Rex Tennyson is the son of Ben or should I say 'MetaBen' and star of the series T-Rex: A New Generation. It is also important to note that MetaBen made a Metatrix for Julie so they could be nearly equal matches. Another important note is that the series T-Rex: A New Generation sprung off from the movie Ben 10: Meta Menace.


He looks slightly similar to 10 and 15 year old Ben, but he's got black eyes and wears a blue shirt, black pants and a blue omnitrix. He sometimes wears a blue vest instead.


Rex is Ben's first son and is also very much like his dad at that age, though maybe not as immature. Rex takes great pride in his father being the most powerful being in the universe, but he knows the limitations to his pride.

He also has a natural leadership attitude, due to him being a first-born. He is also very heroic, another trait displayed by his father at his young age.

He is also very protective of his little sister Elena and his second cousins Devin and Rosa.

Powers and Abilities

At the age of 10, MetaBen as a present, forged an omnitrix for Rex. This gift further angered Azmuth, but Ben says he should trust him on this.

With this omnitrix, Rex decides to help his father combat the new generation of villians. Even though MetaBen had it way under control, he decided to even the playing field and sit back and relax, only interferring when the universe or at least a galaxy was at stake and if Rex and his crew couldn't handle it.

Rex's omnitrix gives him the ability to transform into 20 aliens at the start of the series, but it is confirmed that new aliens will soon start rolling in starting from season 2.

His omnitrix is known as the Evolutrix and has two features:

  1. It evolves the alien, making them bigger, 10 times stronger, faster and smarter.
  2. It analyzes, the environment and evolves the alien to fit the habitat.

The aliens he has at first are:




Echo Echo




Big Chill


Water Hazard










Way Big

He also has some magic skills, being trained under the family friend, Charmcaster.
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