Retrecir is a character in the series Plumbers. He is also usually a part of Peixes's friends trio. His best friends are Peixes, Cibus, Ledus and Exypnos. Retrecir usually gets bullied by Sartan, but he doesn't mind much.


Retrecir is computer geek, and a typical nerd. He will cry on almost everything. He is sometimes stepped on because of his size. He is usually bullied by Sartan, but anyway he considers him as a friend because it doesn't hurt him. He is laughed by others on his size and nerdiness.


Retrecir usually doesn't use his powers much.

  • Shrinking himself
  • Shrinking other things
  • Controlling technology
  • Shooting electricity
  • Very smart


  • He is small
  • Electrocution

Species and Planet

Species: Encoger

Planet: Klein


Retrecir is like Shrinktech, just with light blue eyes.



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