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Rift is the third of three released episodes from the now-cancelled second Season of Young Plumbers: Generations.

Young Plumbers: Generations
Season 2, Episode 3
Production Code G203
Airdate January 18, 2015
Written By Paper
Directed By Paper
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Mild Fantasy Violence
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Undisclosed Location
35000 years ago

[Altor sits his desk. He looks at what he has written in the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum when a red light glows in the background.]

[Altor]: Welcome home, child.

[Figure]: I did not come here for a reunion, accursed creator.

[Altor]: I assume this is about Apep.

[Figure]: How dare you interfere wi-

[Altor]: Me? You interfered with my plan first, Being of the Dark. Do not forget that.

[Figure]: You shall pay with your li-

[Altor]: You can't hurt me. I'm your creator.

[Figure]: Well then my son will kill you.

[Altor]: Do you mean Hate, who is destined to kill Love because of you? Yes, I know of your plan, and you will not stop me.

[Figure]: Curse you, may you suffer at the hands of one who is truly worthy of being the author!

[The figure creates another red portal before leaving the room. Altor smirks, and then resumes reading his book as the camera cuts to some of the members of the team arguing on a Plumbers' ship in deep space. Outside of the ship, a large cloud of dust is spinning around, as two figures can be seen floating over the cloud. They appear to be the ones responsible for creating the cloud, as they do not try to dissipate it. The camera cuts back onto the ship. Bink, Will, and Cassie are standing with their backs to the front of the ship as Sci, Nick, and Toon stand across from them. Bink is carrying a copy of the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum.]

[Sci, furious]: I can't believe it was you! Don't you know how much of an insult that is... to me!? To Paper!? To anyone who's been affected by that book!?

[Bink]: This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been so secretive all those years ago. We thought that the return of Rigon was the end of the story, but things like the Great Transformation made us realize that it wasn't. We needed answers, and based on what happened before, we didn't think you were going to give us any.

[Sci]: I was insecure back then! I was worried about the return of Rigon, but now I have nothing to worry about!

[Bink]: Then what's the Great Transformation? Why did the Elite kill the Sages?

[Nick]: We think that they simply used the Great Transformation as a cover to their real plan of tricking us into using the Blood of Excelsium on them for unknown purposes.

[Bink steps back.]

[Bink]: Actually... We might know.

[Will, shocked]: Bink?!

[Bink]: There was a line in the book about a mysterious door being a gateway to the place where everything began... "Beyond a curtain blocking those with evil magic, the secrets of the book will be revealed."

[She grins in a way that no member of the team has grinned since Sci was controlled by Rigon.]

[Bink]: Well, I now know the name of this gateway: The Door of Ezanzi, and I also know how to find it.

[Theme Song]

Plumbers' Galactic-Command
February 4, 2027, 6:19 AM EST
Several Hours Earlier

[The camera shows words appearing on the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum as it zooms out and shows the book being held by Bink at the present-day Galactic-Command. She carefully reads the words to herself in her dimly lit room.]

[Bink]: Now that you are alone, I can tell you where to find the door.

[She writes a return message in the book.]

[Bink]: What is the name of this door, anyway?

[A couple moments later, a reply appears.]

[Bink]: The Door of... Ezanzi? Who is Ezanzi?

[As she says this, she writes those exact words in the book and then sets it down onto the bed she is sitting on. She leans back and looks up at the ceiling.]

[Bink]: I don't remember that name from anywhere...

[Suddenly, the book starts to give off a faint glow. She opens it and quickly finds the writing before it disappears.]

[Bink]: Perhaps it is time we met. If you want to find out more about Ezanzi and his door, please go to the intersection of the three rivers on the planet with two stars. You will find me there.

[She carefully stares at the words as they soon disappear.]

[Bink]: Three rivers and two stars?

[She closes the book and then leans back again.]

[Bink]: I don't even know where that is, and I don't know if I should even go...

[She stands up and picks up the book.]

[Bink]: But it's a good lead, so I have to go... and I have to go alone...

[The camera cuts to a Plumbers' ship flying through space. On the ship, Bink sits in a chair at the front of the ship, but the ship is flying itself. The Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum is on the front counter of the ship as Bink looks at her Plumbers' badge, trying to find a planet with two stars. A hologram can be seen above the badge, showing information about different planets. She continuously slides the screen to check other planets. Eventually, she finds a planet with two stars in the database.]

[Bink]: Duonor. A planet that orbits two stars... It has rivers... and is known for a famous junction between three famous rivers! This has to be it.

[She changes the course of the ship, setting it for Duonor as the camera cuts back to Galactic-Command. Sci, Nick, Toon, Hornbok, and a fifth Plumber are sitting in a room, specifically the Team's official headquarters at Galactic-Command.]

[Hornbok]: I'd like to introduce the three of you to the newest member of our team, Magister Yoss. He will be taking over for Ivada.

[Yoss]: It's a pleasure to meet you.

[Sci]: You, too. Now, to business.

[Hornbok]: Of course. We were just beginning to investigate the whereabouts of the Elite. We have not seen them since we went to Naran Manos two and a half months ago.

[Sci]: For the Great Transformation that is. According to Paper, Thebes brought us to Naran Manos to wreak havoc, but for no other apparent purpose.

[Nick]: To be honest, I think our best bet is to secretly follow Thebes. He may lead us right to Lotin.

[Hornbok]: That's a good idea, but how exactly could we do that.

[Toon]: We've used ID masks before. We could even have Bink enchant it again.

[Yoss]: Enchanted ID masks? That's a waste of time if they have a mask neutralizer.

[Hornbok]: There are mask neutralizers?

[Yoss]: Yes. Just like ID masks, only police organizations can legally have them, and even then, unless you're the Plumbers, they're very hard to find, but knowing Lotin...

[Hornbok]: This has never been a problem before.

[Yoss]: I'm just trying to help.

[Hornbok]: Don't worry, you'll get used to this team.

[The camera cuts to a Plumbers' ship landing on Duonor. The door to the ship opens as Bink walks out and is greeted by an inhabitant of the planet.]

February 4, 2027, 8:22 PM EST

[Bink]: Hello, I am--

[Duonorian #1]: You are Bink, a Commander with the Plumbers' Special Operations Team. You are 30 years old, half-Human, half-Aphyrian, and you came here to find the junction between three rivers.

[Bink stands motionless, half-suspicious and half-in-awe.]

[Duonorian #1]: Do not fear, Duonorians are truth-seers. My name is Leaf, I am also 30 years old, a full Duonorian, and I work as a tour guide in this village.

[Bink]: I don't need a tour guide. I'm finding the junction myself.

[Leaf, obnoxiously]: I can tell you lying.

[Bink]: I'm going alone!

[Leaf]: You're hiding a secret from your friends, which is why you didn't bring two members of your team named Will and Cassie with you, but you're still worried about who you might encounter when you arrive at the junction so you want someone familiar with the planet to help you.

[Bink]: Can you not do that?

[Leaf]: I can't. Duonorians must speak the full truth and only the full truth.

[Bink]: Well, I'm stubborn. Even though I think I need help, I don't want any.

[Leaf]: Honestly, that doesn't make any sense.

[Bink]: I also don't know if who I'm looking for wants me to come alone.

[Leaf]: This is true.

[Bink]: So do you know?

[Leaf]: Duonorians only know what the people that they can see know. I can't see the person you're looking for, so I don't know what he wants.

[Bink]: But if you do follow, and you see him, you'll know everything he knows?

[Leaf]: That is correct.

[Bink]: Then let's go.

[The camera cuts to Bink and Leaf walking on a path. Bink is on the left, and to her left is presumably one of the three rivers. Leaf is on the right, and to his left is a thick, forested area.]

[Leaf]: So, there's something I haven't told you yet.

[Bink]: Is it important?

[Leaf]: Well, you see, there are actually two sub-species of Duonorians.

[Bink]: What's the difference?

[Leaf]: You have to be very wise to tell the difference. You see, the first sub-species is the truth-telling Duonorians. Like I said, they must speak the full truth and only the full truth, but the other sub-species, the lie-telling Duonorians, can only tell the truth if a truth-telling Duonorian has already said the truth. Otherwise, they have to lie.

[Bink]: So how do I know if you're a truth-telling Duonorian?

[Leaf]: How else would I have known your name?

[Bink]: In fact, you could be the guy I'm looking for and I wouldn't even know it.

[Leaf]: True. I could be, but I am not.

[Bink]: Well that would the same answer if you were a lie-telling Duonorian!

[Leaf]: Also true. Why don't you just trust me?

[Bink]: One of the reasons that I'm here is that some of the members of my team don't trust each other. Don't fell bad when I'm not quick to trust you, especially when everything you've told me could be a complete lie.

[Leaf]: Well, I think some of your teammates may be justified in not trusting other members, especially when you have been investigating the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum.

[Bink]: Well, that definitely proves that you're not a lie-telling Duonorian, but you could still be the guy I'm looking for.

[Leaf]: I am not the Author of the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum; he said he would meet you at the junction of the three rivers.

[Bink]: He's not a truth-telling Duonorian; he could be lying.

[Leaf does not respond. He simply looks at the ground as the two continue to walk along the path.]

[Bink]: Why did you even need to tell me about the lie-telling Duonorians?

[Leaf]: I am a truth-telling Duonorian. We must speak the full truth and only the full truth...

[Bink]: The full truth is much longer than what you've said.

[Leaf]: We also only have to speak what it relevant. That is why you didn't know this until now.

[Bink]: Right.

[Again, the two stop speaking. They reach a turning point in the river and look ahead. Bink sees the junction between the three rivers.]

[Bink]: That's the junction, right?

[Leaf]: Yes.

[They continue to walk, with the junction still a couple minutes away from them. They remain silent for a couple moments.]

[Bink]: So how awkward is it always having to tell the truth?

[Leaf]: It can be pretty annoying sometimes, but other times it can be very relieving. For instance, because everyone knows the truth, you don't have to worry about if someone is trying to trick you, or if someone likes you.

[Bink]: You mean as friends?

[Leaf]: As friends or more.

[Bink]: It's funny that you should mention that. You see, I recently broke up with my boyfriend because we weren't spending enough time together, but I soon realized that it was because he felt awkward around me when he knew there was someone who liked him. I wouldn't have felt so bad ending our relationship if I knew more about why he was being so awkward around me.

[She laughs to try and forget about it.]

[Bink]: So, you said you were 30 years old; how's your life going?

[Leaf, angry]: You ask me that even though you know I cannot tell the truth? That's just rude.

[Bink]: Well, what's the answer?

[Leaf]: I don't have anyone in that context.

[Bink]: Full truth...

[Leaf]: ...but I have a crush on you.

[Leaf blushes.]

[Leaf]: I know you have a crush on me, but given your situation I didn't want to approach you about it.

[Bink, annoyed]: I just met you. I may find you physically attractive, but there's no way...

[Leaf]: Stop forgetting that I cannot lie. You're intrigued by my requirement to always tell the truth.

[Bink blushes and then looks ahead.]

[Bink]: Someone's there.

[She stops in place. Leaf stops a moment later and looks forward. A cloaked figure can be seen standing at the junction. He is standing with his back to Bink and Leaf, with about 100 years in between them.]

[Bink]: Is that the author?

[Leaf]: It is. He wants us to get closer.

[Bink slowly starts to walk forward as Leaf follows her, partially in fear about the author. The camera shows Bink and Leaf stopping very close to the author. He still has his back turned to them, his cloak still over his head.]

[Bink]: What's his name?

[Leaf]: His name is Altor.

[Bink]: Altor... Explain yourself... I want to hear it directly from you.

[Altor slowly turns around, revealing that he is holding a copy of the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum in one hand, and a pen in the other.]

[Altor]: Answer me this, Scribe. Why do you think I brought you to Duonor, home of the truth-seers?

[Bink]: To prove that you were the author, I'd guess.

[Altor]: And now that he has said I am the author, do you trust me?

[Bink]: I don't have a choice, do I?

[Altor]: Then I'll tell you a story... The story of Ezanzi...


[The camera cuts back to Galactic-Command. The five Plumbers are still talking.]

[Toon]: ...So if ID masks are not an option, how are we supposed to get close to him?

[Hornbok]: Any ideas, Yoss?

[Yoss]: Sending someone that he doesn't know is a Plumber might work. It would have to be extremely convincing...

[Suddenly, a holographic screen appears in front of Hornbok. Zyfer can be seen on the screen.]

[Zyfer]: Is your team available, Hornbok?

[Hornbok]: Yes, why?

[Zyfer]: Scylla and Charybdis have been spotted.

[Hornbok]: You can fill us in on the way?

[Sci]: Scylla?

[Nick]: Charybdis?

[Hornbok, urgently]: We'll fill you in on the way, but we have to go, NOW!

[The camera cuts to the five Plumbers running up a spaceship in the open area of Galactic-Command. Will, Cassie, Brian, Jack, Ray, Paul, Figy, Chris, and Holly are standing in front of a ship.]

[Hornbok]: Everyone, get on—Wait, one of our ships is missing...

[Yoss]: Hornbok, we don't have time to worry about this.

[Hornbok]: I can worry about who took our ships... Our team is supposed to have only four, and right now there are only three...

[Sci widens his eyes, thinking about who could have taken the ship.]

[Sci]: It couldn't be because they know that I'm investigating the Team, could it be?

[Hornbok]: ...but we've got to go. Get on the ship!

[He runs onto the ship as the rest of the team follows him. The ship powers up, a warp portal opens in front of the ship, and then the ship flies through it as the camera cuts to Altor, sitting at his desk, in the story that Altor is telling to Bink and Leaf. He starts narrating.]

[Altor]: I'd rather not tell you too much about myself, so I'll make this simple...

[The camera cuts to a dark battlefield. Two great armies charge at each other, as a brute looks at the fighting from the top of a cliff.]

[Altor]: At one point, I looked for a right hand man to help me in achieving my goal. That man was one of the most successful generals ever known to the universe, Ezanzi of the Enterians. And just like that...

[On the cliff, Ezanzi disappears in a flash of light as a couple Enterians around him stand in shock. The camera cuts to Ezanzi appearing in the flashback in front of Altor at his desk.]

[Altor]: He would be my assistant for whenever I needed help, and my strongman for whenever I couldn't do something myself. But in time, he also became a Gatekeeper, protecting the door that leads to my private study. That, is the door of Ezanzi.

[The camera cuts back to Altor, Bink, and Leaf standing on Duonor.]

[Bink]: So where is this door?

[Altor]: I won't tell you, but now that you're away from your friends, I will give you actual instructions: my other two knights know where the door is. One of them is hard to find, for he rarely stays in the same place. You can find the other one in the Andromeda galaxy, but I won't give anymore information on her whereabouts.

[Bink]: You want me to find your knight in the Andromeda?

[Altor]: You can find either one you want, I'd only suggest you go to the Andromeda to begin your search.

[She stops to think for a moment.]

[Bink]: I want more answers though.

[Altor]: Find me in my study. I'll be waiting for you.

[Bink]: Leaf, tell me--

[Altor]: As a parting gift, I do have one useful piece of information for you.

[He opens the book and holds it in his left hand as he prepares to write in the book, holding the pen in his left hand.]

[Altor]: I currently have three knights: the Gatekeeper, the Phoenix, and the Mage, but you will be my fourth: the Scribe. Such is your fate.

[Bink]: Leaf!

[Altor quickly strikes his hand down, writing a message in the book. Bink's copy starts to glow.]

[Altor]: I've called you the Scribe before; it means you can write in the book just as I can.

[Bink]: What does that mean?

[Altor, grinning]: I guess you'll have to find out for yourself... Now, your friends need you, so begone!

[Bink, annoyed]: Leaf!

[In a flash of light, she disappears, leaving Altor and Leaf at the junction.]

[Leaf]: You are pure evil, Altor.

[Altor]: That's not the truth, and you know it.

[Leaf]: It's my perception of the truth.

[Altor]: You confuse omnipotence with malevolence? You are surely not an interesting specimen.

[They stand facing each other, silently, as the camera cuts to the Plumbers' ship flying through space. The group of Plumbers who boarded the ship before is sitting or standing in the ship.]

[Sci]: So, who exactly are these Scylla and Char--

[Suddenly, there is a flash of light in the ship. The entire group turns to the back of the ship, where they see Bink kneeling on the ground, holding the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum. Sci jumps up and then widens his eyes.]

[Sci, outraged]: You were the one investigating the book?

[Bink looks down at the book and then up at Sci.]

[Sci]: Explain yourself.

[Bink]: I...

[She looks at Will and Cassie standing on the side of the group and then at Hornbok and Yoss on the other side. The rest of the team is scattered in between them, with Sci in the front of the center.]

[Bink]: I'm not alone... Isn't that right, Will, Cassie...

[Sci turns to Will and Cassie.]

[Sci]: Is this true?

[Will]: I won't deny that we investigated the book, but you have to hear us out.

[Sci]: Of course.

[Bink]: It started out as a personal thing: when we found out Polarys was the Guardian, it was awfully suspicious that she and Paper fell in love.

[Nick, in disbelief]: Are you kidding me? That's what this is about?

[Bink]: ...But once we actually got a copy of the book, we realized that there was much more to it. Someone has been communicating with us through the book, so my question to you is: did you know about this?

[Sci]: No, I didn't.

[Bink]: Of course Paper's not here; I bet he knows.

[Sci]: We all just need to calm down.

[Hornbok, interjecting]: Yes calm down about this issue so that we can face Scylla and Charybdis.

[Bink]: Who?

[Hornbok]: I guess I can finally explain... Scylla and Charybdis were the original threat that the Plumbers faced; they were the reason we formed 5000 years ago. Scylla hails from the planet Soranor; her shear strength is only matched by her raw intelligence and her cunning strategies. Charybdis hails for Kotekia; known for his ability to manipulate the weather, his agility is unmatched by most beings in the galaxy. For years they've schemed with each other in a wide variety of areas, but after the Plumbers were formed, they disappeared for nearly 5000 years. It appears they're back, and we have absolutely no idea what they're doing; they're very unpredictable.

[Yoss]: Could they potentially be working with the Elite?

[Hornbok]: It's always a possibility.

[Bink]: So where are we headed right now?

[Hornbok]: We're flying through a region of space where Scylla and Charybdis conducted most of their schemes. It's a possibility that if we fly around here for a while, we'll find them.

[He grimaces.]

[Hornbok]: And then we'll deal with this STV situation.

[Suddenly, there is a large flash from outside the spaceship. All the Plumbers on board turn forward and stare into blackness.]

[Jack]: Uh, what's in front of us?

[Brian]: It looks like... a portal?

[Paul]: And it's really close...

[The camera cuts to a side-view of the ship as it approaching the black-colored portal. The ship goes through the portal as the camera cuts to the ship arriving at the other end of the portal, into a region of deep-space. The camera cuts onto the ship as it shows all of the Plumbers looking out the front windshield. They see two figures, like Scylla and Charybdis, floating far away from them, above a giant spinning cloud of dust.]

[Hornbok]: That's them; I recognize them from our database...

[He and the rest of the Plumbers look at the cloud of dust.]

[Hornbok]: And as usual, they're up to no good.


[The camera remains focused on the inside of the ship. The giant spinning cloud of dust can be seen in the distance.]

[Hornbok]: All of you except for Sci, Toon, Nick, Bink, Will, and Cassie. I want you outside in spacesuits monitoring Scylla and Charybdis from a safe distance. Yoss, you're in charge.

[Yoss]: Absolutely...

[He and the other Plumbers tasked with monitoring Scylla and Charybdis run over to the spacesuits. Hornbok watches the cloud spin and then looks back into the ship and sees that Yoss and the others have left. He turns to Sci.]

[Hornbok]: So how are we--

[Sci, furious]: I can't believe it was you! Don't you know how much of an insult that is... to me!? To Paper!? To anyone who's been affected by that book!?

[Bink]: This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been so secretive all those years ago. We thought that the return of Rigon was the end of the story, but things like the Great Transformation made us realize that it wasn't. We needed answers, and based on what happened before, we didn't think you were going to give us any.

[Sci]: I was insecure back then! I was worried about the return of Rigon, but now I have nothing to worry about!

[Bink]: Then what's the Great Transformation? Why did the Elite kill the Sages?

[Nick]: We think that they simply used the Great Transformation as a cover to their real plan of tricking us into using the Blood of Excelsium on them for unknown purposes.

[Bink steps back.]

[Bink]: Actually... We might know.

[Will, shocked]: Bink?!

[Bink]: There was a line in the book about a mysterious door being a gateway to the place where everything began... "Beyond a curtain blocking those with evil magic, the secrets of the book will be revealed."

[She grins in a way that no member of the team has grinned since Sci was controlled by Rigon.]

[Bink]: Well, I now know the name of this gateway: The Door of Ezanzi, and I also know how to find it.

[Sci steps back.]

[Sci]: How? Who told you how to find it?

[Bink]: Altor told me... He's the author of the book.

[Sci]: So there is an author... Why am I not surprised that he has yet to show his face...

[Bink]: Oh, so now you trust me?

[Sci]: You're the ones who don't trust me?

[Cassie]: Sci, you need to make a distinction between harmless surveillance and harmful plotting. Will and I didn't know that Bink met the author.

[Bink]: I decided to go alone. I had been communicating with him in secret using the book.

[Sci]: So you're the one who took the ship?

[Bink]: Yes, that was me.

[Will, furious]: You were communicating with the author in secret?

[Bink]: Yes... In addition to the things we learned as a group, I learned far more about the book on my own.

[She opens the book. The pen she has used many times before floats out of the book and then hovers above it.]

[Bink]: Altor has chosen me to be the Scribe... You know what that means?

[She grins as the pen moves back in front in a writing motion above the book.]

[Bink]: It means I get to write my own story!

[The pen finishes moving over the book.]

[Nick]: What did you write?

[Bink]: Scylla and Charybdis will be defeated any moment now.

[She looks out to the cloud of dust, but nothing happens. She turns back to the other Plumbers across from her.]

[Sci]: So much for that.

[Bink, furious]: I don't know why nothing happened.

[She quickly makes the pen move back and forth, and after a moment, it stops.]

[Bink, sad]: I'm sorry it had to end like this.

[Hornbok, confused]: What are you--

[There a sudden burst of light and Bink disappears, having seemingly written something in the book to make her teleport.]

[Cassie]: Where do you think she went?

[Hornbok's Plumbers' badge beeps. He answers the call.]

[Hornbok]: Hello?

[Yoss, voice]: Hornbok, you're not going to like this.

[Hornbok]: Yes?

[He turns to the windshield and sees the giant spinning cloud of dust.]

[Yoss, voice]: What does that look like to you?

[Hornbok]: It looks like a giant spinning cloud of dust.

[Yoss, voice]: Well, yes, but think about what else it could be. Something very dangerous.

[Hornbok looks at the cloud for several moments before widening his eyes.]

[Hornbok, surprised]: Are they building a dimensional gate?

[Yoss, voice]: That's what it appears to be.

[Sci]: What's a dimensional gate

[Hornbok]: It's a portal to another dimension... And knowing what we've faced before, it's now almost guaranteed that Scylla and Charybdis are working with the Elite.

[The End]


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