Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 3, Episode 19
Ja'Nene Revelations
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Planet X
Revelations is the 49th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins in space. The Interceptor flies past the view, passing through space. On board, the team is at their regular positions.

Brandon: We did a pretty good job on that mission back there.

Sarah: Yeah, that actually worked out better than usual.

Coco, piloting: What are you talking about, Sarah? We do great all the time.

Jenny: Aside from the occasional instance when the "plan" doesn't work out.

Brandon: You sort of just get used to it, I guess.

Coco, piloting: Yeah well, I'm just glad to be off of that planet. Paramentis sorta gives me the creeps.

Brandon: But that's where the Telecrafts live. They seem like nice people.

Sarah: Myaloxi. That's the proper species name.

Brandon: Eh... I only really remember the easy ones to say. Like Warasaurians.

Coco, piloting: Alright, we're almost out of this system, just to let you guys know.

Jenny: Great, I'll be in my room.

Jenny gets up from her chair and leaves the cockpit. Brandon looks at the door for a short moment then gets up too.

Coco, piloting: Where are you going?

Brandon: Would you believe me if I said bathroom?

Coco, piloting, turning to face the front: Nope.

Brandon shrugs then leaves the cockpit as well. In the corridor, Jenny is seen leaning against her door, holding her head. Brandon notices this and walks up to her.

Brandon: Hey, Jenny. You alright?

Jenny: Huh? (looking up at Brandon) Oh yeah, I'm fine. I'm just- adjusting.

Brandon: What do you mean?

Jenny: Uh- I know this system. My home is- (correcting herself) was here.

Brandon: Sorry. I didn't know.

Jenny: It's fine, Brandon. I just want to leave this system as fast as possible.

Brandon: I understand. I'll tell Coco if he could speed things-

The ship stops suddenly, making the two slightly.

Brandon: ...up?

Jenny: Did the Interceptor just stop moving?

Brandon: Yeah... Physics isn't my strongest subject but I don't think that's how it works. Come on.

Brandon and Jenny make their way back into the cockpit. They stop after walking in and look in front of them in shock.

Jenny, even more surprised: Oh no...

Outside the front window, there is a squadron of purple spaceships firing a green beam at the Interceptor, suspending it in space.

Brandon: What the heck is going on?

Coco: I dunno but they've got the ship in some type of suspension field.

Sarah, using her computer station: Guys, they're trying to make contact. I'll put it up on the main screen.

Sarah taps a button at her computer station and a screen comes up over the main window, showing a pale yellow skinned alien with big blue eyes. He's wearing purple armor and a small helmet with a blue crystal at its center.

Alien, over the transmission: Attention, Unidentified Vessel. This is the Synthenian Patrol. Our telepathic scans have detected your vessel and we have surrounded you with our suspension beam which will keep you immobilized for as long as we wish. Your resources will eventually run out and you will perish unless you surrender yourselves to us and allow us to claim the one known as Ja'Nene.

The team then look surprised and turn to face Jenny who is still in shock over what is currently happening.

Theme Song

After the titles, the purple ships are seen escorting the Interceptor towards a large light orange planet with clouds (similar to Earth but thicker and more spaced out from each other, showing much of the planet surface from space). The scene then transitions to the planet surface where a rich and advanced looking kingdom is seen in the short distance from a desert wasteland. The ships pass over the wasteland and fly over the kingdom where some alien civilians, appearing like Ja'Nene's true form, are seen looking above at the passing by ships. The ships, including the Interceptor, land at a docking bay at one of the towering buildings. Inside the docking bay, the suspension beam is removed from the Interceptor. Inside the Interceptor, the team is seen getting up from their seats.

Coco: Looks like the suspension beam is being lifted.

Sarah: Guess they want us to go outside.

Jenny, blocking the exit: Perhaps we shouldn't.

Coco: As much as I want to agree with you, these guys seem to have some pretty advanced technology so I don't want to take my chances.

Coco moves around Jenny and leaves the cockpit.

Sarah: He's right. Besides, they're the law enforcement here. They usually aren't wrong.

Jenny: But-

Sarah leaves the cockpit as well. Jenny looks at the door as Brandon approaches her.

Brandon: Hey. I'm sure this is just one big misunderstanding. We'll get this sorted out. Remember, I said I'll keep you safe and that's what I'm going to do.

Jenny: I don't think it's going to be that simple, Brandon. Once we go out there, things might start changing; faster than I think they will.

Brandon: It doesn't matter. You'll still be you and that's the only thing that matters to me.

Brandon then leaves the cockpit, leaving Jenny there on her own. She then sighs and looks down. The scene cuts to the team, minus Jenny, leaving the Interceptor with Synthenian Patrol waiting outside.

Coco: You guys better have a good reason for pulling us over to your planet. Gas isn't cheap, y'know.

Synthenian Patroller: Sir?

Synthenian Patrol Commander, eyeballing Coco with disgust: Seize them. Take them all to the Control Hub.

The Synthenian Patrol then grabs the team and moves them along.

Brandon: Hey! Watch the jacket!

Jenny then appears from the cargo bay, looking at the seizing. The Commander spots her and looks with surprise.

Synthenian Patrol Commander: Take her as well, (stopping his men before they proceed) with proper care.

They nod and continue to seize her.

Jenny: No! Let me go!

Brandon turns back and gets out of his patroller's grip, moving towards the commander.

Brandon: Don't hurt her.

One of the patrollers next to the commander pushes Brandon away with his staff. The patroller grabbing Brandon grabs him again and holds him.

Synthenian Patrol Commander: It would be wise to do as we ask, (staring at Brandon for a short moment) Brandon.

Brandon is about to say something but is dragged away by the patroller to rejoin the rest of the team. The commander moves towards Jenny and looks at her.

Synthenian Patrol Commander: The King would be pleased to see that you have returned. (smirks)

Jenny looks at him with disgust as she is carefully escorted by patrollers to join with the other patrollers.

Synthenian Patroller: Sir. What should happen now?

Synthenian Patrol Commander: Now we accompany them to the Control Hub.

Synthenian Patroller: That is not what I was referring to, sir.

Synthenian Patrol Commander: We will get to that, Patroller. Yes, we will get to that.

The scene then cuts over an elegant-looking throne room with a view of the entire kingdom. The throne room doors open wide and the patrollers enter the room with the full team. The Synthenian Patrol Commander walks before them and stops before the throne. The throne is facing the view of the kingdom and a figure is seen sitting on the throne.

Synthenian Patrol Commander: King Ja'Nor. We have retrieved Ja'Nene.

The figure stands from the throne and walks around it, facing everyone there. He appears similar to both Ja'Nene and the Synthenian Patrollers but has a beard, well groomed hair and a royal-appearing purple uniform. He looks at Jenny who looks at him, uneasily. King Ja'Nor: Ja'Nene... You have returned.

Jenny: Yes. I have.

King Ja'Nor looks at the team who are also looking at him.

King Ja'Nor, confused: Who are these people?

Synthenian Patrol Commander: We found them with Ja'Nene, King Ja'Nor.

Jenny: They're friends. (realizing then correcting herself) They are close to me.

Synthenian Patrol Commander: King Ja'Nor. If I may share my thoughts.

King Ja'Nor: But of course. You, of all, know that we think together, sharing our thoughts, as one.

Synthenian Patrol Commander: I believe that these "people" have wrongfully influenced Ja'Nene.

Ja'Nene: No, you do not understand. I-

King Ja'Nor: Enough. You have acted with resistance before but never like this, Ja'Nene. Ko'Zel may have a point.

Brandon: King Ja'Nor, I know you have a right to think like that especially finding us with Jenny- er Ja'Nene. But with your belief on sharing thoughts and thinking like one, don't you think that our thoughts should be shared too?

Ko'Zel: King Ja'Nor, I-

King Ja'Nor puts his hand up, silencing Ko'Zel. King Ja'Nor looks at Brandon.

King Ja'Nor: I believe you have a point as well. I dare not pry into your mind so do speak truthfully on your identity and how you know of Ja'Nene.

Brandon: My name is Brandon Tennyson. We're Humans from the planet, Earth. It's the planet that Ja'Nene crash landed on in her escape pod. I helped her get somewhere safe but she helped us instead. Since then, we traveled together as a team, helping others.

King Ja'Nor, nodding: Thank you, Brandon Tennyson.

Ko'Zel: King Ja'Nor. I believe this Human is decieving us. We should proceed with a thorough mental sweep.

King Ja'Nor: I would like to gather more information before it comes to that, Ko'Zel.

Brandon: If I could just say one thing, King Ja'Nor. I've known Jenny for a while now and I can vouch for her for whatever trouble she's in. She's our friend and she helped a lot of people. That should make up for whatever you think that she's done back when she was a scavenger.

Suddenly, King Ja'Nor and Ko'Zel look surprised.

King Ja'Nor: Scavenger? Ja'Nene is no scavenger.

Brandon: I don't understand.

Jenny, standing in front of King Ja'Nor: We need to exchange thoughts.

King Ja'Nor: Ja'Nene, he just-

Jenny: Now. Please.

King Ja'Nor looks at Brandon then back at Jenny then nods. Jenny grabs the side of his head and he grabs the side of hers. They both close their eyes and open them, revealing blue lit eyes. For Jenny, her natural blue eyes are now seen. After a short moment, their eyes lose their glare, Jenny's eyes returning to her Human eyes, and they both remove their hands from their heads.

King Ja'Nor: I understand now.

Jenny: Good.

King Ja'Nor, turning to Ko'Zel: These people are innocent.

Ko'Zel: King Ja'Nor. I know this must be hard for you to hear but I insist you not to trust her thoughts. They may have been inflirated by these creatures.

King Ja'Nor: That is enough, Ko'Zel. I believe her thoughts. It appears logical and accurate. While there are still elements that I, myself, do not understand, I do not believe that she has changed.

King Ja'Nor turns to Jenny who looks at him.

King Ja'Nor: You have done something wrongful, Ja'Nene.

Jenny: I know.

King Ja'Nor: You must make up for it.

Jenny, nodding: I know.

King Ja'Nor: I will allow you to speak to the Humans. But know that our thoughts have exchanged like you have asked. I now understand your point but now you understand my own. You know what needs to happen.

Jenny: I do.

King Ja'Nor: See to it then.

Jenny then walks over to the team.

Brandon: Jenny, what's going on?

Jenny: It's hard to explain, Brandon.

Brandon: I don't think it is. They've obviously got something wrong here.

Coco: Yeah totally. I mean some of this stuff just isn't adding up.

Sarah: Whatever it is, we'll get you out of this.

Jenny: You can't. It's impossible.

Brandon: Jenny, we do the impossible all the time. It's a piece of cake, really. I mean he said you weren't a scavenger.

Jenny: Brandon.

Brandon: So obviously they got the wrong person.

Jenny: Brandon.

Brandon: Besides, I don't even know why you're the one in trouble. You were just trying to get away.

Jenny, sternly: Brandon.

Brandon: I mean why go through all this trouble for a simple scavenger?

Jenny: Because I am not a scavenger!

Brandon looks at Jenny for a moment. Jenny calms down.

Brandon: What?

Jenny: I didn't tell you the truth when we first met because I didn't know if I could trust you. I couldn't trust a lot of people before I left.

Brandon: But you trust me now and you still didn't tell me?

Jenny: Like I said, it's hard to explain.

Brandon: What happened to your home planet? The one that you said was gone.

Jenny: ...Synthenia is my home planet. I was mainly telling you how I feel.

Brandon: So that was a lie too. So if you're not a scavenger, what are you then?

Jenny: It's not important.

Brandon: Of course it is.

Jenny: We really shouldn't be doing this, Brandon.

Brandon: I want to do this.

Jenny: Please, my father has given me this time only to-

Brandon: Your father?

Jenny stops and exhales.

Jenny: King Ja'Nor is my father.

Brandon: Which means you're-

Jenny: Yes. I am Princess Ja'Nene of Synthenia.

Brandon: Princess... Is anything you've told me the truth?

Jenny: I only lied about who I was. I'm still the person you know, Brandon. I'm still Jenny.

Brandon: I'm sorry... but Jenny isn't real. There's only Ja'Nene... and I don't know her at all.

Jenny looks taken aback by that. She then turns around and walks away from the team. King Ja'Nor then steps in, relieving the patrollers from holding the team.

King Ja'Nor: I apologise for keeping you here and for any trouble that my daughter has brought onto you. To compensate for her actions, I am willing to offer our resources to help aid you on your journey back to Earth.

The scene cuts over to the hangar where Synthenian Patrollers are seen working on the Interceptor while the team is seen waiting at the side.

Coco: I can't believe it. I trusted her. I actually trusted her and she just does something like this.

Sarah: I had a feeling something was wrong. This whole time.

Coco: You think she was using us?

Sarah: How?

Coco: I don't know just trying to understand how we work so she can use us to her full advantage.

Sarah: Maybe. She always kept to herself. She was obviously hiding something. I just didn't think it would be her criminal record.

Sarah turns her head and sees Brandon, leaning against the hangar wall with his head down and arms crossed.

Sarah: What do you think, Brandon?

Brandon doesn't respond for a moment until he looks up at the team.

Brandon: I don't know. I don't think I buy it.

Coco: What?

Brandon: I don't think she's a criminal.

Sarah: She must be. The Synthenian Patrol Force was looking for her ever since she landed on Earth.

Coco: And she ran from them after she commited whatever crime she commited.

Brandon: Yeah, that's the part that gets me. We're still not really sure what crime she comitted. If anything, this could still be a misunderstanding.

Coco: Weren't you the guy that just told Jenny or Ja'Nene, or whatever her name is, that you didn't understand her? Now you're defending her.

Brandon: I was overreacting. Maybe we did know her along.

Sarah: She's just trying to get inside your head, Brandon.

Brandon: Look, all I'm saying is that there are some things to this story that aren't making sense. Maybe we should just try and understand before beliving anything.

Coco: Fine. That makes sense but I'm still willing to bet she commited a crime back then.

Sarah: I don't know what you're hoping to find but you probably won't find it.

Brandon: The best thing we can do is retrace her steps.

Coco: To a story that she lied about.

Brandon: We have both stories. We just have to find the points where they're both the same.

Sarah: And where's that?

Brandon: Somewhere around here, hopefully. Come on.

Coco: What about my ship?

Sarah, adding to Coco's statement: And getting caught.

Brandon: Relax. It's not going anywhere. And we've got permission for the king, himself, to look around.

The team walk off and the scene transitions to a room with shuttle pods, similar to the one Jenny was found in, lined up against the wall.

Coco: The escape pod room. Well, shuttle room, really.

Sarah: What do you expect to find in here?

Brandon: Hopefully a clue to solving the missing parts of the story.

Sarah: Brandon, look. I understand that you care about Jenny but you have to understand that maybe some things just aren't what they appear to be.

Brandon: I just need to know for myself, Sarah.

Brandon walks away from Sarah and leans against the doorway of the shuttle room. He looks up slightly then completely as if he just saw something. In the hallways of the kingdom, a hooded figure is seen wondering around with a long weapon in his hands. He then walks past a wall, disappearing from view.

Brandon: DId you just see that?

Coco: What are you talking about?

Brandon: I think someone's in danger. Come on!

Brandon runs out of the shuttle room, after the hooded figure.

Sarah: Brandon, wait!

Coco and Sarah chase after him. The scene then cuts to the hooded figure positioned in one of the towers. He leans against the ledge, aiming his blaster rifle. Through the scope, King Ja'Nor is seen talking with Ja'Nene.

Hooded Figure: You're all mine...

The hooded figure is about to pull the trigger when he looks up, sensing/hearing something. He turns and sees Brandon approaching him. Brandon kicks him away from the ledge, knocking the hooded figure onto the tower floor. The hooded figure then drops the rifle and pulls out a smaller blaster. Brandon, surprised, quickly activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. The hooded figure shoots but the shots are blocked by Rocks' arm.

Rocks: ROCKS!

The hooded figure looks surprised but quickly gets over it by pulling out a knife from his side pocket and flipping it in his hand.

Rocks, cracking his knuckles: Really? A knife? You're gonna have to do better than that.

The hooded figure grunts then dashes for Rocks. Rocks strikes at the hooded figure but the figure slides under his punching arm and slices at his side, actually cutting through his durable skin.

Rocks, holding his side: Ack!

The hooded figure circles around Rocks, slicing at his other side and his leg. Rocks drops to his knees, using his arm to hold his side while keeping his hand on the other side. Rocks looks up and sees the hooded figure about to slash at his face. Rocks then fires a boulder from his other arm which hits the hooded figure into the ledge of the tower, causing him to drop the knife off the ledge. Rocks then regenerates, healing the slices and stands up. The hooded figure gets from the ledge and looks at Rocks.

Hooded figure: That was my favorite knife.

Rocks: How are you anyways?

Hooded figure: You don't need to know, Shape Shifter.

The hooded figure pulls out a blaster from his other side pocket and fires at Rocks, causing Rocks to move back with each shot. Rocks then creates a rock wall, between him and the blasts. The hooded figure then drops his smaller blaster and grabs his blaster rifle quickly. He then re-positions himself, with King Ja'Nor back in his scope view. Rocks then grabs the hooded figure from behind causing him to miss the shot.

Rocks: Got you! You won't be shooting anyone this time, whoever you are.

Hooded figure: You think so? (chuckles)

The hooded figure then drops a small metal sphere at Rocks' feet. The sphere then detonates, causing a small explosion that throws Rocks back. The hooded figure then drops from the ledge. Rocks gets up and goes to the ledge. He looks down and sees the hooded figure, activating some type of glider and gliding away from the tower. Coco and Sarah then make their way to the tower.

Sarah: What happened?

Rocks: An assassin. And he got away too.

Rocks transforms back into Brandon. Ko'Zel then walks in through the doorway.

Brandon: Ko'Zel. I'm so glad you're here. There was a-

Ko'Zel then grabs Brandon's head, causing him to pass out.

Coco: What did you-?!

Suddenly, two more patrollers enter the tower and grab Coco and Sarah's heads from behind, making them pass out as well.

Synthenian Patroller: Sir, what now?

Ko'Zel: Place them in the holding chambers. I will deal with this personally.

The Synthenian Patrollers take the team away while Ko'Zel looks at the blaster rifle at the tower floor. The scene then transitions to the Control Hub throne room. Ko'Zel enters the throne room and sees the Patrollers moving out a female dressed similarly to King Ja'Nor on some type of stretcher. Ko'Zel then moves over to King Ja'Nor and Ja'Nene who are seated on the steps to the throne.

Ko'Zel: King Ja'Nor. The Queen. Is she-

King Ja'Nor: Queen Ja'Eve is stable but it is still dire.

Ja'Nene: This would not have happened if you have been patrolling like you should have been.

King Ja'Nor: Enough, Ja'Nene. This is not Ko'Zel's doing.

Ko'Zel: It may not be, King Ja'Nor, but I know who is behind this attack.

King Ja'Nor: Who?

Ko'Zel: The Humans, King Ja'Nor.

Ja'Nene: That is not true. They would not do such a thing.

Ko'Zel: Prehaps, they wanted to use your new found royality to their advantage.

King Ja'Nor: It matters not. An attack like this will not be accepted.

Ko'Zel: I already have them confined.

Ja'Nene: Father, you must not allow this.

King Ja'Nor: I know how much they mean to you, Ja'Nene, but if this truly happened than I must believe that something is not right.

Ja'Nene: Who do you trust more, father? Your commander or your own daughter?

King Ja'Nor: A daughter than fleed from her family? You still did not explain yourself.

Ja'Nene: I constantly do but you refuse to believe me.

King Ja'Nor: It is because you have nothing to worry about, Ja'Nene. Now, I will check on your mother. (getting up from the steps and going to Ko'Zel) You are in charge of watching the Humans.

Ko'Zel nods as King Ja'Nor leaves the Control Hub.

Ja'Nene: I know that you are up to your tricks, Ko'Zel.

Ko'Zel, turning to face Ja'Nene: I have no idea what you are referring to.

Ja'Nene: I think you do.

Ko'Zel looks around then approaches Ja'Nene.

Ko'Zel: There are some things that your under-developed mind can not come to understand, child.

Ja'Nene: I am still royality, Ko'Zel. You will address me as Princess Ja'Nene.

Ko'Zel: Princess Ja'Nene... or scavenger Jenny?

Ja'Nene: Watch your tongue, Ko'Zel.

Ko'Zel: As you wish... Princess Ja'Nene.

Ko'Zel then leaves the Control Hub with Ja'Nene remaining on the steps to the throne. The scene then cuts over to the holding cells where the team are seen in a cell, blocked by a field similar to the ones used on the squadron ships.

Brandon: I can't believe they think I'm the assassin.

Coco: We've been over this, dude. It's a mistake. They'll catch the real guy eventually.

Brandon: Eventually is the keyword. Seriously, this place is massive. He could be anywhere.

Sarah: Then we'll go after him ourselves. I'm sure King Ja'Nor will listen to us like he did in the Control Hub. They will know that we are telling the truth and when they do, they'll let us go.

Brandon: I guess so.

The door to the holding cells then opens and Ko'Zel walks in. He then stops before the team's cell.

Brandon: Ko'Zel. Listen, there's been some sort of mistake.

Ko'Zel: Of course there was.

Coco: What? You don't believe him? Use your psyhic powers and you'll know we're not lying.

Ko'Zel: Yes, that will come later on. I see good use for all three of you, Humans, so I will let you go. After the reconditioning.

Sarah: Reconditioning.

Ko'Zel: Why yes. I believe your minds are tainted so they must be cleansed to how we see fit.

Brandon: That doesn't sound ideal.

Ko'Zel: Oh but it is.

Ko'Zel turns to a Synthenian patroller and nods. The patroller then uses a control panel by turning one of the dials towards the left. The suspension barrier then intensifies causing the team to drop to their knees and hold their heads.

Ko'Zel: I would stay and watch over the reconditioning but I have work that must be done elsewhere. (to the patroller) Watch them.

Synthenian Patroller, maintaining controls: Yes, sir.

Ko'Zel then leaves the holding cells while the patroller increases the frequency of the reconditioning beam. The team start yelling out, still holding their heads. The door is heard again causing the patroller to turn his head. A short yell is heard before the patroller is hit by a telekinetic force. A pale yellow hand then turns the dial to the right, deactivating the reconditioning beam. The same hand then presses a button, removing the suspension field. Ja'Nene then runs inside the cell, helping up Brandon.

Ja'Nene: Are you alright?

Brandon: Jenny?

Ja'Nene: I'm here. I'm here.

Brandon: What are you doing here?

Ja'Nene: I'm getting you out of here.

Ja'Nene sets Brandon against the wall and helps up Sarah. Brandon then gets off from the wall, holding his head. He then grabs Sarah who Ja'Nene hands to him. Ja'Nene then uses her telekinesis to lift Coco.

Ja'Nene: We need to go before the patrollers get here.

Brandon: Where are we going?

Ja'Nene: An escape route that I used to leave the kingdom before I left the planet.

They all make it to a wall in the hallways of the kingdom. Ja'Nene then places her hand on the wall causing it to slide open with her telepathy, revealing a pathway.

Ja'Nene: Use this and escape.

Brandon: What about you?

Ja'Nene: I have to stay here. Go. Now.

Ja'Nene pushes Brandon and the team through the passageway and closes the wall behind them. The Synthenian Patrol Force then arrives, surrounding Ja'Nene. The scene then cuts to the squadron ship flying over a broken vent. There is a spotlight underneath the ship, beaming down on the vent.

Synthenian Patroller, flying the squadron ship: I can not locate them, sir.

Ko'Zel, over the communicator: You must. They are a threat to the throne.

Synthenian Patroller, flying the squadron ship: I will, sir.

The squadron ship the flies around. In the distance, the team is seen watching the squadron ship.

Coco: We'll have to keep moving to avoid being spotted.

Sarah: Where are we anyways? Some type of desert?

Brandon: Ja'Nene mentioned scavengers before.

Brandon looks around and sees dirty versions of the native people, wearing clothing made from scraps and garbage, walking around, scavenging things from heaps from technological waste and trash.

Brandon, continuing: I guess this is where they hang out...

Coco: Speaking of which, why did she save us?

Brandon: Maybe she was right and wants to help us.

Sarah: She's a criminal, Brandon. And technically, we're criminals too. Her helping us could be her plan to make us look even more like criminals.

Coco: Look, whatever is happening, I say we lay low out here until the coast is clear then find a way back inside the kingdom, get the Interceptor and get off this planet as soon as possible.

Brandon: Not until I find out for myself.

Sarah: You need to let this go, Brandon.

Brandon, getting slightly fustrated: Sarah, would you just- (noticing something) Wait...

Brandon then sees the hooded assassin near a firepit, opening a crate and pulling out his blaster rifle.

Brandon: It's the assassin I was talking about.

Coco and Sarah turn and see the hooded assassin by the fire.

Coco: We should take him out while he's distracted.

Brandon: This guy is professional.

Sarah: So we can't just let him see us coming.

Brandon: Or maybe we can.

The scene then transitions to the hooded assassin by the fire. A scavenger approaches the fire. The assassin grabs his blaster rifle quickly, noticing the scavenger. The scavenger then passes by the fire and goes through some garbage. The assassin then drops his rifle and turns his attention to the fire.

Scavenger: You got any scraps?

Assassin: What?

Scavenger, not looking, going through garbage: Do you got any scraps?

Assassin: No. I don't. (returns attention to fire)

Suddenly, Gasadactyl flies from overhead and drops down towards the assassin. The assassin notices this and grabs his blaster rifle. The scavenger, however, grabs the rifle and breaks the tip off. The assassin puts his hand to his head.

Assassin, in thought: This is the assassin, I am-

Sarah: Confusa Vertigine!

The assassin then wobbles over, holding his head.

Assassin, holding his head: Uh! I can't concentrate! What- What did you do to me?

Sarah: Vertigo spell.

Gasadactyl then lands next to Sarah and the Scavenger.

Gasadactyl: Nice work, Scavenger.

Scavenger: Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.

The scavenger removes his outfit, revealing a metallic Coco underneath.

Coco, removing his metallic form: Just don't tell me to touch garbage again.

Coco removes all of the weapons from the assassin.

Coco: Alright he should be good.

Gasadactyl then lifts up the assassin and pins him against the wall.

Sarah: Manifestum Retrahitur!

The assassin then shakes his head, snapping out of the vertigo effect.

Gasadactyl: Talk. Who sent you and why did you frame us?

Assassin: Please. I am a professional. You think I haven't been a situation like this before?

Coco: Probably not. If someone wanted to take out the king, it's gotta be someone on this planet which means they're smart. Heck, even the hobos here are building their cardboard houses with refined metal substances. So a smart person with a lot of power who can hire an assassin would probably want one that doesn't fail.

Assassin: And I don't.

Sarah: What do you call this? Practice?

Assassin: I call this a minor setback. You wouldn't kill me. I know your style. Men like you die trying to do the right thing because they couldn't bother to finish me off. And I've adjusted to every type of pain I know.

Gasadactly opens his beak, letting out a small cloud of gas into the assassin's face. The assassin then coughs severly times.

Gasadactyl: Something tells me you weren't expecting this. Talk or we'll find out what you ate for the past week.

Assassin: Okay! Okay! Stop, the smell! It's unbarable.

Gasadactyl closes his beak.

Assassin: I was hired to take out King Ja'Nor so that his second in command could take the throne but you showed up so I did the next best thing. Frame you and hide out until I'm ready to take out the high class for real this time. Ko'Zel never prepared me for shape shifting scavengers.

Gasadactyl: Ko'Zel sent you?

Coco: Looks like Jenny was right this whole time.

Assassin: Doesn't matter. I was on a private telepathic channel with Ko'Zel and his Patrol Force. Now that I stopped reporting, they'll have to bail on the plan and move straight to taking the crown. So what now? You're going to tie me up and leave me here?

Gasadactly: Something like that.

Gasadactly lets the assassin go and Coco strikes him in the face, knocking him out.

Coco: Boy, I'm glad this guy wasn't a Bounty Hunter. (shakes fist)

Sarah: We have to stop Ko'Zel from taking over the kingdom.

Coco: Yeah but every cop on this planet will be after us and they're all corrupt anyways.

Sarah: Not to mention that they're all telepathic and have telekinesis. They can not only overpower us but kill us in the process.

Brandon: So we're going to need something corrupt and telepathic in order to get to the throne room.

Coco: You got an idea?

Brandon: Yeah but you guys are not gonna like it.

The scene then transitions to a medical room where Queen Ja'Eve is seen, being tended to by medics. King Ja'Nor is seated nearby, watching her. Ko'Zel enters the room. King Ja'Nor gets up and goes to Jo'Zel.

King Ja'Nor: Have you located the Humans responsible yet?

Ko'Zel: Not as yet, King Ja'Nor, but I had just learned of an assassin that they have appointed to intentionally harm you. He will not stop until you are destroyed.

King Ja'Nor: What do you propose I do, Ko'Zel?

Ko'Zel: I propose that you move into hiding and appoint your power to someone you know well enough, King Ja'Nor. Until the crisis at hand is taken well care of, of course.

King Ja'Nor: That would make sense. I trust you well, Ko'Zel, but what about my daughter?

Ko'Zel: With all due respect, King Ja'Nor, your daughter has not applied herself to our rules.

King Ja'Nor: That is also true. Very well. We will have a ceremony tonight. Prepare the Control Hub. But, please, bring the princess as well. As tradition, both members of the royal family are present but with Queen Ja'Eve unable to move around the kingdom at this moment in time, I request Ja'Nene to take her place.

Ko'Zel: Very well, sir. As long as the cermony continues as planned.

King Ja'Nor nods and Ko'Zel leaves the medical chambers, smirking. The scene then cuts to later on, with the cermony set. King Ja'Nor is seen by the throne, which is now facing the steps rather than the view. Ja'Nene is at the left side, held by the Synthenian Patrol Force, wearing a royal purple uniform similar to her father's. There are also a few Synthenian Citiziens on the right side of the Control Hub. There are these tubs filled with a blue liquid, three by the throne and one on each side of the Hub. Ko'Zel walks down the carpet towards the throne, dressed in a royal purple uniform like Ja'Nene.  King Ja'Nor: Let the cermony commence.

Music starts playing from a band, mixed with the citizens, with alien instruments. Ko'Zel continues to approach the throne. A figure is seen climbing up the wall in the background, out of sight. It jumps onto a ledge and makes its way down it. The figure then stops at one part and pulls out what looks like a blaster rifle. The figure leans in, revealing that he's the assassin from earlier.

King Ja'Nor: I, King Ja'Nor, now surrender my rights as King of the Kingdom. Ko'Zel will now complete the cermony.

Ko'Zel reaches for one of the tubs but a small bang occurs, frightening the people.

Ko'Zel: What is the meaning of this?!

King Ja'Nor, pointing: It is the assassin!

The assassin, knowing he's been spotted, leaps from the ledge to the other. He aims again with his blaster rifle and another spark goes off next to Ko'Zel.

Ko'Zel: Synthenian Patrol Force! Capture the Assassin!

The Synthenian Patrol Force, letting go of Ja'Nene, comes forth and uses their telekinesis, as one force to thrown down the assassin from the ledge and onto the ground. They then lift him up and reel him in, holding him.

King Ja'Nor: A job well done, Synthenian Patrol Force. The assassin was planning to stop the cermony.

Ko'Zel closes his eyes.

Ko'Zel, telepathically: Assassin. What are you doing? I thought we had an argreement.

Assassin, telepathically: Don't worry. We still have our argreement.

Ko'Zel then opens his eyes, smirking quickly.

Ko'Zel: Tell me, assassin. Why did the Humans hire you to dispose of me? You have nowhere else to go so you should just speak truthfully.

Ko'Zel turns and walks away from the assassin, looking at one of the tubs where the citizens used to be before they fleed.

Assassin: The Humans didn't hire me. You did, Ko'Zel.

Everyone looks surprised by this comment, including Ko'Zel. Ko'Zel turns around and storm towards the assassin.

Ko'Zel: What are you talking about, assassin?!

Assassin: The Humans tried to stop me and I wasn't ready for that. Luckily I got away. Being attacked by heroes doesn't cover what you're paying me, Ko'Zel.

Ko'Zel: Someone in the kingdom must be attempting to set me up for this criminal act, King Ja'Nor. I do not even own the means to pay this assassin.

Assassin: Maybe that's why this didn't work out for you. Because you couldn't pay the 100,000 credits.

Ko'Zel: What are you talking about? We agreed to 50,000 credits.

Ko'Zel then realizes what he said.

Assassin: Yes. Yes, you did.

The assassin removes his hooded cloak, revealing that he was actually Telecraft this whole time. Coco and Sarah exit from their hiding places.

Ko'Zel: What is this? You're not the assassin.

Telecraft: No. We faked the assassination in order to reveal yourself in front of everyone. Ko'Zel is the only person with a reason to have King Ja'Nor assassinated and access to leave the planet and hire an assassin without being monitored by your telepathic scans.

King Ja'Nor: Ko'Zel, is this true?

Ko'Zel: Yes. It is.

King Ja'Nor: I trusted you with the throne, Ko'Zel.

Ko'Zel: That is what made it easy. Your daughter leaving the planet was what delayed my plans.

King Ja'Nor: So Ja'Nene was right after all. (turning to Ja'Nene) Daughter, forgive me.

Ja'Nene: I do, father.

Ko'Zel: It matters not. I still have the chance to seize my power.

Ko'Zel runs to one of the tubs and places his hands in the liquid. Telecraft goes after him but Ko'Zel turns around and blasts Telecraft with a powerful telepathic force, knocking him into a collumn.

Ko'Zel: My abilities are no longer limited to my own mind. Now I will conquer the minds of everyone in this kingdom.

Ko'Zel starts creating dark images of monstrous alien creatures.

Ko'Zel: Behold! The terrifying Arkou!

The dark images of the Arkous charge for the Synthenian Patrol Force, Ja'Nene runs away but the Synthenian Patrollers are paralyzed with fear. Telecraft then uses his telekinesis to break apart the collumn and create a barrier between the Patrollers and the dark images. The barrier knocks over one of the tubs, spilling the blue liquid onto the floor and Ja'Nene. Coco absorbs the material from one of the collumns and strikes Ko'Zel from behind but Ko'Zel throws Coco uses his telekinesis, knocking over the other tub, spilling the liquid onto the floor and Ja'Nene as well. Ja'Nene gets up from the floor and goes up the steps. She exhales then closes her eyes. She then places her hands into each of the tubs by the throne. When she opens her eyes, they become brighter than ever. Ko'Zel is now surrounded by a manfestation of mental energy, making him appear bigger. Ko'Zel grabs Telecraft who transforms back into Brandon.

Ko'Zel: You made this happen, Human! So now I will destroy you, myself!

Ko'Zel is about to strike Brandon but a bright pink light overcomes him.

Echoing Voice: Enough!

Everyone turns and sees Ja'Nene floating above the throne, glowing in bright pink energy. Her body looks like it is made of mental energy.

Ko'Zel: You won't be able to stop, Ja'Nene.

Ja'Nene: Wrong! I have the powers of the planet itself. You have caused nothing but harm to my friends and family and for that you will be punished.

Ja'Nene then fires a beam of telepathic energy at Ko'Zel, making him drop Brandon and hold his head. Brandon lands on the floor. Coco helps him up. They both look up and sees Ko'Zel mental energy form diminish until only Ko'Zel remains on the floor of the Control Hub. Ja'Nene flies over to Ko'Zel and lands next to him. She summons a ball of telekinetic force in her hand.

Ko'Zel: Go on then. Finish me. I deserve a worthy death.

Ja'Nene is about to do it but seems to be struggling. She looks up and sees Brandon looking at her. She looks at him, a tear running down her face. She then slams the force against the floor, spreading throughout the room, injuring no one. Ja'Nene then slowly reverts back to her Human appearance.

Ja'Nene: Today I acted on impulses that weren't my own (looks at Brandon) and I'm glad I did. (turning back to Ko'Zel) Otherwise, you would have been dead already. Patrollers, take him to the holding cells.

The Synthenian Patrollers then take Ko'Zel and remove him from the Control Hub.

Ja'Nene: I apologise, father. The throne is yours again.

King Ja'Nor: I can not, Ja'Nene. I have given up my power as King of Synthenia, you now have that power.

Ja'Nene: What do you mean?

Ja'Nor: You have completed the cermony that Ko'Zel was unable to complete which means that you are now Ruler of Synthenia. But you have also broken one of the many rules that we live by. You changed.

Ja'Nene: Oh.

Brandon: What does he mean "you changed"?

Ja'Nene: Remember when I changed for you, Brandon? When I became Human?

Brandon: Yeah. It was a mental image to make you look like a Human.

Ja'Nene: It was but since I kept that image for this long, I actually started to believe I... I was Human. The cermony increases your beliefs, it gives you the power of every mind on the planet. With power like that, one could change who they are, physically. I'm like you now. I'm Human.

Ja'Nor: Now you have to choose.

Ja'Nene: I know, father. I know.

Brandon: Choose?

Ja'Nene: This is the first time anything like this has ever happened but our people still took it into consideration. If the ruler of Synthenia has broken a rule but possesses the power, they have a choice.

Ja'Nor: They can either stay on the planet as ruler or banish themselves and find another world.

Brandon: That doesn't really sound like a choice.

Ja'Nene: Not to you but it is to me. If I banish myself, I will stay Human, I can travel with you and the team again. We can continue helping people and saving worlds.

Brandon: Well that's great.

Ja'Nene: But I can also stay here as ruler. I will become a Synthenian again with a chance to explore my abilities and make change to not only the kingdom but the world. Change that is needed for our people to unite as one.

Brandon: Now I see why it's a choice for you.

Ja'Nene: Yeah...

Brandon: Look, Ja'Nene, I can't tell you what choice to make. That's your decision and I respect you for whatever choice you make. When you crash landed on Earth, I felt a need to protect you. That you were my responsibility and that need drove me to making sure that you were still who I thought you were but now I realize that you're better than that. You don't need me anymore and that's fine because you'll still be the person I know, no matter what.

Ja'Nene: Which is why I'm deciding to stay behind. Synthenia needs me.

Brandon: Right...

Ja'Nene: I'll always be here, Brandon, if you want to visit me later on but just know that you'll always be here (points to her head) for me. I just wish I really told you how I feel about y-

Brandon grabs Ja'Nene's head and kisses her. He then lets go and backs away. Ja'Nene looks slightly surprised by this.

Brandon: You'll make a great ruler, Ja'Nene. (smiles)

Brandon and the team then leave the Control Hub. Ja'Nene then smiles.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Jenny returns to her home planet and decides to remain there.
  • Jenny becomes the Ruler of Synthenia.

Minor Events

  • The team visit the Cortux system for the first time.
  • Jenny becomes Human at one point.
  • Brandon and Jenny kiss for the first time.


  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • Jenny/Ja'Nene
  • King Ja'Nor (First Appearance)
  • Queen Ja'Eve (First Appearance)
  • Synthenian Patrol Force (First Appearance)
  • Synthenian Citizens (First Appearance)
  • Synthenian Scavengers (First Appearance)


  • Ko'Zel (First Appearance)
  • Assassin (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • This episode serves as the second part of the Season 3 finale, with this episode mainly being an end to Jenny's overall arc.
  • Telecraft's species and home world is revealed and visited off screen.
  • One way the episode could have turned out was that the team arrive on Synthenia to discover that Ko'Zel already took over the throne and the entire episode would be trying to get the King his power back but the twist would be that Ja'Nene takes the power instead, providing a similar ending.
  • Jenny leaves the team and becomes ruler of Synthenia, reducing the team back to three.
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