The Renigases are a species from the planet Plafosa, and are Rhenium's species.


Renigases are a species of alien with "headless" bodies, their faces being on their torsos akin to Arburian Pelarotas. Their entire bodies are made of rhenium, making them one of the few species to have all members of the species be the same color, though they have different levels of shininess and brightness.


  • Renigases are able to create and manipulate rhenium.
  • The hands of a Renigas are made of an odd gaseous form of rhenium, and can shapeshift to operate as normal hands.
  • Renigases are immune to magnetism.
  • Renigases have enhanced strength and durability.


  • Renigases are extremely heavy.

Notable Renigases

  • Rhenium (the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Renigas)
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