Rika Sakurai
General Information
Species 3/4 Human
1/4 Shinobian
Age 15 (Alien Force)
16 (Ultimate Alien)
Affiliations Ben's Team
Plumbers' Helpers
Sakurai Family
Occupation(s) Plumber
Powers and abilities
Abilities Bojutsu
Energy Manipulation
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Super Speed
Weapon Summoning
Weapon Infusion
Equipment Bo Staff
Relatives Kana Sakurai (mother)
Nao Sakurai (father)
Osamu Sakurai (grandfather)
Junko Sakurai (grandmother)
Kiyoshi Sakurai (uncle)
Mizuki Sakurai (deceased aunt)
Hiroshi Sakurai (uncle)
Chiharu Sakurai (aunt)
Shiki Sakurai (cousin)
Shiori Sakurai (cousin)
Chihiro Sakurai (cousin)
Aika Sakurai (cousin)
Kohaku Sakurai (cousin)
Hitomi Sakurai (cousin)
Yoshito Sakurai (cousin)
Hotaru Sakurai (cousin)
Masumi Sakurai (cousin)
Akio Sakurai (uncle)
Hisako Sakurai (aunt)
Voice Actor Jessie Flower
First Appearance Plumber's Helpers

Rika Sakurai is a Human/Shinobian hybrid. She is also the daughter of Nao and Kana Sakurai, and the cousin of Shiori and Shiki Sakurai. She is also part of the Plumbers' Kids, alongside Alan Albright, Manny Armstrong, Helen Wheels, Cooper Daniels, and Pierce Wheels.


Rika is a Japanese female teenager with short dark brown hair and eyes. She wears an orange spaghetti strap, blue short-shorts held by a brown belt and brown gladiator sandals.


Rika is energetic and fiesty. Despite her rash nature, she is also observant. She is kind and caring and gets along with her fellow Plumbers' Kids. While bright and energetic, she can be emotional, as shown when she laments Helen's loss of her brother's Pierce, and when she sobbed over his actual death.

Powers and Abilities

Being part-Shinobian, Rika can generate and manipulate water, ice and energy.


Rika can be creative with her hydrokinesis.

Enhanced Speed


Rika is skilled with the bo staff due to being taught by her mother, Kana.

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