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A powerful nemesis named Executioner was fought by Ben,Kevin,Gwen,Alan, and Cooper.They fought Executioner.However,Executioner told them that he has the new Map of Infinity.Now,he teleported to the Forge of Creation.The five followed him then Azmuth and Paradox appears.Azmuth told them that traveling back to the Forge of Creation is much harder.Paradox stated that he was wrong so the two argued.As a last resort,the two will join a hero mission for the first time.Now,the five fought Executioner two times but they failed.In the last fight at the Forge of Creation,they defeated Executioner.Now,the two teleported back to Galvan.Executioner was now sent to the Alien Prison by the heroes.




Events:The heroes fought Executioner,the heroes went back to Forge of Creation,Executioner was defeated,Azmuth and Paradox appears in Rustbucket III.

Notes:This is the first episode Ben 10:Generation Z.

Trivia:Executioner absorbed energy from 10 different aliens in Andromeda Galaxy but it is unknown why he came here because he can just use the Map of Infinity and go to the place where Celestialsapiens live without the heroes knowing.


Executioner:Whahahahaha!I absorbed energy from 10 different aliens in Andromeda Galaxy.


Executioner:Waaaaaaahh!(punches and kicks Alan)

Ben:It's hero time!Humungousaur!

Executioner:What the...Ahh!(get slammed down and thrown away by Humungousaur)Ouch!(gets hit by Gwen's mana blasts)Haha!(throws away Cooper)


Executioner:Haha!(kicks Kevin away)You don't what you fools are doing!I have the Map of Infinity with complete pieces!See you at the Forge of Creation fools,if you can reach it!(teleports)

Kevin:Rustbucket III time!

Cooper:You better be right!(Kevin looks at him)Just kidding!

Now,the five heroes rode the Rustbucket III and Kevin piloted it...

Azmuth:(teleports in)Ben Tennyson!You don't what will happen if you went in there again.How careless you are!

Gwen:You didn't even told us that he wants the Map of Infinity,in the few weeks ago.What if Kevin absorbs the Ultimatrix and becomes evil again?

Azmuth:Because the plumbers didn't want help,and they failed!Kevin Levin,don't ever absorb the Ultimatrix again!

Kevin:Oh sure...

Paradox:(teleports in)The Forge of Creation would easier for them to enter.

Azmuth:You don't know what you are-

Paradox:I know what I-

Azmuth:You could them into troub-

Paradox:No I wouldn't because I beli-

Ben:Oh stop!Why not just join us on our m-

Paradox:Good point.

Ben:Wait how did you-

Paradox:I know what you will say.

Kevin:The Forge of Creation!(amazed)

Alan:(looks around)Creepy.

Now,the jet lands down...

Executioner:How the hell did you guys got into here?

Gwen,Kevin,Alan,and Cooper fought Executioner but they failed.

Gwen:Ben!Transform now!

Ben:Spidermonkey!(gets thrown away by Executioner)Ooooooooooh!

Ben:NRG!(gets pushed and kicked by Executioner)Nooooo!

Executioner:Any last words Tennyson!


Azmuth:He must not fail.

Paradox:Of course he wouldn't!He already saved the world!

Swampfire:You!(punches,kicks,headbutts,elbow strikes,leg sweeps,jump kicks Executioner)Now!(throws a fireball at Executioner)


Ben:That's right for you!

Everyone except Ben:Hooray!

Kevin:Back to the ship...

Now,they returned to Earth...

Azmuth and Paradox:Goodbye young heroes!

Ben and the others:Goodbye Azmuth and Paradox!

Cooper:Geee!That was awkward.

Executioner:No!(gets arrested by the plumbers)