Requiem Forms are a new kind of transformation introduced in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


When the user of the StarTrix Requiem is mortally wounded, it will send regenerative nanobots through the user's body, transforming whatever transformation the user is in at the moment into an undead, warped version of itself with strange abilities.

This transformation will not activate when the user is in their natural form, with the nanobots instead repairing the user normally.

When a Requiem transformation is active, a black growth of nanomachines covered in blue lights will grow around the StarTrix dial, which will display a hazard symbol. The growth acts as a controller hub for the nanomachines, making them work overtime to keep the body running.

Requiem Forms Used


  • Requiem Forms are no longer technically alive, their bodies being animated by the regenerative nanobots. Because of this, they will not show up on any traditional life-detection systems.
  • Requiem Forms are represented by the Θ (Theta) symbol, which has historically been linked with representing death.
  • The StarTrix Requiem takes at least five seconds to assess an injury and activate the nanobots appropriately; if the user's body fully dies before this happens, they die for good.
  • The nanomachine growth's appearance was inspired by the Structure Gel from the horror game SOMA.
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