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Alekx10 in the form of Borg10

This is the eightinth episode of Borg 10: Alien Rescue Squad, season 3. In this episode Dr. Madness and Alex teamed up because thanks to Dr. Madness technology they were able to hack Alex's Omnitrix and transform all aliens in it into their dark forms making all the alien transformations even stronger. After that they seeked vengence against Borg and his friends. Borg tried to use Blanco to take out the dark powers that were inside the aliens but it was useless. During their fight Alex was winning but his omnitix started sparking and lighten up, it was overloading, and it generated a massive explosion. But it seamed that Dr. Madness felt like he knew whats gona happen because he was able to stop it with his ray transporting the explosion some were else.







-Dr. Madness


Used aliens:[]

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