RexBlizzard is When An Azure Stone during his Omegabreak mode he is the coldest being in the universe.



Divided into two groups depending whether they use Cold or Ice: ■ Using ability to manipulate cold in form of various attacks Freezing areas of differing sizes/shapes and/or objects for several effect: ■ Ice Beam Emission, Cold Blasts and Energy Whip for direct effects.

■ Energy Kick, Energy Punch and/or Weapon Infusion by surrounding their limbs or weapons in cold.
■ Freeze anything to atomic level making it fragile. 

■ Create, shape and manipulate ice at will, using Psychokinesis to animate/move/shape it: ■ Increasing the density of ice and thus it's hardness.

■ Elemental Constructs of Ice, including weapons, missiles, walls, armor or allies/servants.
■ Binding/imprisoning/stopping people/objects etc. 

■ Ice Surfing


■ Cold-proof skin and/or Thermal Resistance are both extremely desirable. 

■ Ice Mimicry for full-body treatment. ■ Certain aspects of Weather Manipulation.


■ Creation of Ice depends on the amount of moisture available, Dry areas make this harder or impossible.
■ Unable to control or manipulate water, except possibly slush. 

■ As with all cold/ice, is affected with abilities using Fire Manipulation and Magma Manipulation.

■ Vibrations are difficult (if not impossible) to freeze, as they cause the ice to shatter, making sound-based abilities a perfect counter.
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