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General Information
Species: Peduncula
Home World: Lepadida
Body: Shelled Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Tech Jacking
Enhanced Durability
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: Team Player

Ridejacker is an alien from the series Project Deca.


Ridejacker has the ability to take control of most technology using tendrils that extend from the ends of his fingertips. Once connected to something, Ridejacker becomes almost impossible to remove, with his hard shell providing protection from almost any attack.

These tendrils are prehensile, extremely strong, and can extend up to ten meters away from Ridejacker's body, giving them a number of uses. Ridejacker has been seen using these tendrils to lift heavy debris and cut through softer enemies by using them as wire saws.

Ridejacker's species spread throughout the galaxy by hijacking spaceships from the outside, and so evolved natural protection against the negative effects of hyperspace travel and time dilation.


Ridejacker's tendrils lack the durability of the rest of his body, meaning that they can be severed if Ridejacker isn't careful.

CataloGun Combos

Ridejacker combinations created using the CataloGun include:

  • RidejackerGatling [Main Slot 'Ridejacker' Card + Back Slot 'Gatling Gun' Card]: RidejackerGatling replaces Ridejacker's right forearm with a large Gatling gun.
  • RidejackerLux [Main Slot 'Ridejacker' Card + Back Slot 'Castlux' Card]: RidejackerLux gives Ridejacker Castlux's horns and color scheme in addition to their half-living, half-dead state and abilities over the elements.
    • RidejackerLux-Gatling [Main Slot 'Ridejacker' Card + Back Slot 'Castlux' Card + Swipe 'Gatling Gun' Card]: RidejackerLux-Gatling replaces RidejackerLux's right forearm with a large Gatling gun that can fire elemental bullets.


Project Deca

Tech Cross



  • Ridejacker's name comes from the slang term "ride" in reference to someone's vehicle and the act of "hijacking" a vehicle.
  • Peduncula is a shortening of "Pedunculata", an order of barnacles known as "goose barnacles".
  • Lepadida is a shortening of "Lepadidae", a family of goose barnacles.


  • Ridejacker is primarily based on the smooth gooseneck barnacle, both in terms of design and powers.
  • Ridejacker is Attai's signature alien.
  • Ridejacker was the first alien created for Project Deca. Though created before the series was revealed, Ridejacker was a prominent part of pre-production and was the only alien planned for the series until full production began.