatblast threw his fireball, but dodged the attack. Heatblast confused, the Esotericans in slow motion appeared to have sprung behind Heatblast. Before they can land on him, Heatblast unleashed a supernova blast, throwing them back. We cut to Wildmutt slashing an Esoterican to the ground.]

Wildmutt: ERRAAH-GRUF!

[Wildmutt grabbed onto another with his mouth.]


[Wildmutt threw the Esoterican backwards. We cut to Lodestar unleashing magnetic waves at another group.]

Lodestar: My magnetic personality is more than a match for you!

[Stones covered in Lodestar’s magnetic aura went flying towards the Esotericans. This sent them backwards and we cut to Goop.]


[Goop unleashing a spray of acid. The Esotericans screamed due to their armor melting off, and Goop smacked them backwards. We cut to AmpFibian.]

AmpFibian: TIME TO AMP IT UP, YO!!!

[AmpFibian surrounded his tentacles around an Esoterica and electrified him. AmpFibian swung the Esoterican in the air and a diamond pillar smacked the Esoterican backwards.]

Diamondhead: I guess I have an elevated opinion of myself.

[Diamondhead created a shardmine and we cut to XLR8.]

XLR8: Za Warudo!!!

[Time paused around XLR8, and XLR8 zoomed through a bunch of soldiers. Time resumed and a bunch of soldiers went flying in mid-air.]


[A soldier surprised. Ghoulseye’s entire body was surrounded by an aura shaped as an arrow as he and his multiple arrows went flying towards the Esotericans, It created an explosion and sent them flying backwards. We cut to Zerox setting foot on stage where the Forever Knight was holding the artifacts and finishing a chant.]

Zerox: It’s over, Ken! Stop this at once and surrender the artifacts to-

[The Forever Knight grabbed an energy rope and it tied up Zerox to the ground.]

Zerox: Gah!!

[AmpFibian floated toward the Forever Knight.]

AmpFibian: Hey! Leave me alone!

[AmpFibian threw EMP blasts from his tentacles.]

Forever Knight: I’ve had enough!

[The Forever Knight grabbed the Torrential Rattles and it created a large gust of air, unleashing it against the entire area.]

Alice: Uh oh. Everybody, here!

[Helminthes, Terence, Maria, Hannibal, Nikki, Hypnotick and a small group of Pacificus soldiers ran towards Alice. Alice created an energy dome before they could be hit by the wind. The entire area was surrounded in ice. The song shifted.]

The Knight Awakens Danger, Omni-Splicing Battle

[Some Esotericans, the Pacificus soldiers and Zerox’s alien clones were are covered in ice, including Alice’s energy dome.]

Zerox: Guys! Everyone!

[Zerox pulled away his clones and their statues shattered. The Esotericans who escaped, reappeared with the group.]

Forever Knight: You see, Ethan. This is the kinda power these aliens are after, this is just a small factor of their power. Which is why I’m setting them free them from their prison, to assassinate and prevent anyone, especially them from using this power to destroying all life in the universe.

Forever Knight: Caua Cochi Teotls… Caua Cochi Teotls…

[The Obsidian Mirror, the Inferno Viper, and Torrential Rattles light up. The ancient symbols surrounding the room light up. Each of the weapons shattered, turning into a purple energy that penetrated the energy dome and went inside the seal. The energy dome shattered as the group looked up with shock.]

Zerox: Ken, don’t!

Forever Knight: Caua Cochi Teotls!

[Everything paused for a moment. Suddenly the glyphs stopped glowing and everything shook around them. The seal began to collapse. A piece of rubble went flying towards Zerox. Zerox gasped and Alice broke him free with a slash from her sword. Alice and Zerox ran from the rubble, and soon the seal was broken. Colored smoke surrounded the area and formed above the Forever Knight. The group gasped, while the Esotericans looked up in awe. The colored smoke turned into a humanoid shape. The shape appeared to be energy beings who were each covered in colors of blue, white and yellow respectively. The figures had ancient-looking clothing and menacing looks on their faces. They stood hovering above the group, and they appeared to be approximately 20 feet tall.]

Huitzilo: We.. are free? [Looks at self.]

Tezca: Hahaha, finally! I was wondering when this day would come.

Forever Knight: You…

Tlaloc: Yes, we. Who are you?

Forever Knight: My name is Ken Kishu, but you may call me the Forever Knight.

Tlaloc: Ah yes. The Forever Knight.

Tezca: Kind of a dull name I’d say.

Huitzilo: Thank you from freeing us from our prison.

[The Esotericans bowed down before the Teotls.]

Huitzilo: I see you created a following...

Forever Knight: No, the ruler of these people was slaughtered in battle. That murderer was me, because he wasn’t strong enough to be here today. And now, to protect the Earth from the likes of you, [Raises energy sword] I will-

[Tezca unleashed a lightning bolt, and electrocuted the Forever Knight, sending his body flying towards the entrance of the tunnel. His armor was covered in smoke.]

Alice: Oh geez!

[Tezca unleashed more thunderbolts as he laughed maniacally. Alice created another energy dome around the group to block the lightning. Meanwhile, the blasts wiped out all the frozen statues of the Pacificus soldiers and Esotericans. The living Esotericans were also blasted as their bodies were blown to pieces, with blood surrounding everywhere. Huitzilo grabbed Tezca’s hand and stopped him.]

Huitzilo: That’s enough, Tezcatlipoca!

Tezca: Aw, but I was just having fun!

Huitzilo: Doesn’t matter. Now, that we are free we have some catching up to do.

[Alice put down her dome. Ethan’s Omnitrix began beeping and flashing yellow.]

Tlaloc: Indeed. The Earth is ours now.

[Ethan walked toward the Teotls.]

Tlaloc: Now we can do whatever we choose with it.

Maria, Alice: Ethan!

Tlaloc: We will cleanse the world with our divine power. It is our destiny.

[A yellow laser scanned Huitzilo’s entire body to their surprise. The yellow laser came from Ethan’s Omnitrix.]


[The laser disappeared and the core was raised down from Ethan’s Omnitrix.]

Tlaloc: How dare you!

Huitzilo: What did you just do to me?!

Ethan: Um… I'm not sure?

Tezca: Are you okay?!

Tezca: How dare you?! I will dispose and be rid of you!

[Tezca flew towards Ethan and the Omnitrix unleashed an energy feedback sending Tezca backwards. The group and other Teotls gasped. A dust cloud surrounded the end of the wall, Tezca had stars spinning around him, then snapped out of it.]

Tezca: I’m okay!

Huitzilo: My, what a strange little device this one is… You! Who are you? What is your device?

Ethan: Um, my name’s Ethan. And uh this thing, it’s called the Omnitrix. It allows me to transform into several different aliens.

Huitzilo: Aliens…

Tezca: Do you think that means he can transform into us? That might explain why he shot that yellow laser at you. It was scanning your DNA.

Maria: Wow, don’t they catch on.

Tlaloc: I don’t fully understand what kind of power your playing with. But to allow such a human exist with such omnipotent power is unbearable. Let’s destroy him now and be rid of him!

[Tlaloc and Tezca went flying towards Ethan. Ethan selected Diamondhead’s icon from the Omnitrix. He raised his arm in the air and slammed down.]

[MINI-DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: In a spinning green background, Ethan raised his arms as crystals began to form over them. Ethan spun around and diamond shards to grew out of his back. Ethan spun to the front while the background turned yellow. He finished transforming and a bright white light surrounded his body.]

[OMNI-SPLICER DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: Diamondhead spun around a couple times as golden armor began to surround him. Diamondhead’s raised his arm in the air as it transformed into an energy blade, blinding the screen with a yellow light.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Oh, yeah? Let’s see if you can be rid of this!

[Diamondhead jumped into the air, and tried slashing the gods. They dodged missing the attack.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Spiked-Energy Cannon, Go!

[Diamondhead’s forearms transformed into energy cannons as he opened fire at Tlaloc, blasting energized crystals. Tlaloc grabbed a hold of them with a balloon made up of water. He threw it back and Diamondhead was blown back into the ground.]

Alice: Ethan!

[Maria grabbed Alice to stop before charging through. Hannibal sprang into the air, holding onto Terence.]

Nikki (Firefly): Guys, no!

Tlaloc: You made a mistake challenging me, shapeshifter! A mutated Petrosapien isn’t enough to damage me!

Tezac: Or me. [Maniac laugh]

Hannibal: Leave our friend alone!

[Hannibal sprung into the air, with his legs, now double its size. As Hannibal carried Terence, Terence raised his both his palms.]

Terence: Take this!

[Terence blinded the two of them with a bright light.]

Tezac: Agh! My eyes!

Hannibal: C’mon, Ethan, I’ll get you out of here!

[Diamondhead climbed onto Hannibal. Hannibal carried both Terence and Diamondhead and he sprung into the air.]

Tlaloc: Take this!

[Tlaloc unleashed a blast a hydro cannon and they were sent blasted to the wall, then collapsed to the ground.]

Nikki (Firefly): HANNY!

Alice, Maria: ETHAN!

Helminthes: [Holds ‘em back] Stay back!

[Tlaloc and Tezac floated towards the unconscious Terence, Diamondhead and Hannibal, preparing to destroy them.]

Huitzilo: Enough! They oppose no threat to us. There’s no need to waste our time with them, when we have other bigger things to conquer.

Tezca: Ah, man!

Huitzilo: Let us move.

[Huitzilo, Tlaloc and Tezca phased through the wall, and disappeared. The song ended.]

Then the Ortus - (E-10 Cut)

[The scene shifted to the group arriving back at the San Diego beach. A Pacificus soldier was wrapping bandages around Terence’s arm.]

Terence: Agh. Easy, will you?

[Hannibal was revealed to be holding onto crutches, with a cast on his leg.]

Hannibal: Agh, I should’ve thought this through before I went right in there.

Nikki: It’s okay, baby. I’m just glad you’re okay.

Ethan: I’m sorry about what happened to your men.

Helminthes: It is quite alright, this circumstance could have been predicted. Luckily for me I did not bring quite a large army to this fight. However, I do need to take account for what other threats these gods might awaken. We’ll have to build many defense mechanisms if we are to survive against the Teotls.

Ethan: Well, if you need us, we’ll be there.

Terence (in the background): OW!

[We pan over for a moment to Terence now wearing a cast around his arm.]

Terence: As soon as we’ve healed ourselves first…

[We cut back to Ethan and Helminthes.]

Helminthes: Of course.

Ethan: You know you are invited to our Christmas party.

Helminthes: I appreciate the gesture, but we have a possible invasion to prepare for. Not only did we lose to the Teotls, but my brother Nidarian has also escaped. Who knows where he might be now.

[We zoom into Helminthes glaring at the screen, then the scene shifted over to Hannibal’s house the next night.]

Let's Watch the Sunset (Ep 30)

[We cut to the living room where Ethan, Nikki and Hannibal were chatting amongst themselves while Alice was speaking with Naomi and Terence with Maria. The group was wearing Christmas sweaters and they were hanging by the tree.]

Ethan: So, how long are you gonna have to wear the cast for?

Hannibal: Agh, 8 weeks.

Terence: 6 weeks.

Ethan: Good chance I might have broken a few ribs here and there myself.

Maria: Just take it easy you guys.

Nikki: Sorry to have to see you all go through this during the holidays.

Hannibal: Oh don’t worry about me, I’ve gone through way worse.

Naomi: Yeah, like that one time. He fractured both his arms and legs during a stunt his friend dared him to do. He did a handstand at the railing of a set of stairs so he could get the last fudge brownie. You would not believe how worried Granny was.

Hannibal: Naomi! I told you to never tell them that!

[The group laughed.]

Maria: Hey, I got you a little present. I thought you’d like to open it early.

[Maria handed Ethan a present and Ethan opened the box.]

Ethan: The Iron Man Mark 92 action figure! Thank you!

Maria: Well I know you love collecting this stuff, and Alice told me how much you liked Iron Man. So I thought… why not?

Ethan: Thanks. Well, uh. I know you said not to get anything too expensive since we just started our relationship, but I saved up some money, used my SACT credit card and Diamondhead.

[Ethan handed Maria a present, she opened it and it was revealed to be a diamond necklace. Maria gazed and held it.]

Ethan: Uh, you want me to help put it on?

[Maria smiled, then turned around and lifted her hair up. Ethan put it around her neck, then she kissed him on the cheek.]

Maria: Thanks.

[Alice watching from afar, tried her best to hold her smile. The group turned around to see Granny Judith enter the room.]

Granny Judith: Cookies are done!

Terence: Sweet, I’m starving!

[Terence, Nikki, Ethan, Maria, Naomi and Hannibal each grabbed a cookie and began munching on them.]

Terence: Granny, your cookies are the best!

Hannibal: Told ya.

Naomi: Yeah, thanks Granny!

Granny Judith: I just added a little butterscotch to them that’s all. Oh, I’m sure glad to have you kids over the holidays. I just wish you didn’t get my Hannibal hurt in the process.

Hannibal: Don’t worry, Granny. I’ll be back in shape in no time.

Granny Judith: I sure hope so.

[Granny Judith turned over to notice Alice was looking away, upset. The song ended.]

Granny Judith: You want a cookie, dear? I’m sure it’ll cheer you up.

Alice: Thanks, Granny. But I’m not hungry right now.

[Granny looked back at Ethan and Maria laughing in the background. Granny Judith turned back and winked at Alice.]

Granny Judith: Don’t worry, kiddo. I’m rooting for you.

[Alice smiled back at Granny Judith as Granny Judith walked away. Ethan turned to Alice and walked up to her.]

Itsuka no Tegami - Episode 30

Ethan: Hey, uh, Alice. I know you’re going home tomorrow, so I got you this.

[Ethan handed Alice a gift and she accepted it.]

Alice: I’ll open it later.

Ethan: Come on, I wanna see the look on your face!

[Alice sighed and opened the gift. It was revealed to be a picture frame of the two of them.]

Ethan: I uh, I tried grabbing the best group photo I could get, but I thought this picture of us actually looked nicer.

[Alice gazed as she tried to hold her tears back. She took a deep breath and grasped onto the picture.]

Alice: Thanks, Ethan.

Ethan: No problem. [Ethan hugged her.] I’ll see ya after the holidays.

Alice: You too...

[Ethan smiled and went back to the group. Alice walked into the kitchen. Nikki took notice of this and followed her in. Nikki noticed Alice was crying on the table.]

Nikki: Hey, Alice? Are you okay?

Alice: No…

Nikki: Do you want to talk about it now?

Alice: Mhm...

[Alice turned to Nikki.]

Alice: It’s just… That should have been us out there. Me and Ethan. I can’t believe I messed this up.

Nikki: I thought Ethan did.

Alice: He did, but so did I. Ethan was hanging around Maria, who’s supposed to be his bodyguard, not his girlfriend, which is so inappropriate! Ugh! A few weeks ago, when I caught them hanging out, I never gave Ethan the chance to explain himself. Ethan kept saying he only had eyes for me. At the time I didn’t believe him so I just kept shoving and shoving him away, just like I always do with other people… And now… he’s finally found a girlfriend, just like he said he was going to do. He was going to do his best to search for one until he finally did. And now look at them, they’re happy. He’s happy, without me. I’ve always been the one who stuck by his side and listened, but I never gave him a chance. And now… Now I lost my chance with him… We practically don’t even hang out anymore, it’s like not only did I lose someone I was interested in, but I lost my best friend too… It hurts so much...

Nikki: Oh, Alice.

[Alice hugged Nikki and continued to cry on her shoulder. We zoom out from the two, then from Hannibal’s house. We cut to the Horizon campus at the fountain where the remaining petal held onto the branch as tightly as it could as a huge gust of wind blew in the air. Everything pitched black.]

Life - Rude-a - ED 2
E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 31 preview

[We shifted through scenes of Alice looking away from Ethan and Maria. Then we shift to an obsessive looking figure looking through a monitor. He then petted his dog, laying next his chair. The next scene shifted to a restaurant where Ethan and Maria went on a double date with Alice and a familiar figure. We cut to Alice who looked down. The next scene showed a giant Computron blasting a laser downtown. The next scene showed Ethan being strapped to a table by the obsessive figure. The last scene showed the obsessive figure transforming in a bright green light.]


Major Events

  • Ethan and Maria inform the group their dating.
  • Lieutenant Steel reveals the former "Cult Leader" of the Flame Keeper's Circle was his former adopted teenage son.
  • Ken Kishu reveals himself as a member of the Forever Knights.
  • The Forever Knight successfully awakens the Teotls.
  • The Teotls deny the use of their weapons, then slaughter the entire Flame Keeper's Circle.
  • The Teotls easily manage to defeat Team G.L.E.E. breaking Terence' arm and Hannibal's leg.
  • Alice regrets not giving Ethan the chance to apologize and cries privately to Nikki.


  • Ethan and Maria reveal to the group of their relationship.
  • Alice tries to act calmly and open about the relationship until she eventually explodes when she confesses to Nikki about her feelings.
  • Ethan calls on Helminthes, and the Pacificus soldiers, for their help against the Flame Keeper's Circle.
  • The underwater creature the Tideslayer once warned the SACT about reveals to be a guard of the Teotls entrance.
  • Zerox uses his trick from Battle of the Bands, to create an army of Omnitrix aliens to battle the Flame Keeper's Circle.
  • When Ethan uses this trick, each of the aliens use attacks from earlier in the series.
  • Alice admits to Nikki about not giving Ethan a chance to explain because she thought their chance was over when she assumed the two had begun dating.



  • Huitzilo (first appearance)
  • Tlaloc (first appearance)
  • Tezca (first appearance)
  • The Flame Keeper's Circle
    • Ken Kishu as "Forever Knight"

Aliens Used

Used By Ethan

Cloned by Zerox


  • Heatblast's transformation sequence is based on his counterpart's from the Ben 10 reboot episode, "Them's Fighting Words"
  • Four Arms' transformation sequence is based on his counterpart's from the Ben 10 reboot episode, "Four By Four"
  • Diamondhead's Omni-Splicer' transformation sequence is based on his Omni-Enhanced sequence from the Ben 10 reboot episodes "Past Aliens Present & Innervasion: Part 2"
  • Four Arms' Tornado Hook attack is from Ben 10: Protector of Earth.
  • Diamondhead quotes his counterpart from the Ben 10 reboot video game, when he quotes "I guess I have an elevated opinion of myself"
  • XLR8 once again uses his "Za Warudo" trick, which is a reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • The Last Dinosaur by the Pillows is used as an insert song.
  • Itsuka no Tegami is remixed in this episode.
  • Only one Pokemon theme is used for this episode.
    • Then the Ortus


  • This is the first Christmas special in the series.
  • It is implied the Tideslayer escaped sometime between Season 1 and Season 2.
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