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The Yenaldooshi's Return

Ben 10: Superverse season 1, episode 5

Air Date[]

March 10, 2012


This episode starts off with a Yenaldooshi walking around in the Indian Reserve Kai Green is at. It runs to an abandon satelite array and howls at the wolf moon and vanishes when purple lightning flashes through the sky. Ben gets a call from Kai asking for him to come back to the reserve for help and he immediaely turns his car around with Gwen, Kevin, and Rook. He quickly gets there and sees the Yenaldooshi ripping apart tents. Ben dials up Swampfire and blasts the Yenaldooshi away. Kai comes out from behind a tent and walks to Ben. She begins talking about how she likes it still when he's a Yenaldooshi (Benwolf) and Ben frowns and walks away. The rest of the gang follows him and they become lost. Ben turns into Wildmutt, after seeing Yenaldooshi tracks and sniffs out his location. He howls at the gang and Rook attacks him with his laser gun. Kai begins acting strange and throws Rook on the ground, pleaing him to stop shooting. The Yenaldooshi runs into the satelite array and aims the satellite at the gang. Ben turns into Clockwork and ages the satellite dish to dust and the entire satellite array too. The Yenaldooshi jumps from the dust and Clockwork punches him down. Gwen and Kevin try fighting back but get knocked down along with Rook. The Yenaldooshi attacks Clockwork and he turns into Goop and slips away from the Yenaldooshi. Kai nods to the Yenaldooshi and orders him to attack Ben. Ben (as Goop) quickly turns into ChamAlien and camouflages near the dust. The Yenaldooshi howls and Kai walks up to it and grabs its hand and walks away, promising to get Ben later. Ben turns back and he and the gang watch Kai and the Yenaldooshi walk away together.



Aliens Used[]


  • This episode marks the beginning of Ben 10 Super Week starting from March 10 to March 17.
  • Ben turns into Clockwork and ChamAlien for the first time since Ultimate Alien.
  • Benwolf has been mentioned for the very first time since Ben 10.
  • The Yenaldooshi and Kai return since Ben 10.
  • Kai is revealed to have hopped to defeat Ben with the Yenaldooshi. (This is why Kai pleaed Rook to stay down when the Yenaldooshi was attacking Ben).

Next Episode[]

The Unlucky One

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