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Reptile is a mutant crocodile-human hybrid created by Firewall, under command of Animo. He was sent to kill Ben and was the hunter used by Andrios Hi. He was quickly killed by Sunder who bisected him from the waist. This happens in Hunting Season Part II.


Reptile is a humanoid crocodile, wearing a blue metal with copper armor. He has a plume of red hair on the back of his head and two giant arm blads. He has the seize of Sunder but not his strange. He have a slighty light green color, red eyes, four toes each foot and four fingers each hand. He also has several little spikes on his head.

Since his appearance was less then five minutes, not much is known about his personality.


He was created by Firewall, using the DNA of several species of crocodiles, both earth's crocodile as the deadliest crocodile of the galaxy: Deinoraptilos. As human DNA, they used a hair sample of Albedo when he was human and captured by the group. He trained by Andrios Hi and used to hunt on Ben. Reptile could have won the hunt as Sunder didn't interferre and cut Reptile in half with his laser axe.

and abilities[]

Reptile showed to be a great mantracker and also quite strong. He used his laser blades to kill his enemies and was both fast as agile. He was also very cunning. He could also breath underwater and was a natural swimmer.


His hearing was weak and caused his death, he never notices Sunder sneak up to him.


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