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Rigg Eater is a fusion alien that first appeared in Ryder 10. It is the fusion between Jury Rigg and Eatle.

Rigg Eater
General Information
Species 1/2 Jury Rigg's Species
1/2 Eatle's Species
Home World None
Body Gremlin Beetle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Strong Jaws
Laser Beams from horns
First Appearance Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray (Ryder 10)


Rigg Eater has Jury Rigg's general body shape, being slightly bigger than Jury Rigg. He has a dark green shell on his back, and a larger lower jaw. His aviator hat is gone, revealing the four small horns on his head from his UAF design, them being pointed up in a fixed direction.

Powers and Abilities

Rigg Eater is an eating machine. Taking Eatle's hunger and Jury Rigg's lack of impulse control, it frantically eats stuff. He has enhanced agility and reflexes to dodge and climb up objects, the shell on his back apparently not slowing him down.

He has enhanced strength, and his shell helps provide enhanced durability. He now has a strong jaw, able to eat through steel.

Like Eatle, after eating, he can fire lasers from the four horns on his head, in rapid succession.


Rigg Eater keeps Jury Rigg's impulsiveness, making him difficult to control. He has a strong desire to eat, and will devour everything.

His size makes him ill-suited for combat.

The lasers he fires from his horns do little damage, and were not shown to faze Heatbat or even slow it down.

Dimension 2 (Ryder 10 )


  • As opposed to the Fusionss from John Smith 10: Final Fantasy, this Fusions is not suited for combat. That's because it is a random fusion, instead of the fusion materials being chosen beforehand.
  • This alien cannot be accessed while the Omnitrix is working properly.
  • Rigg Eater is the only Fusions that a part of the name was changed away from a name of the alien. This is to specify his action, as "Rigg Eat" is not the proper way to say the phrase.

(Dioga beta (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 21:04, July 25, 2014 (UTC))

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