Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 2, Episode 11
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Riddle Diddle is the 21st episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins at night at a airfield close to an a hangar. The Interceptor is seen landing on the runway. When the Interceptor comes to a full stop, the cargo bay door opens up a short moment later. The team are then seen walking out.

Brandon: Finally. Good to be back on the ground again.

Coco: Hey, if you wanted us to land, I would have been more than glad to.

Brandon: Yeah right. You know that you love flying around so much that you forget we're there sometimes.

Coco: Do not!

Sarah: Well there was that one time you started to talking to the control panel.

Brandon, chuckling: Seriously?

Coco, embarrassed: I thought you said you weren't going to talk about that.

Sarah: Oh right. Sorry.

Brandon: It's okay, Coco. Really. I talk to the Ultimatrix practically all the time.

Coco: Are you sure you're not just talking to yourself?

Sarah: That is a little weird, Brandon.

Brandon: No way. Besides, if I was talking to myself, even though I don't, then it's only because I'm so smart that I need to get some things off my mind.

Coco: Mhm. Sure...

Brandon: Well if you don't believe me, I guess I'll just give you and the ship some alone time then.

Coco: Why you-

Suddenly a bright flash appears behind the team on the runway. The team turns around and looks at various particles appearing from nowhere and assembling into a glowing entity. The particles then form the dimensional rift.

Brandon: It's back...

Sarah: The Dimensional Rift again.

Coco: Get ready. Every time one of those things appears something bad comes out.

Brandon: Right...

Sarah: Don't be so naive, Coco. Science doesn't exactly work that way all the time.

A figure is then seen walking out of the rift.

Coco: You were saying!

Brandon: Get ready for anything, guys.

The team prepare themselves.

Figure: Settle down, children...

A pair of boots are then seen exiting the rift. The view then reveals that its Doctor Quantum.

Doctor Quantum: You're going to want to save that for later.

Theme Song

After the titles, the team are seen looking at Doctor Quantum.

Brandon: Doctor Quantum?

Doctor Quantum: Why hello there. I do hope that this is the right timeline otherwise something would definitely be wrong here.

Sarah: Doctor, what are you doing here?

Coco: Probably to give us some bad time travel news like always.

Doctor Quantum: Oh the contrary, I need your assistance with something.

Brandon: You need our help? It must be serious.

Doctor Quantum: Oh you have no idea, Brandon. This is only the beginning of a possible outcome that can put your lives in grave danger.

Sarah: But when did you start using the rifts?

Doctor Quantum: Oh I don't. Well hardly anyways. Being a being that lives within the planes of space and time, I can be anywhere and anywhen. Co-existing without any risk.

Doctor's Quantum's Voice: Like so.

Another Doctor Quantum then walks over to Doctor Quantum and the team.

Doctor Quantum: Oh you do realize that that was completely uncalled for.

Doctor Quantum 2: True but the kids needed a demonstration. Also, I must give them a warning.

Doctor Quantum: I'm taking care of it. Now go on back to your timeline, me.

Doctor Quantum 2: Right then. Good day.

Doctor Quantum 2 then disappears in a time-wrapping flash. The team look blankly.

Brandon: What just-

Doctor Quantum: Co-existence.

Sarah: I'm not even going to touch that with my understanding of time travel.

Doctor Quantum: It's a fairly misunderstood theory but, still, we should get back to the matters at hand. There isn't very much time to waste. Especially since the rift can not remain open forever.

Coco: What's up with these things anyways?

Doctor Quantum: I told you before. Oh do pay more attention next time, Coco. The rift, in this case, isn't the problem. It's what's on the other side.

Sarah: But what's on the other side?

Brandon: How about we find out?

Doctor Quantum: Exactly my point. We need to cross into the dimensional rift and travel to (close up on face) The Puzzle Dimension.

Coco: Nice try, genius, but, its like you said, those things don't last long. Plus we don't even know if its safe to cross, so far everything that came through isn't exactly organic.

Doctor Quantum: Well neither is The Interceptor.

Coco: Oh no no no. We are so not riding my space ship into that unstable mess.

Doctor Quantum: Well you were right about the instability but I must emphasize on the past tense. The rift, itself, has been stabilized for passageway but like I said it won't remain open forever which is why we must be on our way. If it helps, I'll protect the Interceptor with a force field. It will protect it from any damage to temporal or dimensional damage.

Coco: Okay... fine.

Doctor Quantum: Splendid.

Later, the Interceptor is seen facing the Dimensional Rift. In the cockpit, the team is seen at their respective positions while Doctor Quantum is seen by Sarah at the computers station.

Coco: Right. We're in position. So what do I do now? Just drive into it?

Doctor Quantum: If that's the way you want to put it, then yes. But do be ready to engage into flight mode once we bypass the rift.

Coco: Um why?

Doctor Quantum: Must you ask so many questions?

Coco: Okay Okay. I'll just have you know I'm like the greatest pilot in the galaxy.

Brandon: First time through the Dimensional Rift. I don't know if I should be thrilled or terrified.

Doctor Quantum: Try to keep an open mind, Brandon. Er... How about both? (smiles)

Brandon makes a nervous smile. Coco then engages the Interceptor's engines as it starts to move towards the Dimensional Rift. The ship then increases speed and the rift gets closer and closer. Brandon then shuts his eyes while Doctor Quantum puts his goggles on as a bright flash is seen through the windshield. Sarah looks right into the flash while Coco puts his hand up to cover his eyes even though it hardly works. When the flash is over, the Interceptor is seen in space.

Brandon, opening his eyes: Whoa. We're in... space?

Doctor Quantum: Some type of space. You might want to activate flight mode now, Coco.

Coco: Huh?

The Interceptor then starts to fall into the vastness of the space.

Coco: Hang on!

Coco engages flight mode and tries to get the Interceptor back up before it hits an asteroid. The Interceptor then maneuvers around it and flies upwards.

Coco: Phew. What'd I tell you? Greatest pilot in the galaxy.

Doctor Quantum: More like luckiest. Head over to that planet over there. (points)

The Interceptor then heads towards a giant, white, metallic "planet"?

Brandon: So if this isn't space then what is this place?

Doctor Quantum: Ah finally an interesting question. Welcome to the Puzzle Dimension. Also known as the Realm of Riddles, the Monastery of Mysteries, the Preplexa-

Coco: Okay Okay we get it.

Doctor Quantum: Oh but that last one was pretty good. Anyways, we have arrived.

Doctor Quantum extends his arms out which somehow open the entrance to the sphere in which the Interceptor flies into. The Interceptor then lands on a white room which nothing in it. The cargo bay then opens and the team, with Doctor Quantum, step outside.

Brandon: Wow. Someone should really call up the interior decorator because I'm not satisfied.

Doctor Quantum: Well I could give myself a call but then that might break the laws of time.

Brandon: Wait, you built this place?

Doctor Quantum: But of course.

Sarah: How? It must have taken a long time.

Doctor Quantum: That, my dear, is an understatement considering that, being an immortal time traveler, such as myself, I can spend as much time building this world.

Coco: So you want us to look at some of your new wallpaper designs?

Doctor Quantum: Hardly.

Sarah: Then what's the problem?

Doctor Quantum, gravely: Khan...

Brandon: Khan?!

Doctor Quantum: Yes, I'm afraid. Khan is looking for an ancient relic hidden through space and time. How he knows about it and how he managed to discover this pocket dimension I created is beyond me but he somehow found the right shortcut to get here after traveling throughout multiple dimensions gathering resources. The relic is secured within the structure but if Khan gets it, his plans will succeed.

Sarah: What exactly is the relic?

Doctor Quantum: A device that keeps this whole structure stabilized. Once removed, the planet will fall apart and if the rift doesn't close by then, then it will surely close once the relic is removed.

Brandon: Why? Is there some sort of connection?

Doctor Quantum: Well there obviously was a sense of urgency throughout the universe which caused the creation of the rift. Did you really think it came to you by accident?

Coco: The rift needed help? What, it's alive?

Doctor Quantum: Not technically but it is an entity that bends the universe itself. Essentially, within the threads that make everything in the universe occur, there is an essence of sheer will power that writes the universal coding of the dimensional rift that makes it go to the one that can help out. Hint Hint.

Brandon: What does that mean?

Doctor Quantum: Oh I wasn't exactly hinting at you but more so in general.

Sarah: This place is big. If the rest of the planet is like this, then it shouldn't be so much of a problem.

Doctor Quantum: I thought you, out of the three, would know how to actually see things by now or is it too early? It's called the Puzzle Dimension for a reason. The sphere is filled with an unlimited amount of riddles, mysteries, problems, puzzles, anything that can perplex the mind but has an answer.

Brandon: Oh no. It finally happened. The planet of the exams.

Doctor Quantum: More to test your mentality rather than your knowledge.

Sarah: What exactly does that mean?

Doctor Quantum: Anyone able to locate the Puzzle Dimension and manages to sneak into the sphere will be forced to participate in the unlimited amount of puzzles until they go absolutely bananas.

Sarah: That sounds awful.

Doctor Quantum: Yes, well, I can be quite cruel. No man, woman, child, alien or living being should be able to possess the power that the device has.

Coco: What type of power are we talkin' here? Reality warping?

Doctor Quantum: None. It's just a relic like I said however it is only but a piece to something bigger.

Brandon: Don't worry about it. I'm always a pro at this type of stuff. I used to get like most of the questions right in that trivia game at that arcade place with the chicken wings.

Coco: I'd say we're doomed if I didn't have my answer key. (puts arm around Sarah)

Sarah: And people say being smart isn't attractive.

They then exit from the room and walk down a white tunnel.

Brandon: How long does this go?

Doctor Quantum: Well, the whole sphere is physically infinite.

Brandon: Wait what? How are we supposed to find Khan or the relic then?

Doctor Quantum: That was the point of the sphere. To keep people in. For them to get lost and loose their sanity.

Sarah: What about us?

Doctor Quantum: Exactly the reason why you should stick with me instead of wondering off.

Brandon: So you're going to be with us all of the way?

Doctor Quantum: Oh no. If you ever run into Khan, I must be off elsewhen to assist you in the past or in this case, the present.

Coco: Something tells me I'm not going to like this place if it going to be like anything that comes out of your mouth.

Sarah: But where are the doors? This is just some long tunnel.

Doctor Quantum: Again with the seeing, Sarah. The doors are all around us.

Brandon, leaning against a wall: I don't see any doors.

Doctor Quantum: That's because they're-

The area of the wall that Brandon is leaning against opens up and Brandon falls in.

Brandon: AHH!

Doctor Quantum, turning around: automatic. Quick after him, before the door closes. Once it does, there's a high chance that you'll never be able to find him again.

Coco and Sarah then jump into the doorway and are seen falling from the ceiling.

Coco: What the-! We're falling!

Sarah: The physics of this place must be engineered differently for each room.

The two then catch up to Brandon who is trying to activate the Ultimatrix.

Coco: What's taking so long, Tennyson?

Brandon: I don't know! The Ultimatrix must be going through some type of dimensional jet lag or something.

Coco: So... are we just going to fall forever?

Sarah looks down.

Sarah: I doubt it.

A giant fan is seen sucking them towards it. Brandon looks worried as they fall downwards.

After the break, the team are seen, still, falling towards a giant rotating blades of the fan. Brandon is still hitting the face plate.

Brandon: Well I don't know this time. Any ideas?

Voice: I do!

Brandon looks around.

Brandon: Who-?

A short elfish alien humanoid is seen falling behind Brandon. He makes a shushing gesture to Sarah and Coco. Brandon turns around but the person falls behind him again. Coco then points; suggesting that something is behind him. Brandon then turns around again and sees nothing as the elfish man falls behind him again but this time Brandon turns back the opposite way which surprises the creature.

Elfish Alien: Ah you got me.

Brandon: Who are you? Where'd you come from?

Elfish Alien: Nuh uh uh. I ask the questions. Thank you very much.

Coco: Uh...

Elfish Alien: Now where was I... Oh right! Three curious Humans enter a tunnel and fall towards a series of giant spinning blades but never hit the fan. What room are they in?

Coco: Wait is this a riddle? Our lives are in danger!

Brandon: I think the riddles are the only thing saving our lives right now.

Sarah: Alright let me think.

Coco: You better hurry (starting to gag) I don't think there's much air left.

Sarah: A tunnel with a fan... A-a wind tunnel?

Elfish Alien, thinking about it: Hm... Correct.

The Elfish Alien then flies over to the side of the room and places his hand on the wall. The fan then powers down and the team fall onto the wall which is actually the floor. The elfish alien then hovers down to them.

Elfish Alien: I have to say that was some impressive riddle solving. I mean not really but there were a few who died here. You three must be new. I'm Diddle, the riddle master of the sphere.

Brandon: I thought Doctor Quantum was the one who built this place.

Diddle: Hm? Oh him. Boss just gave me a place to live and work. I cause a lot of trouble without a purpose. At least, that's what he's always saying.

Brandon: Nice to meet you, I guess...

Diddle: So you three looking for that big hybrid guy looking for the relic?

Sarah: How'd you-

Diddle: I'm the riddle master. I know everything. Well, all of the answers to riddles. I just make them up... or steal them. But who doesn't steal riddles, am i right?

Coco: Can we just go now?

Brandon: Yeah, we don't have a lot of time on our hands.

Diddle: Well whenever you enter a riddle room, I'll be there.

The three move on towards the wall which opens up as a new doorway.

Coco: Wasn't that guy just a wacko?

The new room then transforms into outdoors area with a hole in the center that extends to both sides of the room across from the other wall.

Brandon: Wow. Gotta give him credit this time.

Coco: Well this one seems easy. We just hop on over to the other side.

Sarah: I'll make a bridge using my energy.

Sarah extends her arms out and creates an energy bridge from their side of the gap which starts extending towards the other side however when the bridge reaches the middle of the gap, an orange laser comes out and destroys it. Sarah then falls over but Coco helps her up.

Coco: You alright?

Sarah: Yeah... Guess we're not using a bridge.

Brandon: Hm... If we can't go through the gap, under the gap or around the gap then we go over the gap.

Coco: What sense does that make?

Brandon: Just trying to figure it out.

Brandon slaps down the face plate and transforms into Stink Breath.

Stink Breath: STINK BREATH!

Stink Breath then flies over the gap and makes it to the other side.

Coco: But-

Stink Breath then fires a cloud of gasp onto the pit which reveals a laser.

Stink Breath: Motion Laser.

Sarah then forms an energy bubble around the two and glides them across the gap and next to Stink Breath.

Sarah: Smart thinking.

Stink Breath: Maybe I should take the lead on this one.

Coco: Just like you did last time.

Stink Breath: Oh come on. That was an accident. I've got it this time.

Stink Breath lands on the platform and makes his way to the left corner.

Stink Breath: I want to go right but my instincts are telling me to go left.

Stink Breath then places his hand on the wall and it opens up as a doorway. The team then walk through and enter an arena like room. Khan then enters from the opposite side.

Khan: Where is it? (seeing the team) Tennyson?!

Stink Breath: Khan?!

After the break, the team is seen facing off against Ultimate Khan.

Khan: I don't know how you managed to track me here but, mark my words, you won't be able to leave. One way or another.

Stink Breath: I'll take my chances.

Stink Breath then flies over to Khan who sprays water at him causing him to fall on the ground. Sarah fires some energy discs at Khan who deflects them with his arms.

Khan: You couldn't stop me before... now I will stop your hearts.

Stink Breath sprays gas in Khan's face who backs off and coughs. Stink Breath then gets up.

Stink Breath: You need to learn some social skills.

Khan then grows a breathing mask around his face and charges through the gas cloud and strikes Stink Breath into Coco.

Khan: I am unstoppable!

Coco: Get off!

Stink Breath moves off of Coco who gets up, absorbs the ground and charges right for Khan who slams his drill fists into Coco's back; slamming him into the ground during the process. Stink Breath then hits the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into Magnet Man.

Magnet Man: MAGNET MAN!

Ultimate Khan removes a broken piece of the flooring and prepares to slam it against Coco but Magnet Man, using his magnetism, bends the metal panel around Khan's arms. Ultimate Khan then retracts his metal claws and slices through the panel.

Khan: You're going to need more than that to stop me.

Magnet Man: I'm counting on it.

Magnet Man curls up into his sphere form and, using his magnetism, flies at Khan and knocks him over. Khan is then pushed into a wall which opens up as a doorway. Ultimate Khan then smirks and enters the doorway.

Coco, running after him: He's getting away!

Sarah chases after Coco and Magnet Man as they follow Khan into the doorway before it closes. In the room, the team jump down into a lowered platform where Khan turns to face them.

Khan: You're wasting my time.

Magnet Man: Why bother? This place is infinite. You'll never find the relic.

Khan: Oh but I will. I've traveled throughout various dimensions and gathered the necessary resources I need in order to locate it. This place isn't infinite. It's a maze and I have the map.

Magnet Man: That's cheating.

Khan: Let this be a lesson. I always cheat.

Khan prepares to attack them but the room starts to fill with water.

Sarah: Uh oh.

After the break, the water levels is seen rising rapidly. Magnet Man starts to sink. Khan then goes under the water level and swims towards one of the jets that is already submerged. He then activates his drill hand and drills into the jet until it breaks into the next room. Khan is about to enter the next room when Magnet Man tackles him. Khan and Magnet Man battle it out underwater but Magnet Man gets the upper hand until Khan uses his electric powers and electrocutes Magnet Man. Magnet Man then lets go of Khan who swims away from him and goes into the hole in the wall which is already reforming. Magnet Man then transforms back into Brandon who is sinking to the bottom of the room until a pink energy sphere catches him and reels him out of the water which is still rising.

Sarah: I got him.

Sarah places Brandon on her energy platform which is ascending in order to stay out of the water.

Coco: Ceiling's getting closer.

Sarah: There's no way out of this. Can you make us an exit?

Coco: You got it.

Sarah lifts the platform even higher until d they are close to the ceiling. Coco forms a mallet hand and starts whacking at the ceiling but it has no affect.

Coco: It's not working!

Sarah: Let me try.

Sarah places her hand on the ceiling and, a short moment later, a doorway opens in the ceiling. Sarah then elevates the platform through the doorway which closes behind them as the water continues to fill the room. Later, Brandon is seen waking up on the platform.

Brandon: Khan...

Coco: Got away.

Brandon: Are you two-

Sarah: We're fine, Brandon. Glad to see that you're fine too.

Brandon gets up and looks around the room which is a field of some kind.

Brandon: Where are we?

Diddle, hovering above them: A thousand colored folds stretch toward the sky, Atop a tender strand, Rising from the land, 'Til killed by maiden's hand, Perhaps a token of love, perhaps to say goodbye. What am I?

Sarah: What happens when we answer wrong?

Diddle, snapping out of the moment: Huh? Oh I kill you with my cosmic powers.

Coco: I hate riddles.

Brandon: Guess someone gave up on today's crossword puzzle.

Sarah looks down at the field and then more specifically at a flower.

Sarah: A... A flower.

Diddle: Meh. I'll accept it.

Coco: And now we get to choose.

Diddle: Oh yes. Pick a door. Any door.

Brandon: I don't think so. I saw Khan's map and there's a secret lift that takes anyone straight to the center the planet.

Sarah: That's great.

Brandon: But I don't know where it is.

Coco: Great...

Doctor Quantum: Luckily, I can help with that.

Coco: Dude, you really need to stop doing that.

Diddle: Boss, you said you wouldn't interfere with the challenges.

Doctor Quantum: I did but this is a time of urgency, Diddle. I'm granting them access to the service lift.

Diddle: I don't care if they're friends or foe. I'm following my prime directive.

Doctor Quantum: Diddle, if you refuse my orders then I will have no choice but to release you.

Diddle: Fine! Do as you wish but the joke is on you, Quantum, for I will be free.

Doctor Quantum: True but, hear me Diddle, if you cause trouble that is beyond the control of mortals then I will be forced to use my hand and send you to the most indescribably horrifying dimension outside of the realms of time and space.

Diddle gulps and then vanishes within a flash.

Brandon: Wow. I didn't know you could be so violent, Doctor Quantum.

Doctor Quantum: I did mention that I can be cruel. I only use my power for good in the universe. Now, let's go catch Khan before he beats us to the center.

Doctor Quantum goes over to a wall as the team follow him and he places his hand on the wall. A doorway then forms and a platform appears in the doorway. Doctor Quantum stands on the platform followed by the rest of the team. The platform then rises. Later, a doorway opens up and the platform approaches the level. The four then exit the service lift and enter the center room of the sphere.

Brandon: I know that this is sort of off topic but this place isn't really called the sphere, right?

Doctor Quantum: Your choice on conversation still confuses me, Brandon, but I suppose it will need a better name despite that fact that it wouldn't matter. How about The Puzzle Matrix?

Coco: Not bad. Not bad.

Sarah: There it is. The center core.

Ultimate Khan approaches it from behind.

Khan: Yes... And now, it is mines.

Doctor Quantum: Don't do this, Khan. If you remove that relic, it will destroy this entire planet.

Khan: Like it matters to me.

Doctor Quantum: Well it should. The interior of the Puzzle Matrix is dimensionally transcendental. By removing the relic, the dimension within will fall apart as the exterior shell will similar crumble with us within including yourself.

Khan: I have my escape.

Sarah: The rift.

Doctor Quantum: The rift is parked outside the matrix. You can't possibly make it out and get there in time. I should know.

Khan: I don't have to go to the rift. The rift also comes to me ever since it broke me out of that Mechanic prison. I am one with space and time. Just like you, Quantum. (Smirks)

Khan then removes the relic from the center which causes the matrix to shake. The room then starts to fall apart.

Sarah: This whole place is coming apart.

Khan: Finally. One down... Three to go.

Brandon: I don't think so!

Brandon runs towards Khan and slaps down the active Ultimatrix face plate. He then transforms into Rocks.

Rocks: ROCKS!

Rocks then jumps up and fires rocks projectiles at Khan who drills through them with his drill hands. Khan then punches Rocks into a wall. Rocks then gets up by leaning his hand against the wall.

Doctor Quantum: No, Brandon, don't touch the walls!

Rocks looks up and a doorway opens behind him. Khan then uses a quick run up and strikes Rocks with a drill fist which throws him through the doorway.

Rocks: AHH!

The doorway then closes.

Sarah: Brandon!

Doctor Quantum: He's been thrown into the maze. I'll have to get him.

Coco: Yeah bring him back here.

Doctor Quantum: It isn't that easy. My movements throughout time are allowed here but movements throughout space can be challenging. That is why I used the rift.

Sarah: Can you bring him back?

Doctor Quantum: I will try.

Doctor Quantum then vanishes within a temporal, blue flash.

Khan: Even if you bring him back, there is still no chance of the four of you defeating me. But, in the meantime, while we wait, I shall attempt to enjoy every second of tearing you apart.

Meanwhile, Brandon wakes up in a white tunnel. He gets up and looks around.

Brandon: Aw nuts... I'm missing out on the fight and my friends need me.

Diddle: Tell me about it. I can't believe he fired me.

Brandon: Diddle? What are you doing here?

Diddle: Well like any un-needed person, I had to get lost. Even though its pointless seeing that I know every inch of this place... and the fact that its going to explode but whatever.

Brandon: Look Diddle. I need your help right now.

Diddle: Y-You do?

Brandon: Yeah. I need to get to the center room.

Diddle: As an authorized employee, I can't allow that.

Brandon crosses his arms.

Diddle: But since I don't work here anymore...

Brandon smiles.

Diddle opens up a doorway in the tunnel and it reveals a new room. Brandon looks in and approaches, what appears to be, an infinite staircase.

Brandon: Whoa... You expect me to climb all this?

Diddle: Well if you want to get to the top, then yes.

Brandon: It looks like its going to take forever.

Doctor Quantum, climbing down: That's because it does. Well it takes about 4732 years from the center room.

Brandon: Wait you were climbing down those stairs for 4732 years?

Doctor Quantum: Yes. Only to show for urgent the situation really is. But it matters not since I don't exist in reality theoretically. Now we must hurry before the Puzzle Matrix is tore apart.

Diddle: Oh it finally happened. Well, I don't know what good any of this is. You won't be able to reach the service lift in time.

Doctor Quantum: On the contrary, I can still take us back in time and make it there.

Brandon: Yeah but, unlike you, I don't age past 4000 years.

Diddle: Well, since the dimensions are coming apart then that means all of the rooms are being deleted. Deletion will be goes a dimensionally shift.

Doctor Quantum: Reverting the rooms to an order in which they co-exist without the form of dimensional stability. Oh Diddle, it is remarkable that you remembered that.

Brandon: So what does that mean?

Doctor Quantum: It means the rooms will form next to each other until they collide and merge with one another. You need to get to one of the doorways to the service elevator before that happens. It should be in the garden, observatory, library, dungeon and clock tower.

Brandon: Right... Just as long as it's not weird and alien.

Diddle: And do it quickly. I wouldn't want you to explode or anything... maybe.

Doctor Quantum: You still haven't escaped my watch, Diddle.

Brandon: Anyways, I can do quickly.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Shock Speed.

Shock Speed: SHOCK SPEED!

Shock Speed then runs through the tunnel at fast speeds, checking each room.

Shock Speed, quickly: Nope. (checks the next room) Nope. (checks the next room) Nope.

Meanwhile, Coco is thrown into a wall. He tries to get up but Khan grabs his head and slams it into the floor. Coco then passes out and his metal form vanishes. Khan prepares to drill him in the back but Sarah grabs his hand with one of her small pink energy bubbles. Khan then blasts water at Sarah who is hit and thrown into a wall. The bubble around his arm then shatters and Khan makes his way towards Sarah who is getting up.

Sarah: I'm not afraid of you.

Khan: You should be.

Khan strikes at Sarah but Sarah shields herself with pink energy.

Sarah: I'm ready this time, Khan.

Khan: We'll see about that, clever girl.

Khan then drills into the shield until it shatters which causes Sarah to fall over again. She looks up weakly as a blurry looking Khan approaches her.

Khan: Last time was a mistake... I should have been much more brutal. Let me make up for that.

Khan then grabs Sarah by the throat and holds her up. Khan then gets electrocuted and falls over causing him to drop Sarah. Khan then turns sharply and sees Shock Speed standing over him.

Khan: How did you make it back?

Shock Speed, quickly: This thing runs but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks. Lacks arms, has hands; lacks a head but has a face.

Shock Speed then kicks Khan in the face.

Shock Speed: A clock which happened to store another service lift to the center room.

Khan then gets up and looks down at Shock Speed.

Khan: You think I'm harmed by you? I have the powers of five of your newest alien forms.

Shock Speed, quickly: True but, for every alien, you only share only one fifth of their abilities. Shock Speed dodges a punch delivered by Khan.

Shock Speed runs behind Khan.

Shock Speed, quickly: Meaning, I still have a chance of kicking your butt. It's time you paid for your actions, Khan. Khan: You might have a chance. But, once I escape, it'll just keep getting smaller and smaller.

Shock Speed: That's if you escape.

Khan: Oh but I will.

The Dimensional Rift then forms behind Khan.

Khan: You may have won the battle, Tennyson, but I will return and on that day, I will not be so reckless.

Khan then backs into the rift as it vanishes. Doctor Quantum then arrives in the center room as Shock Speed transforms back into Brandon

Brandon: Gone...

The structure of the room then becomes more unstable.

Doctor Quantum: We have to move now. Doctor Quantum then extends his arms out and closes his eyes.

Sarah, being helped up by Brandon: What are you doing?

Doctor Quantum, with his eyes still shut: I'm rerouting the garage to collide with the center room.

Brandon: But we're in the center room.

Doctor Quantum: Exactly. (opens eyes) Get down!

Brandon and Sarah get down as Doctor Quantum jumps for cover as The Interceptor smashes through the walls of the center room and skids to a halt as it slams against a wall. Coco is about to get up when he notices the tip of the ship right above him.

Coco: What'd I miss?

Brandon: I'll fill you in later but right now you need to drive.

A moment later, the Interceptor is seen taking off as the center room is collapsing. As soon as the wheels get off the ground, the floor disintegrates. The Interceptor then flies away as the core in the center of the center room starts to implode. Once it does, the implosion then sets off an explosion which blows the exterior shell into the pieces right at the moment when the Interceptor flies out.

Coco, piloting: Well that was perfectly timed piloting.

Doctor Quantum: Actually I sent the Interceptor through time slightly otherwise we all would have been killed in the explosion.

Coco: Like I said: perfectly timed piloting.

Doctor Quantum: If you insist... (looks out of the window and sees the pieces floating about) (sighs) So much for millions of years of construction work. Perhaps I can start again. Brandon: Oh no! We forgot Diddle.

Doctor Quantum: Relax, Brandon. He is a creature from a powerful dimension. Now that he is freed from my prison, he can transport using his cosmic abilities.

Coco: So he's like a reality bending trouble maker who tells riddles.

Doctor Quantum: In a way, I reduced his abilities to a minor scale but if he happens to use them, I will know and I will-

Brandon, continuing: -put him away in a deep, dark hole outside of time and space. Got it.

Sarah: What about Khan?

Doctor Quantum: He escaped into the Dimensional Rift.

Sarah: But its right there.

Doctor Quantum: Yes, it is... I'm most perplexed by this.

Brandon: I thought you knew everything.

Doctor Quantum: Just because I'm a being of time and space doesn't mean I know everything. There are events which need to be triggered in order for more events to unfold. Once unfolded, I can travel to those events while other events are forgotten but I still remember. Then there are events which occur within cross-time and other universes. I may be everywhere at once but I, myself, still have a never ending future to live through. And there are just some things that even my old eyes can not see.

Coco, piloting: Dude, nothing you say makes sense.

Sarah: Coco!

Coco, piloting: I know but someone just had to say it.

Sarah: No the rift is shrinking!

The rift is seen decreasing in size.

Coco, piloting: Hang on!

Coco accelerates the speed of the ship and just barely makes it through the dimensional rift. The Interceptor then reappears, through the vanishing rift, back into its own dimension.

Coco, piloting: We made it.

Doctor Quantum: Yes and Khan got away with the relic. With that power added to his unknown device, he can cause serious damage to the fabric of space-time.

Brandon: But that's what I don't get, if he's such a threat to the universe and the dimensions and time travel or whatever then why don't you just stop him.

Doctor Quantum: It's like I said, Brandon, events must unfold in order for me to travel to them. Plus, it isn't my call to make the choices because there is no perfect choice. I'm not going to interfere anymore than I already did unless the time calls for it but for now, tread carefully. Toodles!

Doctor Quantum then vanishes within a bright, temporal flash.

Coco: I hate it when he does that.

Sarah: What do you think he meant by that?

Brandon: I guess we're just going to have to find out.

The Interceptor is seen flying above the hangar and runway.




Aliens Used


  • This episode was originally going to be called The Puzzle Dimension but the writer didn't want an episode with "The" in its beginning right after an episode with the same description. The title would have also been misleading as The Puzzle Dimension, itself, isn't a dimension completely.
  • The title, Riddle Diddle, is based on the nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle.
    • It also also very similar to the first Batman episode, Hi Riddle Diddle.
    • Diddle is also inspired by the nursery rhyme.
  • Doctor Quantum's cruel side is shown in this episode.
  • Khan manages to escape with the relic of the Puzzle Matrix which is, as said in the episode, marked as the first of three others.
  • Despite previous episodes having The Dimensional Rift featured in it, this should really be the second episode of the Dimensional Rift Arc as the whole Arc is really based around Khan's Plan, however, there is more to the Rift than Khan.
  • Brainiac, Snow Bear and Ultimate Snow Bear were meant to appear in this episode but they were cut out due to time management.
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