Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date 3/13/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Rescue is twenty-third episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the forest, a day passing by, the sky is getting lighter as the sun rises. The view lowers from the sky, now showing the trees that make the forest up. There's a faint smoke moving upwards through the air as it emits from a burnt up campfire. The sun rays bleed through the leaves of the trees and touch upon the ground. The news van is seen parked by the water.

Sheep Falls
January 8, 8:08 EDT

Inside the van, the back area is dark with light coming from the windows and the front part of the van. Kate is seen sitting in the desk chair in a corner. She's sleeping, resting her head against the wall with her legs stretched outwards. The bench is now empty. In the front of the van, John is seen laying across both the passenger and driver seats, his eyes closed and arms behind his head. Sunlight pours through the front windows with the dashboard blocking the rays slightly from hitting John directly. The scene cuts to the shore, where a long log is rested. Drake is seen sitting on the log, almost as if he hadn't moved from earlier on. He watches the water, his hands cupped together between his legs. He remains there for a long moment, just watching the water. The sound of a door is heard shutting. Drake doesn't budge and continues his eyes fixated on the water. Another moment passes by as the stream continues passing along and Drake continues sitting there, watching the water. Legs are then seen walking and stopping by Drake. He then turns and looks up at the person before looking down and looking out at the horizon.

Drake: ...Hey.

Kate: ...Hey.

Kate comes around the other side and sits next to Drake. There's a good amount of space between the two on the log. Drake turns to Kate then looks down at the log, specifically the space in between. He then looks back at the horizon. There's silence between the two of them, only the sound of water really heard. Drake looks down at his hands, which are holding a folded piece of paper. He then sighs. Kate turns to Drake then looks at the paper in his hands.

Kate, looking back up at him: What's that?

Drake: ...It was on the van door. I think Fionna wrote it.

Kate: She wasn't there when I woke up.

Drake: Yeah. I know.

The silence returns.

Kate, attempting to break the silence: You should probably eat something. Um- I can get you a can of-

Drake: Kate.

Kate stops and looks at Drake. He's holding the folded paper out towards her now.

Drake: Can you... read it for me?

Kate: I probably shouldn't, Drake.

Drake: Kate. You know I can't really- (lowers his head) ...please. (looks at her again) Can you read it for me?

Kate sighs then takes the paper carefully from Drake's grip. He then returns his hands to their previous position, cupped between his legs. Kate looks at him then at the paper. She then slowly unfolds it until there's nothing left to unfold. There's writing on the other side, written in pen. The writing is rough yet delicate.

Kate, reading: "Drake. Thank you for helping me, for- (swallows nervously) caring for me."

She closes her eyes for a couple of seconds and sighing as it happens before she continues to read again.

Kate, reading: "I don't know what I want to do. To stay here or to go back to my people. But they need me so I'm going to find them. Get them home safe. After that, I'm not sure. I just want you to know that you're a good guy despite what you think. Your friends might agree. They're good people. It might look like I'm gone but I'll always be there for you, as a friend. -Fionna."

Kate lowers the letter and looks off. Drake remains as he was before; still sitting, still watching the water. Kate looks at him, letter still in hand. Drake then lowers his head.

Drake: Thank you, Kate.

Kate: ...You're welcome.

Kate puts the letter on the log and gets up from the log. She then walks back to the van. Inside, John is seen sitting in the passenger seat, looking at the two of them through the window mirror. He then looks away as Kate approaches. The scene cuts to a short time later where Kate is seen sitting on the edge of the van floor, her legs reaching the ground. There's a can of food in her hand, lid open, with a fork in the other hand. John is then seen walking away from the van, his hands in his jacket pockets. He turns to look at Kate but she doesn't look up, just looking down. She takes a scoop from her can and eats. John then looks away and looks at Drake, still sitting on the bench. His expression gets more and more upset as he looks at him. John then walks over to the log, hands still in his pockets. When he reaches the log, he tries to say something but can't seem to bring himself to say anything. He then looks away and scoffs before turning back to look at Drake, his expression calmer but a layer of disconcert can still be seen.

John: We should probably talk to the Director.

Drake sighs, still watching the water. A short moment passes before he gets up from the log. He looks at John then at the van. John follows his gaze and sees Kate, looking down still, can in her hands. John turns back to Drake, still looking at her.

John, adding to his previous sentence, sounding more stern: Now.

Drake looks at John then nods. John walks away, towards the van. Drake starts to follow after him, grabbing the letter from the log as he does so. The scene then cuts over to the back of the van where John is seated by the computer station, Drake is seated on the bench and Kate is standing outside of the van, in front of the opening. On the screen, the Director can be seen appearing.

Drake: Director...

Director: What's your status?

Drake: We have information, something that could lead us to Owens' location.

Director: Another lead?

John: Could be something more.

Director: Get back to Headquarters. We'll go over it together.

John: You want us to drive all the way back to New York?

Director: I said Headquarters, Mr. Reed.

John: So you finished rebuilding. Where is it then?

Director: Heading for you right now.

Both Drake and John look at each other, confused. Outside of the van, Kate has her arms crossed. A shadow then starts to overcome. She looks down at the ground as the shadow expands. She then looks up. Her confused expression soon replaced with one of surprise. Leaves are still blowing as well from a slight wind. Inside, Drake and John are looking at the screen.

Kate, calling from outside: Guys!

They both turn to look outside. Drake gets up from the bench and goes outside. He then looks up, joining Kate. John follows after him, stepping out of the van, and joins the two, looking surprised at whatever is above them.

John: Holy crap.

Above the three of them, there is a large metallic platform with two big thrusters towards the back and four smaller thrusters around the front part. There are several windows and levels as well as ports at the bottom of the vessel near the rear end. A Jumpjet is seen flying down from the vessel towards the three of them as they continue looking up at the ship above them.

Title Sequence

The scene continues in the air, showing off more of the vessel from an upper view. From the top, the vessel has multiple platforms appearing like landing strips with several Jumpjets parked on them. In the middle, towards the back, there's a central tower based there with a wide window at the top. The vessel continues through the air at a steady pace as clouds seemingly pass through it.

MCA Helicarrier
January 8, 8:34 EDT

On board, a big room is seen with metallic support structures laced with the walls that continue to the ceiling where there are also various square lamps. There's also a large opening in the room in which a Jumpjet is seen entering carefully and landing onto platform close to the opening. There are a few people in the room already, most are wearing standard MCA Officer uniforms while others are in orange or yellow vests over white jackets. Once the Jumpjet has landed, the doors open with Drake, Kate, John and an MCA Officer exiting onto the platform and down a small set of steps at the side of it. The three of them look around the room while the Officer keeps their focus on what's ahead of them, guiding them towards a door.

John: She wasn't kidding about rebuilding the Headquarters.

Kate: I wouldn't even think something like this is even possible.

MCA Officer: Welcome to the club.

John stops and looks at the MCA Officer who is in the process of taking their helmet off. Once he does, he is shown to be Jack Ralter.

John: Hey, Jack!

Jack: S'up fellas. Miss me?

Drake: Not really.

Jack: Glad to see taking out Ryden didn't change you, Drake.

Jack pats Drake's shoulder. Drake looks at his shoulder before glaring at Jack.

Jack: (clears his throat) So... You going to see the Director?

Drake: Yeah, we might know something.

Jack: Whatever you guys have, I just hope it helps us get to Owens. He was the best agent in this place.

Drake nods.

Jack: Come on. I'll take you to her. She's waiting in the Control Hub.

Jack leads the three of them to the doorway. He presses a panel against the wall and the door slides open, revealing a bigger space with a brighter light. As they enter the new space, they look around, mostly in awe. Drake, however, is slightly surprised. The space they're in is a similar to the corridor design but bigger, now acting as a big passage way providing access to multiple doorways with a tall, white, metallic column acting as an elevator. One side of the passage way is wall, with doors leading to the other areas of the ship, and the other side includes a window, showing off the cloudy sky. There are multiple MCA Officers walking through the passage way as well. Jack, carrying his helmet, walks the three over to the elevator as they look around. Above them, there are upper levels with an railing around the edges. The elevator doors then slide open. Drake looks down as the four of them step onto the platform. Drake looks uneasy, sticking close to the walls.

Jack, looking at him: What's with you?

Drake: I don't like elevators.

Jack looks away, shrugs then presses a button on the panel, causing the doors to shut. The elevator launches upwards through the shaft. The scene cuts to a big room with a wide window stretches across the entire room. There's a platform elevated more than the rest of the floor with a small flight of steps connecting the two. There's metallic railing around the edges of the platform which secure the steps as well. Along the back of the platform, there are various control panels and other types of machinery. Transparent screens are set up in front of the main part of the window. On the lower platform, there are secondary control panels. Each control panel is being guided by MCA Officers, unmasked. The Director can be seen standing by the main control panels at the front of the room.

Director, looking out the window: Steady the pace more. Increase speed once the Jumpjets on Runway 3 are fully secured.

MCA Officer, piloting: Yes, Director.

The elevator doors then slide open and Drake with the others step out into the control hub. The Director turns and sees them entering the room.

Director: Agent DeLisle. Take over for me.

Agent DeLisle: Yes, ma'am.

The Director approaches the four of them as they stand at the center of the Control Hub.

Director: You took your time.

Jack: Sorry, Director, I-

Director: I meant them, Agent Ralter.

Jack: ...Of course, Director.

Drake: It wasn't easy to find.

Director: But you didn't have any trouble staying days or even a whole week at city districts and unmarked towns. You might not report something to me, Drake, but I always find out. One way or another.

Drake: I'm not going to stop doing what I have to.

Director: What you needed to do was find Agent Owens.

Drake: And we did.

John: Well, we found a big lead that could lead us to his location.

Director: What is the lead, Mr. Reed?

John: We found traces of chemicals at an Infinite Darkness site in Helena, Montana. I couldn't find anything in the database so I have to assume it was engineered.

Director: What do they have to do with Agent Owens' disappearance? I thought you said these unidentified Mutants had him.

John: They do but this same substance was found at Murphy Tower's laboratories. Right after the Unknown Mutants attacked Kate... (glaring at Drake) and Drake.

John looks away before Drake turns to face him. Drake then ignores him and looks back at the Director.

Kate, looking away: Thanks for reminding me... (rubs her shoulder)

Director: So you think Infinite Darkness and the Mutants are working together?

John: We know they're involved in whatever the Mutants are planning.

Drake: That's not all we know.

Director: What does that mean?

Drake: When I was on at the facility, I saw a map. It had red marks in places we've been to, some we haven't. I can guess that they're Mutant sightings. But there were blue markings in only one part of the map.

Director: Which parts?

John: He didn't know at the time so we uh- recreated what we saw on our own map. The blue markings were in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Director: So you think he's being kept in one of those three places? Based off a map?

Kate: Not exactly.

The Director looks over at Kate.

Kate: Um. If I may.

The Director just gives her a look.

Kate: I think they are bases or at least places where they can get supplies. In Idaho, there was a weapons facility which had information that we could have used to find Owens- uh Agent Owens. But the soldier, he blew it up. He must have been wanting to hide something that we were looking for.

Director: This just isn't enough to go on.

Drake: Yes, it is.

The Director looks over at Drake.

Drake: That's why you brought us in. Because we have something.

Director: I brought you in because I thought you had something. A map and a few hunches is not something.

Drake: It's more than that and you know it. Even if it doesn't lead to Owens, we still need to check it out because the last time this happened, you didn't search a small town and we found a hidden base that started this search in the first place.

Director: Okay, Drake. I get it. I want to find Owens too but what you found. (shakes her head) This can't be right.

John: You know where he is?

Director: I know where your lead is leading you to.

Drake steps closer to her.

Drake: Where?

Director: In Washington, there's a government facility called Nexus. They cleared out most of the area. Washington has become a government state, it's off the books.

Drake: Well, they know about it. And if they're involved with the Mutants that took John, that probably means they know about it too.

Director: We don't know that.

Drake: Then let's find out.

Director: Drake, it's a government facility owned the Government. They own the MCA. We can't just fly over there and look around. There are rules and protocols.

Drake: I couldn't care any less for that. Owens needs us. I'm not going to let rules stop me from saving him.

Director: It's not stopping us. We just need to think of something. I can talk with them, work something out but it's going to take time.

Drake: Owens doesn't have that time. I'm going.

Director: No. You aren't.

Drake: Are you stopping me from saving Owens?

Director: I'm stopping you from doing something there is no coming back from. I wouldn't expect you to understand, Drake. You're a kid and single-minded. There is more things out there then just doing. That's what I've been trying to teach you all these years. About how this works.

Drake: I know how it works. That's why I don't rely on it.

Director sighs and looks down before looking back at Drake.

Director: Drake, I'm hereby suspending you from the search.

Drake: What?

Director: You and your associates are not to investigate into the disappearance any further.

John: Why?

Director: Because I said so, Mr. Reed. You three clearly are willing to break protocol over a lead that probably won't turn up anything useful. And I can't have that. (turning to Jack) Agent Ralter, remove Drake and his companions from the Control Hub. 

Jack: Yes, Director. (turning to them) ...Come on, guys.

Drake glares at the Director who just stands there, looking at them. Jack stands by them, waiting. Drake then turns uneasily towards the elevator and moves forwards. Kate and John follow shortly after with Jack escorting them onto the platform. Once they are in the elevator, they all turn to face the room.

Director: We're going to find him, Drake.

The elevator does start to shut.

Drake: I already did...

The doors then shut completely, separating the elevator room from the Control Hub. The elevator then starts to descend. There is a silence in the elevator as Kate and John look disappointed or something similar to that, Jack is attempting to appear professional and Drake is just looking straight at the door, his facial expression is nothing but angry. The scene focuses more on Drake as his face starts to clench up more and his teeth start to bear as his eyebrows fall downwards, closer together. This continues to a point when Drake just yells out and punches the elevator door, fracturing the glass. The entire elevator box shakes upon impact causing the others to hold to the walls and railings. The elevator is filled with silence again with the only sound being the whirring of the elevator as it continues descending and the sound of Drake's heavy breathing. After a short moment, whirring stops and the doors open uneasily. Drake walks out and away from the elevator.

Kate, stepping out: Drake... Drake!

Drake continues walking away, leaving Kate with John and Jack. Kate then sighs and looks around as the other two exit the elevator as well. Kate looks like she's about to walk off but a hand comes down on her shoulder. Kate turns back and sees John, holding her.

John: We should just- give him some time. He'll get over it.

Kate: Get over it? John, this is Owens we're talking about.

John: I know. We'll get him back but running off with him isn't going to help us find him.

Kate: No, but it'll help Drake. He needs it.

John: Does he really?

Kate: ...I think I can handle this myself, John.

John: Of course you can.

Kate: What's that supposed to mean?

John: Nothing. Just- do what you have to do.

John walks off as well.

Kate: Where are you going?

John: I just- need to think. Go on, make your choice.

John turns back and continues walking away. Kate looks at John as he leaves then turns back to the direction Drake went off to. She turns back and sees John still walking away, still in sight. John reaches a turn but stops and turns back. The scene then shows the elevator with Jack talking to some other MCA Officers who nod in agreement to whatever he's saying. Kate is no longer by the elevator. The scene cuts back to John who nods to himself and looks down, saddened. He then turns back and continues walking off down into the next section of the passage way, out of sight. The scene cuts over to a big room with a circular floor. Within it, there are various physical equipment including weights and punching dummies.

MCA Helicarrier: Training Room
January 8, 9:59 EDT

Drake is seen striking one of the dummies with his fists repetitively close to the center of the room. He continues hitting the dummy until he knocks it over. The upper half of the dummy falls onto the floor, it's bottom half severed off. Drake breaths heavily then looks down. The view shows his arm, which seem to be in his blade-form. Drake then looks up and sighs. The severed dummy remains there in front of him as he continues to stand there. After the short moment passes, Drake closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. A soft whirring noise is then heard as he opens his eyes again. He then looks down, raising his arms. The blade-form is now deactivated, putting Drake's normal arm into view instead. He then clenches his open hand into fist again. Drake then looks up as if noticing something then turns around, seeing Kate by the entrance of the training room.

Kate: I'm not bothering you, right?

Drake: ...No. (looks away)

Kate moves away from the entrance and approaches Drake who is walking towards to upper half of the training dummy.

Drake: How much did you see? (slides dummy half away with foot)

Kate: Enough to know that you need to talk to someone.

Drake, turning to Kate: Someone like you?

Kate: It doesn't have to be. In fact, it probably shouldn't be me at all.

Drake: Kate, if you don't want me to talk to you then why- talk to me?

Kate: I'm just- going through some things. Maybe, you're right. We should talk.

Drake: Okay.

Kate: (sighs) You're upset about Owens, aren't you?

Drake: Yeah. I am.

Kate: I get it, Drake. He means a lot to you and the Director stopping you from looking into his disappearance now is just wrong on so many levels but it doesn't mean we're not still going to find him.

Drake: Not until it's too late, Kate. I can't let that happen.

Kate: Sometimes there are just- things you can't control.

Drake: Like what happened to you?

Kate looks deeply at Drake before turning away and sighing.

Kate: I guess we're talking about that then.

Drake: What was that anyways?

Kate: I don't know... I'm sorry, Drake. I feel awful for doing that to you.

Drake: Why?

Kate: Well, you and Fionna are-

Drake looks at her strangely.

Drake: What?

Kate: Never mind. But still, I just shouldn't have kissed you like that. I guess I was just feeling conflicted and you're always there for me. (sighs)

Drake: Listen, Kate, I don't really get what happened but you're worrying about it and you shouldn't get like that. Whatever happened, happened. It doesn't change anything.

Kate: It doesn't?

Drake: Not really.

Kate: So- uh, me kissing you means nothing to you?

Drake: Uh- Did it for you?

Kate: Well, um- I asked you first, man.

Drake: Whatever answer makes you happy so you can stop worrying about it, Kate.

Kate: Fine, I guess...

Drake: So, you're good now?

Kate: For now...

Drake: Good because I need you and John.

Kate: John? What for?

Drake: To get Owens back.

Kate: He walked off somewhere but weren't you told not to look into it anymore by the Director?

Drake: Kate, if I don't do something now, Owens is just going to suffer more and more. I can't let that happen to him.

Kate: Okay but we can't just walk over there. There are MCA Officers all over the place. You'd have to be one in order to get out of here.

Drake: Good thing we already have one.

The scene cuts another room with benches and tables as well as a counter with trays of various foods. There are two doors leading back into the passage way; one close to the left side while the other is close to the right side of the room. There is a grid of rectangular ceiling lamps above the tables which are currently seating various unmasked MCA Officers.

MCA Helicarrier: Mess Hall
January 8, 10:48 EDT

The scene cuts over to one table in specific where Drake and Kate are seen seated across from Jack and Skye. Jack has a rectangular metallic tray in front of him and a thick chicken sandwich in his hands. 

Jack: So let me get this straight. You want us to infiltrate a government facility which is potentially armed to the teeth, possibly tick off the people who fund our stuff and disobey the Director's orders on top of all that? Thanks but no thanks. I for one like my job.

Jack brings his sandwich closer to his face and takes a bite out of it.

Skye: As much as I don't want to say it, Jack has a point, Drake. What you're asking us to do could risk our jobs and your safety.

Drake: I couldn't care less about my safety. I care about getting Owens back.

Jack: The Director said she'll handle it. I doubt that she would give up on Owens especially after what you gave her.

Drake: You heard her. She doesn't think it's enough or doesn't want to think it's enough.

Jack: Still doesn't mean she's giving up on him.

Drake: Maybe. But think about it, Jack. If she talks to the people there, they can just hide Owens somewhere else and it would take us even longer to find him. This is the only lead we have. It's our job to look into it. For Owens...

Skye: Drake, may be onto something, Jack.

Jack: Oh come on? Seriously, Walker?

Skye: We owe it to Owens. You know how much that man did for us? All of us?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I know. But is that really enough to go against the Director?

Skye: We'll cross that bridge when we get to it but Owens needs us now. So I'm going with them, with or without you, Ralter.

Jack: So there's no changing your mind, huh?

Skye: Guess not.

Jack looks from her to his sandwich and sighs. He takes another bite from his sandwich and puts it back on his tray. While he chews on his food, he dusts his hands off then turns back to her.

Jack: Alright. Fine, we're doing this. Besides, I have to keep an eye on him, anyways. Not like our job responsibilities matter anymore.

Skye: We're doing the right thing, Jack.

Jack sighs then looks over at Drake.

Jack: I just hope you're right about this.

Drake nods slightly before looking down. The scene then cuts over to the Control Hub where the Director is looking over the MCA Officers at the control panels. A woman wearing a blue jacket with white lines over a dark orange shirt is seen turning from the controls to face the Director. There's a white earpiece in her ear as well. Her eyes are brown and her hair is black.

Agent DeLisle: Director, we've got a Jumpjet about to take off on Runway 2.

Director: I didn't send out of a Jumpjet. Tell them to wait for authorization.

Agent DeLisle: That's the thing, ma'am. They're not asking for permission.

The Director then looks out the window and squints.

Director: Drake...

Agent DeLisle: Do you want me to send a jet after them, ma'am?

Director: No. We can't draw their attention towards the MCA. Leave them be and hope they don't get themselves into anything they can't handle.

The scene then cuts over to a fortified facility in a cleared out area surrounded by forest.

January 8, 15:25 EDT

A blurred figure is seen moving over the facility's walls, passing over the head of a patrolling soldier. The blurred figure then approaches a hangar but hover close to the front of its entrance. An opening then appears on the blurred figure as it gets closer to the ground. Drake, in his Vigilante suit, jumps out with John. The opening then closes and the two take cover behind a generator box as more soldiers enter the view from behind a structure. Drake looks around the corner for a moment then turns back. He looks behind him and places his hands on the box as he hacks into it. A clicking noise is then heard and Drake removes the panel, placing it on the floor. John looks inside of the box and rearranges some wires around.

John: Almost there...

A spark then erupts from the box and, momentarily, a whirring sound is heard. Drake and John look behind them and see the hangar door opening slowly.

Drake: Okay, let's go.

John, roughly: I know what to do, Drake.

John walks in front of Drake and heads to the hangar carefully. Drake follows after him as the blurred figure in the air glides over towards the hangar. Both of them are then seen sneaking into the hangar as the blurred figure enters. The blurred figure then spins around and uncloaks, revealing itself to be an MCA Jumpjet as it makes its landing. Drake and John make their way over to the Jumpjet as its doors open and both Skye and Jack exit from the ship.

Jack: Took you long enough.

John: That was the easy part. They've got advanced security in here; finger-print scanners, wall sensors, ID verification.

Skye: Can you disable it?

John: It'll take me some time but yeah, I think so.

John removes his tablet from his bag.

John: Once I get connected, I should be able to access the system. I'm just not sure how long I can keep us in.

Skye: Once we find Owens, we leave. We're not staying longer than we need to.

Jack: And here I thought I was going to shoot something.

Drake: They took Owens from us. If we leave once we find him-

Skye: Then we avoid the risk of being spotted. We're associated with the MCA, so we have to be stealthy about this. They see us and the Director will have no choice but to turn her back on us. And besides, this is a rescue mission, not an excuse to get revenge. When we find him, and we will find him, we'll get him back safe then come back with the rest of the MCA backing us up.

Drake: Fine... Let's just get this over with.

John: I need to get to a system box. Once I'm there, I get connect my tablet and get access to the security system from my program.

Skye: Alright, let's move out.

Skye and Jack lead forwards with Drake and John following after them. Kate then emerges from the Jumpjet after them.

Kate: Hey, what about me?

Both Drake and John stop and turn to look at Kate while Skye and Jack continue towards a door.

Drake: It's safer in the Jumpjet.

Kate: Yeah, until the guards come to check out the hangar.

Drake: We'll take care of it. (looks at John) John?

John, glaring at him: Yeah. Sure. (turns back to Kate) Comms are open so if anything happens just let us know.

Kate: So I'm look out. I guess that's kinda cool.

John gives a slight chuckle. He then looks at Drake and his smile diminishes.

John, turning back to her: I'll see you soon.

Kate nods and John turns back to follow after Skye and Jack who are waiting by the door. Drake looks at John then looks back at Kate.

Kate: I'll be fine.

Drake nods then turns to the door and goes over there. Kate then looks inside of the Jumpjet before turning back to look at the others. The scene then cuts to the inside of the base where a pair of soldiers are seen walking by. The door then slides open and the four of them enter the passageway.

Jack: Okay, where's the box thing?

John: Should be close. Maybe in a security station.

They continue down the passageway. A soldier comes out from around one of the corners. Jack looks up, raises his gun and shoots the solider. The gun releases a silent energy blast that renders the soldier unconscious.

John: What happened to no shooting?

Jack: Knockout Blasters. Releases a silent energy pellet that knocks the subject out instantly. Not as much fun.

Skye: And we only have a limited amount of ammo so it's not like we can take out all these guys. Besides, that'll draw attention.

Drake: Let's just find this thing so we can get Owens.

John: You don't have to tell me twice.

John walks forwards followed by Drake and the rest. A soldier walks from around the corner. John looks up, surprised. The soldier reacts by going for his gun. Drake then jumps to the wall, kicks off and lands a punch across the soldier's face. The soldier then drops to the floor. He looks up but Drake kicks him in the head, knocking him out.

Drake, turning to John: You need to be careful.

John: I got it...

Drake looks at John for a moment before turning to Skye and Jack. They give a slight nod and proceed forwards. Drake looks at John again then follows after Skye and Jack, stepping over the soldier. John then follows after them, tablet still in hand. The scene cuts over to a small area in the passageway where three soldiers are seen talking to each other while two are standing by a wall.

Soldier: So then I said, if it has more than one eye, shoot the dang thing, y'know?

Soldier 2: Yeah, yeah. I get it.

Soldier: I mean it's just that easy. It's not like they're people.

Soldier 3, standing by the wall: They're definitely not something to take lightly.

Soldier: Of course, you have to use heavy fire.

The three soldiers then laugh while the soldiers by the wall look away. The one that spoke backs off from the wall and turns to leave but kicked in the knee by Drake who was leaning against the wall. The soldier then yells out and falls to the ground before Drake slams his head against the wall, knocking him out. The other soldiers turn towards Drake after hearing the yell but two of them are shot by the Knockout Blasters. Drake activates the form that creates ports across his body and fires a vibrational blast at the third soldier standing in the middle, tossing him back into a wall. The other soldier, that was standing by the wall, runs to Drake to attack him but Drake blocks the attacker's arm with his own and strikes the soldier in the side. The soldier slams his fist against Drake's back, knocking him down and the soldier throws Drake into the wall. The other soldier reaches for his gun which dropped to the floor. Skye fastens her blaster across his back and runs across the area. The soldier leans against the wall, gun in his hand and aims for Drake but Skye kicks the gun out of the soldiers' hands and strikes him in the face. The soldier grabs her but she resists. The other soldier kicks at Drake who hugs himself and creates a scale barrier around him. The soldier hits his foot against it, causing him to yell out. Drake then releases the barrier and gets up, striking the soldier across the face which drops him to the floor. Drake then gets down and strikes the soldier again and again until he is unconscious. Skye is still struggling against the soldier until the soldier is hit in the head with the bottom of the Knockout Blaster and falls unconscious as well. Skye looks up from the soldier and sees Jack with the blaster in hand.

Jack: You looked like you could use some help.

Skye: I'm just glad you didn't fire that thing.

Jack: You're welcome.

Drake walks past them.

Drake, as he passes them: Come on.

Skye and Jack follow after him as well as John who maneuvers across the fallen soldiers. A security station is then seen which acts as a small office in the walls of the facility. A glass window shows the inside of the room which is simply a desk and some screens showing surveillance. A guard can be seen seated and watching the screens. He is also seen drinking from a mug. Some more soldiers can be seen patrolling outside of the station, armed. The scene then focuses on the guard, still drinking from his mug and still watching the surveillance on the screens. He then stop drinking from the mug and places it back on the desk. A few subtle grunts and clanking noises are then heard which draws in the guard's attention. The guard looks out of the window, seeing no one out there now. He then gets up from his chair and moves to the door way. He reaches down and removes his gun from his holster. He then steps out of the security station and looks around, his gun now raised upwards. The scene then cuts to a corner where Skye, Jack and John are seen hiding behind.

Guard: Someone there?

There is no response. John backs into Jack, knocking over his blaster which was leaning against the wall. The gun makes an clanking noise against the floor which attracts the guards' attention. The guard then approaches their way, readying his gun. Skye, Jack and John remain against the wall as the guard continues approaching. Footsteps are then heard approaching their direction quickly. The guard looks up then turns around and sees Drake running towards him. The guard aims his gun for Drake but Drake kicks the guard in the chest, knocking him down and causing him to slide across the floor. The guard then gets up and readies his fists as Drake stands there across from him. The guard then runs forwards about to strike Drake but Drake evades the strike and strikes the guard in the head, knocking him into the wall. Drake then grabs the guard by the collar and throws him in front of the security station. The guard then looks up from the floor, seeing Drake approaching him. He then grabs the doorway and pulls himself towards it but Drake steps on his leg, preventing him from moving further. The guard winces and looks at Drake. The other three make their way over to Drake and the guard.

Drake: Where is he?

Guard: W-Who?

Drake: You know who I'm talking about.

The guard looks at Drake then the others. He then kicks at Drake's leg and attempts to escape but Drake grabs the back of his uniform and tosses him inside of the security station. The guard tries to leave again but Drake slams the guard's head against the desk and throws him into his chair. The guard, moving slower now, still attempts to leave as he gets up from the chair. Drake then grabs him by his collar again and sits him back down.

Drake, through his teeth: Where is he?!

The guard's anxiousness is persistent as he looks up at Drake with deep breathing. Then, in a moment, he snaps to a more grim look with no emotion and calm breathing. Drake is taken aback by this by remains firm with his grip on the guard. The guard then smirks, his coldness now being the persistent tone of his facial expression.

Guard: You really think you'll find him? After all this time, all this effort and you finally found your way here. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. (chuckles) You doomed yourself by coming here. (grimly) You'll never escape from here. Not with your friend, not with your- (looks off at the others) (disgustingly) team, (turning back to face Drake) not with your lives.

Drake: I said: Where. Is he?

The guard simply laughs while Drake's grip on his collar just gets tighter and tighter.

Guard: You'll never find him!

Drake yells out and strikes the guard in the head, knocking him unconscious. Drake's breathing is heavy. He looks down at the unconscious guard then turns to look at the others who are looking at him. John with the exception of a long glare as he stands by the security controls. He turns to them and inserts a small device into one of the machines' ports. He then looks at his tablet which opens up a screen showcases various systems and other features.

John: Okay, I'm in.

Drake: Do you know where Owens is being kept?

John, checking his tablet: I will if you give me time.

Drake: Owens, doesn't have that kind of time, John.

John doesn't respond and continues checking his tablet.

John: He isn't in any of the holding areas. No sign of him in the medical bay, laboratories- nowhere.

Drake: Come on, there must be something.

John: There is a restricted area but I have no way of seeing what's in there. None of the systems go in there, in fact it doesn't really exist on the schematics. It's just a blank area.

Skye: Then that must be where they're keeping him.

Jack: Nice work, John.

John: Thanks...

Drake: Let's go.

Jack: Wait, it's a restricted area. How do you expect us to get in?

John looks at the guard then walks over to him and checks his pockets.

Skye: What are you doing?

Drake turns around and looks at John, going through the guard's pockets. John then removes a key card from one of the guard's pockets and shows it to the others.

John: Access Key.

Jack: Not sure why a guard like him has an access key but sure- whatever works.

John then leaves the security station followed by everyone else. Drake stands by the door way and turns back to the guard, who remains unconscious. Drake then looks outwards then turns back and follows after the others. The scene cuts to a large metallic door guarded by two big soldiers, armed. John is then seen walking down the passage way, checking his tablet. The guards look at each other then back at John. One of them steps forwards.

Soldier Guard: Hey, you're not authorized to be here.

John doesn't respond.

The guard turns to the other one who shakes his head at him. Both Skye and Jack then jump out from the corners of the passage way intercept and shoot their Knockout Blasters at the guards by the door, knocking them unconscious.

Jack, checking his blaster: Alright, I'm out of ammo. How about you?

Skye, checking her blaster: One more shot.

Jack: No wonder no one uses these things.

Drake comes from another the corner and approaches John who is still checking his tablet by the door.

Drake: That was risky, John.

John: Yeah, so? I did it.

Drake: Is there something going on with you?

John, turning to Drake: Is there something going on with you?

Drake: What's that supposed to mean?

John: Nothing. Let's just finish the mission, save Owens. That's what we came here to do, right?

Drake doesn't respond for a moment as John looks at him. Drake then nods and John looks away a second later. He removes the key card from his pocket and scans it over the card reader. The card reader scans the card and flashes green. A shift between the metal is then heard as the door is slowly slid open. Drake and John step forwards into the dimly lit room with several crates at the side of the room but a clear opening leading to the center of the room. At the room's center is a big elevator which has dim lamps installed in the floor and around the elevator, in a circle motion. The lamps make the elevator the most lit up thing in the room. Skye and Jack then enter the room, standing by Drake and John's sides.

John: It's an elevator...

Jack: What's so special about an elevator?

Drake: The Mutants use elevators to go to their base. We've seen them before.

John: Except this one's bigger...

Skye: But there aren't any additional floors in this facility. At least, not in this level.

Drake: It doesn't matter. Owens is in there.

Skye: Right...

Jack: You guys go. I'm staying here and cover you in case any more of them show up.

Drake nods and turns back to the elevator. He walks forwards followed by John and Skye, who readies her blaster. Drake places his hand on the panel and hacks into it. A "ping" noise is heard as the doors slide open. The three then enter the elevator and turn to face the doors as they start to close. Jack looks at them, standing by the entrance of the restricted area. Skye looks at him from the elevator, concerned. Jack, as if in response, smirks at her as the doors shut completely. Inside the elevator, a slight humming is heard as the elevator moves. Drake glances down quickly then looks back as if he saw something earlier. The view then shows the elevator buttons, moving upwards from the bottom button. Drake then looks away, slightly confused. The elevator then shakes and the light flickers, casting them into darkness from time to time until the lights simply don't come back on. A green light is seen emitting from the edges of the elevator platform, providing some light in the dark box. The elevator is still shaking however it starts to settle down to the point where it is no longer shaking anymore. They look around, still in the darkness. The lights then flicker on once again and another "ping" noise is heard as the doors slide open. Drake's eyes shift back and forth as he looks outside of the elevator before stepping out onto the metallic floor. He enters a dark grey, metallic corridor. There's a circular door at the end of the corridor and a wall on the other side. John and Skye then exit from the elevator, entering the corridor as well. The doors remain open.

Drake: It looks different.

John: It doesn't matter. We're here for Owens, right?

Drake: Still. (looking around) It probably won't be like the other one.

Skye: Then we should be careful. We're in their territory now.

Skye raises her blaster and treads carefully down the corridor, towards the door. John steps before Drake, following after Skye as she continues approaching the door. Drake sighs and follows as well. Skye touches the door with her hand but the door is not responsive. She then looks at the access panel close to the door and attempts to activate it. The panel, however, makes a noise instead.

Skye: The panel isn't working.

John: I can take care of it.

Drake places his hand on the panel as John starts to reach for it. John then takes his hand back as Drake hacks into the panel. An electrical surge emits from the panel, causing Drake to draw his hand back. The panel then flashes blue and a mechanism is heard activating.

John: I said I had it!

Skye: It doesn't matter, the door is opening...

The door then unlocks and divides into three parts as they slide into their respective parts of the circular door frame. Drake is still seen holding his hand, his eyes faintly glowing orange. Skye turns from the open door to Drake.

Skye: Drake, you alright?

Drake's eyes then dim back to normal and he looks up from his hand to Skye.

Drake: Uh- yeah. It's just- the door. It reacted differently from what I'm... used to.

John: It's the advanced technology, Drake. Nexus must have machinery we've never even knew existed.

Skye: We can talk about it later. Door's open now.

Drake: Right.

Drake walks forwards and enters the new area with Skye. John following behind, scowling at Drake from behind. The room they enter is big and round-shaped with several doors and platforms above them. The Unknown Mutants are seen walking around, attending to machinery and moving to other passageways and rooms through the doorways. Drake, John and Skye make their way to a big crate, keeping out of sight as a couple of them pass by. The two Mutants approach a door close to the crate and one of them activates the access panel. It flashes green upon activation and the door reels open. They are grunting at each other as they enter the room. Drake silently watches them from behind the crate and moves forwards, entering the room after them.

Skye, quietly: Drake! Shoot-

Skye grabs her blaster and follows after Drake. John follows her and enters the room just as the door reels shut. The room is a slender one, in terms of width, but has plenty of length to it. There appears to be a collection of various cells and shelves positioned in an organized grid-like manner. Drake is seen hiding behind one of the shelves as the two Mutants continue forwards. John and Skye move from the door to a shelf across from Drake and hide behind that. The grunting between the Mutants can still be heard faintly.

John, quietly: There must be a ton of these guys in here.

Skye, quietly: That's why we're just getting Owens. No sense in picking a fight when you're outnumbered.

Drake, in a low manner: Never stopped me before.

Drake peeks around the shelf and sees the two Mutants continuing to the back of the room which seems to open up to another section. Once they are out of sight, Drake gets up from behind the shelf which seems to display a set of multicolored stones.

Drake: We're good... for now.

John and Skye stand up from behind their display and look around the room.

John: Look at all this stuff... They must have taken it from the Nexus facility and stored it in their base.

Skye: What do you think they want with this stuff?

John is about to say something but Drake cuts him off before he can get a word out.

Drake: It doesn't matter. Not right now, anyways. Let's just find Owens and go.

Drake walks down the room and turns around the corner, looking straight ahead. John and Skye follow after him as they all pass by the displays and cells. John turns his head and sees a cell with a black puddle inside of it. The puddle then seems to gravitate towards John but is shocked by the cell when it touches the glass. John then walks away, looking concerned. The three continue walking forwards, passing by various objects and other things. They then enter the other section of the room. Drake and Skye look surprised as John enters the doorway.

John, looking at them: What? What is-

John turns his head and looks surprised as well.

John: Whoa...

The other section contains more machinery, more cells and little to none displays. The two Mutants that entered the room earlier are seen examining some of the cells.

Skye: What is this place? What are they doing here?

John: I don't know... experimenting?

Some of the cells contain different types of Mutants including animal-like Mutants, plant-like Mutants, and even humanistic Mutants. The cells have some type of piping leading into them, pumping a fluid (similar to the one from the Infinite Darkness facility) into the Mutants. Drake looks around and walks forwards slightly. He then bumps into a display, knocking over a device made from a buzz-saw blade, an umbrella, a record player and other household junk. It shatters upon impact with the floor, creating a noise. The two Mutants turn around and snarl at the three.

Drake: Skye...

Skye: On it!

Skye readies her blaster and shoots at the Mutants, knocking one of them unconscious while the other moves out of the way. Drake throws his arms out and activates his ax-form. He then grunts and runs forwards. The Mutant strikes down at him, knocking Drake back. Drake then throws his arm back then forwards, stretching it out towards the Mutant. The ax-blade then strikes the Mutant across the face, knocking it down to the floor. Drake turns his head and sees something. The Mutant then attempts to get up but a shadow starts to cast over it. The Mutant looks up and a display is seen crashing down onto the Mutant, breaking upon impact. The Mutant then falls back to the floor, unconscious for now. Drake's arm then unwraps from the display's remains and reels back to its normal position. His arms then revert back to their normal form.

Skye: So much for being stealthy...

Drake: Come on before anymore of them show up.

Drake continues forwards, with Skye and John following behind. They pass by the cells containing Mutants. John looks closely at the cells. There appears to be wires connected to the cells, leading to certain parts of machinery. Skye looks around and sees various suits of armor lined up against the wall. Drake continues walking until he stops in front of one of the cells. A ragged breathing is heard. John turns his head and looks at the cell. He regains his look of surprise.

John: No way...

Inside the cell, there is a Mutant hanging over the floor, cuffed to a machine which is holding him upwards. The Mutant has a human face but his arms are large, the skin over them is cracked. There are crystalline blades emerging from both of his arms and wires wrapped around his legs. He is wearing a ragged black coat with tears and a stretched out shirt with a purple skull at its center. His hair is longer and even more untidy than before.

Drake: Blake...

Blake's ragged breathing continues as the machine he is cuffed to seems to drain him.

Skye: You know this guy?

Drake: Something like that. He was killing Mutants for their Nanogenes. He tried to take my powers too.

John: The Government must have captured him when you threw him off the bridge.

Drake looks away then looks back at Blake in the cell. He then looks to the side of the cells and sees a machine gathering and developing a serum from Blake.

Drake: We need to change the mission.

Skye: What are you talking about? We're here to rescue Owens, Drake.

Drake, facing Skye: And we will but we also need to stop these Mutants from doing whatever they're doing here. Look at all the things here, Skye. Just with Blake only they can make plenty of problems for us, for everyone. They need to be stopped and this is our only chance to do something about it.

Skye looks at Drake for a moment but Drake doesn't look away. Skye then sighs.

Skye: Fine. I trust you know what you're doing and we had a feeling the plan might deviate a bit.

John: What do you mean?

Skye: Jack, gave you something before the mission.

John removes some small cylinder-shaped devices from his bag.

John: Yeah?

Skye: They're explosives.

John, eyes widening: What?! I was carrying explosives the whole time?

Skye: Sorry- (looks at Drake) Once we find Owens, we set these up and detonate them from a safe distance. The Mutants and the Government won't be able to use any of these things for any of their purposes.

Drake nods. Drake glares at Blake within his cell then turns away and continues on. Drake then enters a small room and looks around. There are several benches with people strapped onto them. There are plates on the benches with letters and numbers. Drake then stops at one of the benches, looking surprised. The scene cuts back to Blake's cell where John is seen talking with Skye, while holding the explosives.

Skye: You should probably set them up now, we'll detonate them later.

John nods.

Drake, calling from the other room: Get in here, quick!

Skye and John turn in Drake's direction.

Skye, turning to John: Stay here.

Skye grips her blaster but looks down at the empty ammo cartridge. She then looks up and go to the other room. Skye enters the room, her blaster ready. She then lowers it and gasps. Drake is then shown standing next to Owens who is strapped to one of the benches. The plate reading "Subject WKA06".

Drake: We found him. We found Owens.

Skye walks over to Owens' bench and looks at him. His eyes are closed and his mouth is slightly open.

Skye: It's really him. (chuckle)

Drake: We have to get him out of here.

Skye looks around at the other benches.

Skye: The rest of these people are MCA Officers. They must have been on the mission with Owens.

Drake: We can't carry everyone.

Skye: We won't have to.

Skye pushes one of the benches. Drake looks down and sees that the bench has wheels.

Drake: Oh.

Skye goes over to Owens and examines him. Drake turns his head, looking around the room. He then stops and looks at something in specific. At the back of the room, there is a container (similar the ones used in their previous base at Aerospace Innovations) with a teenage kid inside. The container is labeled like one of the benches and seems more modified and advanced than the others. The label reads "Subject SCV22".

Drake: What about this one?

Skye looks up from Owens at Drake, her eyes shifting from him to the container.

Skye: I don't know. Looks like another experiment.

Drake: If he was like them, he'd be in a cell. The Mutants must have taken him too.

Skye: Yeah but why contain him? And if he's not MCA, why put him with the others?

Drake: I don't know... and we don't have time to find out. Let's start getting them out of here.

Skye: One man, sure. But six of them? It's not going to be stealthy reeling out all of their prisoners.

Drake: Then we stop being stealthy.

The scene cuts to the circular door reeling open and a few Unknown Mutants enter the room. Drake  then walks out from behind a display and approaches them slowly with his arms slightly raised. The Mutants then grunt at each other in surprise and snarl at Drake. Drake then activates the form that creates ports across his body and releases a frequency wave at the Mutants, throwing them back. Skye is then seen reeling the benches of Owens and another MCA Officer with both her hands. More Unknown Mutants approach the entrance, ready to attack but Drake throws his arms up and scales hover over and build up a resistant layer between him and them. The Mutants slash at the shield while Skye rolls the benches through the other circular door which leads to the elevator. She pushes them into the elevator box and runs off, leaving them there. Drake is still seen holding up the field as Skye runs back through into the room with the displays, past Drake. He is struggling to keep the Mutants off of him and away from the door. Skye is then seen running past the two unconscious Unknown Mutants and John who is setting up the explosives around the room. A moment later, Skye runs back out with another two benches. John places an explosive down then turns and sees Skye running out of the room with the benches. He then turns to the room where the benches originated from and goes inside. The scene cuts back to Drake, still holding off the Mutants. They then start breaking off the scales and destabilizing the shield. Skye passes by, with the two benches and sees Drake struggling.

Skye, pushing the benches: Hang on, Drake.

Drake: No, go! I can hold them off.

Skye pushes the two benches by the elevator and runs over to Drake. She then pulls out two small MCA Blasters from her thigh holsters and aims.

Skye: Out of the way, Drake.

Drake turns his head, sees Skye with the blasters and jumps out of the way, releasing his shield along the way. As soon as the shield lowers, the Mutants start to advanced forwards but Skye releases a barrage of firepower from her two blasters at the approaching Mutants. John passes on by, pushing the last bench. He lowers his head while he does so as the energy blasts fly across the room and impact with the Unknown Mutants. John pushes the bench into the room and runs back to cover, next to Drake. The Mutants then back off and run away from the oncoming blasts. Skye then stops firing and reloads her blasters.

John: That's all the benches. Will they leave us alone now?

Drake: They'll be back.

Skye: And I'm almost out of ammo. Jack must have the rest. (turning to John) Get the explosives ready but detonate them on my count only.

John nods and heads back to the room with the explosives. Drake gets up from the floor and looks up at Skye.

Drake: There's still one more person we need to save.

Skye: Alright, you deal with the mystery guy. I'll cover our way to the elevator.

Drake turns back and runs forwards. The scene then cuts over to John, readying the explosives. Drake runs by and enters the room where the benches came from. He stands by the doorway and looks straight ahead. The container reading "Subject SCV22" is seen in the back of the room. Drake makes his way to the back and places his hand on the access panel at the side.

Voice, in a raspy and unusual manner: That's far enough.

Drake stops and looks up. He then turns around and sees the Unknown Mutant Leader standing in the doorway, looking straight at him.

Drake: You're here. But the facility-

Unknown Mutant Leader: The facility that you had destroyed was the loss of a great asset, yes. But not the loss of myself.

Drake: Whatever you're planning. It's over.

Unknown Mutant Leader: So you think. You may try and stop us but we will continue. We will grow stronger and more powerful than before. And then you won't be able to stop us.

Drake: Who are you? What are you really doing here?

Unknown Mutant Leader: We are the Xyrions and we're going to take over.

Drake: Take over what?

The Xyrion Leader is silent. Drake looks at him for a moment then turns back to the container.

Xyrion Leader: The boy still has some use to us. You will leave him be.

Drake: I won't let you use him for whatever you're doing.

Xyrion Leader: Then we'll just have to stop you.

The scene then cuts to the next room where John is searching through his bag. One of the unconscious Xyrions starts to get up and looks over at John. John notices this and backs up slowly. The Xyrion then starts to approach John. The Xyrion then stops and turns to look at the room where the Xyrion Leader is seen standing in the doorway. The Xyrion then approaches its leader and enters the room. John gets up and goes to the doorway of the other room.

John, calling out: Skye- Skye, there's-

John then stops and looks back at his bag. The unstable MCA Blaster can be seen sticking out from it. John then smirks to himself and approaches the bag. In the room with the container, the Xyrion is seen approaching Drake who stands in front of the container holding Subject SCV22. Drake readies his fist and the Xyrion continues advancing. A charge is then heard and the Xyrion is blasted forwards and impacts against a wall, rendering it unconscious once again. The Xyrion Leader turns and sees John holding his unstable MCA Blaster in hand. The Leader then removes a small blaster of his own and fires it at John. The shot impacts with John and sends him flying across the room, hitting the wall and falling onto the floor. The unstable Blaster hits the floor and fires a blast towards one of the explosives.

Drake: John!

Drake runs towards the Xyrion Leader who spins back to point the weapon at Drake. The Leader is about to fire but Drake continues advancing. The blast is then seen finally impacting with the explosive and it goes off upon impact. The explosion then knocks both the Xyrion Leader and Drake away. Drake hits his head against the wall and falls onto the floor. His vision becomes blurred as a figure can be seen crawling away with debris on the floor and the container of Subject SCV22 damaged in some sort of fashion. The scene then starts to fade into a flashback scene as the metallic room transitions into the living room of Drake's childhood home. Drake is seen looking out of the window, his hands still bandaged. Will is looking at Drake from the doorway of the kitchen, looking interested.

Drake's Home
9 Years Ago

Drake's Mother then enters the room, carrying a bag in her hands, and hands it to Will.

Drake's Mother: I got you more supplies.

Will, looking at her: Thank you but you didn't have to do that.

Drake's Mother: You were running low. Must have been one heck of a walk here.

Will, taking the bag from her: Yeah. Something like that. (after a short moment of silence) Are you sure you want to do this?

Drake's Mother: Not really. This is our home. We feel safe here but an explosion like that; houses wiped away and people missing. There's gotta be some sort of effect from that and I don't want to stay here and wait for it to show.

Will: I don't think it was nuclear but you have a point. We should get moving before any- effects show up. (looks over at Drake) What about your son? Is he going to be okay with this?

Drake's Mother: He'll have to be.

Drake continues looking out of the window. The scene then cuts to the outside. The sky is grey, it's cloudy but there are still patches of sky seen. The roads are a little beat up and most of the houses have taken some damages on the exterior. Drake's Mother and Will are seen walking down a road, carrying their backpacks. Drake is holding his Mother's hand, carrying a bag of his own upon his back.

Drake's Mother: Did you see any places that weren't too damaged from the explosion?

Will: The bank held up, the library too. There's also the market.

Drake's Mother: The market is closer. We can stop by, see if there are any people that could've hid there and take any supplies that we might need.

Will: Alright then.

Drake looks around as they continue walking. The structures are damaged severely, there are abandoned cars, some destroyed while others are smashed against buildings or street lamps. The scene cuts to later at a shop that has its own space with a parking lot outside. In the store, Will and Drake's Mother are seen looking around. The shop is dark. The only light coming from damaged, yet semi-functional lamps and the low and dim natural light from outside, seeping in through the windows. Drake walks by his Mother, looking around as well.

Drake's Mother, calling out: Hello? Anyone here?

There is no response.

Will, putting his arm in front of her: Stay close.

Will lowers his arm and walks forwards, leading her through the dark market.

Drake's Mother: Stay with me, Drake.

Drake sticks close to his mother as they all advance through the market. A clank noise is then heard, causing them to stop where they are. Will looks out into the dark and small figure approaching them. Will looks around and grabs a grocery divider from a cashier counter. He then wields it like a weapon and readies himself as the small figure continues approaching them. A lamp then flickers on overhead and shines a light down on the approaching figure which is actually a can rolling towards them. Will then lowers the grocery divider and uses his foot to stop the can. Will looks down at the can, looking disappointed then looks up relieved.

Will, turning back to Drake's Mother: I guess it was nothi-

Will is then charged at by a creature of some sorts and thrown upon impact into a pile of boxes. Drake's Mother looks up, shocked. Before her, is a humanoid-like Mutant with long fingers, a hunched over back and cracked skin. A wave of fire bursts from within it. The Mutant then snarls at her.

Young Drake: Mom!

Drake's Mother: Just keep back, Drake. Everything's going to be fine.

The Mutant roars out again at her and begins to stalk towards her. The Mutant then leans in close to her but is hit from behind by a glass bottle, shattering upon impact. The Mutant then turns quickly behind and sees Will behind him.

Will: Leia, run!

The Mutant strikes at Will, knocking him to the floor. The Mutant then opens its mouth and releases a wave of heat at Will, burning him.

Will: AAH!

Leia: Will!

The Mutant then stops and turns to look at Leia and Drake. Leia then grabs Drake's hand and runs down the aisle with him. The Mutant runs after them, running on both its hands and feet. It then jumps and climbs across on the shelves and jumps off as it falls over within the aisle. The Mutant manages to hit them both as it comes down onto the floor. Drake then looks up and sees the Mutant getting up and approaching his Mother who is lying on the floor.

Young Drake: Mom!

Drake then turns and looks at the Mutant continuing to approach her. Drake then looks angry and clenches his fists tightly. He then gets up and runs towards the Mutant. He then jumps up and strikes down on it as his fist abruptly changes into an enlarged, mangled up fist made up rock-like skin and flames. The impact creates a bright flash of light that overcomes the screen entirely, transitioning back to the current time where Drake is seen laying against the floor. He gets up and sees the container open and damaged with the teenager still inside and in a state of unconsciousness. Drake gets up from the floor and looks at the expanded doorway, due to the explosion, and sees no sign of the Xyrion Leader. He, however, looks more closely and sees John laying against the floor, his blaster not too far away from him. There are some small fires in the room as well. Drake turns to the container and grabs the kid, pulling him from the damaged container. Various tubes and wires come off of the kid but an advanced looking piece of machinery remains around his arm. Drake pulls harder and it roughly disconnects from the rest of the container. Drake then carries the kid across the room and makes his way to John where he picks him up and carries him as well. The scene cuts to the display room where Skye is seen waiting by as she fires from the doorway at the various Xyrions. Her blaster then shoots firing despite her pulling the trigger still. She then looks at the blaster and throws it against the floor.

Skye: Come on... Come on...

After a moment, Drake emerges and quickly makes his way over to Skye.

Skye: Is that John? What happened?

Drake: There's no time. The explosives are going to go off now. We need to move.

Skye takes John from Drake and carries her over to the elevator. Drake is about to go but then stops and turns back. He then sets Subject SCV22 down by the doorway and runs back. The scene then cuts over to the elevator where Skye is seen running in with John and lowers him so that his feet are touching the floor. She looks outside and around for Drake.

Skye: Where is he?

A moment later, Drake shows up, rushing to the elevator with Subject SCV22 in his arms.

Drake: Go!

The entire place is shaking now as the sound of explosions are heard in the background. Drake then jumps into the elevator as the explosion overcome the corridor. The doors close behind them and shakes violently as the lights flicker repetitively. The lights then settle as well as the shaking. Drake and Skye are seen standing there among various benches and unconscious bodies around them. Drake's breathing is slightly heavy.

Skye: What took you so long?

Drake looks over at Skye then away. He then turns around and shows John's bag on his back.

Skye: We almost got blown up because of a bag?

Drake turns back and shrugs.

Skye: I guess there are just somethings you can't leave behind.

Drake: Yeah...

Drake is seen looking over at Owens.

Drake: There are.

The scene then transitions to sometime later, now showing the MCA Helicarrier hovering in the sky.

MCA Helicarrier
January 8, 18:43 EDT

On board, the MCA Jumpjet is seen landing on the platform. There are several MCA Officers, armed, some agents and the Director standing there, waiting. As soon as the Jumpjet makes its landing, the doors open and Drake, Skye and Jack emerge form the Jumpjet. The Director looks beyond upset, her hands behind her back. As they emerge from the Jumpjet, however, they are also rolling out the bench with Owens strapped to it. The Director's anger is then replaced with surprise. In fact, almost all of the MCA Officers seem surprised as they lower their weapons and just look at them roll him out of the Jumpjet. No words can be heard but Skye and Jack are seen yelling at some MCA Officers and pointing back to the Jumpjet. Some of them leaving their positions to go inside of the Jumpjet and retrieve the rest of the saved missing people as well as John and Subject SCV22. Drake and the others roll Owens past the Director. Drake looks up at the Director, their gazes meeting each other. Looks of acknowledgement and understanding somehow are expressed between the two, without the exchange of any words whatsoever. After that, Drake looks back ahead of him and continues rolling the bench through the docking bay towards the doorway. The Director remains there, standing. She looks down, her facial expression showing something similar to regret. The scene cuts again to the government facility, smoke emitting from one part which can be seen from the distance.

January 8, 19:02 EDT

Several soldiers can be seen walking out other soldiers, who seem to be stirring awake from unconsciousness. A man in a suit is seen walking past them, looking at the disruption. A small squad of personnel are seen moving into the facility with equipment. The man then turns forward again and continues walking towards a man in a military uniform standing by the railing next to a small set of the stairs. The man in the suit, climbs up the stairs and walks over to the man in the uniform. The man's suit is a navy blue, he's also wearing a tie of the same color and black sunglasses. His hair is brown, neat yet sharp at the same time, and his eyes can not be seen because of the sunglasses.

Man: General Irons, care to explain what happened here?

General Irons: We were attacked.

Man: Yeah. Looks that way. You know who did it?

General Irons: Yeah. I know who did it. (looks at the man) The Vigilante.

Man: ...I see. Are you sure about this?

General Irons: They knocked out security going in but it came back up when they were leaving. We saw them.

Man: Very well then. I guess that gives you permission to carry out whatever you need to do to see that the- Vigilante is brought in.

General Irons: Your people can't do anything about this?

Man: Oh, I assure you, General Irons. This has now become a problem for both of us which means the entire system is now involved. We just believe that your- physical methods would be a better course of action for now.

General Irons scoffs and looks away.

General Irons: So you're giving me to go ahead on anything I need in order to take down the Vigilante?

Man: That's correct, General.

General Irons: Then I need a task force. A task force to take down the Vigilante.

Man: ...As you wish. Who did you have in mind?

General Irons: Get me Agent Seventy Seven.

Man: Are you sure you want that one? You might not be able to control him.

General Irons: Oh yeah. I'm sure.

Man: I'll talk to my people then. Just see to it.

General Irons: Just get me Seventy Seven and you, Government Agents, won't have to worry about him anymore.

The scene cuts again to a metallic room, with dim lighting. The Xyrion Leader is standing there when a Xyrion enters.

Xyrion: The intruders have taken the prisoners and Subject SCV22.

Xyrion Leader: Yes. I'm aware.

Xyrion: What should we do, Leader?

Xyrion Leader: We must continue with our plans.

Xyrion: We also lost quite the amount of collected resources, Leader.

Xyrion Leader: Yes. We have. The situation has evolved quite disastrously, hasn't it?

The Xyrion doesn't respond.

Xyrion Leader: Search for another base for our operations. We will use our secret weapons when the time is right. For now, our plans must be continued.

The scene cuts once more to the Helicarrier.

MCA Helicarrier: Medical Bay
January 8, 19:38 EDT

On board, there is a white room with several beds. Drake is seen standing by two beds; one with Owens while the other has John. He is watching over both of them. A couple of medical personnel are seen in the room as well. Kate is seen walking into the doorway. Drake turns and sees her, standing there.

Kate: Hey.

Drake: Hey...

Kate: How are they?

Drake: Stabilized, I guess. (looks back at them) John should be awake by morning but the doctors still don't know about Owens or the Officers.

Kate: And what about him?

Drake looks up and over to the teenage boy from the container, in the bed closest to John.

Drake: I don't know... (sighs)

Kate walks over to Drake and stands next to him.

Kate: You alright?

Drake: Yeah. It's just- we got him. We actually got Owens back.

Kate: Yeah, we did. (smiles softly)

Drake: All this time that past by and I just thought... I thought I would never see him again. But yeah, we did it... (turns to look at Kate) we did it.

Drake and Kate remain there, standing next to each other and watching over the three beds in the medical bay as the scene comes to an end.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and the others rescue Owens and the missing MCA Officers
  • Drake and the others rescue Subject SCV22
  • Drake and the others stop the Xyrions from infiltrating the Government

Minor Events

  • The Unknown Mutants are revealed as Xyrions
  • John gets wounded
  • The Government now sees Drake as a threat


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Director Harper
  • Agent Owens
  • MCA Officers
    • Agent Skye Walker
    • Agent Jack Ralter
    • Agent DeLisle (First Appearance)
  • Subject SCV22 (First Appearance)
  • Blake (Cameo)
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Leia/Drake's Mother (Flashback)
  • Will Dillion (Flashback)


  • Xyrion Leader
    • Xyrions/Unknown Mutants
  • General Irons
    • Soldiers
  • Government Agent (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Stone Slicer (x1)
  • Sonar Scales (x2)
  • Acidic Thorns (x1)


  • Agent DeLisle is a reference to voice actress, Grey DeLisle.
  • In the Xyrions' collection, there were a couple of references:
    • One of the displays contained a set of multi-colored stones. This was a reference to the Infinity Stones from Marvel Comics.
    • The device made from household junk (including an umbrella, a record player and a buzzsaw blade) was a reference to the communicator device from E.T.
  • Owens' bench tag "Subject WKA06" is a reference to Agent Six from Generator Rex and his voice actor, Wally Kurth . WK representing Wally Kurth and A06 representing Agent Six.


  • The MCA Helicarrier makes its first appearance in the series.
  • It was undecided if Fionna would stay with Drake and the others since the last episode or return to Secret City so a compromise was made. She left their side but didn't return to the Secret City either.
  • Blake makes a small appearance in this episode, confirming that he was not killed in the episode with the same title.
  • This episode will have an effect on the rest of the season, as confirmed during Spring Fanon Con 2017.
  • Originally, a new form was meant to be introduced in this episode however it was forgotten and was ultimately left out.
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