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Carl:(writing test)2:4+675:5-45x3=?Who did this questions?

School bell rings

Carl's math teacher:Ok,give me the tests!

Carl:Um,i am not finished!

Carl's math teacher:Excuse me?You aren't finished?

Carl:Uh-oh.Just uh...(something crashes into the classroom)...-oh.(Transforms,his head stumps,legs get smaller,and his body gets filled with blocks)Um...who is this guy?Whoa!(Colorman splits his head)Whoa,baby!I am calling you Rubixo!(builds himself into big tank)Try now,dweeb!

Colorman:Really?HAHAHAHAHAHAH!You are gonna hurt me with blocks?(Shoots milion blocks in the air(Rubixo))

Rubixo:Are you having as much fun as i am?

Colorman:Die,Shennyson!(Shoots color all over Rubixo)

Rubixo:Ahhhhh!I cannot see!(Crashes into wall)Oooooh,that hurt.(Falls on floor and splits into pieces;regenerates at same time)

Xtratrix:(dial lights out)BEEP!BEEP!(reverts Carl back)

Colorman:I will re...(Clover,Sam and Alex get into the class)..turn?

Clover:Back off,creepy!

Sam:Time to show our..(Colorman shoots color to her;sticks her to wall)..powers-_-'.

Clover:Carl,are you allright?

Carl:No,not really.(falls on floor)

Colorman shoots color smoke and escapes

Clover:Oh,that is bad,right?

Carl:But however,this isn't over.