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Ben 10,000 force
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 10 of february
Written by Dawood
Directed by Dawood
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The weilding of the ultraomnitrix


Return of ben 10

Ben went alone to meet Azmuth in Galvan prime III as Galvan prime II was destroyed by Zys’kr

Ben : What happened to my enemies?Have they surrendered.

Azmuth: No your enemies have not come for so much time because all of them are trying to get power but now they will appear

Ben : That sounds like ur going to give me a new omnitrix

Azmuth: Yes . I have a new omnitrix for you and much more powerful. It is called the Ultraomnitrix.It is as powerful as the omnitrix but enhanced abilities.Just hold the Ultraomnitrix and say the alien u want to transform into. It also has combining powers .Hold the Ultraomnitrix and say “combinetrix”. Then it will say”which aliens (user)”.Then say the aliens u want to combine .All the aliens have *10 power but when u will combine them they will be weaker. But mixing the aliens can be powerful.

Ben: Ok this just cool. Give it to me.

Azmuth : Here

Azmuth gives him the ultraomnitrix

Gwen and Kevin teleported in.

Gwen : I want something too.

Azmuth: Here’s the charms of bezel.

Gwen :Apreciated

Kevin: Give me something too

Azmuth: Here is metal mutant device which make the metals u absorb *6 stronger and also aggregor’s spear.

Kevin: thank u

Gwen : Animo has come back

Gwen tracked him

Gwen: He is in Bellwood

Ben: Ok. Gwen teleport us


They came Bellwood where they saw him testing animals and experiments

Ben: Stop

Animo: no I will not.Oh looks like u have a new omnimatrix

Ben :(Transform) Rath.lemme tell u something Aloysuis animo nobody treies to mess with Benjamin Kirby tennnyson

Ben attacked animo but animo ducked.animo then shoot gwen and Kevin with his laser plasma gun.They fell down fainted.

Ben:(transform)Ultimate buzzshock . Oh it is awesome

Ben shot current at animo Ben: Combinetrix

Omnitrix: Which aliens Ben

Ben: Buzzshock ,articguana and heatblast

Omnitrix: accepted

Ben :(TRANSFORM)buzzartblast

Ben shot all together.Animo fell down

Animo: Ohhhhhhhhhhh.i will take the revenge.

Ben: Oh ya you will

Plumbers teleported in and took him in the null void

The End

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