Rick Thomas

Ben 10 Heroes of Evolution

NameRichard Thomas
Home PlanetEarth
OccupationAntiquities Thief
Forever Knight (formerly)
OriginLondon, UK
AffiliationPhil Stephens
Forever Knights (formerly)
Driscoll (formerly)
Appearance"The Legacy Artifact"

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Sir Richard "Rick" Thomas was a British antiquities thief and former Forever Knight.

Character Background

Sir Richard Lancaster was part of King Driscoll's regiment of Knights. Following the Forever Knight Purge and battle with Diagon, Rick was one of the survivors along with Sirs Simon and Percival. They sought out to continue spreading the Forever Knight legacy by adapting to modern society and using their camouflage to recover lost artifacts.

Though robbery records on his police file date back to 2008, many of them were simply "crimes" committed by the Knights during their reign.

Rick, Percy and Simon were hired by Forever King Philip, going by the name "Kingston" to rob a Forever Knight artifact known as the Everstone. Knowing that the artifact has been forged numerous times, Rick and the others tracked down the real one to London's Victoria & Albert Museum. They followed it to Bellwood.

On the night of July 5, 2014, Rick, Percy and Simon all robbed the Everstone from the Bellwood National Museum, shooting the curator Phil Stephens, and managed to escape Ben Tennyson and his team. They were later informed by Kingston that he wanted to meet tomorrow evening as opposed to that night.

Percy and Simon stayed back at the Highland Meridian Hotel while Rick stood guard at a safe house where they stored the Everstone.

Percy and Simon were captured and Rick was tipped off by Kingston to meet him at the abandoned Bellwood Northwest Airport, and instructed not to tell Percy and Simon his new location if he ever came in contact with them. Rick paid a cab driver $10,000 to take him to the airport hours before his meeting with Kingston. He was later called by Percy, who was being incarcerated, and implied to him that he was long gone, as Percy could do nothing about it.

Rick brought the Everstone to Stephens, who was in fact King Philip/Kingston. Stephens killed Rick to cover his tracks and hide his mysterious plans with the Everstone, but a group of attackers blew up his jet with the Everstone. The attackers were shot by an assassin working for the same employer of Krill and Wyatt Herman.[[]]

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