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Return of the pony is the 4th episode of Ned10:Ultimate Adventures

As Ned was trying his sweet new corvette Frosted Flakes was scratching the seats and peeing on them without Ned noticing then a pony jumped out of nowhere and Ned stomped on the breaks then the pony ran away.

Ned: What the heck was that?

Emma: I don’t know

Frosted Flakes: *Attacks Ned*


Emma: I’m so sorry.

Ned: you better be

Emma: hey it’s not my fault Frosted Flakes hates you

Ned: *not amused*

Frosted Flakes: *falls asleep*

Emma: well now he’s asleep

Ned: he better be

Ned: well let’s find that pony. Take frosted Flakes with you I don’t want my new car destroyed.

Emma: fine

Ned: the pony looked very familiar. THERE HE IS!

Emma: where?

Ned: *starts running toward him*

Ned: *grabs pony*

Pred: hey what’s the deal oh hey Ned haven’t seen you in a long time

Ned: Pred is that you?

Pred: that’s my name don’t wear it out

Emma: so did you get the pony

Pred: hey Emma

Emma: PRED!!! is that you

Pred: eyup

Ned: so what are you doing these days?

Pred: well nothing I don’t have a home or anything

Ned: well come with us

Pred: you sure?

Ned: yeah I’m sure

Pred: well ok

Ned: Sweet

The End

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