Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix
Season 3, Episode 15
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Tearing You Down
For Better or Worse


Ben and Julie go to a romantic movie but when Ssserpent appears Ben has to defeat him and stay quiet so he won't ruin the movie for Julie.


Julie feels bad about Kenny so she took out Ben to a movie.

Ben: Thanks for the movie. It will take my mind off of things for awhile.

Julie: You're welcome.

The movie started but someone tackled Ben out. It was Ssserpent.

Ben: So not in the mood Snakey.

Ssserpent: That isss not my name!

Ben: Whatever. (Transforms) Snakepit!

They battled. Snakepit bit Ssserpent with all five off his heads at once. Ssserpent screamed. Everybody shushed them.

Ben: Be quiet! My wife is trying to watch a movie!

Ssserpent: No one tellsss Ssserpent what to do! Ssserpent isss the sssnake who walksss like a man!

Snakepit: Thisss isssn't working. (Transforms) Water Hazard!

Everybody: Ssshh!

Guard #1: One more time and we're kicking you out.

Water Hazard: Sorry. (Transforms) (Whispers) Ghostfreak! I need more power! (Evolves) (Whispers) Ultimate Ghostfreak!

Ultimate Ghostfreak attacked Ssserpent but once again failed.

Ssserpent: I told you no one can beat me!

Ultimate Ghostfreak: I don't have time for this! (Transforms) Terraspin!

He blew Ssserpent away. Ssserpent slithered back.

Terraspin: I'm getting mad now. (Transforms) Lodestar!

Ssserpent ran out to the parking lot. Lodestar levitated a car then threw it at Ssserpent. Ssserpent dodged it. Ssserpent shot venom at Lodestar. Lodestar created a force field, deflecting the blow. Ssserpent charged whack Lodestar with his mouth/hand or whatever it was.

Lodestar: This is getting harder than I thought. (Transforms) Nanomech!

He flew inside Ssserpent mouth down to his stomach. He shot his mini blasts at his organs. No effect. It was actually kind of gross. He flew out.

Nanomech: (Transforms) Chromastone!

He flew up then down and tackled Ssserpent and blasted his face then repeatily punched him until Ssserpent blacked out. He then personally took him to incarecon as Fasttrack and ran back to the movies. The movie still had about and hour left so Ben enjoyed the rest of it with Julie, with no distractions.


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