Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 11/16/15
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Night of the Living Mutant
Research is the fifth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, once more, the buildings stand tall as the MCA Jumpjet flies through the area. The Jumpjet then arrives above the MCA Building and lands easily on the rooftop. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost
November 14, 10:34 EDT
 Inside the building, the Jumpjet is seen being lowered inside by a lift. On the lift are Drake, Agent Owens and four MCA Officers standing in front of the jumpjet. The scene cuts to Drake and Agent Owens walking through the corridors.

Drake, walking forwards: You're quiet.

Owens, walking forwards: I'm always quiet.

Drake, walking forwards: After a mission, you would tell me how I did. I'm not hearing anything.

Owens, walking forwards: I tell you how you did in order for you to improve but I doubt you'll consider my advice considering.

Drake, walking forwards: Considering what?

Owens, walking forwards: Considering the fact that you exposed yourself to two non-essentials.

Drake, walking forwards: I told you I would explain.

Owens, walking forwards: An explaination is something that can not be obviously understood. What you're giving me is an excuse. You defend them but in what case would they defend you.

Drake, walking forwards: If they were anything like that, I would have been exposed already but I'm not. I'm doing as I'm told.

Owens, stopping: This isn't a discussion we're going to have now. We'll discuss it later. Hopefully, our cover won't be blown over by then.

Owens continues walking forwards while Drake, who had stopped while Owens was talking, stays, looking at him from behind then following shortly later. The two then enter through the horizonately sliding doors into a massive room. 

MCA Laboratory
November 14, 10:54 EDT
 In the lab, John is seen sitting at a desk, on a stool, utilizing a laptop.

John, noticing them: Ah you've made it. Glad you got my message.

Owens: This had better be important.

John: Oh it is. It is. You see, while you were away, I've been thinking about a more effective way of detecting Nanogene activity than listening for complaints and screams.

Owens: Go on...

John: Right so I've realized that the Nanogenes work in a way of some type of communication in which they usually stay closer together like herds. The closer the Nanogenes get, the more of a cluster they form which causes high amounts of electro-magnetic feedback as well as the massive side effect of being turned into a Mutant and-

Owens: The point. Find it.

John: Right right. So, anyways, I was able to create a probe that I already launched (no need to thank me) that'll scan the state for any high amounts of concentrated Nanogene activity. I should be getting results any minute now.

Drake: What does that mean? You can locate Mutants?

John: Massive ones. Yes. As well as any other types of Mutation formed by the Nanogenes so you guys can, well, contain it, I guess.

Owens: What do you mean, other forms of mutation?

John: Well there's a possibility that the Nanogenes could have had effects on things other than turning them into monsters. A broken Nanogene could theoretically result in radiation so imagine a high amount of them. Maybe there's an area with high amounts of non-contained Nanogenes that we can collect. The possibilities are practically endless.

Drake, noticing the screen: Your results came in.

John turns back to the computer and sees a map of the state. A light blue layer then coats the map followed by a yellow layer at certain points and a red layer within the yellow layers.

John: Here we go. The blue layer represents the average lowest Nanogene level. The yellow is for areas with general Mutation or your Class 2-Mutants. And your red level is for high amounts of Nanogene activity but the red ones are the rarest, I guess.

Owens: Most of the activity seems within the city. I'll bring this up to the Director's attention and we'll send a squad out to investigate the possible Class-2's outside the perimeter.

John: Feels good to be appreciated.

Drake, squinting at the screen: Wait... What's that? (points at the screen)

John turns to look at Drake, sees him looking at the screen and turns to the screen, itself. On the screen, north west of the city, still in state, is a small area of red, barely noticable.

John: Looks like a- a red spot.

Owens: How can an area that small have such a high amount of Nanogene activity?

Drake: Maybe your... thing is broken.

John: My thing is fine. I did a systems test eight times already.

Drake: So, what is it?

John: I'm not entirely sure...

Title Sequence The city is seen once again with the Jumpjet flying past the buildings, moving towards a bridge leading outside of the city.

MCA Flight Route
November 14, 11:18 EDT
On board, in the seating area in the back, Drake and John are seen seated on the right side of the jet as the screen is brought down, projecting a view of the Director.

The Director, on the screen: Let me get this straight. You want to investigate an unknown region of the state which may be considered contaminated with high amounts of Nanogene activity because you want to collect information?

John: Well, yes.

The Director, on the screen: Mr. Reed, this is beyond you to make this sort of call.

John: Look, Director, we'll be at the main Headquarters to provide the detector. Then you'll see how information is important for us to proceed. With more knowledge on the Nanogenes, we can find out how to do so much more than what we're doing now.

The Director, on the screen: And suppose your device doesn't function as you wanted it to. That the suspected areas for Nanogene activity are just false alarms.

John: Then you wouldn't mind us investigating it anyways.

The Director, on the screen: Get there with that program, Mr. Reed. If you're right, you're going to need protection.

The scene then transitions to the the Jumpjet flying through some clouds. The sky has changed. It's darker now and the clouds are slightly heavier than before. In the cockpit, Agent Owens is seen piloting the Jumpjet. On the screen, at the dashboard, the Jumpjet indicator is seen approaching the red area on the map.

Owens, piloting, calling to the back: We're approaching the drop zone.

The Jumpjet is then seen landing in a grassy field. Some patches of the grass are grass while most of it is light brown, dried up. The door lifts upwards as Agent Owens, Drake and John exit from the Jumpjet. John is now wearing a yellow hazmat suit. Drake looks out at an overgrown facility in the distance. 

Unknown Abandoned Facility
November 14, 4:27 EDT

Owens: Looks like you were right.

John: Of course I was right I just- I never would have imagined something as cool as this.

Owens glares at John.

John: I mean- Who would have thought there would be an abandoned facility here?

Owens: One could guess.

Drake: I should do a perimeter search.

Owens: No. I'll do it. You stay with John in case he needs assistance. Report every half hour.

John: Wait, you're leaving us alone in an abandonned facility?

Owens: You can handle yourself.

Owens runs off.

John: Well that sucks.

Drake: Come on. Let's go and get your data.

Drake and John move towards the overgrown facility, away from the Jumpjet. The scene then cuts to the two at the entrance of the facility. The main doors are covered in vegetation and the metal seems rusted.

John: Any chance you think the doors will budge?

Drake tries the doors with no results.

Drake: They won't open. We're going to have to find another way in.

Drake turns his head and sees a sign with slight vegetation overgrowing ontop of it covering the first word. The sign reads "-Tech" with the subtitle "Data Center".

John: Maybe you can hack the doors or-or maybe there's a window around here.

Drake then activates his enlarged hands, clutches them, forming a fist and smashes the doors down which fly off into the floor ahead, sliding until they come to a sudden stop. John lowers his arms from his face and looks in slight shock at what occurred.

Drake: Let's move.

Drake walks forwards, entering the facility as he deactivates his enlarged hands. John then follows. Inside the facility, there is an open space with a spiraling staircase at the right leading upwards. There is vegetation everywhere and even two trees fully grown within the facility towards the left side, close together. The room has a light brown atmosphere with vines hanging from the upper platform above the upper level. Under the staircase is a glass door leading further into the facility. Around the main room, there are some knocked over chairs, a overgrown counter and some tiny puddles of pale green water. John waves a small handheld device in his hand around. On the device, there is a screen with a needle moving around close to the left-middle.

John: Radiation seems to be low. I don't think I'll be needing a hazmat suit.

Drake: How come I don't need one?

John: Your Nanogenes are protecting you from radiation poisioning. When the levels are high, you'll start needing protection from the radiation.

Drake: What if I don't have one of those- devices?

John: You'll probably get an ichy feeling all over until your flesh peels off.

Drake: Right.

John: Did you get the flashlights?

Drake, removing flashlights from his hoodie pocket: Yeah.

Drake tosses a flashlight to John who just barely catches it.

John: Really?

Drake: Come on. There's a door down there. I don't think you'll find anything useful in here.

Drake moves towards the glass doors. John looks around with his flashlight in one hand and the Radiation Detector in the other. He then looks downwards at the doors and moves forwards. As John moves forwards, the view of the wall behind him is now seen showing three scratch marks diagonally. The scene then cuts to the two exiting from the hallway and entering another room. The ceiling is lower than the main lobby and the width of the room itself is smaller. In this room, there are filing cabinets, a couple of old desks, broken titles, a flickering lamp and a cracked window. Light is hindered slightly by the vines covering the outside of the windows. John unzips his hazmat suit so that the helmet acts as a lowered hood and his shirt is seen slightly but the lower parts of the suit remain zipped and held up.

John: I'd say its nice having some fresh air but this air isn't exactly fresh.

Drake: Smells fine to me.

John: Of course you'd say that. (walking forwards) Y'know I think they should make these hazmat suits more compact. Like portable. Standard Issue. That'd be cool, I guess.

John looks around and notices the filing cabinets. Drake looks down at the floor and notices a strange looking vine.

John: Filing cabients? Man, these guys were old school.

Drake: How long does it take for a building like this to get overgrown?

John: Uh... Well an average grape vine can cover a wall in two weeks or two months. Something like that. I'm not that into gardening. So uh I imagine something to cover a building would take less than two years. (looking around) This place must have been abandonned for probably 5 years or more.

Drake: Well some of these plants are mutated.

John, turning to Drake: What? (approaches Drake) (notices the vine) Whoa...

Having a closer look at the vine, the vine, itself, has small veines, wrinkles and tiny pus bubbles.

John: That is both interesting and disgusting.

Drake places his hand on the vine. John gives him a disgusted look. Drake attempts to hack into the vine but there are no effects. He removes his hand and shakes it.

John: What's wrong?

Drake: I can't cure it. It's been mutated too long.

John: Wait, are you saying you can't cure things that have been mutated for too long?

Drake, looking around: Uh... (looks at John) Yeah.

Drake rubs his hands together and walks around the room. John looks down and then back up after sighing. He then moves to the filing cabinets, opens one of them and looks through the files. He pulls out a file labeled "Element X". He looks inside, seeing a paper with words and an image covered by a stamp mark reading "DECOMMISSIONED".

John, reading to himself, quietly: Requires secondary element?

John closes the folder and places it back in the drawer. He pulls out another folder, opens it and views the file.

John, reading, to himself, quietly: Power Source... (pronouncing poorly) Ca- Ko- Kharow- Khru? Khrudium? What?

John closes the folder.

John, to Drake: This data looks important. We need to look for something about Nanogenes.

Drake looks around and then stops after noticing something.

Drake: I think I found it.

John turns his head, moves over to where Drake is and sees scattered folders on the floor with destroyed cabients.

Drake: Looks like someone beat us to it. And they didn't find what they were looking for.

Drake moves his flashlight so that it shines at an opening in the wall with a broken door at its side. Stairs as slightly seen within the opening.

John: Looks like there's more to this facility than we thought. Come on.

John moves forwards.

Drake: Are you sure?

John, turning to face Drake: Drake, this information is important. We could find a cure. Make things back to normal.

Drake: John, there is no cure. This is our normal. Some of us have to deal with that more than others.

Drake moves to the opening and heads down the stairs.

John, to himself: You have no idea... The scene cuts to Drake and John descending down the stairs and entering a dark hallway. They shine their flashlights down the hallway and navigate down it until they enter another room. In the room, there are more filing cabinets as well as a lighted area projected around one of the filing cabinets as though from a flashlight. Drake stops his hand in front of John which causes him to stop. John looks at Drake and then straight ahead, now noticing the light. Drake pulls his hood over his head and activates his claw form. He then approaches slowly towards the lite area. The drawer then closes and Drake stops short. A humanoid figure then rises into sight, holding a flashlight in their hands.

Drake: What are you doing here?

The figure, startled, turns around quickly, backing into the filing cabinet, hand on their chest. Their startled breathing is heard. John shines his flashlight on the figure. The figure is a woman. She is wearing a short brown jacket over a grey tank top with brown cargo pants and black boots. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Woman: You startled me.

Drake: I asked you a question.

Woman: I could say the same for you. This is a restricted area.

John: We're with the MCA. (realizing) I mean the uh- Mutation Containment Agency.

Drake quickly deactivates his claw form.

Woman, not entirely convinced: Really? You kids are MCA?

Drake: I'm not asking again.

Woman: I was just collecting some of my father's work. He used to work for the company and invested a lot of his time into the data center.

John: He must of had a lot of data to submit then.

Woman: Yes. That's why I have to make multiple trips. I used one of his spare cards to get inside. How'd you get in?

John looks at Drake who exchanges a look with him.

John: Well... We have our own uh method of entering.

Woman: You broke in, didn't you?

John: One might say that but other would call it something entirely different.

Woman: MCA or not. It's illegal to break into a restricted and official area especially without any forms of identification.

Drake: I don't think there's any justice for taking from a facility mutliple times without actually being apart of the staff here.

Woman: Well, I guess we're even.

John: Well since you've been around here, you wouldn't happen to know where we can find any files relating to Nanogenes, have you?

Woman: Popular topic.

Drake: How so?

Woman: My father worked on the Nanogene Project. He was fascinated by its possibilities. Probably more than the creator, himself.

Drake: Who was the creator?

The woman looks deeply at Drake's covered face for a moment, only looking at his mouth and the lower part of his nose. John looks at both of them and looks slightly confused as they're both staring right at each other.

Woman, after the short delay: I don't know.

Drake breaths out from his nose and turns away from the woman.

Woman: I'm only 28. That happened a long while ago.

John: What's your name?

Woman: Annabelle. Don't suppose I'll be getting yours any time soon.

John: Not sure if its the best thing. MCA Policy and all that.

Annabelle reaches into a bag on the side of the filing cabinet and pulls out a folder.

Annabelle: Here's a file I collected before on Nanogenes.

John opens the file and sees a diagram of a Nanogene with written text.

John, reading: Wow. This really establishes some points on Nanogene Communication.

Annabelle: He was really onto something but nobody believed him. They said he had a mental disorder when he was close to a breakthrough but, in reality, he was a genius.

Drake: I found another hallway.

Annabelle: If you're looking for Nanogene data, I know where you can find it.

Drake: Where?

Annabelle: I might as well show you since we're going to the same place.

Drake turns his head slightly to the right and sees John nodding. Drake exhales deeply.

Drake: Fine. But don't get in my way.

Drake then walks past Annabelle and John and continues ahead. The two turn around and look at Drake walking off.

Annabelle: Chippy one, isn't he?

John: He uh- has his ups and downs. Um- Do lead on.

Annabelle grabs her bag from the side of a filing cabinet and moves ahead, followed by John. The scene cuts to the three walking through a run down hallway with broken tiles and the parts of the wall punctured as thick vines enter the building. The amount of vines has increased heavily compared to the previous rooms.

John: Seriously though, what's up with all these vines?

Annabelle: The facility's been abandonned for quite some time.

John: Yeah but the vines down there are worse than on the surface.

John looks up with his flashlight pointing upwards as well.

Annabelle, to Drake: You don't seem in the talking mood.

Drake: I don't have anything to say.

Annabelle: Well I do. What exactly is your interest with Nanogenes?

Drake continues walking ahead.

Annabelle: Come on, I want to know. You're not a Mutant, are you?

Drake: Do I look like one?

Annabelle: You don't have to look like a Mutant to be one. Of course, these- these things aren't real Mutants.

Drake: What are you talking about?

Annabelle: A real Mutant is someone with biological, unnatural nature. Not artifical tampering from machines. What you see outside these facility aren't Mutants, they're monsters.

Drake: From what I've seen, I'm not sure if there's a difference.

Annabelle: Mutants aren't monsters. They are complex beings of life with a purpose to evolve and spread. They are utterly unique and deserve our attention.

Drake: If you don't believe in Nanogenes then why are looking for your father's work?

Annabelle: Uh- To prove the world wrong.

Drake: It's chaos out there. No one is going to care about the nature. Either way, they are still people in danger and threats in their world.

Annabelle: Sorry to break it to you but this isn't their world anymore. There's only one way to survive. Evolve.

John, catching up with the two: Hey, uh- are you getting close? This place is starting to freak me out.

The three are still seen navigating the hallway as a root on the floor is seen slithering away.

Annabelle: What's the matter, Mr. MCA? A little vine isn't going to hurt anyone.

A faint crunching noise is heard, as though a branch is moving. Drake, noticing the sound, turns his head and looks up.

Drake: Move!

Drake pushes John and Annabelle out of the way as as massive vine smashes into the floor, throwing Drake back. Drake lands agaisnt the floor and looks up. He sees the massive vine lifting from the floor and moving towards the right side of the hallway as another vine is seen in the back, pressed against the floor, as though pressing for support. The ground then shakes slightly as the floor of the hallway cracks when a large pod leaf is seen crawling through the cracks in the floor. John and Annabelle run from the pod leaf as its thrown from the floor hole and impacts where they were standing. Through the newly created floor hole, a large plant-like Mutant rises and roars out. Drake then kicks up from the ground and activates his diamond claw form. John gets up from the ground and sees Annabelle on the floor. He helps her up, unaware of the creeping vine behind him. The vine then grabs John and lifts him into the air quickly.

John: AHH!

Drake then throws his crystal projectiles at the vine which shreds it, releasing John causing him to fall.

Drake: No!

Drake extends his hand out which, as a reflex in a way, allows him to fire diamond projectiles at the ground under John which form into a shape. Drake, getting an idea, continues doing so, now consciously, and forms a slide made of the diamond projectiles. John then slides down the diamond slide and falls onto the ground hardly.

John: Ow...

The Plant Mutant then turns its attention to Drake and roars out at him. The Plant Mutant whacks Drake into the wall with one of its vines. Drake then falls onto the floor and holds his side. He then looks up, with an upset expression on his face. He then gets up and throws his arms out. He then activates his fire hands form and slams his fists against the floor, cracking it even further, towards the Plant Mutant. The impact causes the floor to become unstable and sends the Plant Mutant back down the hole with the floor collasping on top of it. When the dust settles, John and Annabelle get up from the ground and look back at the massive floor cave in.

John: Guess we're not going back through there.

Drake, to Annabelle: Which means you better be sure this is the right way. Annabelle: Of course this is the right way. Come on.

Annabelle leads forwards as John looks at Drake. Drake then follows after Annabelle, followed by John. As the three move into another hallway, a dark, shadow-like figure lurks behind them at a distance. The scene then cuts to Annabelle entering a room through an open doorway, missing its door.

Annabelle: Here it is.

Drake looks around the room. It's a tall room, not large. The ceiling is high with a glass dome above, covering in vines, making the lighting dim, especially since its already evening. The walls are supported by pillars mounted into the walls. There are a series of bookshelves on each level of the room. As the room elevates, there is a small balcony representing each level of the room. There are five levels. On the bottom level there is a desk with a lamp on it, on, flickering. Some papers are on the desk. Disorganized desk yet the bookshelves look neat, well kept. There's also a rug on the floor which seems like a rapid change from the abandonned facility theme. There were also a pair of doors in the corner, blocked by some furniture and a piece of scientific equipment. John enters the room, amazed.

John: Wow. This is what I call data.

Drake: Books, right? I've heard about them on the street.

Annabelle: Not just books. Equations, journals, files. My father didn't just work on the project, he was obessed with it.

Annabelle looks over at the pair of doors blocked by furniture. Drake notices this.

Drake: What's behind those doors?

Annabelle: Nothing worth mentioning.

Drake: It looked like you were used to collect data around the area we first met but you've been here before.

Annabelle turns around to face Drake.

Annabelle: Ever heard of take your daughter to work day?

Drake: No.

Annabelle: I've been to his office before. Before it all happened. Before the outbreak. Before the accident. It looked better. It was better. I used to come by his office when I was little. We'd have a pet frog in here. I would come by and feed it while dad would show me around.

Annabelle walks over to the desk and looks it, nostlgically. She then reaches the end and sees broken glass. Next to it, a broken glass container with a label on it reading "Howell" written in red marker over the words, "Subject: Frog ID: 12272005". The scene cuts to John on the other side of the room, examining the bookshelves. He pulls out a book from a shelf and looks at the cover.

John, reading the cover: "Genetics. By Doctor Dwight Nemo." I have this book.

Annabelle: Yeah, my father was always interested with Genetics. That's why he became a Geneticist. Why he joined the Nanogene Project when he was invited by Vic.

John: Wait. Wait. Wait. Your dad. Your father- Your father is Dr. Dwight Nemo? I loved this book. His research in Genetics is probably the best I've ever seen.

Annabelle: Tell me about it.

Drake: Did you find the data?

John: There's so much here. Finding anything game-changing would probably take a while.

Voice: Time that you don't have.

Drake and John turn around and see a figure standing in front of the doorway, in the room.

Drake: You...

The scene moves to the figure, moving upwards to show to Mutant's hindlegs until it reaches the face of Shadow Hound.

Shadow Hound: You harmed my Master.

Drake: He had it coming to him. Lying to me. He's up to something and I'm going to put an end to it.

Shadow Hound: You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.

Drake: What are you doing here, Shadow Hound?

Shadow Hound: I'm here for information.

Drake: I'm not going to tell you anything.

Shadow Hound: I said information. I didn't say from you.

Drake: ...You're here for the Nanogene research. What for? Ryden knows about the Nanogenes, he worked on the project unless he lied about that.

Shadow Hound: The Master tells the truth, child. He is one of the creators.

Drake: Who are you the rest?

Shadow Hound: They are scattered throughout the world. Some exist here but you'll never find them.

Drake: What if I told you I already did.

Shadow Hound: Then you would be the liar.

Drake: You don't even know what you're looking for. Otherwise, you would have taken it by now.

Shadow Hound: Suppose I want to kill you instead.

Drake: But you wouldn't. That's not what your Master wants.

Shadow Hound snarls.

Shadow Hound: You have wasted enough of my time.

John backs up into a bookshelf and turns slightly. He sees papers left on one of the shelfs. He takes it and places it in his pocket.

Shadow Hound: Tell me where the data is or the deal is off.

Drake: Deal? What deal? What are you-

Annabelle, unseen: Second level. Third to last bookshelf. You'll find it on the bottom shelf.

Shadow Hound grunts then leaps onto the second level. Drake turns around and sees Annabelle just standing there.

Annabelle: Surprised? Don't be. It ruins the mood.

Drake: You were working with Shadow Hound?

Annabelle: What can I say? I needed the business.

Drake: I don't know what he's offering you but you can't trust him. You have no idea who he's working for.

Annabelle: And I don't care. When I get my end of the deal, whoever gets the data will use it to convert more Mutants. More Mutants is good. Even if they are... artifical.

John: You- traitor. I trusted you.

Annabelle: And who asked for it? Hm? (looks around between both of them) Not me, that's for sure.

Drake: You're insane.

Annabelle: Y'know. That's what they said about my father. Did I- Did I mention that before? Well, anyways, just in case I didn't, my father was called out. "He's insane! He's insane!" but no. He's not. And neither am I for that matter. He's been walked on everytime I go to the office. Everytime! "Do this" or "Do that". It's always the same. He only lost his mind when they denied his research.

John: The reports said they denied it because it was incompatiable with what they were currently working on-

Annabelle: Y'know what they were working on that was so important? Changing the world. But when my father goes beyond the goal, they call it sickening. They call it disgusting. They call it, a Mutation. Then he leaves. He leaves all of this research behind for me. And now I have it. All of it. But I don't need it anymore because I'll have something even more powerful.

Shadow Hound grabs a journal on the shelf.

Annabelle, to Shadow Hound: Did you find it?

Shadow Hound turns around and shows the journal.

Annabelle: Everything you need to know about the Nanogene.

Shadow Hound, lowering his arm, holding the journal: Excellent. Now that you've held up your end of the bargain, here is your reward for your... contribution.

Shadow Hound opens a panel on his robotic armor and pulls out a cartridge. The panel then closes automatically.

Shadow Hound: A cartridge designed by the Master himself. Your final conponent.

Shadow Hound throws the cartridge to Annabelle who catches it. She then drops her bag, that she's been carrying, on the floor and reaches inside.

Drake: What are you doing?

Annabelle: Oh y'know, getting my gear on. It's been hard to make as a gun or a some type of guantlet. So I had to settle on a hat.

Annabelle then removes a piece of headgear made from various appliances and devices. Some parts are hard to make out while others are obvious. A spoon in the back with a piece of coil wrapped around it. Various grey wires. A battery pack, duct taped to the entire helmet. TV Antennas in front. Other pieces like a watch, kitchen tools and computer parts were used as well. Drake looks at the device confused while Drake moves closer while staying close to the walls/bookshelves. Annabelle, now fully removed the helmet from her bag, inserts the cartridge into a slot at the side. The device then activates instantly.

Annabelle: Now that I know you're a Mutant, I'll have a blast with this thing.

Drake: Why? What is it?

John: From here, it looks like a reciever made from scrap.

Annabelle: It's not a reciever, you dummy. It's a transmodulator.

Drake: Annabelle, please.

Annabelle: Enough! Don't you ever call me that again. He used to call me that all the time.

Drake: Who?

Annabelle: My father. Who else?

Drake: Look, I know you lost him but this isn't the way to do things. So stop it before I stop you.

Annabelle: He's not dead.

John: What? Yes, he is. I saw the article.

Annabelle: You think he'd ever really leave his research alone for anyone. Why do you think that door is sealed up?

John: You- You kept your father in there?

Annabelle: Well in his state, you wouldn't blame me.

Shadow Hound: This concludes our business. (jumps down to the bottom level) You can deal with the boy.

Drake: Not unless I deal with you, Shadow Hound.

Drake throws out his hands and activates his enlarged fists. Drake then charges for Shadow Hound and strikes but Shadow Hound flips over the impact, dodging it. and uses his claws to strike at Drake, sending him flying into some bookshelves.

Annabelle: You're ruining the bookshelves! That's important data.

Shadow Hound: I already have what the Master needs.

Drake grabs the bookshelf and flings it at Shadow Hound who gets hit by it and smashes it wall next to the doorway. Drake then runs over to Shadow Hound as Shadow Hound tears through the bookshelf with his claws and leaps at Drake. Drake punches Shadow Hound and the Mutant falls onto the floor, behind Drake. Shadow Hound then tail whips Drake's legs, knocking him over. Shadow Hound then stands over Drake and raises his arm. Drake recovers from the hit to the head from the floor and slams his fists against the floor, causing Shadow Hound to fall over from the shaking. Drake then gets up and grabs Shadow Hound by the tail. He then spins him around in a circle then lets go, throwing him into the furniture, blocking the doors. Drake then stops spinning and holds his head. John moves over to Drake.

John: You alright?

Drake: Spinning feeling.

John: It's called dizzy.

Drake: Right.

Annabelle: You broke the barricade. (moving backwards) What have you done?

The doors then burst open as a Mutant Frog with humanoid features emerges from the behind the doors.

Annabelle: H-Howell?

John: Annabelle, you said you put your father in there. Is that-

Annabelle: I'm not Annabelle anymore. I am Ann and I control this monster.

Ann places the helmet on her head and turns a oven knob on the side to high. The TV Antannes then release a frequency towards the Mutant which causes it to shake its head until it stops. The Mutant then looks up, its eyes now red rather than yellow.

Drake: What did you do?

Ann: I control this monster.

John: But- That's your father.

Ann, shedding a tear: I know. (to the Mutated Dr. Nemo) Now, attack.

The Mutated Dr. Nemo roars out and leaps at Drake, knocking him and John back. Drake attempts to get up when he sees Shadow Hound escaping.

Drake: You're not getting away!

Shadow Hound: You have a choice. Stop me or save your friend. We will meet again, boy. Hopefully that will be the last time that you're needed alive.

Shadow Hound then exits from the room with the journal in hand. Drake then turns back, angry, as the Mutated Dr. Nemo approaches the helpful John.

John: AH!

Drake then punches the Mutant in the side, into a couple of bookshelves.

Ann, controlling the Mutant: Destroy him, my pet. Destroy him now!

The Frog then opens its mouth and extends its tongue at Drake, entangling it around him. The Mutant then slams Drake into the wall several times. Drake then grabs the Mutant's tongue and ignites his hands, causing the Frog's reflexes to kick it and release Drake.

Ann: Don't you hurt him!

Drake looks at the helmet then at the Mutant. Drake then turns to Ann and approaches her slowly.

Ann: Keep back. Keep away.

Ann then activates her helmet again and uses it on Drake. Drake then stops and his enlarged arms deactivate. Drake then holds his head.

John, realizing this: No. No. Fight it, Drake. Fight it.

John's words then fade off as the scene transitions into a flashback scene. A Younger Drake is seen with a Tall Kid in a small room with boxes on the floor. A foldable table in the middle with a ceiling lamp overhead. There's a microscope on the table and a container with a plant sample inside. 

7 Years Ago

Tall Kid: This is Test #17. Day 23. Subject is a flower, category: Plant.

Young Drake: This is lame.

Tall Kid: You need patience.

Young Drake: I've been waiting. We tried this 17 times and the science fair is tommorow.

Tall Kid: This would have been done sooner if you would have tried harder.

Young Drake: I don't see why my dad can't help.

Tall Kid: I told you he's busy. We've got our project to do and he has his projects to do. That's how adults work.

Young Drake: Being adult sounds bad.

Tall Kid: Well I wouldn't know. (grabs test tube with green liquid in it) Right, ready?

Young Drake: Yeah.

Tall Kid: Where are your goggles?

Young Drake: I didn't get them.

Tall Kid: (Sighs) Nevermind. Just don't get too close.

Young Drake: What are we trying to do here?

Tall Kid: We're trying to evolve the subject based on your dad's research.

Young Drake: It's not going to work.

Tall Kid: Have faith, Drake.

Tall Kid then spills a drop of the formula into the container, directly over the plant sample. The drop then hits the soil and is absorbed.

Tall Kid: Now we wait.

Drake and the Tall Kid look at the container and await results. A short moment later, the flower moves slightly. A smile appears on the Tall Kid's face. The flower then wilts downwards, appearing to be dying. The smile is then replaced with a small frown.

Tall Kid: We need to try again.

Young Drake: It's not going to work.

Tall Kid: It had to, Drake. We worked so hard on this.

Young Drake: You mean you did. I only helped.

Tall Kid: And I don't want that help to be wasted.

The Tall Kid turns to a box and kneels down. He looks inside of it.

Tall Kid: Test #18. Day 23.

Drake then sees a suitcase in the corner of the garage. He goes over to it and opens it up. Inside, there are files, pens and a small vials with orange substances in it. Drake then grabs one of the vials and looks at it.

Tall Kid: Preparing to commence test again. Hoping for results.

Drake then makes his way back to the table, opens the vial and spills half of it into the plant sample. The Tall Kid turns around and notices this.

Tall Kid: What are you doing?

Young Drake: Experimenting.

The Plant then slowly springs back to life.

Tall Kid, noticing the effects: Ha! This is amazing. This sample just reverse the effects of the previous one. (looking closer) It even looks better than before we got it.

Drake: So this is our project. We just drop this vial in the plants we collect?

Tall Kid: Yes. It's no Volcano but it's a new age for sure.

The scene then fades back into the current time as Drake falls onto the floor, shaking his head.

Ann: It doesn't work on you. No matter. I still have my pet to end you.

Drake, to John: Get the helmet. It'll stop her control.

Ann, to the Mutant: Get the other one.

Drake, getting up: Oh no you don't.

Drake then runs over to the Mutant Frog and activates his wing forms. He then rams into its side and slams it against the bookshelves. John then runs from the room as the Mutant throws Drake off of itself and goes after him. John then goes back to the destroyed hallway, blocked off. John turns back and sees the Mutant approaching him. John then sees a mutated vine on the ground. He then kicks it repeatively.

John: Oh gosh I really hope this works.

The Mutant Frog then leaps forwards John who dodges out of the way. The Mutant then lands and strikes John, sending him sliding across the floor. Vines is rise from the hole in the hallway floor and grab onto the Mutated Dr. Nemo. The vines then lift him into the air. The Mutant struggles as the vines start to drag him down into the hole. John the crawls backwards, away from the Mutants. Drake then arrives and looks as the vines drag the Mutant away.

Ann, unseen: No! This isn't happening.

Drake, turning to face her: It's over.

Ann then turns the dial even further, activating her device again.

Drake: That isn't going to work on me, remember?

John, backing up into Drake, looking upwards: Uh- I don't think its meant for you.

Drake turns around and sees the Plant Mutant rising from the hole, still holding onto the Mutated Dr. Nemo. The Plant Mutant then roars out.

Ann, controlling the Plant Mutant: Yes... Higher, Higher.

John: She doesn't realize that this thing is connected to the whole facility.

Drake, turning back to Ann: You have to stop this. You're going to destroy the facility.

Ann: You're just trying to scare me but it's not working. I will destroy you then you'll see how special I really am and how right my father is. RISE, Beast!

The Plant Mutant continues to lift itself using its vines. More vines start detaching from the walls and are used to pull the Mutant forwards. The facility then starts to shake.

Ann: NO! What's happening?!

John: We need to get out of here.

Drake nods and activates his wing forms again. He then grabs John and they fly through an opening created from the rummbling facility. The Plant Mutant then attempts to the leave the facility, causing it to cave in even more.

Ann, to the Plant Mutant: You idiot! You're ruining everything!

The floor then caves in due to the weight of the Plant Mutant and the Plant Mutant falls through the floor as well as the Mutated Dr. Nemo.

Ann: DAD! NO!

The roars of the Mutated Dr. Nemo are heard until the impact is heard.

Ann then covers her mouth as her eyes start to water. The walls and ceiling above/next to her give in as they come down on her.

Ann: AHH!

The entire facility then caves in as Drake flies off with John. Agent Owens is seen approaching the Jumpjet. He then looks at the facility and sees whats happening. Drake then lands close to the Jumpjet, dropping John carefully.

Owens: What happened? Are you-

John: Yeah. Yeah. We're okay.

Owens: I was going to say successful.

John glares at Owens.

Drake: One of Ryden's allies was here. He was the information we needed.

John: Not all of it.

Drake looks at John as John removes pages from the journal from his pocket.

Drake: How did you-

John: When you threw Shadow Hound, was it, at the uh- doors. He dropped the journal so I ripped out some pages before Ann's father came in which is when I dropped it and he grabbed it. I also found some other pages from his research. Not sure if its about the Nanogenes completely but at least we have something. I also scanned some of files from the other rooms with my Nanogene analyzer. Also works as a camera.

Owens: Good work.

Drake: It would have been better if we got Shadow Hound.

Owens: You can't win them all, Drake. At least you accquired data. That was the mission. But you failed to call.

Drake: I thought I was making the right call.

Owens: Thinking puts you at risk.

John: If Drake wasn't thinking, he'd be toast. We encountered someone with the ability to control Mutants.

Owens: Really? We need to bring her in for questioning.

John: That's not possible she- she um-

Drake: She was caught in the cave in along with the rest of the data. Shadow Hound might have taken the book but we have pieces of the data Ryden needs and he can't get it anywhere else. If he wants it, he's going to have to get through us. That's when we'll take him out.

The scene then shows the facility, destroyed. The scene transitions to Ryden's Chamber. Shadow Hound enters the chamber and bows before the throne. 

New Haven
November 14, 8:47 EDT

Ryden Kurtzman, unseen: Well? Were you successful in your mission?

Shadow Hound presents the journal to Ryden.

Ryden: Give it here. I need to see this.

Shadow Hound gets up and gives the journal to Ryden.

Ryden, holding the journal in his hands: With this, it'll be a new age, Shadow Hound.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and John discover one of the sites used for the Nanogene Project.
  • Drake and John collect important information about Nanogenes.

Minor Events

  • Drake learns how to create useful structures from his diamond projectile form.


  • Drake
  • John
  • Agent Owens
  • The Director
  • MCA Officers
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Tall Kid (Flashback)


  • Shadow Hound
  • Annabelle Nemo (First Appearance)
  • Mutated Dr. Dwight Nemo (Deceased) (First Appearance)
  • Plant Mutant (Deceased) (First Appearance)
  • Ryden Kurtzman

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x3)
  • Crystal Claws (x1)
  • Stealth Wings (x2)


  • John's thoughts about standard issue hazmat suits are references to the hazmat suits used by Grandpa Max in the episode, Under Wraps.
  • Element X is seen in one of the files John reads.
  • The ID Number on the broken Frog tank, 12272005, is actually the release date of the first episode of Ben 10, And Then There Were 10.


  • This episode is meant to serve as an important point within its current story arc, providing information and events used in later episodes. 
  • It is revealed that Drake's Nanogenes protect him from radiation poisoning.
  • The name of the company that ran the data center was meant to be revealed in this episode but the name hasn't been finalized in time.
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