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Kurt 10
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date 6/28/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Fear The Dark
The Negative 10 Part 1


Kruti and Zak Saturday were watching Weird World.

Kruti: Argost is so creepy.

Zak: Meh.

The TV then switched to Breaking News, where the Holloween trio and Derek were show breaking into the Great Pyramids.

Kruti: Gotta go. (transforms) Dimensional!

Dimensional created a portal and ran into it.

Theme song!

Dimensional stepped out of the portal and got ready to fight the Holloween trio.

Derek: You were right, my father isn't dead. But both he, Ghast and their ally will release the Great Anubis and create a vast army powerful enough to conquer this world.

Dimensional: And I would do nothing to stop you? (transforms) RockHead!

RockHead crushed the villains under an ton of sand. Derek flew out of the sand and flew at RockHead. RockHead swung at Derek, but went straight through him. Dr. Vicktor pulled himself out of the sand and leaped at RockHead. RockHead melted into the sand, and made a huge rock fist close around Derek, and the Holloween Trio. RockHead then came out of the sand.

RockHead: Now to take care of the rest.

RockHead turned into Krutiwolf and sniffed his way to the main chamber, where Ult. Zs'Skayr, Ghast and Eve were facing the door.

UZ: So, are you as powerful as you say?

Eve: You have nol idea!

Eve smashed the door down. Inside were many treasures, a wooden coffin and a golden one. The wooden one caught fire and burned away, revealing the Guardian. The Guardian threw a huge fireball at the villains, but Eve just absorbed it.

The Guardian: How?

Eve punched the Guardian in the face, sending him flying across the chamber. Krutiwolf turned into Wolfbreed and used his sonic cry to knock Ghast out. UZ laughed and blasted Wolfbreed with a chest laser. He then picked her up and started absorbing her life force.

Eve: (turns around) Kruti!

Eve ran over and knocked UZ away from Wolfbreed.

Wolfbreed: Why?

Eve: Only I can kill you.

UZ and Ghast had fled with Derek and the Holloween Trio. Wolfbreed detransformed

Eve: I better get going. There was nothing in here for me after all.

Eve carried the weak Kruti out of the Pyramid and left her in front. Soon after Eve left, the Saturday's Airship came to pick Kruti up.





  • V. V. Argost (for being creepy XD)
  • Dr. Vicktor
  • Yelanooshi
  • The Mummy
  • Ultimate Zs'Skayr
  • Ghast
  • Derek


Aliens Used[]


  • Eve is shown to somehow know that Kurt was Kruti.
  • The Guardian and Anubis are sent to live on another planet in peace offscreen