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This is the second episode of Ben 10: Invincible Alien.

Ben 10: Invincible Alien
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date n/a
Written by WHO AM I?
Directed by I AM WHO?
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Return of Aggregor, Part 1
The Storm at Andromeda


Aggregor has absorbed the Ultimatrix and is unstoppable and can't find a way to beat him. When Azmuth gives Ben the ultimate prize can he defeat Aggregor even with his new amount of power?


(Gwen and Kevin): No!

(Ben, weakly): Don't worry guys, I can handle him... I think.

(Gwen): Don't fight if your thinking half-heartedly.

(Aggregor): Yeah, hate to break the conversation, but DIE.

Theme song!

Aggregor shot fire at Ben and co. who barely dodged, Ben transformed.

(Ben): Stinkfly!

Ben flew up to Aggregor and shot goo at Aggregor who blocked it with a mana shield.

(Aggregor): Oh yeah, almost forgot.

Aggregor reached at the Ultimatrix symbol, grabbed and smashed it with Rath's powers, Ben automatically detransformed. Aggregor sucked up some air and sonic screamed at Ben... When the smoke cleared Ben and co. were gone!

On Galvan Mark II...

(Ben): Azmuth! Does this have too do with what you said earlier?

(Azmuth): Yes, Ben.

(Ben): Um... Okay?

(Azmuth): Remember the new Omnitrix I offered you? We-

(Ben): NO! You can't-

(Azmuth): No, let me finish. I've now got an even BETTER Omnitrix to give you. Behold, the Invincitrix!

Azmuth gave it to Ben and he put it on.

(Ben): Nice. (Random transformation) Knightslash! What's with the newbies Azmuth?

To be completed...



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