Rex Hydra


Rex Hydra is the Unleashed form of Snakepit, he has been evolved by an Omega Drive and has increased in size and strength. He is slightly shorter than an average To'kustar. Being an unleashed form he can only be accessed through the Deltamatrix or by an Omega Drive.


  • Ice Breath (Blue head)
  • Fire Breath (Red Head)
  • Green Lighting Breath (Green Head)
  • Huge Size
  • Increased Durability
  • Incredible Strength
  • Ice Manipulation (Blue Head)
  • Fire Manipulation (Red Head)
  • Lightning and Bio Energy Manipulation (Green Head)
  • Trinity Beam (All heads at together)


  • The heads all have different personalities and tend to argue with eachother
  • Slow moving
  • Ice Weakness (Fire head)
  • Lightning Weakness (Ice head)
  • Fire Weakness (Lightning head)[[]]
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