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Revelation is the twelfth episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open outside of the Null Void variety of Incarceron. We pan inside and rush down the hall until we reach the cells starting with "V" in their labels. Guards arrive at several of the cells and force people out of their cells. The prisoners wear their handcuffs, but the sound of cuffs being removed is heard audibly well down the hall. We look into the cell labelled "V32". We take on the perspective of the prisoner inside V32. As a guard arrives at his cell, we're walked out.]

V32 (croaky voice): Where are you taking me?
Guard: Dining Hall.

The guard rushes us to the dining hall. The room's fluorescent lights are built into the unreachable ceiling, preventing them from being broken and in some way used as weapons. We're moved over to the line for our food where our guard removes our handcuffs. We do not attempt anything, staying in line despite a somewhat good opportunity at knocking out the guard. Our stature is great compared to the guard, who even human-sized is short to us. We arrive at the rotund Incursion chefs behind bulletproof glass. When food is ready for someone, an area of the glass slides open for the prisoner to take their food. V32 requests some mush, which is separated into its different colors across the tray it is laid on.

Incursion Chef: You like this stuff?
V32: It's a delicacy on my planet.
Incursion Chef: Oh yeah? What planet are you from?
V32: Not one destroyed in war.

We turn away from the Incursion and head out of the exit of the line. The chef stares at us as we walk away, requiring a guard to snap his fingers in front of him to refocus his attention. Without taking a second thought about it, we seat ourselves at an empty table. He is careful to lay his tray on the table in a way that none of the food slips out. He seats himself on one of two benches lined up on either side of the rectangular table surface. We look down at the table, noticing some of our green clothing that replaces our once thick armor. Pressing down on a section of the table immediately next to our tray, the proper utensils are dropped into our hands. We begin eating our food. As we do so, our peripheral vision sheds light on someone heading for our table. We slow down our speed of eating, despite the fact that we are eating one of the rarest of foods on our home planet. The alien seats itself next to us. Our immediate response to this is letting go of our utensils and grabbing the intruder by their skin, due to the fact that they do not wear clothing. We look up at the face of this alien to find the face of a glowing purple Galvanic Mechamorph.

Mechamorph: Be careful; I'm a friend.
V32: I have no friends.
Mechamorph: Alright, we share a mutual contact.
V32: Who?
Mechamorph: Commander Tersce. I have something to discuss with you.
V32: Go on...
Mechamorph: I know who you are; I've been waiting for you to be arrested since your early offenses. Some of the rest of my pals in here have been watching you for years. We were almost certain you were going to get inside a few years ago, back when we were planning to include you on the plan. What they don't know is I've abandoned them--well, most of them--because I heard you were inside.
V32: Get on with the point.
Mechamorph: I am the former General of the Mother System; the name's Malevolence. I had my throne stolen from me by a lowly Mechamorph and his alien pals. That Mechamorph is leading that system, and I want my crown back.
V32: What does this have to do with me?
Malevolence/Mechamorph: There's a payout involved. Get my throne back, I reap the Mother System for a fifth of all of the currencies circulating.
V32: I don't want money.
Malevolence: Any currency.
V32: I don't need money. I lost my throne as well, yet all my useful possessions have been confiscated. I put up a fight and lost.
Malevolence: That's what we have in common. I want to help you get your things back, and so does my friend. Join me, Vilgax, Conqueror of 10 Worlds.

V32, or Vilgax, squints at Malevolence, still held in his hands, as he makes his decision.

[On Earth, our view is taken to just inside a home. We are immediately behind a gray door in a fairly dark house. The doorbell rings. Our view is shifted to outside, zoomed fairly closely into the door where we observe the shadows of five people standing before it. The door slowly opens, creating mechanical sounds as it opens smoothly. The shadows belonging to these people head into the house, and down a flight of steps straight ahead from the door. It is the only lit area of the house. Downstairs, we find a room filled with inventions, blueprints, and TVs. Three of the five shadows appear over the steps downstairs. The people belonging to them head inside. They reveal themselves to be Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. Chelsey and Julie creep down the steps behind them.]

Ben: Where is he?
Gwen: Maybe he's not home.
Kevin: The guy's always home.

Suddenly, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are all tapped on the shoulder at once. They flip around, with Chelsey and Julie beginning to explore the tech-filled domain. The three turn around to find a robotic version of Cooper, appearing to have been made only of scrap metal. This Cooper differs from the real one in one way that stands more than any other--he has four arms, three of which he had used to find the people in the lab. The robot stares at the three for a moment, its robotic eye visibly zooming in on parts of their bodies. It stops analyzing them and raises its hands in the air. Just before it lands down on Gwen, the thick arms of one of Ben's alien arrives it to prevent any damage.

NRG: NRG! Cooper, we're your friends! Shut this attack dog down! The robot immediately puts all its weight into NRG as it shuts down. Oh, duh! He stops holding the robot back and lets it fall right on the floor. Upon doing so, the pieces of scrap metal transform into small scrap metal rats. They rush back in the direction of the darkness. Out from the shadows comes Cooper, whose head is leaned because the ceiling is a bit short for him.
Cooper: Hey, guys. Sorry about the trouble; still working out the kinks on that thing. At least the escape transformation works, right?
NRG: Err, right...NRG reverts to human.
Cooper: So what are you guys here for?
Gwen: We thought you could help us on a little--
Cooper: Wait. He puts his hand up, indicating his request for Gwen to stop speaking. I don't need Gwen to lay it down for me, guys. I've got a girlfriend. Plus, I'm pretty sure Kevin's uncomfortable with it now that I'm not that chubby little kid.
Kevin: You implying I'm threatened by you?
Cooper: I didn't say that, Kevin.
Kevin: Good...
Cooper: Now...His eyes glow blue as he builds something in the shadows behind him. A chair comes out of the shadows which he seats himself on upon its arrival. What are you guys here for?
Ben: We want you to join our team.
Cooper: I thought I was already a part.
Ben: Well, we need a definite team, people who are going to join us in the final fight, whenever that is.
Cooper: Depends. What are we fighting for?
Gwen: The 10 Squad, as Ben is calling it, is fighting against the Thep Khufans. He believes--
Ben: Ahem!
Gwen: Err, *we* believe that the Thep Khufans are a threat to Earth, that the leader of their army has something planned for us. He's been teaming up with Elena Validus, Albedo, and a Thep Khufan named...
Ben: Scarogus.
Gwen: Who nearly killed Ben.
Ben: Pfft, he just had a lucky shot.
Kevin: A lucky shot that nearly put you out of the game.
Cooper: Before you guys start a fight in my lab, I'd like to agree to this. Not the first time I've been inducted into something just for my powers. You know, it only took about a year of researching aliens for the Plumbers to hail me to go to training. After what happened with the DNAliens, I just had to do it.
Kevin: Fascinating. Now he's joined, let's go.
Cooper: I'd respect your friend's decision, Ben. I'm quite busy myself.
Gwen: We'll leave you be, Cooper.
Cooper: Alright. And no hard feelings, Gwen?
Gwen (awkwardly, using peripheral vision to sight Kevin looking in her direction): Uhh, yeah, no hard feelings.
Cooper: Alright. Bye guys. In his chair, he turns to a table in the room. He puts large metal gloves on his hands and begins assembling something.
Gwen: Before we go, can we ask something?
Cooper (blue eyed, still assembling something): If it doesn't require any more brain power than I'm already using to answer, sure.
Gwen: Why are you using that chair?
Cooper: You saw how I have to bend my head when I'm here; it's better off I stay in a chair where I won't have to break my neck for the amount of time I'm down here.
Kevin: Alright, all questions answered. Let's go!
Ben: Okay, okay. Chelsey, Julie, c'mon.

Chelsey and Julie emerge from the shadows with scrap metal rats in their hands. As they approach the team and nearly head up the steps, the rats hop out of the two's hands and back into the shadows. The two sigh as they head upstairs behind Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. They almost silently close the door to outside. As they walk out into the late night, the thin crescent moon shining down upon upon them, they have their own conversations. Gwen and Chelsey, who had been having a conversation only with each other, stop talking, abruptly holding the team back by standing absolutely still. After a few seconds of standing absolutely still, both of them speak a spell, their eyes glowing pink with the mana surging through them.

Gwen/Chelsey (Gwen's voice trailing a single syllable behind): Thrasius!

A large mana barrier is made around the team. A second after its creation, areas of it are reinforced, being transformed into tough hexagonal pieces. Less than a second more, and a large ship comes crashing down from the sky, landing right on the sidewalk, with a pit being created from across the street to halfway through the lawn of the Daniels residence. Fire is laid in much of the area. Still holding tightly onto their conjoined spell, Gwen and Chelsey move the shield, which is now somewhat of a ball due to the fact that it is floating, over to what remains of the lawn. They lay down the barrier, causing the hexagonal pieces to revert to more circular shapes until the bubble finally begins to fade away.

Chelsey: Someone check inside that thing! Ben immediately chooses a course of action, transforming into the metallic Obsorber and arming himself with a mace in place of his right hand. At the same time, Kevin charges for some material to absorb off the side of the Daniels' home.
Kevin/Obsorber (simultaneously): I'm on it! The two look at each other, both attempting to find a way to settle who's going to check the ship, when suddenly Julie rushes past. As she's running, her Galvanic Mechamorph armor grows from her feet up to her neck, where a helmet grows over her head.
Julie (as she is running and transforming): Too slow! She rushes for a nearby fire hydrant, uses one hand to control the power of water flow, and effectively puts out all of the fire around the ship. Both Obsorber and Kevin head for the ship and begin to tear apart pieces of the ship in search of a body.

[The front door of the Daniels home is thrown open. Chelsey, and Gwen watch the person exiting the home. We take the perspective just behind their shoes, where we watch Kevin helping Obsorber remove the body of a female Kineceleran in Plumber garbs from the ship. With noticeable injuries lying on the Kineceleran's face, Julie gives way of the weight of her human body and transforms into just her helmet. She plops herself, a helmet, onto the Kineceleran's head and begins healing her. Obsorber and Kevin begin to realize who's at the door, with Julie just trailing behind as her ability to see in the person's direction is only gained as her head, which is shaped like her human self's but with Mechamorph patterns replacing all hair and skin, is poked out of the helmet's face mask. Our perspective is transferred to an overall view of the people on the Daniels lawn. Standing at the front doorway is Cooper, awestricken by the events.]

Cooper: Karin...


Part II

[We return to the Null Void variety of Incarceron. Vilgax has made up his mind, made his decision, in terms of Malevolence's offer. He releases Malevolence, allowing him to sit properly in the seat he's taken. As he is let go of, he reveals that the area of his body that Vilgax had been holding was made void of any skin so that Vilgax could not truly harm Malevolence.]

Vilgax: Clever...
Malevolence: Safety precaution; my other partner doubted how easily you would join us.
Vilgax: Partner? I thought you had disbanded.
Malevolence: With most of them, yes. I'm left with one. He reveals his right hand, along with its contents. Placing it on the table, he reveals a Galvan draped in blue robes. He appears to be very young. The Galvan jumps out of Malevolence's hands and onto the table. Malevolence returns his hand to his lap. This is the brains of our little operation, Slix.
Vilgax: A Galvan? Have you not solved the equation involving--
Slix: Involving making use of our surroundings to build an escape from this prison? I've gotten the question many times before from many of Malevolence's previous partners. The answer is no. That retched Galvan Azmuth had a part in the creation of this building, lending a great hand in its escape-proofing.
Vilgax: So we'll not be escaping?
Slix: Not going to happen.
Vilgax: Then why is my help needed? I've lost my world, my equipment; I'm as useless as the rest of my species. I can no longer bear the title of Conqueror of 10 Worlds, for my prizes are gone.
Slix: Boy, is that the greatest example of an understatement or what? Vilgax, you've got the fighting capacity of no other Chimera Sui Generis I've seen around here. Your kind never end up here, and what remains astounding is how you've managed to only be sent down here. Vilgax: I didn't put up enough of a fight. Slix: Not that. Of course, you didn't put up a great fight. The problem is that you were sent to the Null Void instead of the Incarceron lying in the middle of empty space. That is for the "hardcore" villains. You're the greatest example, having gone against even the Casey-Kelly Accords by returning to Earth--several times, might I add.
Vilgax: How do you know so much about me? I thought you were imprisoned for the last 2 years...
Slix: Malevolence has, but I've only been in here for the last two weeks. I was going to celebrate the Earth New Year with a bang, if you get me, but an ex-accomplice ratted me out to keep himself out of here. Bet you he's being tried right now, and that once he ends up on the inside he's going to blame me for it. But none of this reaches the point. We'll have escaped by the time he gets here, and while he rots here for life, talking it up about me. But this is all besides the point.
Vilgax: The point which you have managed to keep away from this whole conversation.
Slix: Yes...what I'm trying to get at is that we've found the location of both my assets and yours. The guards here leave newcomers' possessions in a sealed door on the other side of this rock.
Malevolence: I've been waiting for two years for you, Vilgax, to arrive so that you would help me get my group inside so we could attain our stuff and escape. I've got nothing in there, but you do, and so does Slix.
Slix: They're going to find a way to dispose of any and all weapons that can't be sold, tonight. While your things will likely get sold back to their respective owners--the original owners, my stuff'll end up tossed into the garbage.
Vilgax: So what are waiting for?
Malevolence: Just the right time. It all goes down in a few hours.

[Back on Earth, Ben and gang observe Cooper as he becomes involve in the accident outside.]

Obsorber: Please don't tell me...

Cooper rushes out of his home and removes Karin from her prior care in Obsorber's arms. Ben reverts to human and watches as Cooper begins his attempts to wake Karin. He lays her body down gently on what remains of the smooth lawn in front of his family's home.

Kevin: Do you two know each other?
Cooper: Karin's my girlfriend, Ben.
Ben: I knew it, didn't want it to be true, but I knew it.

Cooper's eyes begin to glow blue once more. His gloves float from downstairs in his lab outside to on his hands. His gloves begin to glow as well as he begins to control the wreckage of Karin's ship, creating a life tank for later containment of Karin's body. Before manually moving her in, he uses his powers to move Julie off of Karin's face. When Julie drops on the floor, still in her puddle-like form, Cooper begins to use more of the wreckage from the ship to make a laser-emitting device he points directly at Julie in her puddle form. Cooper begins to charge the laser up using his technopathy.

Ben: NOOO! He transforms into Humungousaur and rushes over to the laser as Cooper charges it. As Ben does this, Cooper loses control of the charge. His eyes cease to glow, and the laser fires, with Humungousaur pointing the device straight up into the sky.
Humungousaur: I really hope nothing hits this laser.

Cooper regains control of the laser and halts the charge.

Cooper: Tennyson! What are you doing?
Humungousaur (placing the device carefully on the other side of the street, facing it straight up into the sky in case it begins to emit a laser again): No, what are *you* doing? Are you trying to kill somebody?
Cooper: Just the Mechamorph parasite laying on Karin's face.
Humungousaur: That's not a parasite. Julie begins to regain control of her form. Her green patterns glow as she sighs. She reverts to her human shape, still draped in her Mechamorph armor, even her helmet. As soon as she is in her human shape, she begins to rub her head. That's my girlfriend.
Cooper: You never told me Julie was a technopath...
Humungousaur: She's not. He begins to walk back over to his friends. She's just fused with a Galvanic Mechamorph. Near his friends, he reverts to human.
Cooper: No matter; Apologies, Ms. Yamamoto. Please step away from Karin now.

As Julie steps away from Karin, Cooper uses his powers once more, with his eyes glowing a much brighter blue, by having arms grow out of his life tank. They grab Karin and place her comfortably in the life tank. He shields her using window made of the tough material used for the Plumber ship Karin had been flying. Continuing to utilize his powers, he moves the tank into the house and downstairs into his lab. Still standing before his friends, he halts the use of his powers.

Cooper: I'm sorry, guys, but I have work to do. Please leave.
Chelsey: May I stay? I can use my powers to--
Cooper: Please leave. As you can see, I have a lot of work to do. He heads into his house.
Chelsey: But--

Cooper shuts the door behind him. The whole team listens as a set of 5 locks are installed and set on the front door. We focus on Ben now, who had just been listening in on a news report through the Omnitrix.

Kevin: Forever Knights. Bellwood. Now.
Gwen: What? How do you know?
Ben: Were you just listening to the report?
Kevin: Yeah. Got this earpiece. He removes a single around-the-ear earpiece to show his friends, then places it back on. While Cooper was trying to get us to leave, I got a report for Bellwood, straight off a police radio.

Ben transforms into Rath.

Rath: RAAAAAAAAATH! PICK UP THE PACE, 10 SQUAD! Rath doesn't have time to waste if Cooper doesn't want 10 Squad! He faces the direction of Bellwood and begins to hop from rooftop to rooftop.
Gwen: Guess he's right. It's a rough time for Cooper; let's just go.
Chelsey: I guess...

Everyone takes a course of action to leave the area and head for Bellwood. Chelsey enters her full Anodite form and flies off after Rath; Julie creates a Mechamorph-patterned motorcycle underneath her on which she is able to jump and ride over buildings with, causing no property damage; Gwen and Kevin use a mana bridge which extends as they go.


Part III

[Back on the Null Void Incarceron, Vilgax has cleaned his tray and is dumping it in the trash. A guard taps him on the shoulder.]

Vilgax: What do you want, human scum?
Incarceron Guard: I'd have a little less tone in that, Vilgax. Now, you've been assigned to the courtyard for the next hour.
Vilgax: After which point I do what? Sleep?
Incarceron Guard: You get TV till it's time for dinner, then it's straight to bed with all of you. You only get the courtyard 3 times a week, so enjoy this.
Vilgax: What about the other days?
Incarceron Guard: Straight TV after lunch till dinner.
Vilgax: What a waste of time.
Incarceron Guard: You can simply be sent to the other Incarceron; I'm sure you'll do fine up there where it's "play time" all the time.
Vilgax: Hmm...I'll take the cake down here, human.
Incarceron Guard: Then get outside, now.

Vilgax, without turning his head to the guard, walks back to his table to speak with Malevolence and Slix.

Vilgax: I've been let outside, to the "courtyard."
Slix: Good, so have I. Malevolence has used up all his days for this week, though, so he won't be joining us.
Malevolence: I'll join you tomorrow, the beginning of the week. A flaw in the system, getting the last three days of the week, then the first three of the next, gives us 6 straight days of outside time.
Slix: And then a good 9 days of waiting for your next bit of time outside.
Malevolence: We're getting out tonight. It doesn't matter how many of these days we get.
Slix: Whatever. Villy, be a dear and be my transport outside.
Vilgax: How 'bout you be your own dear and find your own way outside, and while you're at it, figure out my name.

Vilgax heads outside on his own, leaving Slix angrily watching him leave. Outside, Vilgax is exposed to the somewhat clean air of the Null Void. There are walls towering around the rather small courtyard. On the court, there are several aliens engaged in differing activities better suited for each of their makeups. The humanoid beings are engaged mostly in human sports, while aliens who are not fit for these sports are engaged in alien activities that may involve transformation of their slimy shapeshifting bodies. Vilgax observes and analyzes everyone in the courtyard, including the guards posted not only on ground-based doors, but some who use jetpacks to guard a window through which the warden observes everyone. He is soon distracted by a tap on the left shoulder from a fairly small source. He turns around to find Slix, standing on a small hovering platform.

Vilgax: I see you found your way outside.
Slix: I see you found a way not to fall back on your wrong actions, Vilgax.
Vilgax: I pride myself in my name, at least, what remains of it.
Slix: Don't beat yourself up; you still have your title. You've conquered those worlds regardless of whether you don't have the spoils from those battles. The galaxy over knows about you, especially for your repeat disregard of the Casey-Kelly Accords. But also regardless of that, you're getting your stuff back tonight. Thanks to my unique brand of intelligence on this rock, we'll be getting out.
Vilgax: "Unique brand of intelligence"? You act as if you're the only Galvan in these cells.
Slix: You're going to have to realize that all Galvans who've made it here broke out the night they came. I met Malevolence the night I got here, and when I heard about you getting in here, I decided to break the habit of my predecessors and wait till you arrived. I needed your brawns, the kind that's unique around here.
Vilgax: There are far stronger beings on this rock.
Slix: Not here, but on the other Incarceron. Azmuth developed the guidelines to who belongs on which vessel, and your kind doesn't belong here. Your strength would work much better on the true Incarceron. Must've been a mistake that brought you here. That, or they thought you'd be extremely weak without your weapons.
Vilgax: A fabrication I'll be willing to prove as false tonight.
Slix: Precisely. Now you're getting it. Now, I'd like to apologize for getting off on the wrong foot. Didn't know you were the kind not to take kindly to epithets.
Vilgax: I do not.
Slix: So, all's patched up between us? We won't be seeing some betrayal tonight?
Vilgax: I believe so.
Slix: Good. And realize this, I'll know if you're going to betray me. I've been in this kinda business a long time. You don't live this long on sheer luck.
Vilgax (head turning as he speaks, returning to his avid analysis of every courtyard inhabitant): I guess s--He stops moving his head as his eyes augment immediately preceding squinting in the direction he's staring. ALBEDO!
Slix: What?

Vilgax rushes in the direction he was facing. As he is running, he reaches for where his sword is normally pocketed, but recalls its confiscation. He continues to run after someone in the distance. He stops running immediately behind a gray-haired male human in a red sweater, black jeans, and sneakers who is speaking to a Kineceleran and a Galvanic Mechamorph. Vilgax's shadow towers over the trio, at which point the Kineceleran and Mechamorph realize him. They run, while the human questions why they'd left. The human turns around to find Vilgax, confirming Vilgax's suspicions.

Vilgax: Albedo.
Albedo: Wha--where?!
Vilgax: Don't play games with me.
Albedo: Oh, wait, me? No, no, I'm not Albedo.
Vilgax: You either believe I'm blind or incredibly dim. I'm neither, and I see you right before me.
Albedo: No, I'm not Albedo. Albedo trapped me in his body. My name is Cyanne, I'm a Necrofriggian just in from the other Incarceron.
Vilgax: you do not recall our last encounter?
Cyanne Albedo: I'm not Albedo, so no. I'll do anything to get out of here, seek revenge on him, avenge my brother.
Vilgax: say you're a Necrofriggian.
Cyanne Albedo: Yeah, but don't expect me to be able to use my powers to get out of here. They're layers of the floors and walls that match Necrofriggian's visibility. While one part of the wall is always tangible, there's one part of the wall that's always intangible, so if we get past the tangible part, we smack right into the intangible layer.
Vilgax: How unfortunate. You could've been useful to us.
Cyanne Albedo: If you can get this device off my back, untag me, I'll be pretty useful. The guards put it on me, and it's the only thing keeping me out of this place. If you take it off, I can use my ability to freeze the tangible layer of the wall, then we can all break it down. Afterwards, we can all just jump through the intangible part, and I won't need to go intangible to do so.
Vilgax: A fair plan. You may come in handy with that mind of yours. Join my team; we're planning to escape tonight.
Cyanne Albedo: Escape? You better have a Galvan on this team; I heard they're the only kind that's ever escaped this place.
Vilgax: We do. You'll have no regrets about leaving your Kineceleran and Mechamorph friend behind?
Cyanne Albedo: A little, but I'll see them again. We've only known each other for a short time, but I feel we have what it takes to be best fr--
Vilgax: Okay, stop. There is no time to waste. A yes or no would have been fine.
Cyanne Albedo: Alright, alright, calm down there, Vilgax.
Vilgax: Ah, good, you know my name.
Cyanne Albedo: Who doesn't? In the last month, I've learned just about all I need to know about survival, and you're a prime example of someone who broke free of your species's norm. You've got unique abilities, you're a good leader, you want the best for your planet, yet you find time to conquer worlds and show your dominance. You're a role model to me, Vilgax.
Vilgax: You seem like you have a good life; don't head down a path you don't have to. Cyanne Albedo: I've gotten involved in all this. I have to head down this path now. I know too much.
Vilgax: Be ready for what you'll have to deal with in your future then.
Cyanne Albedo: Then I accept.
Vilgax: What?
Cyanne Albedo: The offer, I accept. I'll help you guys tonight, if you guys help me.
Vilgax: That can be arranged.

[We return to Earth. Through the perspective of Karin, we awaken inside a life tank. We scramble as we are unaware of how we'd gotten to where we are. We are in our human form, and there are tears that lie on our clothes. Our Plumber suit is missing, having been left with just our green shirt, white pants, and sneakers. We look at our hands and see that we are in our human form. There are cuts all along our hands. We attempt to transform but only make it half-way before reaching fatigue. Unable to escape through simply tearing through the door of the life tank, we find a button in the inside of the tank. Upon being pressed, the life tank door unhinges, and a respirator attached to us retracts to the ceiling of the tank. We step out, but still being weak, we tremble onto our knees. A tall figure emerges from the shadows next to us. As we realize it, we reach for our gun, the last part of our Plumber suit left on us, tucked away into a back pocket. We aim it in the direction of the shadow. It slows down in its emergence, exiting with its hands up to show the want for peace. It makes itself completely visible, revealing it to be an innocent Cooper.]

Cooper: It's me, Karin. Our perspective shifts so that we can see the entirety of the scene before us.
Karin: Cooper...Cooper Daniels? We lower our gun, dropping it to the floor due to our current state.
Cooper: You're still recuperating from the accident.
Karin (eyes dilating): The accident...I don't know what happened. She blinks, and as she opens her eyes once more, her eyes are normal size.
Cooper: Your ship appears to have been free of any other life. Where's the rest of your squad?
Karin: I haven't been able to get in contact of them. I haven't seen them in a month.
Cooper: What? What are you talking about? We were just on a mission the other day.
Karin: I don't know what you're--Her eyes widen once more. She did it...
Cooper: She? She who? And what did she do?
Karin: Cooper, I've been locked away for a month.
Cooper: What are you talking about? I was just talking to you a few hours ago.
Karin: That wasn't me; it was Elena Validus.
Cooper (eyes dilating): No, that's not possible, it was you.
Karin: Elena Validus, or at least that nanochip copy of her, has the ability to shapeshift. About a month ago, when I was working on the case of that Necrofriggian Chili who was hurt and had his last Cyogen crystal stolen from him at Magikfest, I went on a little excursion with Ben Tennyson. After I dropped him back off on Earth, I went back to the Mother System, where I'd escorted a few Volann Plumbers to an infirmary in. Elena Validus was there, disguised as me. She put me to sleep, and next thing I knew, I woke up in a cramped cell on a ship on the other side of the galaxy.

Cooper steps back, afraid of what he'd just heard, denying its legitimacy. He manages to conjure a chair for him to fall into.

Cooper: This can't be true...we were dating.
Karin: Wha--what?
Cooper: I'm so sorry...I thought she was you. I didn't know...I thought we really had something, and when I ended up in your squad, we connected...I'm so sorry. If you feel we shouldn't be together--
Karin (blushing): Well, I didn't say that.
Cooper: What do you mean?
Karin: Elena must've been doing a great impression of me. Those feelings for you...I thought you were special from the moment I heard about you.
Cooper: Just...just "special"?
Karin: Well, maybe a little more than special...
Cooper: Erm...let me, uh, help you up. You're in an extremely weak state right now. He gets up out of his chair, after which point the chair falls apart, returning to his scrap metal rats on the floor which retreat to the shadows. He walks over to Karin and helps her up. The two stand under a bright light where their faces manage to adjoin. They look into each other's eyes for a moment. The two's heads rotate in opposite directions, their eyes closing slowly as they come closer. Less than a couple inches away from each other, they hear a bang, causing the two to awkwardly detach. A hanging light rocks back and forth where the bang had originated, at which the two watch closely. The two realize a scrap metal Cooper robot next to the bang's origin, hands losing charge. Cooper returns the robot to the forms of many scrap metal robots, which like the previous ones, retreat to the shadows. The two return their attention to each other, but back to under the light as Streak materializes under the light. Ben?

Streak silently stares at the two for a moment, but then immediately falls smack on the floor face-first. With the collapse comes Streak's reversion to human.


Part IV

[All the guards on the Null Void Incarceron are shoving prisoners back into the prison from the courtyard. Many of them refuse, to which some guards respond to simply with the "spark" method from their charged staves to the backs of the humanoids. Vilgax, Slix, and Cyanne Albedo head in willingly. They approach the TV, where several aliens' focus are purely on the TV. Malevolence hasn't an ounce of focus on the TV, though, instead intent on his teammates' arrival. As they finally arrive, he has the people around him make space for a seat for Vilgax. At this point, Malevolence realizes Cyanne Albedo, who stands over the seated Vilgax, patiently awaiting a seat.]

Malevolence: Yes, human?
Cyanne Albedo: I'm helping you guys.
Malevolence: Helping us? I don't know what you're--
Cyanne Albedo: Don't play that game; Vilgax told me. He said I'm in.
Malevolence (squinting angrily at Vilgax): Did he, now? Then we must catch up sometime after the mission tonight.
Vilgax: When will the operation begin? Where is the rendezvous?
Malevolence: We're at the rendezvous point, and the operation begins shortly.
Vilgax: What? You have yet to expose the entirety of the plan to me.
Malevolence: All you need to know is that the rest of the team will be playing a fun little game with the guards, during which time, we're going to sneak over to the vault.
Vilgax: "Rest of the team"? I thought we were the only ones, Malevolence.
Malevolence: We are--at least, the only ones that I'm not betraying in this mission. I've been waiting for you a long time, so don't think I'll double-cross you. But my other friends here, they're not making it out of here tonight. They'll likely be sent to the other Incarceron vessel, or the final penalty.
Vilgax: What is this "final penalty"?
Slix: A sentence of death, in whatever way suits your species. The fact that everyone's stripped down in here leaves the guards just having to deal with your natural vulnerabilities.
Vilgax: In the case that we do not make it in this mission, what becomes of us? Will we not be sent to the final penalty?
Slix: We won't. It's a guarantee I'm getting out; no Galvan's ever *failed* to get out of here. The team of each Galvan has fared just as well as the brains, my predecessors.
Vilgax: But what if we become the first? We'll be sentenced to death.
Slix: As long as you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, we're getting out of this real nice-like. Now, Malevolence, are we ready to do this?
Malevolence: Just about. Got any last things to say before we put ourselves on the deep end.
Cyanne Albedo: Do I have a part in all this?
Malevolence: No. What tends to happen when you spend two years planning is that you account for so many different aliens that are going to be on my side. When I laid out that plan, I didn't expect to find a human on this team, let alone make it to Incarceron as opposed to some Earth-based jail.
Cyanne Albedo: I'll have you know I'm a Necrofriggian, trapped in this body. I--
Malevolence: I honestly don't care. The mission is ready, keep your mouth shut, and you'll get out of this without having to do any work on a level comparable to Vilgax's tonight.
Vilgax: Any amount of work to get out of here. The food might be the best I've had in a while, but when I'm freed, I'll regain my throne, and have this kind of treat served to my species.
Malevolence: There's a first for everything, and you, Vilgax, are the first I've heard compliment those Incursions' cooking.
Slix: Alright, alright, no more side conversations. If the mission's ready to begin, Malevolence...
Malevolence: Then we begin. Malevolence looks to the alien sitting to his right and nods to him. In a sequence, that alien nods to the alien next to him, until every alien seated in the oval-like organization of the seats is addressed. A final nod back to Malevolence through skipping Vilgax leads to the beginning. Check 7. Every alien seated stands up in response to Malevolence's phrase. They ball up their fists. A couple of guards chatting with each other draw their attention to the standing crew. The two guards set off to approach the prisoners.
Incarceron Guard #1: Sit down, please.
Prisoner #1: No, thanks, boss.
Incarceron Guard #1 (revealing his charged staff): I'm not going to repeat myself again. Sit down, *please*.
Prisoner #1: No.
Incarceron Guard #2: You've forced your fate, F21.
Prisoner #1: My name's not F21!

The humanoid alien stands over 6 feet tall. His clothing includes only a white pair of shorts. He has 2 toes on each foot. He has three vertical slit-like eyes which blinks horizontally. His skin is yellow, and he appears noticeably strong judging by the muscles apparent all across his body. As both guards ready their charged staves, the surrounding prisoners on Malevolence's "team" band together to dog-pile on them. Soon enough, the prisoners release the guards, after having been assured that the lack of air had led them to unconsciousness. Nearby guards begin to look on. F21 looks around as both airborne and ground-bound guards close in on the group of prisoners.

F21: My name is Fitz, and I'll fight for what I want. LET'S DO THIS!

F21's slit-like eyes bulge out of his eyes and glow red. Claws grow out of his hands and black hair grows along most of his body. Everyone follows behind him as he takes on an assortment of guards. Down on ground-level, Malevolence gestures Vilgax, Slix, and Cyanne Albedo to continue with the next phase. They creep away around a corner down the long corridor in which all the cells lie. Around the corner, they stop and look around.

Malevolence: We appear to be safe...In the darkness next to them, sparks begin to fly. Watch out!

Closest to the shadows lies Cyanne Albedo, Malevolence jumps in the way of a staff which emerges from the shadows. Malevolence grabs an area close to the end of the staff that's far enough away to prevent him from getting injured. The holder of the staff somehow fires a charge out of it while Malevolence is fighting for control in a tug-of-war style. The charge sparks out, hitting a light in the darkness that sheds light on several guards lying in the shadows, all armed with both a gun and a staff.

Cyanne Albedo: I said I'd do anything in exchange for a bit of freedom.
Malevolence: You're not getting out of here before us; calm yourself.
Cyanne Albedo: No, Malevolence, I mean that I can help you in your battle. I'm a Necrofriggian, I can help if you remove the tag from your back.
Incarceron Guard #3: You're not just going to leave. Stand down.
Malevolence: How 'bout you! Malevolence attempts to strike the guards using a surprise punch from his large Mechamorph fist, but several guards tag him with an end of their staff, causing him to keel over immediately, the glow from his purple patterns shutting off immediately. Cyanne Albedo becomes enraged.
Slix: Yeah, get 'em, Cy'!
Vilgax: Have you not gotten into enough trouble with your epithets?
Slix: How much harm can an encouraging exclamation do at a time like this?
Vilgax: Depends on the life form.
Slix: And I have my utmost faith in that life form's ability to take on those guards. Just after saying this, Cyanne Albedo comes flying on us back from the direction of the guards after having been bashed in the stomach with a punch from the gloves of one of the guards. Vilgax, I think it's time you taught these men a lesson.
Vilgax: I must warn you, (he begins to approach the guards, cracking his knuckles) I am a little rusty on my fight techniques.

Vilgax is surrounded by 6 guards, each armed with a staff, weapons tossed aside. A guard makes the first move, heading for Vilgax's leg. Vilgax jumps the attack and lands with his fists pointing straight down onto where the guard was forced to land after missing Vilgax. A first guard is knocked out while two other guards make their simultaneous next moves. One moves for the stomach, the other for the head. The stomach hit is nailed, but the second guard is unknowingly dodged while Vilgax bends over as he holds his stomach. He faces up, with green liquid dripping out of his mouth. He wipes his mouth and faces the remaining 5 guards. He elbows two guards in the face and uses their staves to take care of the rest of the guards, effectively sending a charge right through their suits into their bodies. Most of the guards fall after this point, but one remains standing. He pulls two of the weapons lying on the floor up, and while standing behind Vilgax, utters a threat.

Incarceron Guard #4: Say your last words. They will be the ones I talk about to the whole galaxy when I talk about the extermination of the tyrant Vilgax, former Conqueror of 10 Worlds. He remains total silent.
Slix: Let me help him. I believe the cat's got his tongue!

A whizzing near the guard's left ear begins to sound. Slix's hoverboard knocks into the side of his face, just bumping him. Distracted by it, he looks at the hoverboard and flicks it away. When he turns back to Vilgax, he's facing down at him with his staves held right near his neck.

Vilgax: Do not ever expect to get a threat by me, human. He electrocutes the guard, dropping him in sitting position on the wall with a sizable amount of blue liquid on the wall that dripped from some area on his suit that exploded from the charge. We're done here. Wake Malevolence, we need to get past.

Slix, now on the floor thanks to the loss of his hoverboard, finds himself jumping on top of Malevolence's face. He bangs on Malevolence's closed eye lids several times. Malevolence shakes himself awake. He jumps back up to a firm stance with fist balled up, ready for another blow to an opponent. Slix goes flying off of Malevolence's face, but his hoverboard finds him and places him in a safe zone on it. Slix stands safely up on the platform.

Slix: Didn't know that feature was in this thing...
Vilgax: Alright, we don't have much time, wake up the Necrofriggian and get us to the vault.
Malevolence: There might be several levels of security we'll have to get through to reach the vault. And should we really take that Necrofriggian?
Vilgax: Yes. No reason to leave him here. He wants revenge on that pest Albedo, and so do I.
Slix: Malevolence, did you get the ID?
Malevolence: Of course, S'. He walks over to Slix's hoverboard, and Malevolence removes his left arm from behind his back where he had been holding a small card. He hands the square-shaped card, which fits safely even onto Slix's hoverboard, then steps back. Slix floats over to a door at the end of the room, and carefully slides the card on a scanner. Vilgax turns around to pick up Cyanne Albedo, whom he throws over his back. He's just extra weight.
Vilgax: I haven't had a fan like this specimen before. He's joining us, and that's final.

The three head off into the next room. While at first seemingly bare, Malevolence's attempt at approaching the next door's scanner leads to the push of a button hidden on the floor. A guard emerges from the guard. His armor is red, as opposed to past guards' blue, and he wields only a large gun which he aims directly at Malevolence, the closest opponent.

Red Incarceron Guard #1 (in deep, robotic voice): Step back, Galvanic Mechamorph.
Malevolence: No, thanks. How 'bout you step forward?
Red Incarceron Guard #1: I am the guardian of this door. My own push of that button will not result in the addition of yet another Baron.
Malevolence: Oh, let's get this over with. Vilgax, go!

Vilgax places Cyanne Albedo's body gently onto the body and rushes after the red guard. With a single uppercut, the Baron ends up with his head dug into the ceiling. His body falls to the ground just before Slix manages to reach the scanner. At first they are afraid, but they immediately realize that the body is of a robot. The robot's head is quick to regenerate in layers. Malevolence pushes Slix to hurrying in the process of sliding the ID card. Just before the Baron manages to rise in preparation of another battle, Vilgax rips the robot in half down the center. He removes a cell from the general location on it of a human heart which regenerates parts. He crushes it in his hand, reducing it to dust. The door opens.

Slix: From my research, this is the last door before the vault. Vilgax over here'll likely be left with dealing with an abnormal amount of "Barons" before and after opening this next door. The vault's going to be heavily protected. Be cautious.
Malevolence: Let's just go. It's not like you'll aid in battle anyway.
Slix: It's unfortunate that I cannot. With my weapons stripped from me, I'm nothing but a rodent around here.

Slix, Malevolence, and Vilgax, with Cyanne Albedo thrown over his shoulder, head into the next room. The door behind them shuts immediately after entry. Vilgax drops Cyanne Albedo recklessly onto the ground. He preps himself for a fight in a warrior's battle stance, fists at the ready. After moments of looking around and waiting for the next set of guards, there is no response, no indication that there is any protection at this level. Vilgax throws the body over his shoulder and Slix heads for the next door's scanner. The door opens, and the phenomenon continues--not a sign of any life in the room. The three enter the room and find the vault which is locked by a 1,000,000 possibilities per digit, 4-digit combo lock.

Slix: You're kidding me...After all these raids and escapes because Galvans got through to this room, they leave the standard protection on this door?
Malevolence: You believe this is an easy-to-hack lock?
Slix: Yes. You would too if you still had your "mastery of technology" I've heard oh-so-much about.
Malevolence: Chop, chop, Slix. We're moments away from victory. As soon as you get in there, though, get me something nice while you're getting your stuff.

Malevolence faces the door through which they'd come. Vilgax leaves the body of Cyanne Albedo on the floor adjacent to Malevolence's feet. Vilgax stands behind Slix as he makes his way through the combination lock, announcing each feat in his trespassing.

Slix: One digit...two digit...three digit...aaaand...fourth digit.
Vilgax: That seemed far too easy.
Slix: Care to unlock it for me?
Vilgax: You're not even going to test your confidence?
Slix: I know I'm right, Vilgax.
Vilgax: Well, let's see...Slix hovers to the side as Vilgax pushes a button on the side of the vault's lock. It clicks and the vault door partially opens.
Slix: Bingo.
Vilgax: Pure luck, Galvan.
Slix: Pure intelligence, Chimeran. Now, pry this baby open. I'm ready to get my work out of this garage and back out onto the streets.

Vilgax holds the edge of the vault door and with a single push, throws the door wide open. Vilgax and Slix stare inside. They stand absolutely silent as they observe the contents.

Malevolence: You guys get your stuff yet? I feel like someone's coming. He waits a moment for a response. Guys? He turns around to find Vilgax and Slix staring inside the vault. What? He walks inside the vault as a response to the absence of a spoken response from his inmates. He, too, stares inside. He witnesses all the great work he'd done in the blink of an eye.
Vilgax: I thought you had the right location.
Malevolence: I do, I mean, I did, I mean, that's what they said. I was pals with those guys before they went good, before they became guards. They've cut me in my fair share of secrets that most don't know about each other in here. They couldn't have lied to me.
Vilgax: For any amount of cash, anyone will speak about anything.

The door behind them slams shut. They all flip around to find a guard who is totally unarmed. This guard's armor is green. He stares at the group.

Malevolence: So if the blues were your standard guards, and red are your "barons", what's your majestic title?
Green Incarceron Guard: Oh, mine? Oh, no, no, I don't have a proper title. They just refer to me by my name.
Slix: Oh yeah? And what's that?
Green Incarceron Guard: See for yourself. He removes his helmet, revealing white skin, a thin brown beard and mustache, brown hair, green eyes.
Slix: And I repeat, what's your name?
Green Incarceron Guard (unhelmed): My name is Ben Tennyson and I--
Vilgax: You are not Tennyson; you appear much more mature than Tennyson's current human form.
Green Incarceron Guard: That's because I'm not current, Vilgax. I'm from the future, 5 years to be exact. I am Future Ben. He transforms into Diamondhead, who wears the green Incarceron Guards' armor that he had been wearing in his human form.
Future Diamondhead: Bring it on, guys. I'll do whatever it takes to seal my past.


Part V

[We open on Earth inside Cooper's lab. Cooper has seated Ben on yet another of his scrap metal chairs. Using his powers, he analyzes the code behind the Assault Omnitrix. In the background, Karin has herself seated on the edge of a table covered in blueprints.]

Karin: How is he?
Cooper: I can't exactly found out how he is, or why that mild pain knocked him out. The Omnitrix wasn't coded the same way any old watch was; it's Galvan technology, and I don't know if I can be of much assistance here. Oh, wait...
Karin: What?
Cooper: There's...there's something in here. Some kind of chip. Squinting, he is able to better analyze the chip hidden inside the Omnitrix. Some external source has hacked the code of the Omnitrix. It's tracking Ben right now.
Karin: Can you find out the origin?
Cooper: Yeah, there's no way someone could be tracking Ben without listing some location to track him from...
Karin: Can't you, like, remove the Omnitrix and take a better look at it then?
Cooper: I can pretty easily do that, but I'd have to take it apart delicately. The Omnitrix was assembled delicately, and if I fail to reassemble it properly, it could cause a malfunction.
Karin: And what's so bad about that? What's the worse that can happen?
Cooper: The Omnitrix can enter SDM, the screen could get damaged at the same time and prevent Ben from knowing about it, and as soon as the SDM is charged, it could destroy the universe.
Karin: I see...
Cooper: Alright, I got a lock on whoever's behind this. He stops using his powers and rushes to his steps. They're not going to know what's coming when I deal with--He feels a grip on his arm as he prepares to rush upstairs. He turns and finds Karin holding him.
Karin: Let me help.
Cooper: Karin, you're still--
Karin: I can help. I promise you, I'm better now. I wouldn't do something stupid and endanger us both by sending myself with you to take on whoever.
Cooper: You wouldn't?
Karin: Well...maybe if we were alone...but no! I'm helping you, and that's final.
Cooper: Alright, c'mon.
Karin: Wait.
Cooper: What?
Karin: What about Ben?
Cooper: He's knocked out. That chip had it set so a mild injury could set him out cold. Whoever's behind this is probably going to be here soon, and they probably won't leave without him.
Karin: So we should just wait outside then?
Cooper: Hmm...not the greatest plan. I'll bring some backup. His eyes glow, and the sound of a ball rolling around is heard. A scrap metal ball arrives in Cooper's hand. He tosses it in the air then transforms it into a scrap metal parrot that sits atop Cooper's right shoulder.
Karin: A parrot? What powers does he have?
Cooper: You'll see. Now, c'mon. The two rush upstairs.

[Our view pans to the left we transition into the Null Void branch of Incarceron. Future Humungousaur, who looks no different from his current self, wipes his hands and reverts to human, still in his green guard garbs. He steps in front of himself. His enemies have been weakened. He receives a message over an earpiece and puts his finger to it to speak.]

Future Ben (into earpiece): Yes, there are prisoners at the V wing...yes, they fell for the bait and have been neutralized...good, I'll standby for your arrival. He removes his finger from the ear of his helmet. (to Vilgax) Looks like you and your team are getting sent back to your cells. You're lucky you've got connections, or you'd be in final penalty right now...Oh, wait a moment, you've got a Galvan on-board your mission. It's too bad he decided to get on your team, because otherwise, I would have let him right by here. He's not covered by your contact, so he's going to final penalty. I would send Cyanne to final penalty as well, but that would distort a good deal of my past as well. So I'll toss him out of this place. He doesn't belong here. He picks up Cyanne and throws him over his shoulder. He begins to hover using the jetpack attached to his suit. He drops Cyanne on his back, and while still hovering, transforms into Atomhammer. He blasts a section of Cyanne's back.
Vilgax (weakly): No, he's innocent!
Atomhammer: I know that, Vilgax.
Vilgax: Why are you hurting him, then, Tennyson? I thought you were all about pacifism, at least when it came down to the sacrifice of a life.
Atomhammer: Things change, Vilgax; I told you already. Shut up and look at Cyanne, Vilgax.

Vilgax pans his view from Atomhammer down to Cyanne. A circular object appears on his back and breaks in half, sliding off either half of his Albedo Ben body. Cyanne's body flashes between his Necrofriggian and Albedo Ben form for a minute until it finally stops on Cyanne's Necrofriggian form. Atomhammer stops hovering and kicks Cyanne's body over on its back to wake him up. Cyanne's closed eyes fly open as he flies up into the air.

Cyanne: Who are you? Atomhammer reverts to human, but due to the fact that both forms wear the green guards' armor, he appears no different.
Future Ben: Insignificant details, Cyanne.
Cyanne: How do you know my name?
Future Ben: Just thank me for what I did for you, Cy'.
Cyanne: Thank you for what you did for me? What did you even do?
Future Ben (sighing): Look at your hands.

Cyanne lifts his hands and quickly blinks from viewing his hands to looking back at Future Ben, assuming this is a trick. While he is quick to turn back to looking at Future Ben, immediately after having lifted his head, he looks back down and realizes the Necrofriggian hands he's regained. He looks back up.

Cyanne: Oh, man, thank y--As he looks ahead, he realizes Future Ben had gone. That guard, whomever he is, is a saint. It is completely silent in the room for a moment. What's that sound? He hovers over to the closed door and places his ear against it. He audibly hears doors opening closer and closer to this one. Oh, no, they're coming.
Vilgax: Help me, fend them off for me while. I need time to heal.
Cyanne (floating back over to Vilgax): Vilgax, what happened to you?
Vilgax: That pest Tennyson dealt with all of us. A shock to our nervous systems dealt by the alien "Nanomech" was enough for myself and Slix, while the one called "Benvicktor" pulsed Malevolence. There is no telling how extensive his period of unconsciousness will last ever after an incident like that one.
Cyanne: Wait, "Tennyson"? As in Ben Tennyson? He did this to you?
Vilgax: Yes. That guard was Ben Tennyson, just a little ol--
Cyanne (growling at first): Grr...I thought he was a saint but he did this to you three, especially you? Ben Tennyson's not getting away with this. He floats over to a wall he prepares to freeze and break through.
Vilgax: Wait, what are you doing?
Cyanne: I'm going after Ben Tennyson. He can't have gone far that fast.
Vilgax: He very well could have. He's not just Ben Tennyson, he's an old--err, never mind.
Cyanne: That doesn't matter. I'm going after him.
Vilgax: You must fend for us, fend for me.
Cyanne: If I do, I won't be able to go after Tennyson. This is the only way I can seek vengeance. Then after I'm done with him, I go for Albedo, to seek vengeance for my brother.
Vilgax: You don't have to do this. Save us first, or else I consider you an enemy--a traitor-- of the Chimera Sui Generis.
Cyanne: Don't do that, Vilgax. Malevolence doesn't want me to help anyway, so I won't. You'll make it out of this. They can't deal final penalty to you; you've got connections. Cyanne freezes the wall before him and breaks it, revealing the intangible layer of the wall that can only be phased through with tangibility.
Vilgax: Don't you dare leave me like this, Cy--Cyanne blasts through the barrier and out into the distance in the vast Null Void. Immediately, the door to this bait vault room is opened. A group of at least 10 barons arrives. Insignificant Necrofriggian brat.
Baron #1 (deep, robotic voice): Two barons, begin repairs to the tangible section of this wall. Two barons rush over to the wall and use tools they had pocketed to begin fixing the tangible wall. The rest of us, ascertain Vilgax, Malevolence, Slix, and Albedo. With two guards assigned to each alien, Vilgax, Malevolence, and Slix are shackled and brought of the room. As Vilgax is lifted up and cuffed with energy shackles, the leader Baron speaks.
Lead Baron: Vilgax, where is the one called Albedo?
Vilgax: He was never here.
Lead Baron: Hmm, that proves it. That was most certainly Albedo and not a Necrofriggian in disguise.
Vilgax: Open your eyes, guardian; if that was Albedo, why did he not simply escape through transformation? Why would he have been demoted from the original Incarceron when he has the powers of all of Ben Tennyson's aliens available to him, always at the ready.
Lead Baron: Unknown, Vilgax. But no non-Galvan has ever escaped.
Vilgax: That was a Necrofriggian. I saw him with my own eyes.
Lead Baron: We'll be the judge of that later. Take him away.
Vilgax (being walked away by two guards who hold him by either arm, to himself): I will seek revenge on you, Cyanne. When you have lost to Ben Tennyson and been returned to Incarceron, you'll rue this day...

[We return to the Daniels residence. In the front yard, Cooper is smacked from somewhere close to the sidewalk straight into the side of the house. Karin transforms from her human form to her Kineceleran form and runs a tornado around the target that had attacked Cooper. The target manages to escape the tornado by simply slipping outside of it. By reaching his arm inside the tornado, he stops it as Karin runs straight into one of his robotic arms. He tosses Karin in the same direction as Cooper, who in an attempt to dodge her ends up catching her in his arms. She jumps out of his arms and helps him up onto his feet. As the two are standing, staring at their still opponent, we get a look at their adversary. What we see before us is a pitch black unclothed humanoid with blank white eyes. He has two arms with both ending in robotic metal fists.]

Humanoid: Relinquish Ben Tennyson.
Cooper: Who are you?! Who sent you? What are you made of?
Humanoid: That is information classified by my creators, the Forever Knights.
Karin (facing Cooper): The Knights were never that intelligent. Even now with a robot, they prove to be as incompetent as their--
Cooper: Karin, watch out! He jumps into her, knocking her down. As the two are low on the floor, the robot transforms the fists at the end of his robotic limbs into rockets. He fires several at the location Karin had been in, effectively creating a hole through the side of Cooper's house. Oh, man, I'm not going to hear the end of that. He rolls over off of Karin. The two get up.
Karin: Thanks, Cooper, but you didn't need to tackle me. I can fend for myself.
Cooper: You're obviously off your game, Karin. You were chatting while paying absolutely no attention to the battle.
Forever Knight Humanoid: Relinquish Ben Tennyson. His rockets revert to fists. He dashes up to Cooper, and without a chance to even dodge him, the humanoid uppercuts Cooper, sending him miles into the air. As he flies away, technology in his house flies after him, likely in his attempt to create an exosuit made for space survival. He now turns to Karin. Relinquish Ben Tennyson.
Karin: That's not going to happen.

Karin rushes up to the Humanoid at superspeed, but just before hitting him, the humanoid steps to the side, setting Karin down in the direction she was heading. The humanoid turns around, dashes over to the street, and creates a rocket hand once more. This time, though, the hand breathes cold air at the street. By the time Karin reaches the street, the street is entirely frozen. Karin slips on the ice and in an attempt to avert injury she reverts to human. The humanoid appears before her as she prepares to trip. It reverts its left rocket-hand back to a standard robotic fist. It pounds Karin into the house, straight through the hole the rockets had made before. The front door slowly begins to open.

Forever Knight Humanoid: Relinquish Ben T--Its eyes turn red. As our own sights are set on who's at the door, we find Ben opening the door. He peacefully steps outside. Deep, ominous voice. Destroy Ben Tennyson. He dashes over to Ben, who transforms into Diamondhead just before being smacked by the humanoid. He protects himself from the punch the humanoid still deals using a diamond shield made up of the expansion of his adjoined hands and lower arms. Diamondhead continues to shield himself as the humanoid punches his diamond barrier back and forth. Eventually, Diamondhead becomes tired from the endless punch absorption, so while both of the humanoid's hands are up in the air, Diamondhead transforms into Swampfire. In an attempt to burn through the black paint on the humanoid, he blasts extremely high-temperature flames out of both of his hands. This effectively pushes the humanoid away a few feet, but he stops in place as he prepares to attack Swampfire.
Swampfire: Alright, buddy, not going to let you beat this house up any more than you already have. He smacks his Omnitrix symbol. Four spikes exit the corners of the badge, locking onto Swampfire's skin, which begins to become a wooden brown. His whole form changes as he transforms into Ultimate Swampfire.
Ultimate Swampfire: Ultimate Swampfire!
Forever Knight Humanoid (hands transforming into rocket launchers, continued ominous voice): Destroy Ben Tennyson.
Ultimate Swampfire: Not gonna happen. He practically merges his hands as he brings them together. Just as the humanoid blasts two rockets at Ultimate Swampfire, his response is to deflect the projectiles. Using even more intense blue and white flames, the rockets' directions are reversed. They are sent backwards into the humanoid who simply watches as the rockets reach him.
Forever Knight Humanoid (no longer ominous voice): Uh-oh. The rockets hit him, create a massive explosion that fortunately only result in the formation of a hole the humanoid keeps his stance in. In an attempt to clear out the fire, Ultimate Swampfire transforms into Water Hazard and dries out the flames. Water Hazard looks into the newly-formed hole and finds the robot. He is stripped down to nothing but nuts and bolts put together like bones in a human skeleton.
Water Hazard: I guess this is the best way to go down then. I'll just short-circuit you. He splashes a bit of water on the robot. He begins to flash between one indistinct forms and his current mechanical skeletal form. In response to a possible self-destruct mechanism, he transforms into Lodestar.
Lodestar: Hold still and do not use your weap--(The body halts its flashing back and forth between forms, finally stopping on the second form, no longer indistinct. Lodestar bends over the body to analyze it) You're not a Forever Knight robot; you're a Thep Khufan, working for the Commander.

[Just as Lodestar creates a clear analysis of the situation, our view is brought to mere black. We zoom out and it's revealed that the entirety of the fight had been monitored in the Thep Khufan Commander's throne room. He had angrily shut off the holographic display after Lodestar had everything figured out.]

Thep Khufan Commander: ALL THIS WORK FOR NOTHING! Simply creating a robot has proven to be a useless way of doing this. I will need a proper replacement for Mistress soon. Now that Karin Frikton is out loose, she'll reveal all she knows about Elena. Thankfully, she knows nothing about the plan. Speaking of Ms. Validus, I must contact her, see if she hasn't perished on Incarceron yet.

[Our view is shifted to the Null Void branch of Incarceron. Vilgax and Malevolence are tossed into their well-separated cells. Vilgax has his final chance to speak with Slix, who is brought up to Vilgax's cell per his request.]

Baron #3 (holding Slix in his hand): Slix requested getting a final conversation with you, Vilgax. You have one minute commencing now.
Slix: Looks like the mission was a bust.
Vilgax: As it seems.
Slix: And it appears we've lost our tech.
Vilgax: Undoubtedly.
Slix: Vilgax, you have to realize this isn't my fault.
Vilgax: I know it's not. It's not that idiotic Necrofriggian child Cyanne.
Slix: Who would've thought we'd go in there and get betrayed by him? Of all people, I was suspecting Malevolence would turn on us both. I was never sure why he followed you so closely, thought he was just trying to get a way out of here the best way possible. I haven't been around long enough to know if he's been telling the truth about truly betraying his old pals, or if those were even his pals, but I know this is all over, and we've lost.
Baron #3: Time's up, Galvan.
Slix: Alright, I wish we could've had more time, get to know each other, be pals. I feel we were growing on each other, but it looks like I'm about to grow on the rest of the galaxy, be mound to dust...
Vilgax: I wish the same, Slix. Sighs, then looks up at Slix with a partial smile. Or, should I call you S?
Slix (chuckling): For a dying Galvan, I think that's the best I could get out of you. See you on the other side, Villy.
Baron #3: Alright, let's go. The baron heads for a room at the other end of the building, labelled "F.P. -- Verified Personnel Only". It is guarded by two barons. Vilgax looks to one of the barons who stares directly at him. The baron's armor flashes green, then back to red, as he gestures "I have my eyes on you." Vilgax squints angrily at him, but with nothing to respond with, he simply seats himself on his bed.

We move our focus to the other baron protecting the Final Penalty room. He puts his finger up to his ear.

Baron #4 (speaking into his earpiece): Yes?...One second. Speaking to the baron next to him, unknowingly Future Ben. I have to take this. Watch this place for me.
Baron #5/Future Ben: No problem.

As Baron #4 steps over to the personnel-only bathroom, penetrable only through swiping an ID card on a scanner, and heads inside. The door indicates that the facility is occupied through the red light on the ID card scanner. After Baron #5 protects begins to protect the whole of the Final Penalty door by standing in front of it, we shift our view to within the bathroom.

Baron #4 (into earpiece): Alright, what?
Thep Khufan Commander (over Baron #4's intercom): How is my associate?
Baron #4: He got into a bit of trouble today. He and his buddies just got busted trying to retrieve their possessions from the vault. One of his buddies was a Galvan who's headed into final penalty, marking the first of his kind to get caught. For some reason, though, Cyanne was moved in here. He's said to have been helping with the plan. He escaped from the vault, where he's said to have been broken free of his transformation-lock by some guard. And some guy, a Mechamorph named Malevolence, claims he's got a contact that's keeping him safe, so like your associate, he's going away Scott-free for his misdemeanor.
Thep Khufan Commander: You know, I prefer your natural voice. Annoying or not, it's better than listening to this robotic one. I've had enough with non-biological specimens for today. Baron #4's whole body shifts to that of Elena's. She is wearing a guard's suit adjusted to a female's shape. She removes her helmet and continues to speak into the earpiece which she reveals to be in her actual ear and not built-in to the helmet.
Elena (into earpiece): So you've had your own problems today?
Thep Khfuan Commander: Yes, but that is besides the point. That Mechamorph, Malevolence, is an old friend of mine as well. While you're keeping an eye on my associate, Vilgax as you have no doubt discovered, be vigilant with him as well. He's aiming to backstab someone, and now that the two others on his team have been eliminated, you can guarantee Vilgax will be the last to cross off his list. He works in a cycle. My standing prevents him from eliminating me, though, and the fact that he's on the inside, and will continue to be on the inside if he continues with ridiculous plans like his. Someone bangs at the bathroom door.
Baron's Generic Voice Outside: Come on, some of us have to go out here!
Elena (fake male voice): One second! Almost done! Reverts to speaking with the Commander. Alright. Is that all? I've got to get back to my shift.
Thep Khufan Commander: I believe so. Oh wait, that reminds me. We have one new escapee, and this time around, it's not your fault. I sent a Thep Khufan down to retrieve her, but she got away thanks to Tennyson, and some faulty programming.
Elena (speaking into earpiece): Who was it?
Thep Khufan Commander: Karin. We'll talk more later. Dismissed.

Elena places her helmet back on and reverts to her generic Baron appearance. She unlocks the bathroom door and exits the room. The next Baron rushes in, resetting the green light to red on the scanner. Elena posts herself back at the Final Penalty door, resulting in Future Ben/Baron #4 moving to the side.

[We shift our view back to inside the vault, looking from inside to out. Four barons are repairing the tangible layer of the wall, half of which is already done. The vault door is closed before us. We shift our view to the ceiling within the vault, looking straight down. Several objects appear for a moment. Notable objects include Vilgax's weapons and his armor. The objects fade into invisibility once more.]




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • NRG
  • Obsorber
  • Humungousaur
  • Rath
  • Streak (offscreen transformation)
  • Diamondhead (offscreen transformation)
  • Swampfire
  • Ultimate Swampfire
  • Lodestar (brief)

(by Future Ben)

  • Diamondhead
  • Nanomech (offscreen)
  • Humungousaur (offscreen transformation)
  • Atomhammer

Disguises Used (by Elena)

  • Incarceron Baron


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