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Richard the III is a major character in Knight of All Knights. Richard is an important part of the series as his death is caused by the true antagonist of the series, and the character sets off multiple events such as the resurrection of Echtor and the beginning of George's career as a solider and eventually, Knight. 

Knight of All Knights[]


He was born to Richard the II and his mother. He had a brother named Patrick. When he was young, he showed his father and General Regus amazing skills during a pretend swordfight.

5 Years later, he got into Camp Bellator ROMAE. He became friends with Will and Echtor. 8 years later, he was about to leave camp when Echtor killed one of thier other friends. In the following battle, Echtor almost killed Richard, but Richard was saved by Will when Echtor was fatally wounded. 


While his brother became a politcian, Richard fought in battles. He found a wife, got married, and had two kids, James and George. Minutes after George was born, he fought against Diagon, who was posessing a local man, before the Demon was defeated. Richard raised his two children, like how his father did to him.


An increase in the number of Vandals (a group attacking the Roman Empire) forced the empire's hand, and thus Richard was sent into battle. That very battle led to the Diagon returning, possessing another man, and killing Richard in the Accona Desert. 


After his death, the only memory of him, a picture that James made was destroyed. In Origin, his wife left their home, and the kids forever. George's actions and legacy has honored Richard, while James has only now started to do the same. 

Revise Everything Below

Meanwhile, a mysterious villain named The Man in the Shadows is hunting for General Will, his friend and his family.

He was going to have a grandchild, but the Man in the Shadows killed Erica before she could give birth.


  • He is mentioned many times in the show
  • He is dead for most of the series, but in a flashback in Friends and in Richard.
  • Richard is the only episode that has Richard the III alive the whole time ( save for the end )
  • Richard the III shares the same name as a famous king of England, Richard III of England, who in both history and literature is manipulative, greedy, and psychopathic, qualities that this Richard don't share. In a sense, the KOAK Richard is the antithesis of the Shakespearan Richard III.