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General Information
Species Manimatum
Home World Shima Veteris
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Object Enhancement
Object Possession
Object Repairment
Object Animation
Voice Actor Richard Horvitz

Retouch is the Infinimatrix's DNA sample of a Manimatum from the planet Shima Veteris in Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse.


Retouch is an eight-foot tall humanoid mauve-colored alien with an elongated torso. Instead of legs, he has a long tail, which he uses to glide across the ground to move. He has two long arms with three fingers each as well as three green eyes in a 'V' formation. He wears a sleeveless black suit with white and green accents, starting below his neck and ending before his tail. The Infinimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

Ben slams down the Infinimatrix's dial and is engulfed in a green light.

As the transformation track begins playing, Ben hovers in a dark green background with light green bubbles pulsating rapidly behind him.

Powers and Abilities

Retouch can enhance objects and their properties/qualities to improve them. For example, he can enhance a jacket to better protect its wearer from cold weather.

Retouch can possess objects while retaining his ability to speak, similar to how Galvanic Mechamorphs can possess technology. However, in Retouch's case, the objects he possesses do not take on his color scheme.

Retouch can repair broken objects.

Retouch can bring inanimate objects to life, allowing them to move around and interact with the world around them. However, such objects do not gain the ability to speak and have to find alternative ways to communicate with others. He can also take the life away from these objects if he chooses.


Retouch's powers do not work whatsoever on technology.

Retouch moves rather slowly, making it difficult for him to outrun his enemies or get to his destination quickly.

Any objects Retouch brings to life are connected to him. Once he reverts back to Ben, the objects will lose their sentience.

Species and Planet Information

Manimatums are generally antisocial and like to be surrounded by inanimate objects, partially because they feel a connection to them. They sometimes like to bring random objects to life to quell their boredom. Their lack of social interaction has led to a steep decline in new births in recent centuries, and the species as a whole is slowly dying out. They also have an aversion to technology and prefer to carry out tasks using traditional tools.

Shima Veteris is a small planet with a cold climate and rocky terrain. Besides the Manimatums, life is rather scarce, so food is imported from other planets.




Retouch's name comes from the word "retouch", which means to improve or repair something by making slight additions or alterations.

His species' name, Manimatum, comes from the Latin words "manibus" and "animatum", meaning "hand" and "animated", respectively.

His planet's name, Shima Veteris, comes from the word "Amish" spelled backwards as well as "veteris", which means "primitive" in Latin.


  • Retouch's species and planet were originally named Ahidwo and Emwrek, respectively. The current names for his species and planet were provided by Blake-Nomaly and Juliet from the wiki's Discord server.
  • Retouch speaks in a throaty, high-pitched voice.
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