RexShadow is the DNA copy of a Artificial Processed Transgenic Hedgehog with Black Arms DNA this was DNA

taken from Shadow the Hedgehog in a fight after Shadow threw a chaos spear at the omegamatrixx Rex obtained RexShadow a week later.The Omegamatrixx is inside his skull.


  • Supersonic skating speed,


  • Durability,
  • Agility and Reflexes,

    Rex Becomes RexShadow

    Chaos Spear

    Chaos Blast

  • Chaos Control (time manipulation)

    Super RexShadow

  • Using Guns,
  • Spin Dash,
  • Jump Dash/Homing Attack,
  • Rocket Axel,
  • Spin Attack,
  • Spin Jump,
  • Light Speed Dash,
  • Black Tornado,
  • Triangle Jump,
  • Spin Kick,
  • Super RexShadow transformation,
  • Atomic Strike (requires Sonic),
  • Focus Field (requires Omega),
  • Ageless and Unaging Immortality,
  • Vehicular Knowledge,
  • Hand-to-Hand and Weapons Combat Skills,
  • Chaos Spear,
  • Chaos Blast,
  • Chaos Boost
  • Inhibitor Ringsif he takes them off his power is heightened but it will leave him weak and vulnerable
  • Flight(only as Super RexShadow)


Rex says he wishes he didn't have to go through so much for just a Friend he hates but it was worth it almost.

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